New Moon and Venus in Sagittarius this week enhance optimism and cheeriness

What can everyone expect this week? Big, happy changes! Isn’t it nice to hear something enthusiastic and promising in a world that sometimes feels like it’s dominated by greed, selfishness and stress? This card message is right on par with some wonderful interpersonal planetary transits building right now.

The New Moon in Sagittarius this Saturday is a brilliant time to leap forward with anything you’ve had your heart set on, but have procrastinated or put off. New Moons are a time for new beginnings. This means it’s a great time to start whatever it is you’ve been deferring. Start that new book, that new work out regimen, that new job, that new project, that new relationship.

Infusing the New Moon into the sign of Sagittarius and you have cheer all around! The Sagittarian energy is known for leaping forward and often times without looking or thinking twice about it. However, this is a positive transit so leaping forward at this time is not predicted to be challenging much if at all. Sagittarians are optimism personified, so that means if there is a set back, they simply climb back on that horse and charge in the other direction with an ever pasted smile on their face.

The planet Venus, which governs and influences relationships of all kinds, moves out of jealous, intense, secretive and moody Scorpio and right on into dynamic, blunt and bold Sagittarius. Although Scorpions are more one on one when it comes to love, the Sagittarius energy is a big, bright, bold, hug to all who enter its vicinity.

The New Moon and Venus in Sagittarius this week is a double whammy of luck, so be sure to use this boosted energy to your advantage, since it will not last long! But if you’re a Sagittarius, you likely know how to bounce right back up. Sagittarians tend to be otherworldly, philosophical, while seeing things in a confident light. That means the influences this week will light a firecracker under souls to get a move on with anything that has been tugging onto their heart strings as of late this week. The energy is brave, fiery and adventurous! It is no surprise my Spirit team had me flip over the “Big, Happy Changes” message.

~  Kevin Hunter

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