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The messages for the next few days are about self care. Take care of YOU.

Taking care of you and your needs is the repetitive message now. In this hectic fast paced existence where you’re running around taking care of other people or becoming hyper focused on your own negative feelings and current state of being, it can be easy to forget to stop and take a breath and focus on your needs. This includes a much overdue detox, preferably in nature, to clear away the cobwebs accumulated from the toxic harsh energies and chemicals in and around you. You can’t take care of other people if you’re not taken care of first. The Full Moon energy swirling around exacerbates feelings, thoughts, and circumstances making them bigger than they are. Take care of you and be open to receive the good around you.

On three separate hours, I pulled a card from a different deck and the card flipped over each time was connected to taking care of yourself. It doesn’t get any clearer than that. First was “self-care”, to the angel card calling for a time out to take care of yourself, to the “nurture yourself” card.

Leaving you with Alanis Morrissette’s song, “Receive”, which is an anthem to all the sensitive selfless people who need a day where it’s all about you. Pay attention to the lyrics.


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The unstable emotions you experience are clues to what positive modifications you need to incorporate and execute in your life

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The warm Santa Ana winds have been determinedly persistent for the last couple of days. Love the way the forceful hot dry air feels as it repeatedly slams against the waves on the beach. It’s a clash of elements matching my tempestuous emotional senses that shift dangerously and erratically every few minutes of everyday of my existence. The battle between air and water isn’t much different within one’s own elemental nature when riled into passionate aggression. The ocean waves continuously rise in its warrior stance smashing into the ferocious warm winds that pass through it creating a fury upon impact. There is nothing like being swept up in this Divine outburst that inspires, uplifts, and enlightens. Each time the cold vengeful water hits the warm air, its heated up and sprays pebbles of blood on me in a baptism. It envelops your soul in a coat of serene calmness while imposing enlightening clarity onto your consciousness. This is done only to die and rise and die and rise again.

The unstable emotions you experience are clues to what positive modifications you need to incorporate and execute in your life. Notice any repetitive unhinged physical and emotional sensations within you as that can indicate guidance clues from above. Get out into a nature setting away from the crowds to clear your soul of any lower energies and toxic feelings you may have absorbed from others or conjured up within your own mind. Be extra gentle with yourself and practice positive self-care to feel more centered and peaceful. Do whatever it takes to get there, such as spending time with an uplifting friend, watch a fun film, play enriching music, sway with a lover close and tight in an embrace until you are one soul. Revive your spirit only to re-emerge stronger, wiser, and more balanced than before.

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Michelle Pfeiffer Heals me with an Eagle’s Feather.

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In the Summer of 2009, I picked up my phone and noticed a slew of missed calls, some of them from Michelle. I couldn’t talk to her. I couldn’t talk to anybody. I was so miserable. So distraught.

Another half hour passed and Michelle’s number was blinking on my screen as she relentlessly called again, so I picked it up this time. We spoke about the intimate romantic split that left me in pieces when she then convinced me to pack my bags and let her pilot fly me up to her abode for the weekend.

She had lost her father years before that due to Cancer and I remember being amazed at how strong she was and how she just took over for the family. It was the same way I would be when my father would pass away a year later.

Recently she said, “You’re the strongest most calm person I know. I’ve never seen you crumble…..except when you split from {name removed}.” I added, “Oh God, remember that?” She said, “Yeah! That was narly man.”

Michelle and David (husband) live in this massive $25 million dollar ranch estate in what is considered one of the richest areas in America in Northern California. Being around them is like being dropped into the epicenter of unwavering love and serenity that swallows you up whole.

I boarded the small private plane that entailed myself and the pilot for about an hour. It would take me longer just to drive out of L.A.! Gazing out my window of the awesome scenery below while my body bled from the inside out. It was an implacable stinging pain as if a thousand knives were lunging in and out of every part of my body, but on the outside I was composed like the Rock of Gibraltar. No one could detect that anything was wrong. Usually no one can as they periodically say, “You always seem so strong and together even when you’re not.”

The weekend in Northern Cali ended up being a bigger defining moment that snapped me out of the pain or at least alleviated the pressure. I would never allow it to get that bad again. And it never did. It’s just not allowed anymore.

It felt good leaving the city I was living in if even for a long weekend. I needed to get away, run away, hide away. I had enormous trepidation before making the trip, but once I was on my way, this feeling of relief overcame me that I hadn’t felt since the split happened.

When the plane landed, Michelle was already there waiting to pick me up in her dark jet black Land Rover, since she’s never late to anything. She climbed out and her presence at the airport created a bit of a buzz since she is pretty well known in Hollywood films.

In the car she said something that stuck, “Whoever you end up with will have to be realllly nice to you.” I said, “Yeah, but being nice to anyone in general should be a given, don’t you think?”

Later, I wandered the estate clearing my mind or not being able to get out of my mind I should say. That was until Michelle came out to find me and boldly insisted, “Come with me, there’s someone I want you to meet.”

I grumbled, “I feel like a zombie and not really in the mood to meet anybody.”

She added assurance, “Trust me, you’ll like this. This Shaman is very spiritual.”

I perked up slightly, “Shaman?” Like me, she’s always been into all sorts of spiritual type things.

She brought me into one of the rooms in the house to meet this man who was a Native American Indian there with his wife. He had the most gentlest profound eyes I’d ever seen. It gave me a glimpse into this incredible doorway that led to many lives past.

As he opened this huge bag he had with him, I asked, “What is he going to do?”

“Do a healing prayer I think.” Michelle replied. The guy smiled nodding in agreement.

He had me lay down and then proceeded to walk around me while touching me with the most beautiful Eagles feather my eyes had ever gazed upon.

“It’s very spiritual.” Michelle chimed in.

I’m being healed by a feather, I thought. This is kind of like Reiki.
At this point nothing seemed real and this was beginning to actually feel normal and calming to me. The guy and his wife started letting out Native American Indian chants when all of a sudden I felt this enormous powerful lift from inside my body as if some darker presence was being yanked out of it. It was like there was a demon stuck in there. I couldn’t help but wonder that he really did something to help. We took a break before he would work on my back next.

Out in the hall I asked Michelle, “So what just happened back there? Did you notice it?”

She leaned in and said, “Oh, well, you see, he is very powerful.”

After that weekend, I morphed into a cocoon only to emerge a year and a half later at the end of 2010 more powerful than anyone had ever imagined. I decided to come out of the spiritual closet in a big way and begin talking about the “light” and the “others” in my work regularly. I gradually realized that it was also helping others. No one would ever be able to get me to shut up about it from that point on.

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What is a Chakra? Awaken Your Creative Spirit

Once a week, we’ll be taking a look at each chakra and what it represents.   A Chakra (pronounced “shock-ruh”) is an energy point within your soul’s aura.  There are hundreds of chakras throughout the soul and body, but there are eight core chakras that dominate.   Your chakra is where God, your life force, and energy flow through.   Each chakra looks like a colored spinning wheel to a clairvoyant or someone who has the ability to see the colors of one’s aura.  They see the individual chakra’s spinning like little fans located at specific points of the body from head to toe.

Each chakra emits a different color. They spin counter clockwise and look like an oscillator fan emitting a different color out of it.  When the color grows dirty, dark, or muddy, then this can indicate a problem in that area.  When you experience anything negative related to what that chakra represents, then this dulls the color of the fan and changes the size of the chakra.  It doesn’t matter what size the chakra is.  What is important is that all the chakras be relatively the same size.  When one or more of the chakras are a different size than the others, then this can suggest an imbalance in a specific part of your life.

The chakras are not physical in nature, meaning it’s not a human organ or something that is detectable to the human eye.   The knowledge of chakras started out as a belief system in India that was eventually adopted worldwide in many spiritual or new age circles.

Each chakra represents a part of you and your life.  The first three chakras are located from the pelvic area to just below the rib cage.  Those chakras spin slowly representing physical external issues and circumstances. They emit a brighter joyful warmer color from red, orange, and yellow.  The remaining five core chakras are located from the chest up through the top of your head.  Those chakras spin much faster than the other three and represent more personal issues and circumstances.  They emit a more subdued calming color from green, light blue, maroon, indigo, and violet.

Each of the core eight chakras spins quicker than the chakra below it.  For example, the root chakra at the base spins slowly, while the sacral chakra above it spins slightly faster than the root chakra, and so forth.

When you negatively focus on a particular issue in your life, then this can imply that the chakra that represents the issue is dirty and off balance.  When you have a dirty chakra, then this can compound the issues associated with that chakra.  It also creates unevenness in your world while blocking the communication line to Heaven.  This is why it’s beneficial to touch on the core individual chakras.  This is for those who don’t know much about it or what they represent.  When your chakra energy points are clear of debris and spinning at optimum levels, then this gives you greater psychic perception and input.  This assists in awakening the creative spirit part of you.

{From the book, “Awaken Your Creative Spirit
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Paying homage to my guide Saint Nathaniel on All Saints Day

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Death and rebirth took place on Halloween night giving you a clean slate on All Saints Day today November 1st. This marks the beginning of the spiritual New Year for all of us. Look upon the path ahead with a fresh perspective and embrace it in the right spirit.

It’s fitting that I pay homage to one of my top task master guides over the last decade who has been responsible for much of my spiritual work that others have read. His name is Saint Nathaniel (sometimes refers to himself as Bartholomew). He is a Wise One teacher and Saint who was also one of the disciples of Jesus. He is an exceptional astrologer, philosopher, and teacher. Many of my readers are aware of this as he has been mentioned throughout my past work.

During the initial years I was working with Nathaniel, I was unaware that he was a Saint since it wasn’t like he said, “Hi, I’m Saint Nathaniel.” At the time he would say his name, “Nathaniel” and sometimes he’d use the name “Bartholomew”. His tone and language is vastly different than my other guides. It’s more archaic, stern, and dominating than the others. It’s as if you’re also communicating with someone with an accent. It would be years until I realized who he was as a man when living an Earthly life all those centuries ago.

Nathaniel has been a crucial force in any and all words I utter that are aligned with humanity. Humanity has been in desperate need of a real awakening. That is obviously coming from Nathaniel since before that point I could careless. He played a huge part at altering my perception of human life and the reality of it all those years ago. He snaps his finger in front of me to alert me to something and his hand lifts up pointing in the direction he wants me to pay attention to. It’s like a publicist directing their client to the camera they need to look at. I started “seeing” things that I had never noticed before. Those around me noticed this enormous metamorphoses taking place with me at this same time that forever altered me. This and much more I owe to Saint Nathaniel.

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Empaths feel every nuance around them

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If you rely on your hunches and intuition when receiving accurate information, then you are feeling the answers. Not all communication is in a form you would recognize such as a voice (clairaudience) or in front of you like a vision (clairvoyance). Some of it is through your body by feeling the guidance (clairsentience). Trust these gut feelings, as they could be the answered prayer you’ve been hoping for. Focusing on the stillness within you is where the real truth and answers are.

There are a great many souls who feel every little bit of nuances around them. They may not necessarily sense the future as a clairsentient would, but they are feeling and absorbing everyone’s energy. Those people are called Empaths.

If everyone were empathic, then there would be no cruelty in the world since every living soul would be empathetic of others.  They could effortlessly walk in another’s shoes. {From Warrior of Light and Spirit Guides & Angels}

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
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Action Oriented Planet Mars moves Direct and Out of its Retrograde Motion

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Mars shifts direction in the Heaven’s today from retrograde motion to direct. The effects of a planet that is retrograde are at its strongest point whenever it changes direction. This means that even though Mars is moving direct, you’re not out of the woods immediately. It can take several weeks as the energy levels out. The last couple of months have likely been met with frustration, sluggishness, and a lack of direction or drive on all levels. This will improve in the coming weeks.

Mars has been retrograde since mid-April. It is an energetic, hyper, action oriented planet when it moves forward. You look to the Mars placement in one’s birth chart to determine what their drive and personality is like, how they express anger and rage, or sexual nature.

When Mars is direct, the positive energy used benefits work related endeavors. You’re more confident, driven, and focused. However, when Mars is retrograde, it uses the negative energy associated with the planet. This includes rage, violence, and anger outbursts and attacks. One is more short fused than usual, including those who are typically calm by nature.

We’ve witnessed that come to play in the media, which is always out of control to begin with, but more so when a planet like Mars is Retrograde. We witnessed this rage and vengefulness in extreme ways such as the Orlando mass murder attack by terrorist Omar Mateen, or this week’s latest terrorist attack in Istanbul.

As I mentioned years ago in my book “Darkness of Ego” and then in “The Seven Deadly Sins”, these terrorist attacks and groups like Isis will grow larger like a wild fire out of control infiltrating other countries. This is now all coming to light this year. The attacks tend to be far worse, aggravated, and in more abundance during a Mars Retrograde.

The Mars Retrograde has made others more reactive, rather than proactive. Someone says something that others disagree with and the immediate response is to lash out in a ranting complaint, instead of being proactive. With Mars moving Direct, this will help others be more proactive in a calm direct way that accomplishes something, rather than reacting to things out of uncontrollable anger that does nothing to help anything, except create more noise.

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
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Ask for Heavenly Help with Your Thoughts, in Writing, or Out Loud

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Talk to God daily and pour your heart out. You are heard whether you believe you are or not. You can communicate your request with your thoughts, in prayer, out loud, and even in writing. It doesn’t matter how you communicate, but that you do. I’ve found a highly effective way tends to be through writing. This is because when you sit down to write out what you’d like to say to those on the other side, there is a stronger intention and force behind it. This force intention is energy and carries solid weight. You might find that your intention is stronger with your thoughts, while someone else prefers to say it out loud.

I communicate using all of the various ways one can communicate, but I’ve found it super efficient when I write it out. This may have more to do with the fact that I’m a writer. I’ll sit down and open a new email message and address it as you would with anyone. “Dear God,…”

You can do this with your departed loved ones who you miss dearly, because yes they can see what you are writing when you grant them permission. The addressing of the letter is granting them permission to read it. When you request heavenly support or guidance, you are heard the instant you call out to them. It doesn’t matter if the request is big or small, because you are heard regardless. One thing to note is that you cannot get away with a lie in Heaven the way you can on this planet with others. You might write or say one thing, but what’s in your heart is what’s heard by any spirit being in Heaven.

Understand that not all requests are fulfilled and there are various reasons for that. Sometimes what you’re requesting isn’t aligned with your higher self and may cause unseen harm or turmoil. Other times there are pieces to the puzzle that need to be adjusted before something can come to fruition. And the other reason is you’re being guided to take specific action steps to help something come along, but you’re not following it.


Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
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Jupiter Moves Direct Illuminating a Streak of Optimism and Luck

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PLANETARY TALK: Jupiter is moving forward this week after being retrograde since January 7th. This means we’ve got 4 more planets to wrap up its retrograde motion. The Mars and Mercury retrogrades have been causing the most havoc on day to day interpersonal circumstances, while the Saturn and Pluto retrogrades have been infiltrating life lessons and roadblocks that are prompting gradual transformations to occur over a longer period of time. Jupiter moving forward will feel as if an elephant’s foot is releasing you from its choke hold. Jupiter offers one a more optimistic attitude, which is a welcome relief when there are challenges swirling around.

Jupiter is the planet of luck ruling both Sagittarius and Pisces creatures. You suddenly win the lottery, you get that lucky break you’ve been dreaming about your whole life, or the lifelong soul mate partnership shows up in front of you out of the blue. These are all examples where Jupiter has touched his golden finger on your soul igniting it with all of the wonders and magic you could ever dream of. When Jupiter is retrograde, all of that grows dark and bleak. It had been moving Retrograde through the dark sign of Scorpio since January 7th. This heavily influenced the deepest intense depths of one’s emotional world, especially where relationships are concerned. Now that it is pushing direct, it’ll extend a sigh of exhaled relief as it cracks into the black ceiling walls of the Mercury/Mars/Saturn/Pluto Retrogrades to allow its rays of light to shine through and give one signs of hope and brilliant flashes of innovating ideas.



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Be Grateful for What You Have Now


Have gratitude with all the good you have now. Be thankful for the blessings that exist in your life at the present moment. This means not only saying that you’re grateful, but feeling this appreciation as well too. Saying the words and feeling them are ingredients added to a recipe that creates abundance.

“I am grateful for having a job that pays all of my bills. I’m grateful for having a car that runs, and food and clothing, a place to live….”  And so on.

When you have the things you want, one has a tendency to take it for granted until they lose those things. You get too comfortable with having the basic necessities of life handed to you.

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
are available in paperback and kindle wherever books are sold.
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