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Prepare for a bumpy intense ride throughout the weekend. Stay away from toxic gossip ridden people.

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The dark energy storm will be building over the next few days. This means it can feel a bit rough as the planets collide and shift bringing up all sorts of uncomfortable intensity. You can soar through it easier as long as you remain on high alert and disciplined about what you allow in your surroundings and what you ingest into your body. This means being disciplined about who you engage with since one of the two places that intensity is displayed is from other people. The other place is what you conjure up with your own feelings and thoughts.

If you know someone who is typically toxic, antagonistic, drama creating, or gossip ridden, then you’ll want to steer clear of those types of personalities. They never offer anything of benefit at all ever, but over the next few days that will be extremely evident more than usual. Stick with people that are gentle and/or fun and lighthearted to be around, otherwise fly solo if possible.

Mercury preps to move to its stand still on Sunday, which will give rise to confusion, miscommunication, and misunderstandings. The new moon takes position in Aries, which means that while it’s a great time for new beginnings and revelations, Aries is an action oriented sign prompting one to leap before thinking. This happens while Mercury switches direction, so you can expect some irritating mishaps if you attempt to dive too soon.

Dark Pluto will be switching direction as well bringing up deep introspection and personal transformative changes. Things will gradually lighten up into the third week of April. As the week progresses, the skies open up allowing you to sail forward as roadblocks drop out of your way one by one. Until then, purge those toxic emotions accumulated, lay low, stay centered, and release all of the garbage gathered in recent weeks. In the darkness, there is light, where there is Light, there is ALWAYS hope.

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Mercury Retrograde is in full swing already. Prepare for delays, stresses, frustration, and non-movement through mid-April

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Ready or not here it comes again. Mercury is prepping to move retrograde Friday, March 23rd where it will stay until mid-April. Expect life to come to a standstill in all areas for the next few weeks. Pushing to move forward with anything will more than likely be met with resistance and frustration. This includes pursuing a new job, friendship, or love interest.

When attempting to make plans with people, be prepared to find that those plans don’t work out as expected. If they do, they’re met with challenges, cancellations, flakiness, and delays. For example your car breaks down on the way to the appointment, or there is an accident that adds another twenty minutes to your travel time, or there is a mix up or misunderstanding on the day, time, or location – or you’re just not in the mood to do much.

There will be blockages in the areas of understanding and communication, so allow extra room, time, and patience for mistakes that can arise if you have no choice, but to press on. Mercury affects the mind, so when the planet is moving retrograde it creates a hazy fogged up perception. People tend to be more scattered and slower than usual, which results in accidents, miscommunications, and misunderstandings.


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Still in the middle of the hurricane storm of the Mercury Retrograde

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I’ve literally been hit up back to back today by a numerous amount of people experiencing a really difficult time. It’s one after the other from extreme heartache, to anxiety, to a life force that has become void.

This is a reminder it is all Mercury Retrograde related. I’ve been preaching about the transit since I was a child and I know it well. What’s being experienced is part of the challenging side effects the transit brings on. Can’t tell you how often I’ve warned others about it only to watch them ignore that warning and do the opposite. The result is that it backfires in their face in an even worse way.

Making any serious decisions during this time or expecting a positive result about an action now more than likely will not go well or the result will be temporary. As I’ve always said, the Mercury Retrograde is a time to lay low and go back to clean house literally and metaphorically. We are still in the storm of the Mercury Retrograde and circumstances will not begin to lighten up until after the first week of September.

Sometimes events happen beyond your control during this transit, but regardless of that it doesn’t mean those events will be easy. Most of what is storming up during the transit will begin to evaporate after Mercury moves direct and suddenly everything starts to level out as the plane soars out of the storm into clearer skies.


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Saturn moves Direct. Full speed ahead with productivity.

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If life has seemed to be at a standstill or harder than usual since April specifically, then that is the Saturn Retrograde effects, which contributes to lack of motivation or a disconnectedness.

Saturn is the planet that is much like the Wise One nature. He is the task master Teacher who has zero tolerance for failings. He throws up roadblocks and tosses curve balls at you for the sake of helping your soul gain knowledge and learn lessons in order to evolve. If you don’thave lessons to learn, then you don’t grow.

When Saturn moves retrograde, hard work, passion, persistence, and direction lose momentum making it feel as if you’re trying to run for your life while standing in one place. It expands feelings of fear, anxiety, or dread.

Now Saturn is switching directions to move forward, which will help circumstances move smoother than they had been. Hiccups will still pop up for a couple of weeks thanks to that delaying induced Mercury Retrograde through September 5th, but after that it will be full speed ahead through the end of the year.

Now’s a good time to mentally prepare for that period. Get organized in prioritizing what you’ll be intending on accomplishing or implementing. It’ll have a much better chance at survival than it might have if it was done over the last six months. Setting intentions is important, but that also needs to be backed up by taking action, otherwise nothing will transpire.


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You are worthy. You deserve good. You deserve blessings.
You deserve love. You deserve peace. ❤️


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Venus moves direct. Opportunities with love, beauty, and money concerns open up.

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It is safe to move forward with love! Take the lessons you’ve learned and gained in the last six weeks and incorporate them into the new you as we move forward out of the Venus Retrograde transit that put a harsh spotlight on relationships, beauty, and money concerns.

After this weekend, it is safe to implement action in terms of those areas that have remained stagnant since the start of March. It will also be safe to approach that soul mate love interest you’ve had your eye on and see where it leads, as well as leave connections that no longer have a purpose.

I’ve witnessed and listened to accounts of endless relationships abruptly breaking apart over the last month and a half. My in-box tends to flood over more than usual during crucial Planetary transits, so I have an up close and personal view of how this affects so many people at once.

Circumstances may still be a little sketchy here and there over the next week or two as Venus levels out, but we are also in the depths of the Mercury Retrograde until May 1st. It is okay to end those relationships that have met their goal, fulfilled their purpose, or have been dead in the dirt for some time, but proceed with caution until May, or just wait it out a few more weeks to see how you feel.

I never advise anyone to leave someone during a Venus Retrograde no matter how anxious they are to do it, and they will be anxious as that’s a side effect of the transit. It’s best to hold off and wait until Venus moves direct as your perception clears up at that point, and you’re much calmer and focused about it.

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Retrograde Planetary Action Creating Choppy Waters for the Rest of the Month.

Relationships are continuing to be highlighted big time as we’re still in the midst of the Venus Retrograde. Venus will shift into forward direction mid-month, but it will not be smooth sailing. There is an overlap with the most peskiest planet of them all creating chaos in the day to day functioning of human life. Mercury has been deep in the pre-shadow phase before it moves Retrograde this Saturday. There are already technical and communication issues and annoyances rising as you read this.

The Mercury Retrograde dance with the Venus Retrograde is going to cause endless dramatic misunderstandings where relationships are concerned. Many relationships that are teetering on unstable ground will blow apart in the coming weeks. Someone is going to act out irrationally and erratically and end a connection that has been under their skin for some time.

The good news is this energy can have the opposite effect on connections that have long been dissolved. Many of those unions will come together and grow stronger as if it’s a new connection. Towards the end of the month it’ll be safer to start up something new with someone new, but it may not go according to plan until next month. Potential connections may have a rocky start up full of delays, but the strong soul connections intended to take place will move slowly and gradually upward in the coming months.

Tuesday on my Facebook post we discussed the Mercury Retrograde dance that’s currently happening with the Venus Retrograde this month, but we also have Saturn moving Retrograde on Thursday. When a planet moves retrograde it slows things down significantly and forces one to take a step back and re-evaluate the themes associated with the planet that goes retrograde. In this case, the theme is about practical responsibilities.

The Saturn Retrograde will prompt you to take a good hard look at where you’re currently at in your life from now thru August. This will help you make necessary changes that need to be implemented. Saturn causes delays and it also places roadblocks in front of you in order to help you learn from them so your soul can expand and grow.
Jupiter is the planet of luck bestowing blessings and good things in your life. However, Jupiter has been retrograde since February, so circumstances are going to grow especially dark until Jupiter moves forward in June. A Saturn Retrograde makes one nervous, anxious, and edgy more than usual. Fears and anxieties rise up inside, but those emotions are messages intended to let you know that you need to make changes in those areas. You can no longer put it off or avoid it.

Venus and Jupiter are a couple of positive planets in general when they’re moving forward, but since they’re both currently retrograde it may make one feel more helpless than usual. Luckily, Venus will gradually move forward towards the end of April lightening the load a bit.

Mercury Retrogrades are thankfully shorter than usual, even though they feel like they’re lasting forever. Take it easy through April especially while using the coming months to re-evaluate where you’re at in your life. Note what positive action steps you need to take in order to propel you forward into a new chapter with a new outlook.

Don’t over extend yourself or take on more than you can handle through August. There is more room for exhaustion, burn out, errors, roadblocks, and agendas not going as planned now. This will however be a good time to go back to whatever it is you’ve previously neglected and get to work on it in order to perfect it. Whether it’s a project, a relationship, or anything at all. Expect things to really slow down over the coming months. This will give you an opportunity to focus on your next steps and the healthy changes you can adopt into your life.

When you believe that great things will happen for you, then great things will happen! The ingredients include having a positive attitude, strong faith, prayer, asking for help, and taking action.

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Love is the space where truth resides

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Model yourself as the creator and as the angels do. They love you without conditions. Think about that phrase for a second and the depths of its meaning. “Without conditions”. It means there is nothing any being can say or do to stop that love no matter how horrific. This doesn’t mean negative actions are without consequence since each being is creating their own reality every day. And what is put out into the Universe is flipped around and multiplied right back to you in this lifetime, the next, and the other worlds. It’s the nature of the way that the Universe is laid out. The energy will catch up with you whether you choose to follow the herd as a collective and partake in negative actions or out of your own independence. The ego drops down into darkness when it has a group to feed off of. It is more likely to contribute negatively to the violent energy being emitted outwardly into the Universe when joining a group to hide behind. 

Yet, the love available from above never ceases all throughout this ordeal in order to help face the soul in the direction of this source of love. It’s only hoped the soul can snap back into true higher consciousness to realize that none of the drama matters or nor is it based in reality since you’ve given your power away to a ruler or a group thinking they have jurisdiction to help you feel better when those good feelings are already built into you and are available for accessibility. It’s like a parent disciplining their child out of love in order to differentiate between what they believe to be an acceptable mode of conduct as opposed to a disagreeable one. A good parent faces the soul student in the direction of love at all times. Don’t pay attention to the screaming noise of the ego, but stay centered and balanced in the whirlwind of Heaven’s love instead where the real truth lives.

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Rare planetary occurrence with no planets retrograde. Bright blessings of abundance up ahead.

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Planetary Talk: We’re moving into a period of about four to five weeks where there will be no planets moving retrograde. This is a super rare occurrence as there is usually at least one planet stalling movement. Mercury is prepping to move direct over the course of this weekend. This is bringing up all sorts of glitches and issues, but it will cease after a number of days. Things will gradually begin to lighten up except for some intense bumps around next Thursday. Then it’s smooth sailing until February 7th when Jupiter the planet that bestows blessings moves retrograde. The rest of January will be a time of exceptional clarity and bright abundance flowing in on all levels. Venus the planet of love is hanging out in the psychic sign of love filled Pisces. All things pertaining to love will rise and keen psychic intuitive perceptions will be incredibly stronger than usual. Use this time to move forward with anything and everything you’ve always wanted to do. This will be an upbeat time and you’ll want to take advantage of that before Jupiter brings all of that to halt in February.


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Mercury Retrograde now through January 8, 2017.

Image may contain: tree, outdoor and natureIt’s that time again. Planet Mercury is stationary and prepping to move retrograde now thru January 8th. The next three weeks will be a time to go back and re-evaluate anything and everything that needs addressing. Even if you don’t, you’ll likely be faced with that task regardless. The Mercury Retrograde cycle has a habit of putting up roadblocks and delays of all kinds preventing one from moving forward until after it goes direct in January. The theme this retrograde is focusing on anything having to do with regret. You cannot change the past. Dwelling on it helps no one, but stalls you from moving forward. It’s stuck energy that is an abundance block. This theme is applied to all aspects of your life whether personally or globally.


This letting go of the past includes those perpetually ‘stuck’ and obsessing over the U.S. election results.  I’m surprised so many are still mired in that negative energy.  What a horrid place to put yourself in for so long.   The next three weeks will force many to work on accepting it and letting it go.   As I mentioned way back in August of 2015 when I predicted what was to take place, it has all come true exactly as I laid out.  It is for a reason beyond your understanding or control.


This will be a transitional time to make your peace with anything that has happened to date that is beyond your control. Accept it and move forward fearlessly creating a new road map with a brighter outlook. The second week of January will be safe to take action on any ideas that rise during the rest of 2016.


Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
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Kevin Hunter Books

Kevin Hunter is the author of numerous spiritually based books attracting in loyal readers from all corners of the globe.  He is also a love expert, sage, and clairaudient, claircognizant, channeler residing along the coast of Southern California. 

Professional Bio:

Kevin Hunter is an author, love expert, and channeler.   The majority of his works are in the metaphysical genre.  His spiritually based empowerment and inspirational books include, Warrior of Light, Empowering Spirit Wisdom, Realm of the Wise One, Reaching for the Warrior Within, Darkness of Ego, Ignite Your Inner Life Force, Tarot Card Meanings, and Awaken Your Creative Spirit.

The warrior of light series of pocket books include, Spirit Guides and Angels, Soul Mates and Twin Flames, Divine Messages for Humanity, Raising Your Vibration, Connecting with the Archangels, Four Psychic Clair Sense, and The Seven Deadly Sins.

Kevin grew up in an abusive violent household, which propelled him downward into a sea of addictions to escape through alcohol, drugs, or anything else he could get his hands on. A lifelong sufferer of social anxiety and ADD, he managed to find the one positive thing that was always constant, which is a focused clear connection with his Spirit team on the other side. As a result, with their help he began writing out the many ways they’ve positively helped him throughout his life and how they can help those interested or ready for it. Kevin has been hailed to be a strong forceful wise one that is supremely direct. His divinely guided books are intended to inspire, enlighten, and empower those suffering or struggling in the physical world.

His others books include the dating handguide which is one half practical and one half spiritual, Love Party of One, the horror/drama, Paint the Silence, and the modern day trashy beach love story, Jagger’s Revolution. His books tend to have a strong male protagonist where he tackles a variety of subjects.

Kevin has been featured and discussed in three books by best selling spiritual author, Doreen Virtue called, The Miracles of Archangel Gabriel, Angel Detox, and Living Pain Free.

Pre-Author Professional Bio:

Kevin began work in the entertainment field weeks after his 23rd birthday joining one of Hollywood’s most respected actors at the height of her box office fame, Michelle Pfeiffer.   The sharp, film-literate worked as her development dude at her company, Via Rosa, where he read and provided coverage on potential projects searching for strong female driven characters-no victims.  He worked through the company’s development and film productions of One Fine DayA Thousand Acres, and The Deep End of the Ocean.

After a number of years, Pfeiffer dissolved her company, and Kevin made an immediate move into coordinating Film Productions for some of the major Hollywood studios.   With a strong work ethic, he continued to hammer his name into stone in the film industry working with some highly well known talent, producers, and directors while adding to a mounting list of production credits.

Some of his other film work credits includes Antonio Bandera’s directorial debut of, Crazy in Alabama, Via Rosa’s Original Sin with Angelina Jolie and Antonio Banderas, The Perfect Storm with George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, and Dr. Dolittle 2 with Eddie Murphy. He subsequently reunited with Pfeiffer’s ex-producing partner, Kate Guinzburg, at her short-lived company with veteran Producer, Martin Bregman (Scarface, Serpico), to assist in bringing the Julia Stiles and Shirley MacLaine film Carolina through development and production.

After  years of working on back to back films, Kevin transitioned into work as an author as he entered his 30’s and beyond.   He started out writing essays about love, dating, relationships, and sex before primarily becoming a spiritual author and teacher.

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
are available in paperback and kindle wherever books are sold.

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