Angel Answers Oracle Deck review. Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.

I was recently discussing decks on predicting timing with a friend and how there doesn’t seem to be one that exists.  I do not follow timing with the Tarot or Cartomancy decks so don’t bother posing that to me at all.  I’m talking about very specific decks that actually have the timing written across it.   Let’s be very clear about that.   I went so far as to make my own, but then the “Angel Answers” deck arrives. Peeling through it I discovered it’s much more than a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ deck. It’s also a timing deck! I’m indifferent to the use of predicting timing for myself or others since time is fluid, ever shifting and changeable. We know this, but it doesn’t stop us from wanting to know when something will happen. That’s where this deck offers some additional help.

I’ve been doing trial tests on others and answering their questions by using this deck. I’ve found it to be precise and on the mark. I’d say about 10 of the 44 cards in this deck are direct when it comes to timing. The cards that are more exact when it comes to timing have phrases on them such as: In the Near Future, A Year From Now, Not the Right Time, Within the Next Few Months, Perfect Timing, Within the Next Few Weeks, Unlikely, If you Believe, Perfect Timing.

This deck is great to use when you need a quick answer on something or would like to get as close to accurate timing as you can. You want to get straight to the point. Keep in mind that you will not always pick a card which points to exactly when something will begin to surface. There might be additional messages that need to be followed in order for something to come to fruition.

The cards are easy to shuffle and easy on the eyes. They’re bright with a ton of gold and violet popping at you. The images are of angels, saints and other brilliant lights. It struck me much like when you go to those fun, novelty “fortune telling” machines with a gypsy fortune teller’s head in the box. A card pops out with a little fortune on it. Except these images are of colorful spirit lights peering at you in most of them.

There is a card that says, “Yes” and one that says, “Yes!” As well as a card that says, “No” and one that says, “No!” If you receive a plain old “Yes” or “No” card, then it’s a soft yes or no. You could technically ask for additional information in another card as to why something is a yes or no. However, you get a card with an exclamation point that says, “Yes!” or “No!” – then you have a firm response. There is no need to dig further.

There are also words on the cards such as, “No need to worry”, meaning don’t obsess over when something is going to happen. All will work out the way it is intended. It will happen, but be patient and have faith that it will. I recently experienced a bad ankle sprain due to a rock climbing accident. I consulted these cards to ask how it’s going. I pulled the “Improving Health” card. I have clairaudience so hearing which card to flip over is pretty efficient that I pulled the one big health card in the deck. Some of the other cards that exist in this are: Romance, Let Go, Reconsider, Compromise, Choose a New Direction, Meditation Brings Answers, Don’t Stop, Get More Information, Recovery.

I was guided to pull three cards from this deck for someone wanting to know when her boyfriend was going to move out of his residence. The cards pulled from this deck were, “Take Action”, “You’re Ready” and “Ask for help from others”. Reading those three cards you can likely assess how this will go. They did not give me timing or say that it wasn’t going to happen. It would happen if the guy does something about it (Take Action). He does need to move and can no longer be in the living situation he’s in (You’re ready). But he will not be able to do it on his own (Ask for help from others). As it turns out, the guy is working with someone who is looking for a new residence for him. He is unable to move out on his own. If he doesn’t follow these steps, then it won’t happen according to the messages in the spread.

I’ve been using this deck obsessively since I received it. I’ve found it to be a ton of fun. You don’t need to be an experienced reader to use this deck. It is an acquired taste for someone looking for something as specific as this. It will work beautifully for some and not so much for others.

~  Kevin Hunter

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