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Pay attention to your senses to decipher what is your ego and what is the divine.

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Being sensitive is a blessing from the Divine. You might not feel like it is when you’re sensing every nuance within and around you, including the uncomfortable stuff. Pay attention to those sensations to determine whether it’s your ego or Heaven relaying messages through your Clairsentient feeling sense. They could be guiding you to make lifestyle adjustments that continuously cause you turmoil.

The immediate action step is to begin the process of dissolving anything toxic from your life, or keep it at super low doses if you’re not prepared for complete elimination. Think of you and your comfort before any other. It’s not selfish to make sure you are taken care of first. Only when you’re taken care of can you focus on others. Boundaries need to be set in your life where you are strict and disciplined about who and what you invite into your soul’s auric home. These systematic restrictions also include what you’re putting into your body.






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Feminine Mother energy is combining strength with compassion, regardless of your gender. Salma Hayek rules with an iron fist in “Savages”

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Feminine Mother energy is combining strength with compassion, regardless of your gender. Others have pointed out they’ve noticed that the only women around me tend to be extremely strong and tough. They are natural born warrior souls who’ve expressed occasional concerns that they have a challenging time injecting “Yin” feminine energy.

Actress, Salma Hayek, played such a woman as a powerful ruthless cold Mexican Drug Lord in Oliver Stone’s “Savages”. Her character ultimately stems from her doing everything and anything possible to make sure her children are taken care of, even if it means standing in a position as the head of a savage merciless drug cartel. There are no boundaries when it comes to the protectiveness that a Mother typically has by nature.

Her character never falters until someone kidnaps and ransoms her daughter to get to her, then you really witness the unraveling of this woman and her savagery. Knowing she’s doing this for her kids, she understands they don’t share their fondness for her mother being a Drug Kingpin. She says at one point, “I am very proud that my daughter says she is ashamed of me.” You see the heart and the warmth come out in between the violence.

One of my friends is Salma’s agent, and I remember about fifteen years ago they gave her a script to play another femme fatale, and Salma just went off and said, “No, no, no, I don’t want to be a whore no more! I was a whore in the “From Dusk Til Dawn”, I was a whore in the “Dogma”, a whore in the “Wild, Wild West”, I don’t want to be a whore – no more!”

~  Kevin Hunter

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His trusty Earth Angel light warriors are sent to contribute their parts at tempering and stomping the darkness out

Image may contain: tree, sky, plant and outdoorEarth is one of Lucifer’s dominions where he has some of the most success at rallying, enslaving, and masterfully manipulating millions of souls every second all at once. He plagues the planet by working through them. They form into Locusts that spread and urinate lower energy wherever possible.

To counter that, God sends His trusty light warriors to contribute their parts at tempering and stomping that darkness out as much as possible. We call these lights Earth Angels that incarnate from another land beyond the veil, but even they can be susceptible to the lower energy if they’re not careful. However, they are gifted and capable at wiping it away as quickly as possible and getting right back to work with their exceptionally keen focus, drive, and purpose. God would only send His best, which only angers the Darkness like you would never believe.

One of the few traits that all Earth Angels have in common is that they’re highly aware they are here to do His will. This is the common link that brings them all together in a communal circle like the Avengers fighting crime. Each ­­­bring their own distinctive personalities and talents to their holy rampage with the goal of protecting and progressing humanity and the planet.

 {The book, “Realm of the Wise One”, discusses one of the Earth Angel breeds.}


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Transcending Utopia: Reopening the Pathway to Divinity

Transcending Utopia is packed with over 200 pages of both practical and spirit knowledge that focuses on enhancing your life through empowering divinely guided spiritual related teachings, inspiration, wisdom, guidance, and messages.

The way to accelerate existence on Earth towards Utopia is if every person on the planet resided in their soul’s true nature, which is in a state of all love, joy, and peace.  The ultimate Nirvana is surpassing that perfection through methods that a limited consciousness could ever dream possible.  This is the exceptional glory your soul was born into before the dense turbulence of Earthly life enveloped and suffocated you.

Transcending Utopia is to go beyond your limits and travel outside of the generic mundane materialistic achievement that human beings taught one another to thrive for.  A utopian society is where everything is perfectly blissful on all levels according to the sanctified values you were born with.  The sensations connected to how flawless everything feels in that moment reveals the authentic perfection you were made from.  Utopia is the ideal paradise as imagined in one’s dreams that seems to be inaccessible by human standards.  It is a state of mind that is possible to reach by adopting broader ways of looking at circumstances while being disciplined about how you conduct your life.

Deep down every soul longs for that heavenly excellence of unabashed joy and serenity.  It is the space where unwavering love and harmony envelop and lift you upwards into the almighty Divine.   Transcending beyond the dull insensible frustrated Earthly life and into the natural condition the soul once habited is a goal that delights reminding you of where it came from.  You search for a sign of this utopia through external means, only to be consistently left with disappointment.  This is because utopia begins and ends inside the spark that burns within your spirit like a pilot light waiting to be ignited.

Sections Included:  Opening the Pathway to Divinity, Boundaries Enhance Your Vibration, Sensitivities Are a Gift From the Divine, Communicating with the Divine Brings in a Higher Love, Blocking Divine Guidance, Psychic Abilities Are Built Into All Souls, How Much Does Your Spirit Team Know?, Stomp Out the Fear and Master Ingenious Confidence, Balancing Healthy Selfishness and Selflessness, The Core Soul Groups: Soul Contracts, Healing and Transformation, The Process of Grieving From a Soul Level, Toxic Monsters: The Technological Craze, Gossip Machine to Centered Light, Modern Day Ferocity, Technological Detox, Rise Above the Mundane and Into Divine Love, Exhibiting Fearlessness, Philosophizing Boundless Infinite Guidance.

Reopening the Pathway to Divinity

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With the intense energies throughout Easter and Passover Weekend, it’s best to lay low and re-center


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With the intensity of the extreme planetary transits dancing together in the Heavens right now bringing out the worst in human behavior on this Easter/Passover weekend, sometimes it’s best to take a step back to detach and clear away those toxic energies latching onto you with its dirty tentacles.

When circumstances become too great, then take some time out from others in quiet meditation or contemplation. Create a sanctuary ambiance at home, with just the right music and scents, disconnect from people and technology for several hours or even the day if possible. Spend that time re-centering yourself, conversing and connecting with the Divine.

Go on a day or weekend trip to a serene nature locale with a positive joyful optimistic friend, family member, a loved one, a pet, or by yourself if you find that to be more beneficial. Some people prefer to have no one around as they re-align and re-calibrate their soul. While others may choose that one person whose natural light lifts their spirit just by being in their vicinity.

{Photo taken in Rancho Palos Verdes, California}


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The Four Psychic Clair Senses and the Tarot Card Meanings Book

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The #1 top selling book of mine in 2017 was the “Four Psychic Clair Senses.” #2 was the “Tarot Card Meanings” book. The irony is that there was no promotion on the “Four Psychic Clair Senses” book. I never talked about it or posted anything on it until now – a year later. Thank you to all of you and your unwavering support throughout the years.

Learn about the four main psychic clair senses to help you connect with Heaven, the Spirit World, and the Other Side.
​Take that one step further and use those senses to read the Tarot! Both books are available in Paperback and E-book wherever books are sold, or you can visit the website.

I have almost two dozen books out, so for those curious about what readers have been grabbing in great abundance lately, then the top ten best sellers of 2017 are below:


1 – A Beginner’s Guide to the Four Psychic Clair Senses
2 – Tarot Card Meanings
3 – Soul Mates and Twin Flames
4 – Realm of the Wise One
5 – Raising Your Vibration
6 – Connecting with the Archangels
7 – Spirit Guides and Angels
8 – The Essential Kevin Hunter Collection
9 – Warrior of Light
10 – Love Party of One



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March 5th Born Motivational Speakers

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Traveling through serene Wine Country on my birthday 🎂 🎁 🎇, the day the Sun assumes the exact position it did when I was born. Other mutual March 5th born worldly motivators are Joel Osteen and Esther Hicks. Perhaps there is something about the day that seems to breed motivational teachers. Joel preaches of God, while Esther talks of vibrational energy, and I speak about both, all of it, and much more.

March 5th is at times called the Day of Heaven and Hell. This is because those born on that day tend to be irrationally overwhelming intense people, split right down the middle between an angel and a demon, effortlessly flowing into the dark and the light, bringing out both the best and worst in others. They reside in an emotionally unstable world, with a strong sixth sense, able to immerse themselves into the entire spectrum of emotions, while remaining open to a wider variety of experiences than most can handle.

Being a motivational communicator was never an intention I had. Before age ten, my goal was to be a writer, but the motivational empowerment aspect was a byproduct of my work, general personality, and the philosophy teachings I put out into the Universe. Live your life freely and go after what you desire with passion, enjoyment, and enthusiasm.

There was always evidence of the empowering work from an early age. By the time I was a senior at Santa Monica High School, I had been branded the go to person for tangible wisdom assistance. No matter where I went on the grounds, my fellow students from every clique, and some of the teachers would find me to reveal their darkest issues they could tell no one else. They craved some kind of no nonsense, street smart, spirit ridden counseling. Within minutes of spewing something at them that was matter of fact, they would cry out, “God! You always know just what to say that makes everything great again. It’s like you’re hundreds of years old, but you’re only sixteen.”

The Wise One’s can readily access Divine knowledge and wisdom. ✌️🙌🙏💫

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Connecting with my Divine Spirit team through Channeling

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Connecting with my Divine Spirit team through Channeling sometimes requires taking a deep breath in if I’m not relaxed, followed by shutting my eyes on the exhale. The second my eyes close, the connection is dramatically established as if pushing an electrical plug into a wall socket that creates a spark.

The initial connection entails being immediately catapulted through the air similar to a cannonball firing. It can move in numerous ways where I’m soaring at lightning speed through the vortex portal only to slam into an ocean plummeting downwards deeper and faster into its dark watery depths that accelerates in a fashion comparable to a rocket gaining steam, then the messages float in.

One of the other ways is the missile firing is followed by a bomb explosion going off leaving me surrounded by brilliant shining bright white light. This is only to realize I’ve been moving at rapid speed within it. The light breaks apart and dissolves into billions of stars.

This interstellar display evaporates and the laws of human physics are defied as I ascend higher by means of what some call astral travel and projection. This intergalactic travelling through light years of galaxy and space is where the messages sift into my consciousness.

I have no idea where I’ll be taken until I shut my eyes only to discover my vessel is travelling upwards or downwards. The chilling transporting happens if I’m sent into the depths of the ocean, as there is a few second shock and fear of potential drowning. This is followed by a heaviness that luckily subsides into contentment the further I plunge into its intense profoundness. Crossing into the portal I’m surrounded by council in a comfortable gigantic wave of strengthening love like being hugged to death. Everything grows exceedingly calm while in its brilliant transcending radiance.



Transcending Utopia

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Getting riled up over sensational gossip media pieces does nothing to help anybody.

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Some tend to get angrily riled up over something a public figure said or did in the media. This does nothing to change that person and it doesn’t resolve anything. You don’t know them and you’re not in their house having a conversation with them. Instead your aura marinates in that toxic cesspool energy that doesn’t hurt the target. It hurts you and your well-being, while simultaneously blocking heavenly spirit guidance from coming in.

This dark energy flows into the cells of your body and gets lodged in there when improperly channeled. If that anger is a daily pattern or left unchecked, then it can manifest into something more harmful such as a breeding ground for future diseases and health issues. When you’re in the epicenter of that developed hurricane of toxicity forming in and around you due to your own words, feelings, and thoughts, then it’s difficult to be aware that you are. Dark energy blinds you to the truth. When one falls into the deep seed of repetitive anger, they are out of their minds, and oblivious to how far down the rabbit hole they’ve fallen. They later realize that it’s been one thing after another going wrong in their life and unaware of how or why it grew at such an astronomical rate.

The best way to counteract this is by avoiding the media. Stop seeking out salacious top trending headlines designed to attract, entice, and lure you in. The ego loves drama because it’s designed to get you caught in its web preventing you from seeking out more positive activities to focus on. Using discernment and good judgment over what is worth knowing and what is something that is out of your hands.

There are a number of people around me who don’t get involved in gossip or media to the point that they really don’t know what everyone is arguing about, and they like it that way. Unless your job is a position that requires you to correct certain issues you’re passionate about, then there is no benefit to joining in with the crowd to argue about the latest dramatic news story. You’re either preaching to the choir or you’re not. The ones who don’t agree won’t be swayed so it’s a time waster.

100% of the time what people are arguing and gossiping about is forgotten within 1-3 days as another enticing headline flies to the top of the list to attract in their focus. It can take practice and enormous willpower to not be tempted to read certain types of articles. That practice includes immediately knowing whether something is a gossip piece or is an objective balanced news piece focused on straight neutral reporting. If everytime you get riled up over pieces put up by a particular news source, then it’s time to step away from that source for awhile in order to get re-centered and re-directed on more important priorities that will ultimately bring you joy and peace.

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Love Party of One; Soul Mates and Twin Flames – Testimonial

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Once in a blue moon, I may pull out a review or testimonial that caught my eye.  Here is one of the greater review critiques from a reader that came in recently about two of my love books. This person honed in on specifics showing me that the reader paid attention. You know I love detail!

“Kevin! Keep up the great writing! I particularly loved the following in the books I read:

“Love Party of One” – You did an awesome job of laying out exactly how things are in today’s world. You didn’t sugar coat anything and you were spot on with your observations. And, what I really loved was that you didn’t try to offer any kind of magical solution. You offered tips and suggestions, but you didn’t pretend to have a plan to “follow these steps and find the love of your life”. That really made you credible and authentic.

“Soul Mates and Twin Flames” – Emphasizing the fact that soul mates are not necessarily meant to be in your life forever, could only be a days, weeks, months, etc. I think this should be required reading for everyone when they are a teenager, so they know what to expect, or not expect, in their relationships. I think this is one of the toughest and most painful life lessons one has to learn.

Also from that book you said – “I made a pact to never get involved with anyone who I considered less than my equal.” THIS……I cannot love this enough. Words to live by. And, you also emphasized not letting loneliness drive you to lower your standards and date the wrong person, just out of fear of being alone or a temporary ego boost. Again, words to live by!

I could go on and on with dozens of other great items – so many highlights in your books and great messages. Bravo! You have a gift – keep sharing it!”

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
are available in paperback and kindle wherever books are sold.

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