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The Truths and Myths about Twin Flame Soul Connections is Coming to Light.

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You picked me up in the dead of the night
and gave me a chance to move inside of your mystery.

This is for you my love for knowing that despite the jarring intensity of us recognizing one another behind our eyes, that there was no way that could be denied. I know I’ve tried to deny it, and deny it again, but I can’t deny it, I can’t, you’re undeniable.

Professing poetic proverbs from Greek Mythology pulling me in with firm conviction you reminded me that, “We shall either find a way or we’ll make one.” Our shared ongoing sentiment and quest from the moment we were a spark shooting out of God’s love that exploded into a blinding white fire that broke apart, causing one to be two, until two became one again, separate and whole, and back around. You are what God meant when He said, “I Am You.” Because I see Him in you. Our soul was born out of His love and we will fall in death right back into that love before being re-born out of that love.

One of my long running top selling books came out seven years ago called, “Soul Mates and Twin Flames”. Since then I’ve received numerous requests for a follow up. That follow up had been sitting on a shelf for a couple of years before one day I was nudged to dust it off. I flipped it open to the first page and read the first sentence with a jolt, then said, “It’s time to share this.”

Twin Flame Soul Connections and How to Recognize the Split Apart and the Truths and Myths of Twin Flames, from my Spirit team’s perspective comes to Light November 18, 2018.  111818.  I’m excited to share this fun comprehensive guide on the kind of soul love that transcends space and time and Earthly pleasures.

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Personal Connections with Spirit; August 16th a big day for entertainers, Aretha Franklin, Elvis Presley, Madonna

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I’ve been extremely spiritually connected and otherworldly since I was a child. I knew I would eventually be writing about metaphysical topics in greater depth, but it wasn’t something I initially wanted to write about or teach. In fact, I continued to put it off for about two decades. My interest was in writing about love, dating, sex, and relationships, since those personal physical and soulful unions with others were most important to me. It wasn’t writing about God or spiritual related empowering concepts, even though my connections have always been strong and evident to others around me before all that. There were earlier hints of what was to come through my earlier philosophical passages that tended to be woven into what I was writing back then.

Growing up, spirituality and religion was solely about my individual personal connection and relationship with God. I never understood the point in sharing that or turning it into a lucrative venture as a teacher, which was what I was later branded without me realizing it. However, I did foresee me doing that work as I moved out of my teens and into my twenties, but my guides circled the time frame where that would clearly kick off as being around my mid-to-late 30’s, even though one part of me scoffed, brushed it off, or denied it because I didn’t want to do that work.

What I “see” or “hear” from council, and what my ego personally feels can be two completely distinctive views, so I put up a great deal of resistance. Luckily, as the time period when the transition would take place was approaching, I was growing less me-focused and more universally focused. The dark egotistical narcissistic part of me was rapidly simmering down enough to reveal that one of my soul’s missions was as clear as it could be. I knew I could no longer hold all of this knowledge that had been living in my consciousness and not share it.

The goal, intention, and purpose they were asking of me has a larger global effect long after I’m gone, than the fun I wanted to do. I now ultimately do my work for Him with pleasure. I learned through the many people writing me over the years that their lives were positively changing as a result of something I said or wrote. Even if you completely change one person in a positive way, then you’ve done your job, but changing more than that was more than I expected.


In other news…..
August 16th seems to be an interesting day
for major entertainers…….



Aretha Franklin passed away on 8/16.  I remember my Mother playing her records when I was a toddler.  I remember Aretha working that incredible scene for the number “Respect” in the “Blues Brothers”.  It’s ironic that she passed away today on Madonna’s 60th birthday.  A major birthday milestone.  I remember when I was 10 and Madonna was 23/24 and shot to enormous fame on the level of Michael Jackson, and MTV was kicked off.  And she’s managed to maintain a career since then when most fall away.  Also ironic is that Elvis Presley also died on August 16th.  My father was a huge Elvis Presley fan always playing his records.  August 16th seems to be an important day for major entertainers.



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Learning is the Prize, Knowledge and Experience is Power

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You are gaining essential tools in life through your experiences, whether it’s what seems like a mundane monotonous job you just do for the paycheck, or through your personal experiences in relationships with lovers and friendships. The soul mates that test you and push you to look at things in a different way. The ones that challenge you to change certain aspects of you that could indeed be improved or push you to go after something you long desire.

Knowledge and experience make you smarter and sharper. The one that perseveres and does the grunt work knowing they’re becoming stronger and smarter as a result of a mundane task are the ones that excel and go far. They understand that knowledge and experience is power.

In the film “Dangerous Minds”, the teacher gives the students a poem to learn. She offers that the winner will receive a prize. One student jumps the gun only interested in the rewards, “What’s the prize?” The teacher says, “Learning and understanding is the prize. Knowing how to think is the prize.”

Student says, “I know how to think right now.” Teacher says, “Yeah, well you know how to run too, but not the way you could run if you trained.”


Teacher continues, “The mind is like a muscle and if you want to be really powerful, you got to work it out. Each new fact gives you a choice. Each new idea builds another muscle. It’s those muscles that are going to make you really strong. Those are your weapons, and in this unsafe world, I want to arm you.”

Student asks, “And that’s what these poems are supposed to do?”

Teacher says, “Hey, try it. You’re just sitting here anyway. Look, okay, if at the end of the term, you’re not faster, stronger, and smarter, you will have lost nothing. But if you are, you’ll be that much tougher to knock down.”

Jumping too quickly to get to the goal, the rewards, and the blessings will result in disappointing results if you don’t have the experience and knowledge gained through good old fashioned hard work. The life experiences, the jobs, the relationships you hold are helping you gain additional tools you’ll use later in life, even if you have no idea what that is why you’re in the throes of the experience.

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Spirit communication travels along the particles of oxygen

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Penetrating deep in the Mojave desert is Red Rock Canyon which looks like a cross between Ancient Aliens and the Hills Have Eyes with its rich prehistoric carvings embedded into striking rock formations enveloped in an eerie rugged desolateness. Formed over the course of millions of years of Earth’s evolution it offers impressive views of one part of the Southwestern landscape.

I’ve forever been a fan of the deserts and badlands with it’s dry terrain and extensive geologic erosions that cast into a breathtaking color display of volcanic rock, canyons, and mesas. Those areas have always proven great escapes to commune with the higher council through the winds as the sage Native Americans once did in massive numbers across North America.

All that remains are the clues left behind in entombed sediments of extinct fossils of tribal skulls and dinosaur-like creatures that no longer roam the Earth, but whose presence is profoundly felt. Spirit communication travels along the particles of oxygen, so where there is wind there is spirit in grave numbers. It gives you an opportunity for reflection, redemption, and answers. Just like Bob Dylan said in his song, “The answer my friend is blowing in the wind.”



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Realm of the Wise One, Incarnated Elementals, Star Souls, Incarnated Angels

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There are numerous realms on the other side that house complex souls who sometimes incarnate into an Earthly life for specific purposes that help advance or improve the progression of the planet. Those souls tend to display common detectable personality traits that are comparable to those in their tribe. This is similar to human beings being raised together in certain environments and as a result end up having similar interests and values as each other. Souls tend to adapt to the atmosphere they’re brought up in.

Incarnated Angel people display this consistent rare lightness and benevolence that is intoxicating and radiant around the clock. Their roles include shining this light within them to all they come across. They’re sociable, gentle, kind, and approachable, whereas their counterparts the Wise Ones are the antithesis of that tending to be withdrawn, harsh, intimidating, and tough. When Wise Ones speak they have something to say that is typically of the long-winded variety. It often comes out in a preaching teaching kind of way, even if they’re giving simple road directions.

Incarnated Elementals are sociable like the Incarnated Angels, but they’re not clingy and co-dependent the way the Incarnated Angels are or can be. Elementals need constant freedom and mobility, while the Angels need stability, love, and attention. Elementals are the life of the party and have a tough time committing to anyone or anything unless it’s part of the animal kingdom, then their warrior like ruthlessness comes out.

The Star Souls share the same withdrawn intelligence the Wise Ones have, but the difference is the Star Souls are softer, considerate, and helpful, while the Wise Ones are rougher and more like running into a brick wall, since they tend to be unapproachable and uncooperative, especially if it doesn’t jive with their rules and values.

The Star Souls will gladly go get something for you, but the Wise Ones will say, “Learn to get it yourself.” The Elementals share this same dismissiveness that the Wise Ones have, but that’s only because they don’t feel like it, rather than out of training someone to rise into their best selves. Elementals are lighter, jovial, and charming about their refusal of something, whereas the Wise Ones are dark and abrasive in their tone and delivery demanding that you to learn to be self-reliant.

A couple of traits all realm soul beings share is they often feel trapped in their body on some level. They all know they have a purpose connected to a higher Universal calling that can improve the state of Earthly life and humanity. It’s embedded into their soul on a level that can never be shaken. Together they’re a force to be reckoned with when bringing their diverse gifts that make them a powerhouse army when united.

Read up on the Wise Ones specifically in the book, “Realm of the Wise One”, which is available in paperback and e-book at most book stores.  Or visit my book page.


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Part of being emotionally sensitive and in tune means developing emotional detachment.

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Part of being emotionally sensitive and in tune means developing emotional detachment. This takes practice where you are spending time working on how you comprehend situations around you and learning to not take much if anything personally. It’s re-training your mind on how it perceives circumstances whether in the physical or spirit worlds. This can be difficult for a sensitive, an empath, someone ridden with anxiety, or a Clairsentient, because it’s their overall nature to feel the intense psychic input, the messages and guidance coming in, as well as other people’s energies. Learn not to enter particular situations that you know will negatively tamper with your psyche. This includes avoiding locations you know will be crowded.


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His trusty Earth Angel light warriors are sent to contribute their parts at tempering and stomping the darkness out

Image may contain: tree, sky, plant and outdoorEarth is one of Lucifer’s dominions where he has some of the most success at rallying, enslaving, and masterfully manipulating millions of souls every second all at once. He plagues the planet by working through them. They form into Locusts that spread and urinate lower energy wherever possible.

To counter that, God sends His trusty light warriors to contribute their parts at tempering and stomping that darkness out as much as possible. We call these lights Earth Angels that incarnate from another land beyond the veil, but even they can be susceptible to the lower energy if they’re not careful. However, they are gifted and capable at wiping it away as quickly as possible and getting right back to work with their exceptionally keen focus, drive, and purpose. God would only send His best, which only angers the Darkness like you would never believe.

One of the few traits that all Earth Angels have in common is that they’re highly aware they are here to do His will. This is the common link that brings them all together in a communal circle like the Avengers fighting crime. Each ­­­bring their own distinctive personalities and talents to their holy rampage with the goal of protecting and progressing humanity and the planet.

 {The book, “Realm of the Wise One”, discusses one of the Earth Angel breeds.}


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Spirit communication opens when you release and let go of toxic unnecessary distractions that hold you down and back

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When it feels like your connection with Spirit is non-existent where you’re not picking up on anything, then that’s typically a sign that you’re too weighed down or distracted by physical and external matters or desires. If you’re experiencing any form of negativity whether in emotions or thought processes, then that’s a block.

Being mired in any of kind of physical distraction will temporarily dim or cut off the communication line with the other side. It makes it seem as if you’re not picking up on anything or you’re being ignored, which is never true because Spirit is always communicating with you regardless if you can hear them or not.

The Spirit communication gradually opens when you start releasing and letting go of unnecessary toxic distractions, as well as negative feelings and thoughts. If you’re not hearing messages or guidance, then examine your life and take note of what’s bothering you or distracting you in the physical world. Work on acknowledging it, releasing it, then letting it go. We’re in the Full Moon energy, which is the perfect time to release and let it all go.


{**Excerpt from the book, Transcending Utopia**}

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Transcending Utopia: Reopening the Pathway to Divinity

Transcending Utopia is packed with both practical and spirit knowledge that focuses on enhancing your life through empowering divinely guided spiritual related teachings, inspiration, wisdom, guidance, and messages.

The way to accelerate existence on Earth towards Utopia is if every person on the planet resided in their soul’s true nature, which is in a state of all love, joy, and peace.  The ultimate Nirvana is surpassing that perfection through methods that a limited consciousness could ever dream possible.  This is the exceptional glory your soul was born into before the dense turbulence of Earthly life enveloped and suffocated you.

Transcending Utopia is to go beyond your limits and travel outside of the generic mundane materialistic achievement that human beings taught one another to thrive for.  A utopian society is where everything is perfectly blissful on all levels according to the sanctified values you were born with.  The sensations connected to how flawless everything feels in that moment reveals the authentic perfection you were made from.  Utopia is the ideal paradise as imagined in one’s dreams that seems to be inaccessible by human standards.  It is a state of mind that is possible to reach by adopting broader ways of looking at circumstances while being disciplined about how you conduct your life.

Deep down every soul longs for that heavenly excellence of unabashed joy and serenity.  It is the space where unwavering love and harmony envelop and lift you upwards into the almighty Divine.   Transcending beyond the dull insensible frustrated Earthly life and into the natural condition the soul once habited is a goal that delights reminding you of where it came from.  You search for a sign of this utopia through external means, only to be consistently left with disappointment.  This is because utopia begins and ends inside the spark that burns within your spirit like a pilot light waiting to be ignited.

Sections Included:  Opening the Pathway to Divinity, Boundaries Enhance Your Vibration, Sensitivities Are a Gift From the Divine, Communicating with the Divine Brings in a Higher Love, Blocking Divine Guidance, Psychic Abilities Are Built Into All Souls, How Much Does Your Spirit Team Know?, Stomp Out the Fear and Master Ingenious Confidence, Balancing Healthy Selfishness and Selflessness, The Core Soul Groups: Soul Contracts, Healing and Transformation, The Process of Grieving From a Soul Level, Exhibiting Fearlessness, Philosophizing Boundless Infinite Guidance.

Reopening the Pathway to Divinity

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Calm seas up ahead as we gently sail away from the turbulence of the last month.

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Calm seas up ahead as we gently sail away from the turbulence of the last month. The skies are opening up and circumstances will miraculously begin to fall into place as intended. The occasional choppy waters will spring up out of nowhere, but vanish just as quickly.

This past month should have been about laying low, re-evaluating where you are, altering your old outdated thought processes, released people and addictions that needed to be emancipated. Perhaps some people took the hint and walked away on their own, while others you had to extricate from your life through force of will. You might have been resistant to let go, but God leads by closing those doors for a reason.

One sided unrequited connections never work and can’t be forced. If it doesn’t evolve organically, then let it go. If something in your life doesn’t work out, then that’s because there’s no purpose in it, even if you can’t see that at the time.


“Come upon a sea of trouble until the winds of change shift. My course is set, there’s no turning back, but there’s no going anywhere yet. Full sail, does the silence of the sea sound warning of a storm ahead? Whispers of the breeze stir and disappear, too soft to hear what’s in store for me.”


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