Human life is accustomed to losses that cause a heavy dark cloud over ones heart

Human life is accustomed to losses that cause a heavy dark cloud over ones heart. Losses include the human death of someone close to you or the loss of a deep love relationship that ended. Any loss that causes prolonged grief is included. From the perspective of spirit, there is no real loss in this scenario. These losses are part of the human understanding, but this is an illusion. They do not exist in the bigger reality of why you are here. Everything you have ever loved or missed comes back to you when your Earthly class is complete. Those grieving over the human death of a loved one must understand that it is not a death in the way that you know it. That soul simply graduated from their Earthly class life run. The uncomfortable heavy weight of the human vessel they occupied was shed. They soared effortlessly into the next room where you will one day re-unite with them. The transition for most is incredibly smooth! There is no pain since pain exists in the Earth’s atmosphere. This Earthly life school is equated to boot camp for the soul!


~  Kevin Hunter

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