Realm of the Wise One

    In the Spirit World, there are nearly a dozen dimensions.  These dimensions house different families of spirits.  The families might consist of angels, spirit guides, deceased loved ones, saints, ascended masters or archangels.  There are also various spirits in different forms who come from a variety of different “Realms” that exist on the other side.  In the book, “Realm of the Wise One”, I discuss the Wise Ones on the other side as well as those who have incarnated into a human body.  This is a realm I know quite a bit about since I have incarnated from the Realm of the Wise One.  It’s always fun to go back home.  The book is for all Wise Ones and those who personally know a Wise One.  It is also for anyone looking to gain additional knowledge surrounding behavior patterns and purposes of some of the souls that surround you as Wise Ones.

     My Spirit team has shared with me where I come from on numerous occasions throughout the course of my human life.  They’ve shown me what my home is like, where I come from, who I really am in truth beyond this life, and a glimpse of my soul back home where I reside.  Other Wise Ones and those from some of the various Realms may sense familiarity, while others might fall into skepticism.  This book requires some suspension of disbelief for those hardened, jaded and practical human souls who are not used to being connected with the other side.  We are travelling into the Spirit World or what some call Heaven.  Therefore you will know that it is nothing like the density ticking time bomb of planet Earth.

      In the first chapter of this book, I take you to the Spirit World where the Wise Ones reside.  I describe the visuals of what it’s like.  It is also the longest chapter in the book, so you’ll need to exercise patience while keeping an open mind.  It may feel much like a cartoon or something from a movie not yet made.  In the second and third chapter, we dive into why those from a Realm incarnate on Earth as well as some of the core Realms.  From Chapter Four through the rest of the book, we discuss in great length all things Wise Ones in human form.  We cover an abundant amount of information surrounding their personalities, behavior patterns, purposes and much more.  It is important to first start off by describing who the Wise Ones are and where they come from in the next dimension, before moving into the Wise Ones around you on Earth.  You may even be a Wise One yourself!  There are books on the market that feature chapters or information surrounding the Wise One, but this is one of the first books devoted solely to the Realm of the Wise Ones.

            Travel with me now to the magical world of the Wise Ones.  Remember to keep an open mind and heart in learning how to recognize those human souls around you who are indeed from the Realm of the Wise One……

Realm of the Wise One 

In the Spirit Worlds and the dimensions that exist, reside numerous kingdoms that house a plethora of Spirits that inhabit various forms. One of these tribes is called the Wise Ones, a darker breed in the spirit realm who often chooses to incarnate into a human body one lifetime after another for important purposes.  The Realm of the Wise One takes you on a magical journey to the spirit world where the Wise Ones dwell. This is followed with in-depth and detailed information on how to recognize a human soul who has incarnated from the Wise One Realm.

Author, Kevin Hunter, is a Wise One who uses the knowledge passed onto him by his Spirit team of Guides and Angels to relay the wisdom surrounding all things Wise One. He discusses the traits, purposes, gifts, roles, and personalities among other things that make up someone who is a Wise One.

Wise Ones have come in the guises of teachers, shaman, leaders, hunters, mediums, entertainers and others. Realm of the Wise One is an informational guide devoted to the tribe of the Wise Ones, both in human form and on the other side.


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