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Nature areas tend to have a thriving spiritual community and those open to spiritual pursuits


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Manhattan Beach, California

Moving to the rhythm of a wild heart that beats like a rolling drum 🥁 when you’re around. 💗

Nature areas tend to have a thriving spiritual community and those open to spiritual pursuits. This is because spiritually driven people tend to be extremely sensitive and don’t do well in environments that have harsher energy, such as places that are packed with crowds, sirens blaring or horns constantly honking. They battle with deeper emotions and as a protection retreat or avoid certain locales that lack in nature if and when they have that option. They also understand that nature areas allow them to connect with spirit and the planes beyond much easier.




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How can you tell if your crush is crushing on you too?

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How can you tell if your crush is crushing on you too? Having obtained many of my crushes in the end, there were several unspoken giveaways that alerted me to their potential interest. One of them is similar to the images in this post. Have you guessed what it is yet?

One of the several top clues to determine if someone is really into you is if they have a great big SMILE whenever they see you. This is the kind of smile that lights up their whole face, with the teeth flashing, eyes crinkling and dilating and in a daze of flustered embarrassment. It is intoxicating enough to me to mumble, “Yep, easy Tiger, I got you.”

This type of admiration smile can also apply to friendships, acquaintances, business situations, etc. This kind of smile is typically seen during the first year of dating, maybe two. Once in a relationship beyond that, the gigantic smile is reduced to once in awhile for certain things, because then they’d just come off goofy if it was around the clock.

If the smile is no longer present in that big way weeks or even months into dating, then I would be suspicious, pending there isn’t any other dramatic chaos going on in their life to indicate something else. There are people who will suppress this smile as they don’t want you to know they have a deeper interest for fear of whatever, which I tend to fall into, making it challenging for them to detect I do have interest.

If someone is crushing on you, their smile will look like they’re posing for a dental commercial. If they do that in your presence each time they see you, then you have a good shot at nabbing them.

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Live authentically unafraid of the dark shadow side

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This was the post that ended up causing so much controversy.   Some people get uneasy when I speak bluntly and directly, but I don’t care, which is why this is getting posted here too!

Shirley Manson (Left photo: Lead singer of one of my favorite bands, “Garbage”) once said, “I’m afraid of happy people. They’re chemically unbalanced.”

It can be infectious to me if someone always comes off jolly and happy. At the same time, I’m suspicious of that. It feels like a forced niceness that comes off inauthentic.

Mary Kohnert, the Development director at Michelle’s (Pfeiffer) former company said to me once, “When someone is always happy, then they just come off goofy.” True. I’ve received negative rap from some turned off by how dark, harsh, and moody I come off at times, but at least I’m real and will never conform.

Brendon Urie (Right photo: Lead singer of one of my other favorite bands, “Panic at the Disco”) once said, “I find myself being attracted to dudes all the time. I’m like, ‘Wow, that’s a beautiful man.’ There’s no shame in it; that’s how I feel.”

Brendon has been with the same woman for over ten years and married for five of those. I’ve forever loved people who are not afraid to shine light on parts of themselves that others would get squeamish or uncomfortable about. You do that and you risk me tailgating you until the ends of the Earth. If you get offended by something I or anyone says or does, then I will do it more because, “F*ck you.”

Live authentically unafraid of the dark shadow side, which is often the more real side.


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Examples of my day to day mini-psychic hits. Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Claircognizance, Clairsentience.

Random psychic foresight related hits received throughout each day are often insignificant. These are things such as while watching a film I’ve never seen, I clairaudiently hear the dialogue before it’s said. A few beats later the character says it on screen.

I frequently know why someone’s calling regardless of who it is, what the overall content of an email is going to say, and I have tendency to find my phone to answer it only to discover it never actually rang. As I’m walking away it starts ringing for real and I have to turn back. When talking I have a habit of interrupting people and finishing their sentences already knowing what they were going to say.

Another example is this past week where I was at the end of working out on the beach. I slowed down to take a walk on the sand along the crashing waves on this beautifully quiet hot day with no one around on this particular stretch. In my “minds eye” a bright flash shot up and exploded, and the light layer peeled away and this blonde surfer guy was approaching me to ask if I had the time. Totally pointless and irrelevant vision….or is it.

A minute or two later I heard a voice while cutting in and out of a partial trance state. Perplexed I then realized it was happening in real time as the voice grew closer calling out again, “Excuse me.” I whipped around stunned that someone was there. It was like seeing a ghost since it was the same blonde surfer guy in the trance a minute before holding his board smiling, “Do you know what time it is?” “Yeah, it’s…”

His smile gradually relaxed refusing to leave studying me as if coming to the realization of something. He asked my name and if I lived around there. The start of a longer conversation was kicked off and grew where we both recognized that this is a mutual new friend. Imagine if everyone was paying attention to those incoming hunches and acting on them.

You’ll note these mini-illustrations are just random little hits such as the phone, or the screen dialogue, or a flash of someone that’s going to appear any minute who may have importance, and on and on. This is hundreds and hundreds of meaningless mini-cues that happen everyday for as long as I can remember. Sometimes it’s immaterial and other times it’s bigger leading to something else.

This is part of the reason I always appear distracted, and not present, as I’m paying attention to way too much information than one can handle from both the physical and spiritual sides. I would never recommend being in my head. You’d end up traumatized and reaching for a drink.


New to the psychic clair senses?


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Clairvoyance, Clairaudience,
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The Warrior of Light is a fighter and soldier for the Light, Energy, God, Spirit.

There are souls living a human life that are threaded around the planet called, “Warrior of Light’s.”  A Warrior of Light is a soul who fights in the name of Heaven, God, and the light.  They are often the darker souls who ferociously defend and teach in the name of the light.  Typically unwavering and unbending, they are representatives of the Light, but have no problem rising to head into battle, which they’re called upon to do often.  Archangel Michael is the General of all Warrior of Light’s.  The Light is God and God is the Light.  They are interchangeable energy and the all knowing source.  A warrior of light is someone who is a fighter or soldier for God and Heaven.

Imagine a company created by Heaven called, “The God Organization”.  You are one of the employees.   When you need supplies, you ask God for these supplies.  Sometimes He might temporarily deny the supplies due to budgetary constraints, but He is a fair boss and will provide what He believes is best for you at that time.

Visualize what a warrior soldier’s job entails.  A warrior is trained to be strong enough to withstand all forms of battle in the face of adversity.  This carries over to all aspects of the warrior’s life AND the warrior is prompted to go to battle quite a bit!  The warrior may be weary from battle, yet they stand strong, stoic, and at attention like a General never faltering.   They can be difficult to be with if around the wrong type of person, but they tend to be surrounded by an equally strong loyal circle

With the Boxing Sport, feeling the confidence is one of the most important elements of entering a match.   It is feeling it inside and knowing that you’re going to win.  When you go to a match knowing that you’re going to win that match, the odds are you’re going to win that match.  This is the same concept in how a Warrior of Light is trained to perceive anything and everything.   Imagine consistently having the stance of being primed for battle even when there is no reason to be.   You cannot help it, because it’s in your DNA.  A warrior will personally never change it for anything in the world even if the entire universe was against them.  Dive into your life purpose, your pursuits, and your activism knowing you will win.

The Warrior of Light is not a role I’m playing, but rather it is a part of me.   I do my job when I can as if I’m working for anybody else.  I have off days as any human being does.  The difference here is that I love this employer.  When you like your employer, then it’s not a drag to do the work.

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Testimonial on Kevin Hunter book. “Recently turned 20 and have been questioning the importance of my life.”

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Another glowing testimonial from a reader. This one from a 20 year old male. I receive a number of regular testimonials from that generation. These are generations rapidly evolving, since I was busy doing other things at 20. 😉

I rarely share testimonials that come in because that would be annoying. I try to just remember to add them to my testimonial page on my website. All of the notes are appreciated, but there are so many split offs and selves within me that I feel like they’re talking about someone else when I read them. They are a reminder to me, because I function primarily in a separate plane of existence where my sole focus is on the work I’m guided to do, rather than the positive benefits that people are getting from it. I do the work and walk away and focus on another project unaware that someone in Germany, Alabama, Japan, or wherever is sitting there with my book in their hand being moved. So I read these with my mouth half open perplexed with my fingers nervously yanking on my chin:

“I began reading the spiritual works of Kevin Hunter! I’m two chapters into the collection, and I could not have picked a better time to start reading it. I’ve been wallowing away in my self pity, contemplating my existence, and doubting divine destiny. I recently turned 20 and have been questioning the importance of my life, 20 years now and what have I got to show for it? That empty feeling settled in, and I felt helpless, hopeless, and lost. I was also going to see a priest from my parish to obtain some form of spiritual guidance, but I didn’t do that either. I know you’re never going to get a plan or map of your life, but I honestly felt like a body without a purpose. Then today I remembered that I had Kevin Hunter’s book to lend positive insight. I was reminded that I’m not alone and that God and his angels are looking out for me. It really got me through the day.”

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
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Bono of U2 and wife Alison Hewson celebrating 35 years of marriage. A love that lasts a lifetim.

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Love that lasts a lifetime is something you don’t hear much today. You mostly hear about the relationships that break up and how the couple had a good run of a couple years like it’s a TV series that got cancelled. That isn’t anything to brag about. You rarely hear much about the couples that have stood the test of time and continue to endure a love that lasts a lifetime.

Bono, the rocker of one of my all time favorite bands U2, will be celebrating his 35 year anniversary with his wife Alison Hewson this August 2017. The cherry on top is that they’re just as romantic and in love with one another today as they were all those decades ago. One of the proofs of that is they recently went on another date to celebrate the first day they had their first date….40 years ago!

Recently, someone asked what kind of relationship two Chinese Oxen born would be together, as I’m a Chinese Ox. They wondered if it would be challenging, but on the contrary. The Chinese Ox born are strong minded, strong willed people, but they’re also the most loyal people of all the animals, and you never want to cross that loyalty as they NEVER forget. Their occasional rage never lets you forget. If it’s a sure thing, they stay.

Bono and Alison are both Chinese Oxen born too, so they’re a beautiful picture image of an Oxen duo that stick with each other until the end through good times and bad. Like any couple, they had their challenges a few years into their marriage where Bono and his band U2 were getting crazy out of control with their success and touring. They released one of the most iconic rock albums in music history named after one my favorite desert destinations they visited, “The Joshua Tree.”

One of the big hits off that album was the classic, “With or Without You”, which Bono wrote for his wife. At the time, it documented the push and pull confusion he was having between the love for his music and being on the road, but also tormented by having this strong domesticated interest and draw to his wife that he wanted to be close too as well. He soon realized that he could put the demons to rest and have both his love and art, as well as his marriage.

In a recent acceptance speech for an award he said, “I asked my wife, Ali, tonight on receiving this award what I should say. And she just repeated what she’s been telling me since we were teenagers, which is, ‘Don’t look down at me, but don’t look up at me either. Look across to me. I’m here.'”

Meaning they are EQUAL. No one is better or less than the other and they’re on this magic carpet ride together. He said that it wasn’t love at first sight for her, she had to work up to that. That’s because while the Ox will more than likely last a lifetime with you, getting to that is almost impossible. It takes a lot of work to get their attention, and then get them to come around is even harder, but once they do start coming around, they never leave.

I’ve met many couples over the years who tell me they’ve been together 10 years, 17 years, 22 years, 31 years, 44 years, and my reaction is always the same. A slight half smile forms and a hazy mist creates a blurry shield over my eyes. It’s the similar pleased reaction Heaven has when they see two souls who have not forgotten to love. ❤️💞🙏

One of the best live performances of the song, With or Without You:


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Ten of Wands. Tarot Lesson Basics.

Image may contain: outdoorTAROT CARD MEANING: The Ten of Wands shows you carrying too much weight on your shoulders. You may have overextended yourself in all areas of your life and you need to make some healthy changes. This might be the person who is juggling too much work and not incorporating enough rest and relaxation. It will catch up with you if you don’t do something about it.

The image in the traditional Ten of Wands shows someone carrying all ten wands on their hunched over back struggling to carry them on their journey. The goal they want to achieve is in sight if they can just get up that hill. They’re already exhausted and still pushing themselves beyond what is considered healthy. Therefore, they may not be able to make it if they continue. This is the card telling someone to take some time off! You are taking on way too much. The previous Nine of Wands showed you exhausted and primed for battle, but the Ten of Wands says you are no longer primed for battle, you’re just plain worn out and cannot make it, but are insisting on pushing.

The message in the Ten of Wands can be asking you to lighten the load or delegate to others. While it is possible one can make it up to their destination in this state, it won’t be met without exhaustion. There are repercussions involved with the Ten of Wands at times. This is also the physical exhaustion card. You’re using up too much physical energy that it will catch up with you. This can be someone who comes home from work and always says, “I’m so tired.”

Those who are in the full time work force or corporate worlds working for someone else may see this card appear for them. The current five days a week break your back work is no longer conducive to the positive well-being of one’s self. There isn’t enough time off and this is causing health risks, permanent unhappiness, stress, and physical detriment for employees. Many don’t take enough time off or they feel guilty about using their vacation days. The Ten of Wands is saying, “You’ve pushed yourself too hard and it’s time to take a little break.” You need to start thinking of you when this card comes up.

This message can also be saying that you’re not saying no to someone when you really want to. You’re taking on what others are giving or telling you while carrying the weight of that burden. This can be a card that illustrates you have to do damage control surrounding an issue. This is someone who makes things harder than it has to be. There is no method to their madness. They do things in ways that don’t make much sense and seem to be the unnecessary hard way.

This can also be about someone who is working so hard on something, but isn’t witnessing that much return. It can be a blessing in disguise if there is a Ten of Pentacles card in the spread. Then this might suggest that you have been working so hard for so long, but the Ten of Pentacles shows that you will reap the rewards. It’s not much further now even though you will be exhausted over the efforts. However, if it’s next to the Five of Pentacles, then it might indicate a loss after all this hard work for nothing.

In a love relationship, this might say that you’re working way too hard leaving you exhausted to the point where you’re neglecting your partner or personal life. This card could also indicate that you or your partner feels burdened by the relationship. It’s no longer loving or fun. It might be that you or your partner is constantly doing things to keep the relationship going positively or that you’re always the one taking care of things. This soon starts to feel as if you’re being taking advantage of and that you have to carry all the weight. This same concept can be applied in other areas such as with career and work life too. The message with these challenging cards or meanings is to take action steps to correct this behavior so that you’re happier and less burdensome.

If you’re single and looking, then this card might suggest that you’re too busy in your day to day life that there is no room to invite in a partner in a relationship. When would you see them? Modifications would need to be made to your personal life too. The Ten of Wands says that you’re pushing so hard to find a romantic partner that it’s wearing you out leaving you in constant frustration ready to throw in the towel.

{ From my book, “Tarot Card Meanings” available in paperback and e-book wherever books are sold. }

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Bringing awareness for men suffering from body anxieties.

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It always rubs me the wrong way when I hear of someone body shaming another person. Even more so it rubs me the wrong way when I hear someone body shaming themselves not only in my presence, but in general period. I don’t want to hear that. Love all of yourself. Love and appreciate your bodies no matter what anyone says. Don’t compare yourselves or your bodies to other people. Everyone is uniquely beautiful. Everyone is beautiful period.

These men pose nude to promote male body positivity. While I know that women face this kind of outlandish scrutiny, but men of today do as well too, more than some realize.

One man says, “Up until recently, I couldn’t go swimming without wearing a t-shirt. I would never bare all in public. Not even shorts.”

These men spoke up about their body issues after they participated in a nude photo shoot to challenge “six-pack” culture.

Another man says, “I just don’t like my body, personally. You just look at other things, the way society is right now, you’re completely bombarded with Channing Tatum’s and Brad Pitts.”

The shoot was part of Alternative Fashion Fest. A fashion show that showcases diverse beauty. The organizers noticed a lack of awareness for men suffering from body anxieties.

Another guy says, “People seem to think it’s okay to tell me I’m too thin. So they’ll always comment about like, “Where’s your bum?”

The photos will be turned into a calendar and sold with ALL profits going to a mental health charity. Roll the brief clip on what they have to say:


Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
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Archangel Michael is a fearless protector, bouncer, and bodyguard

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My youngest sister, the world traveler, texted this shot, “I know you’re probably asleep but I’m on a canal cruise in Amsterdam and saw that statue of Archangel Michael and thought you’d like it. Love you.”

That text was from my youngest sister who turned 22 a month ago, which if math is your strong suit then you know I’m 22 years older. She knows of my deep long term relationship with Archangel Michael. The furious force that moves around with me every second of every minute for the last sixteen years. Archangel Michael is available to all that call on him. He is the General that supervises, instructs, and commands all of the angels and all of the Warrior of Lights back home and on Earth. He is one of the most powerful beings of all existence striking out evil just by entering the vicinity. He is the only being in the Universe that is louder than God.

He is my protector and bodyguard bouncer instilling fearlessness and sometimes cockiness into my persona. Archangel Michael is fearless and cocky as he knows he is the sh*t as he sometimes brags about it by showing off his many spectrum of lights at times for no reason at all like a peacock displaying its feathers proudly laughing it off and moving on.

I devote a chapter to Archangel Michael in my book, “Connecting with the Archangels”.


Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
are available in paperback and kindle wherever books are sold.

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