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Can a Karmic relationship evolve into a Soul Mate?

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Question from a reader, “Can a Karmic relationship evolve into a Soul Mate?”

The answer is YES! Every single person on the planet is a soul with a fluctuating consciousness screaming deep within to change, expand and evolve. Some more rapidly than others, while others not so much at all depending on the severity of the Darkness that keeps the soul imprisoned. If two souls in a Karmic relationship together do the work, learn the lessons, grow, and evolve out of any drama and turbulence, then yes they can evolve into a healthy soul mate relationship partnership down the line.

Numerous power couples have shared their stories over how they didn’t start off so powerful. It was a connection bathed in endless issues and butting heads in the beginning that caused numerous breaks. Eventually over time through turbulent times together, and trial and error, they were able to work hard to find that balance and common ground where it smoothed out and evolved into a soul mate partnership.

Those are some of the admirable unions to watch, because angels love seeing people work things out and grow stronger together, which is the point of evolving. Other Karmic relationships will disband when they’ve peaked and there is nothing more to learn and grow from.

This is something I’m sure I covered in my book, “Twin Flame Soul Connections“.   I do have a habit of paying close attention to some of the common questions that readers ask.  This way I can go directly to my Spirit team and source and put it in a book.  One of the reasons common questions are also answered in my books is because obviously I’m not going to be here forever.   The material will be indefinitely available in the books.  Social media and blog posts are fleeting moments that come and go, but the books live on forever.



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If you’re still here, then there is a reason, fight for your life

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No one is exempt from coasting through life without roadblocks or challenges. You can choose to see each day as challenging filled with never ending issues and give up and wait to die, or you can choose to seize each day as being full of possibilities and opportunities. You can choose to be miserable and a victim, or you can choose to rise up into the Light, and into a warrior, and fight for your life. If you’re still here, then there is a reason for that, so you may as well make the most magic out of life possible. 💥

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Causing Controversy as early as High School

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During my last year of High School, the school had a state contest for creative art expression. I painted a gigantic mural with the letters “AIDS” spread out in large heavy caps amidst a dark foreboding backdrop that included the grim reaper, gravestones, skulls and all the cousins of those images.

The next day students gathered around taking pictures of it talking among themselves. This was before the Principal had it torn down, then reprimanded and suspended me for this kind of “extreme insensitivity”. I argued that it’s not insensitive. It’s the reality and people need to be assaulted with that reality or they won’t learn anything. This is why we’re in such a constant severe flawed state of irreparable damage as a species because you want to bury the truth.

That bought me an additional day of suspension.

Days later the school called me in to meet with the Principal and some of the other instructors. When I walked in, the demeanor shifted as they bowed down respectfully all smiles to my resting bitch face. They issued an apology wiping away the suspension. Someone had sent pictures of my painting into this contest thing before it was torn down. Out of the endless entries, the entire state school board voted and announced that the grand prize winner was…..ME.

This elevated the High School positively. That’s just one incident out of numerous similar incidents where I’ve ended up having the last laugh over the lesser evolved. Directly assaulting with my views, mouth and words since childhood while guided by a holy army of lights is nothing new. I didn’t become like that, I’ve always been that way.

(P.S. Before you fly up my nose, I know HIV/AIDS does NOT have the same death sentence it once did when I did that.)


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Breakthrough Three: Moving through sorry and healing, taken down before taken up

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For those that followed the last couple of posts on not giving up and the first sign of a breakthrough, this one is on the second sign you’re about to have a breakthrough. And that is, if you’re moving through a period of repentance (regret/sorrow), followed by emotional healing. All of which are temporary external blockers hindering you from receiving the blessings ready to flow in. God does not bless until certain people, places, and things are removed, which is necessary in order to bring the bigger blessings. It can be a painful process because you are losing things you considered to be of value to you first. That needs to be out of the way.

Sometimes there are inner issues preventing blessings from flowing in. If you have a character trait issue or a deep wound within you, then Spirit takes your soul through a season of healing as a way of preparing you for the breakthrough that is planned that may be just around the corner.

If you’re psychically sensing an area of your life that you know needs improvement, then don’t ignore Spirit’s discipline It is a way to get you to notice what you need to focus on so that the breakthrough can later come. People want the gifts now without doing the work, which is not the way Spirit helps you. They don’t grant wishes like a genie in a bottle. You are made to be humbled through challenges and discipline first, which is not particularly pleasant. After the difficulties, the after effects produce a harvest of blessings and peace for those who have been trained by it. Before your breakthrough, you will be prepared through loving discipline.

(Part 3 of 4)


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Breakthrough Two: Before the breakthrough it may feel as if you’re not moving when you are

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Before a breakthrough happens it can sometimes feel as if you’re standing still. Even though it might seem like things have halted, there is actually movement brewing underneath. One of the many benefits of increasing your psychic frequency is to be able to notice the subtleties going on from beyond.

Breakthroughs can happen to overcome a bad habit, to force a transformation to your current identity, or so you can work on some insecurities. You could have a relationship breakthrough so that you can finally meet the one that is actually intended for you. Usually it’s someone you hadn’t immediately suspected. Before any breakthrough occurs, there’s always a season of preparation that comes before the victory. Here is the first of three signs that you are being prepared for a major breakthrough in your life.

If God and your Spirit team are removing people, places, and material from your life, then this could indicate that you are being brought into preparation for a major breakthrough. Heavenly beings do not build on uneven ground. They do not grow seeds in tainted soil. They need to prepare the soil and the way they do that is by first removing the people, places, and items hindering you from growing and maturing in spirit to the next level. If you are blessed before you are prepared, then you would likely miss the blessing or misuse the blessing if it’s received prematurely.

They cut off damaging branches that do not bear fruit, so that you will be more fruitful. This is by taking you through a hard and painful season where people, places, and items are being taken away, going away, or removed from your life. When it’s happening one after the other, then it is likely you are being prepared for a major breakthrough.

(Part 2 of 4)




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Spiritual Light Shielding and Meanings; Archangels, God, Angels.

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With the magnified intensity of the Full Moon in the ultra psychic sign of Pisces, sensitivities and psychic phenomena will be higher than usual. Calling on an Archangel to shield you from these harsh energies can help. The following are some of the varying angel colored lights that offer protection:

WHITE – The strongest light that protects and shields. Nothing can penetrate this shied.

ROSE/PINK – Offers protection while allowing only the love and high vibrational energies to enter the soul’s auric field. This works when you don’t want to be completely invisible, which is what the white does. This includes being invisible to a potential love interest.

EMERALD GREEN – Heals you in all ways such as physically, mentally, or emotionally.

VIOLET – Assists in elevating your spiritual gifts and psychic foresight.

GOLD – Incredibly powerful. Brings in God’s love and light. Blasts away and repels all traces of negative thoughts and feelings, as well as your lower self and ego from the spirit, mind, and body.

Take a deep breath in and exhale out. Call in God, an Archangel, or your Angel. Ask to be shielded with one of the colors of light for protection. The shield gradually dissolves over the course of 24 hours due to human tampering, so it will need to be a regular process.


From my book, “Balancing the Mind, Body, and Soul



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Breakthrough One: Don’t Give Up. Most everyone that achieved great success did not see it happen overnight.

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Keep moving and never give up! That’s one of many mantras my guides trained me early on to do before I was a teenager. One of the worst things to do when you’re feeling bad about something is to sit and ponder about it. Get up and keep moving – walk around the block if you have to. It took seven years and hundreds of silent responses and rejections before I got that life changing call inviting me to join the excruciatingly private Michelle Pfeiffer as part of her small team just weeks after I turned twenty-three. A move she flatly refused to make before with anyone else until she spoke to me.

Some of history’s known people faced endless rejection and hard times before becoming who they were destined to become. Madonna was told by a record company President she’s admirably strong, but her material isn’t strong enough and nor is she near ready. Two years later her name exploded around the world into mega-stardom. Henry Ford, who invented the automobile, had gone broke five times before he hit success. Meryl Streep was told she was an “ugly looking thing” when meeting a big Director, to which she told him, “Sorry I’m not pretty enough to be in your King Kong!” Fred Astaire, one of history’s most popular dancers in film took a screen test at MGM, then a studio memo reported that he was slightly bald, could not act, and could only dance just a little bit. A newspaper fired Walt Disney citing that he lacked ideas. Huh? He also went bankrupt several times before building Disneyland. His parks in Anaheim and Orlando are the top two most visited theme parks in the world.

Most everyone that achieved great success did not see it happen overnight. They were met with ridicule, rejection, and endless struggles, but they persisted ignoring the cattle and continued moving never giving up. Most of the time success does not come without overcoming some kind of years of struggle. Failure, rejection, and making mistakes does not mean it’s the end. Tough times happen to humble you before you become who you are supposed to become.


(Part 1 of 4)



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Spiritual timing does not operate on human impatience

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Ignoring issues will not make them go away, but neither will worrying about them. One way to focus on solutions is to take a moment or more to clear your mind of the issues and worries, then ask for Diving guidance from above. This is part of what meditating on an answer is. Ask for spiritual help to be guided to the solution when it’s not forthcoming. Depending on the severity of the issue, eventually the solution appears at the right time.

If there is a delay for an answer, then there is a reason there is delay that is beyond your knowledge or understanding. Spiritual timing does not operate on human impatience. Time needs to pass for you to be enlightened about something on your own. No one can give you the answers when you’re a Divine soul vessel that has access to answers. It’s like a computer’s web browsing search engine where you punch in the information you’re looking for. With your soul’s computer you are connecting with God and your Spirit team using your psychic senses to retrieve this information.

Jesus did the same thing when faced with crises. He took a moment to pace calmly in nature or pick up the grounding Earth with his hand as he mentally connected for the answer to a tougher worry. He didn’t recklessly act and dive in. He peacefully deliberated and reflected while connecting with the higher source on what to do about concerns, decisions, and worries that were plaguing him. He knew to have patience if an answer wasn’t given just yet.


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This reader of mine, a talented young woman living in Pakistan, pulled out this photo of me in the California desert and transformed it by turning me into a King (Wise One Realm in the background), then gave it to me as a gift, which blew me away. Readers have given me gifts over the years from paintings they’ve done to something like this.

She’s attending the first Women’s University in Pakistan, which still sees women getting an education as worthy of harm or murder. If she’s caught by the wrong person handling or even looking at a photo like this, then she risks losing her life it’s that serious, so feel gratefully blessed within on a deeper level if you live in a comfortable bubble where that’s unheard of. If anything it would bring shame to her family, which is similar to how it was in archaic days, but still real in other parts of the world.  Didn’t she do a great job!  Step into your Divine King power!



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Creative inspiration is heavenly guided and influenced by Spirit

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Artistic creative souls also have a higher attraction to abusing addictions and toxic substances. The same goes for those who are sensitive or psychically connected. If you are a sensitive, psychically connected, artistic, and creative, then the odds of you succumbing to a toxic vice or addiction runs higher than if you are one or the other. In many cases, having all of these traits go hand in hand with the super connected.

If you’re a creative soul that regularly dives into artistic pursuits, then it’s likely you have deeper psychic gifts than the average person. You may be aware of it or you are about to begin realizing the connection between both. When an artist doesn’t create for long periods of time, then it can feel like you’re running out of air. You run the risk of falling into a depression unable to break out until you dive back into the artistic venture.

Creative inspiration is heavenly guided and influenced by Spirit. Your Spirit team plays a hand in it as well as the Archangel Gabriel, who joins the creative soul being to assist in the inspiration and motivation process. Archangel Gabriel is the hierarchy angel that oversees all creative souls who choose to turn their gifts into a lifelong hobby or career.

Artists are sensitive and can access and channel this inspiration often without knowing it. Channeling comes naturally to them, regardless if they are a believer in something outside of themselves or not. If you fit this description, know that you are immensely gifted rather than cursed. The curse is when you feel unable to control the access of information or creativity that pours into you. This ends up propelling you to reach for toxic substances that might be considered an addiction.

{From my book 📚 “Manifesting Fearless Assertive Confidence”}



The author of dozens of metaphysical, philosophical,
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Metaphysical Divine Wisdom on Increasing Prayer with Faith for an Abundant Life

Many struggle through life in an uphill battle while faced with endless resistance from surviving to achieving.   Some fight to find a state of happiness while being able to attain their dreams, while some throw in the towel and give up on existence completely.  You don’t have to go through life alone, as there is help beyond the reaches of the physical world.   Increasing Prayer with Faith for an Abundant Life is a non-denominational book open to all people from different walks of life needing a strengthening of their faith with a focus on the power of prayer.   You don’t need to be religious to pray, since prayer is open to anyone willing to spend private time with God.

You can use prayer to boost your faith, reduce fear, and give you clearer Divine reception.  Prayers are similar to affirmations in that it is the intention behind the words that carry weight.  The stronger your intention with your prayers, then the brighter the light around it is.  Most people are not paying attention to the guidance and messages coming through from Heaven, nor do they understand how to recognize it, yet each and every soul has the strong capacity for receiving astonishing Divine communication hits.  As a strong advocate for prayer, spiritual metaphysical author Kevin Hunter discusses the varying ways that prayer works and how you can create a stable partnership with God and your Spirit team to achieve on all levels from the spiritual to the practical.  This doesn’t mean you’ll be pain and stress free, but it will help make life much easier and smoother when you have that robust Divine partnership.

Some of the topics discussed in Increasing Prayer with Faith for an Abundant Life include: The Power of Prayer, Being Vigilant with Prayer and Affirmations, Asking for Divinely Guided Angelic Help, Turning Prayers Into Manifestation, Creating an Abundant Life with Faith, Increasing Faith to Accomplish, Achieve, and Persevere, Complaining Into Abundance, Taking Action on Divine Guidance, Having Gratitude and Optimism, The Significance of Spirituality, Spirit Is In Your Corner, The Commanding Function of Prayer, Divine Assistance, Spiritual Text Reminders on Faith and Prayer, and much more!


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Let more Light into your soul’s life with the Metaphysical Divine Wisdom collection of books. Each cover a variety of distinctive themes connected to the spiritual and the practical interwoven and back around again. The Metaphysical Divine Wisdom practical motivational guide to spirituality series of books include Psychic Spirit Team Heaven Communication, Soul Consciousness and Purpose, Manifesting Fearless Assertive Confidence, Balancing the Body, Mind, and Soul, Increasing Prayer with Faith for an Abundant Life, and Universal, Physical, Spiritual and Soul Love.

The author of dozens of metaphysical, philosophical,
inspirational, spiritual, and enlightening books
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