Being a fan of the fearless and the courageous

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So many people have passion and heart, but do nothing with it. Fear is the #1 cause of turmoil in human souls. Fear comes from the ego. Fear prevents one from going after their life purpose, their dream job, the love interest. Fear stalls. It’s not necessarily fear of failure, but fear of success. Fear that you’re undeserving of it. Everyone deserves it.
I’ve received an enormous amount of cases where the sole cause of blockage is fear. Some people will stay in what they perceive to be a dead end job for fear of biting the bullet and going after their life purpose. Or they’ll give up a potential love interest that is intended for them out of fear. Or they’ll avoid approaching a potential out of fear. Fear is one of the greatest causes of human sabotage. It holds people back. Many ignore the windows of opportunity revealed to them out of fear.
Fear also leads to hate, destruction, and judgement of others. Fear is also the breeding ground for terrorism. Being fearful of anyone who is not like you or doesn’t share the same values as you. Fear boils into hatred and then vengeance in these cases.
I’ve always been a fan of the fearless and the courageous when used positively such as going after what you want pending it’s not hurting anyone. Even if they know they’ll fall flat on their face. I love seeing anyone walk through fire no matter what. Nothing holds them back. If they fall, they pay no mind and get back up and keep going again as if nothing. They’re fearless.

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Becoming Less Accessible to Others

It’s been an assembly line of back to back book projects continuing on my sixth year in a row with this career that is anything, but new.   I’m a Type A personality who is highly creative and driven with two decades of endless book and film credits.   There is never a day where I’m not doing something productive.  I also get bombarded with endless emails and messages on a regular basis.  Many of which are business related or fan reader related.

What has been disconcerting on occasion is that some of the messages from readers write me demanding I befriend them so that they can gain a direct line to me whenever they want.   This is in order to receive free psychic spiritual information from me on a regular basis whenever they demand it.    They will attempt to get close which is ineffective since I’m one of the most difficult people anyone will ever encounter.   I’m also extremely tough, vigilant, and direct in an almost assault like quality without apology.   This is nothing new as I’ve been like this my entire life.    I’m not someone you want cornering you in the boxing ring.   This has been out of control more than usual over the last number of months that it has propelled me to post up my official statement on this.

I had a long meeting with my editor this week who has always complained that I’m too accessible to the public, “These are your readers.  They are not your friends!”   He’s a lot tougher than I am.  He has been aware of this for years and watched it continue to grow as the months and years go by.   I’m getting bigger each year and there’s no way to stop that, but I can choose to create broader boundaries and make me even less accessible than I’ve been lately.

I’ve had a continuous open door policy that allows readers to contact me.  I’ve always welcomed it and enjoyed many of the letters, but there are the bad seeds in the group. These are the ones that abuse that privilege selfishly without apology.    Not only are some of the letters to me poorly written and illegible that I have to re-read them, but they’re not legitimate fan letters.  They’re letters asking psychic related questions that have nothing to do with my books.   It’s pretty arrogant and obnoxious.   I cut the letters some slack that are written to me from a foreign country where English isn’t their first language.

Today, I no longer have the time to spend all day answering personal questions for people.  I’ve given these warnings repeatedly over the years, but no one seems to read those disclosures that are all over my social media and sites.   I’m a perfectionist and a Wise One who is ferociously stern with zero tolerance for poor etiquette.  If these people had truly read and absorbed my books, then they would know that.

The best notes I receive are the genuine ones where the reader is simply reaching out to me to say they loved one of my books and how it’s empowered or assisted them in a constructive way.  They’re not asking for advice, reads, or consultations.  They genuinely and naturally became more informed and empowered from reading one of my books that it prompted them to make positive life changes after doing that.

While others will write something like, “I read one of your books.  And I’m Clairvoyant.  I wanted to find out what you thought about why my deceased dog is in my dream…”   This person doesn’t give a fuck about my books.  They just want me to give them free advice, consultations, readings, and information.   In this case, if you’re clairvoyant, you would know the answer to that question anyway.  I’m not a dream interpreter and I’m not here to walk every single person on the planet through every single step of their life, and neither is anyone in Heaven.  You are here for a purpose that includes making your own mistakes, paying attention to your own spirit team, and figuring it out for yourself.  I’m not an interpreter between you and your Spirit team.  Many of my books discuss ways you can be a stronger conduit to accurately pick up the messages for yourself.   My editor had also said, “You fought to have your books prices considerably low because you wanted people to be able to afford them.  You also post free wisdom and messages on all of your accounts on a regular basis.  And you’ve given your books away for free, and these people still have the balls to reach out to for more free stuff.  Unbelievable.”

Most of the answers to many common questions are present in one of my books, so I question if they’re actually reading them.  I know they’re reading them, but are they retaining the information?  Don’t be afraid to use that highlighter while reading my books.  I know many readers who do and have.  They’re also the ones not writing to me to answer questions that include interpreting their dreams or messages they think they’re getting.  I don’t teach psychic development classes and I’m not a professional psychic reader.   I am an author – nothing more and nothing less.  Authors are recluses who are not interested in being best buddies with strangers who use them for information.

My editor talked to me this week about how he watched how hard I work on each book long before the book comes out.  It’s shocking to him that by doing that it somehow allows some in the public to have the opportunity to pepper me with questions I have no interest in answering.  We are approaching that time where I will be turning off all email access that the public has to me as it prevents me from doing my actual work.  If this continues the way it has been over the last six months, then this will happen sooner than later.   I don’t owe anyone anything except my integrity, who I am, and what I set out to do.  Have some manners, etiquette, class and think before you write me.


Love and Career are the two top questions I receive from others in a psychic read

The road lights up with a bright light and a timeline of positive events headed out into the distance for me to see. There are forks in the road wherever a major crossroads is about to happen. Every human soul can see what’s up ahead for themselves by tuning into your core senses, which are communication receptors with worlds beyond this one. Accurately reading for yourself or anyone is impossible when your ego is ruling the show that is your life.

There are two common topics that people write to me about. They write me frustrated about not being in a love relationship. The basic message is that the desperate need to have a lover is what blocks one from obtaining a lover. It’s the negative feelings associated with that need which includes a fear that it won’t happen. When you let go of the negative desire and panic to obtain a lover, then the lover is more likely to show up.

The second common question is surrounding one’s career or life purpose. Think about what your passion is beyond making money and then you have your answer. The desire to chase money as one’s sole purpose will leave you dejected. You’re more likely to see positive movement surrounding financial flow when you put passion into what you’re doing. Your life purpose is something that you would do for free if you had all the money and time in the world. That passion or hobby typically benefits others in a positive way.


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Jagger’s Revolution is a hot Summer beach read about a love crush come true

Jagger’s Revolution

Jagger’s Revolution is a love story about a strong, bohemian, beach thug with hard coded rules of etiquette on how love and relationships should be.  Jagger’s fight is one where he endures one bad date after another, while wondering if he’ll ever meet the right soul mate.  Throughout his dating dalliances and crushing love frustrations, he wrestles with the kind of gushing love crush one has as a teenager over Garth, the new lifeguard from Australia. He wrestles with an immediate silent connection with him and longs to get close.

Jagger is surrounded and prompted up by his trustworthy brother in arms. They’re also known as his buddies for life who temper his unruly ego and aggression while giving him undying loyalty. There’s the preppy book smart Troy, the high-powered executive, Russell, and the sex loving and relationship hating Slade.

Jagger’s Revolution contains hard biting dating wisdom and ideals threaded throughout the essays. This is surrounded by true accounts of being slighted by love while craving a perfect soul mate partnership.

Reader Advisory Warning and Spoiler: Jagger’s Revolution is a love story which contains some sexually explicit scenarios.  In traditional love stories, the voyeur is secretly aware that the two leads will end up together, but the fun is the build up and the journey one tolerates before that happens.

The semi-autobiographical essays include: The High School Episode with Billy, Natasha: The Escort Chick, as well as Sage and The Vegas Stripper Club. Jagger finds exhaustion with several dating entanglements that includes: Caden: the Malibu Cobra, the Skaterboy, The Englishman and The Professor.



“This book rocked my soul truly. I loved it.”

“Wow! I just read Jagger’s Revolution. Hot! Yum! It’s almost like a jerk off reading.”

“I hate reading, but this was the first book I actually finished all the way through since High School. It was great.”

“It is hot over here and that Jagger book only inflames things more.”

“Jagger’s Revolution was a beautiful story.”

“This book was making me moist. I had to put it down because I was on a plane. It was embarrassing.”

“I finished reading Jagger’s Revolution. I almost felt guilty reading some of it. I was trying to come at it from an analytical perspective, but I couldn’t help but become secretly aroused by Jagger and his friends.”

“This book sort of gave me a ‘Rebel Without a Cause” feel, but with a lot more penetration. That wasn’t a bad feeling.”

“Had a two hour flight.  I began to read the book, and then when I got to the last few chapters of Garth and Jagger’s love story and their spiritual and sexual chemistry!  Man!  That romantic letter by Garth to Jagger.  I was so moved by it that by end of my flight I was teary and craving for love. Felt so romantic after so long.”

“Billy and Jagger. Hot scene. I had visuals.”

“Got the Jagger’s Revolution book!  I’ll have to read this one “alone” with no one around me. Just by flipping through some pages… Oh my!  yup, definitely alone.”

“Was impressed by the books eloquence and passion.”

“I was sure to love your book Jagger’s Revolution.  I have all of your books so far.  You write with heart, passion, and straight to the point.  Sharing real emotions where others don’t.  I love that.  You shine brighter than any star Kevin because you are a true Soul filled with love and all heart.”

“Your books have hit close to home in many positive ways.   You talk about living with others within you such as ‘Jagger’ and such, which I found fascinating.”

“I love Jagger tearing around the corner. That guy is so hot. I want one.”

“If the author did a book signing do you how many people would be slipping him their phone numbers after reading this?”

“It’s the adult version of Rainbow books.”

“The part about dates being for sex is crude, but true.”

“I read Jagger’s Revolution and I get hard, then I get flaccid, then hard again. The author says something that makes you stop and think, then it switches gears and I get hard again.”

“Eww there is sex with girls in this book. Yuck! But the Billy sex! Mmm! Instant hard on reading.”

“I read Jagger’s Revolution and it was really good by the way.”

“Wow Jagger’s Revolution was kind of a gay book, but with a sex and the city edge. Loved it!”

“Crawling under the sheets is an expression loosely used to describe that instance where author Kevin Hunter bares all, but he takes it one step further with this book.”

“I really resonate with your philosophy to be a dude who loves other dudes in their whole body-mind-spirit existence.”

“Nice transition at the coffee shop into Slade. I heard the voicemail beep and it was Slade. I had to read to find out who he is!!”

“When you say gay friendships missing morality and loyalty in Jagger’s Revolution.  Kevin you are right I agree.”

“I started reading Jagger’s Revolution a while back and didn’t finish it , other stuff got in the way and I had less time to be reading. OHHH but I didn’t forget. So, a few days ago I picked up the book again and kept reading…. oh my !! did my ovaries hurt!  You have to write a sequel, you can’t leave us readers not knowing what other great life adventures sweet Garth and Jagger face!  Finally they found each other and summed up the courage to confess to each other.   Please, please say you’ll think about It?   I had to write to you to come plea for you to write a sequel.  I loved reading your book.  Very romantic and so true.  Interesting, I guess it goes both ways for both men and women to really find that special someone in your life.  I thought many times I had found the “one” where it comes to a point where you don’t believe in it anymore and think it’s all for fantasy and romance books.  I want to know more about that beautiful relationship between Garth and Jagger.  I find boy to boy love more interesting.  They are intense, passionate, loving, dramatic.”

“I wish I could have this author for a boyfriend.”

“Love Jagger’s Revolution!! Awesome erotic stuff.:)

“I bought the Kindle edition of Jagger’s Revolution!  I F**KING LOVED IT!”

“I just finished reading Jagger’s Revolution and wow!! YOU can write anything and its good!!!  Loved the adventure to getting to Garth, and all the in-betweens! It also gave me an inside look into how two guys are together, which I never knew about in this way and it was very interesting to be sure!  Same emotions and everything as a regular couple and I pretty much figured that they would be, but never really read anything like this before…. great book!”

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Independence Day Weekend in America, but are we free when terrorism dominates?

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Okay, so I called upon one of my best friends of thirteen years to help me with a photograph for Independence Day, but he flatly refused. I wanted him to wear shorts made out of the United States flag and to get down on his knees in front of me. I would be dressed up like a terrorist shoving a gun in and out of his mouth like it’s a blowjob. This way I can illustrate how terrorism is currently and officially fucking America through imagery. It’s art intended to wake people up to the truth. 

While the concept wasn’t offensive to him since he, like everyone else around me, has heard everything fly out of my mouth since the beginning. They don’t flinch or reveal signs of being offended no matter how brutal it is. It was more the humiliation of being in a victimized position. He said it would be best if I hired some little bitch boy whose views I oppose and have them play the role of victim. The photograph would have greater impact. Personally I think he’s being a little bit of a baby if you ask me. I’ve never glossed over the darkness. The only way I can make it as clear as possible as to how the planet has become a minefield is to assault you with it.

As I predicted in my book, Darkness of Ego, terrorism has now infiltrated itself into the United States.  And it dives even deeper in my book, The Seven Deadly Sins.

There are just enough cracks in the ceiling around the world allowing the Light to break in. America. We came here. We struggled. We suffered. We made colonies. We made it to be a certain way. We fought like everybody else. We fought to the death for our freedom. We had a revolution and became a free society. We broke the chains that bound us and the Declaration of Independence was written. We were all considered equal. We had honor. We were good people. Boy has that changed. Happy Independence Day weekend!!

The World. Tarot Lesson Basics.

Kevin Hunter's photo.Tarot Card Meaning Lesson. The World showing up in a reading indicates that an accomplishment has been achieved. One life cycle within a human life has been completed surrounding that area. This can be a book has been finished, you’re graduating some level of school, you’ve just sold your house, or bought a house, you’re up for an award, you’ve successfully completed a tour. The World is saying that everything has come full circle and successful completion has been achieved. Pat yourself on the back and celebrate. There is a sense of closure, completion, or mutual ending of something pertaining to the question asked.

The World can also be personal spiritual growth that’s been achieved. This card is not always practical material success. It can be that you’ve just moved to the next level on your journey and are ready to embark on a new one.

The Fool card is the first card in the Major Arcana that signifies the beginning of a journey, but the World card is the last card in the Major Arcana showing that journey coming to an end. Rewards are indicated when anything is accomplished. Rewards are not necessarily monetary or plaques and awards, but it’s the knowledge gained that is its own reward.

The World in a love relationship reading is a positive card to get especially if it’s in the future position or one of the last cards in the spread of a reading. It shows the relationship coming full circle, growing deeper, or more committed and closer. If you’re single, then the World can indicate that you are coming out of that cycle and are ready for a new love. If you’re asking about someone you have your eye on, then this card can be saying that this person is someone who is fully together, independent, successful and long term relationship oriented.

The World is also the card that indicates travel, so it can be you meet someone significant while travelling or that taking a mini-getaway will help clear your mind of any residual toxins in order to put the chapter you’re currently in to rest. The World is equated to travelling the world, so this is where travel comes in.




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My life on the set of Eddie Murphy’s Dr. Dolittle 2

During my Film Production days, I was contracted to work on back to back films to the point that I didn’t have any time off. I’d finish one film and then immediately start another one. I agreed to do an Eddie Murphy film called, Dr. Dolittle 2, for 20th Century Fox. That particular studio was close to home and I wanted a short commute.
Many of the crew started a week before I got there because I was backed up on another film. I wrapped The Perfect Storm for Warner Bros. and quickly started Harry Potter for the same studio immediately afterwards. I was detained a week longer than expected, so I couldn’t transfer to Fox for the Dr. Dolittle 2 production.
When I started Dr. Dolittle 2, without delay I carried out endless changes and orders the minute I marched in. By the second half of the first day I had a construction crew already hammering and erecting barriers all over the studio spaces because I was not happy with the layout. One of my P.A.’s who was becoming comfortable around me said, “When we first got here the Producers said, “Don’t bother starting anything because once Kevin gets here he’s going to change everything and you’re not going to get away with anything.” I made a snarling face when I heard that, “Who said that? Where are they?” I’m also a notorious germophobe. One of the Producers arrived to set and noticed crew de-sanitizing everything. The Producer said curiously with a smile, “What’s going on?” A crew member answered, “Kevin is having us wipe everything down because people keep getting the flu.” The Producer said, “Oh, that’s a good idea, do my area too.” I’m a pill and that wasn’t all I did.
When everyone kept getting the flu during the winter season, I ordered a Doctor to the set and had the Doctor give every single cast and crew member a Vitamin B shot in the ass. There was no way out of that. Everyone had to do it. That week they were flying on energy and worked so hard since Vitamin B shots have that effect.
Whenever I took a film gig, I refused to work more than 12 hours during filming days. This was made known before I was hired, so it’s not like it was a surprise. I give 110% and my all during that time, but once the clock strikes a certain hour, I go on strike and refuse to do anything. I remember one day during Pre-Production, the clock struck that final hour and I put my sunglasses on and held my keys facing forward like a rock not impressed. The Producer slightly afraid of me calmly said, “Okay, let’s go home.” I hopped up, “Bye.”
Before I started work on Dr. Dolittle 2, I was warned that the Producers were notorious screamers, and that they filter through crew like water, and that the lead actor Eddie Murphy was extremely difficult and not terribly nice. I said, “If it’s that bad I’ll just quit.” I tend to get along with those that other people hate or are afraid of. It’s always been like that, but I’m also known to be supremely difficult and I don’t tolerate any form of disrespect. I’m invited to parties by people saying, “I really want you there. You have to come.” Then there is a pause, “But don’t bring…” Don’t bring one of the worst people on the planet that I have no problem hanging around?
Incidentally, the Producers and Eddie were nothing like the horrible depiction I was previously given. I found the Producers to be incredibly warm, fun, and wonderful with me. I never heard them scream or do or say anything that I found personally out of line. They did seem to filter through a few assistants though, so I came to the conclusion that it must be the personal assistants that have a difficult time with them. The Producers ended up forever recommending me on numerous gigs, and offering me films to work with them on, and other gigs after that. They were amazing and respectful, and we are still in touch today.
As for Eddie Murphy, he couldn’t be more awesome, pleasant, and giving. He’s very shy, guarded, and keeps to himself, yet very friendly when you communicate with him. Eddie had the largest entourage of all of the stars I’ve worked with. He employs his family and close friends. For example, his cousin is his costumer, another cousin is his driver who is married to Eddie’s assistant. On the last week of the shoot, I was walking onto set to find one gift a day being handed to me from Eddie. He was as giving as Antonio Banderas was a few years before that.
Antonio had flowers sent to me on the last day of wrap on Crazy in Alabama. He also gave me all of his flowers in his office. These aren’t just any flowers, these are massive arrangements that cost hundreds to thousands of dollars for each of them. With both Eddie and Antonio, it’s not so much that they can easily charge this stuff on their gold card, but that it would even occur to them to do so to begin with was what struck me.
Eddie Murphy doesn’t work with animals. One would immediately say, “Why agree to a $20 million dollar pay or play deal in a film where many of your co-stars are animals then?” Animals are not always predictable including the trained ones. Eddie has to worry about his own performance and being on the mark and can’t get concerned that the raccoon is not in the mood to film.
All of the animals in the film were real. They were shot separately from Eddie. Eddie’s scenes were on one sound stage, while an animal was shot on another. Then the filmmakers would merge the two so that it would look like Eddie was in the same room with them.
There were two extremely huge bears on set. One of them is called Tank. On those days, crew couldn’t be wearing strong perfume or cologne scents. Deodorant couldn’t have a scent either. And if a woman was menstruating, she wouldn’t be able to be on that particular sound stage if Tank was being filmed. He was the largest animal I had seen that close. There was a gate on the sound stage where I walked in. The trainer just happened to be walking Tank in front of me with a gate between us. He was about four times the size of me. Lynn, one of the trainers, came to hang with me one day and said, “Tanky sick. He’s been throwing up all day. He got into the ice cream.”
We primarily shot Dr. Dolittle 2 on the sound stages at 20th Century Fox, but we also spent a week up at Big Bear, California which was the best time. Gorgeous mountain-esque scenery.
Big Bear had an awesome brewery up there that I would hit up with a few of my colleague friends after filming. It was the best beer I’ve ever tasted in my life. You have one sip and fall over.
Neil Machlis was one of the Producers who also Produced, Grease. I remember he was going to the MTV studios to be one of the many guests for some anniversary thing for Grease. I was hanging in his office as he was all dolled up and camera ready. I asked, “So did you know at the time that what you were making was going to be one of the most remembered film classics of all time?” He exclaimed he had no idea. They knew they were making a good film, but didn’t know it would be so widely loved. He remembered when they were shooting a scene at Venice High School where Olivia Newton-John was walking around set in the leather costume for the climatic scene. He said she was hanging around in the crowd waiting for camera roll and no one recognized that it was her.

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
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Action Oriented Planet Mars moves Direct and Out of its Retrograde Motion

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Mars shifts direction in the Heaven’s today from retrograde motion to direct. The effects of a planet that is retrograde are at its strongest point whenever it changes direction. This means that even though Mars is moving direct, you’re not out of the woods immediately. It can take several weeks as the energy levels out. The last couple of months have likely been met with frustration, sluggishness, and a lack of direction or drive on all levels. This will improve in the coming weeks.

Mars has been retrograde since mid-April. It is an energetic, hyper, action oriented planet when it moves forward. You look to the Mars placement in one’s birth chart to determine what their drive and personality is like, how they express anger and rage, or sexual nature.

When Mars is direct, the positive energy used benefits work related endeavors. You’re more confident, driven, and focused. However, when Mars is retrograde, it uses the negative energy associated with the planet. This includes rage, violence, and anger outbursts and attacks. One is more short fused than usual, including those who are typically calm by nature.

We’ve witnessed that come to play in the media, which is always out of control to begin with, but more so when a planet like Mars is Retrograde. We witnessed this rage and vengefulness in extreme ways such as the Orlando mass murder attack by terrorist Omar Mateen, or this week’s latest terrorist attack in Istanbul.

As I mentioned years ago in my book “Darkness of Ego” and then in “The Seven Deadly Sins”, these terrorist attacks and groups like Isis will grow larger like a wild fire out of control infiltrating other countries. This is now all coming to light this year. The attacks tend to be far worse, aggravated, and in more abundance during a Mars Retrograde.

The Mars Retrograde has made others more reactive, rather than proactive. Someone says something that others disagree with and the immediate response is to lash out in a ranting complaint, instead of being proactive. With Mars moving Direct, this will help others be more proactive in a calm direct way that accomplishes something, rather than reacting to things out of uncontrollable anger that does nothing to help anything, except create more noise.

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
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The Courage to be Creative: How to Believe in Yourself, Your Dreams and Ideas, and Your Creative Career Path by Doreen Virtue

The Courage to be Creative

How to Believe in Yourself, Your Dreams and Ideas, and Your Creative Career Path

This was an enjoyable book that I found to be motivating, inspirational, interesting, and helpful for the creative artist in all souls.   I would also highly recommend this to writers looking to navigate the current book publishing market. This book is not limited to writers as most anyone can benefit from the inspirational to the motivational in this piece and incorporate it into their lives in some way.

This was entertaining, uplifting and informational on many levels.  There were some offerings and guidance I already partake in, but to read it from another helped solidify, “Okay, I’m doing what I’m supposed to or I’m on the right track.”  There were a great many other things existing in this that I hadn’t considered.    It was an encyclopedia of all things pertaining to creativity on all levels whether it’s an art project or a business venture to finding creative ways of doing things.  There is the spiritual as well as the practical.

The book is broken up into two sections or parts.  The first part is the initial incubation stages of creativity that focuses on getting creative called, “Courage during the Creative Process”.  The second part of the book is for those interested in turning one’s creative work into a business and putting it out there for the world.  That section is called, “Courage to Make a Living – and a Contribution – with Your Creative Work.”

  • The focus of part two is heavy up on fascinating tidbits for the writers and authors out there.  I’d definitely recommend they check this book out.  There are also exciting reveals from the author Doreen Virtue and some of her struggles, challenges, and how she was able to channel that into abundance and blessings in her creative career.   This can also help anyone looking to be inspired regardless if they’re interested in turning their creativity into a career or not.  It’s difficult for me to get through a book as I have a short attention span, but this was interesting and exciting enough for me personally that I couldn’t wait to turn the page.

The chapter names below can assist in giving you a good idea of some of the topics covered.  They all start with, “The Courage to….”  The Courage to Be Your Creative Self, to Feel Your Feelings, to Get Clarity, to Start Creating, to Divine Inspiration, to Quiet Your Mind and Be Receptive, to Make Time for Your Creativity, to Stay Focused.

The second section has the same beginning, “The Courage to…”  The Courage to Visualize Success, to Put Yourself Out There, to Show Your Creative Project to Others, to Turn Dreams into Reality, to Market Your Creative Work, to Accept Payment for the Creative Work, to Handle Ambiguity and Uncertainty, to Be Your Own Authority Figure, to Do Whatever it Takes.

This is an excellent book I’m endorsing for anyone looking to dive into the colorful innovative world of creativity.

Several months before, “The Courage to be Creative” came out, my own book on creativity had hit the shelves called, “Awaken Your Creative Spirit“, which is available in paperback and e-book form.

Some of my personal stories have been featured in three Doreen Virtue books that include Angel Detox, the Miracles of Archangel Gabriel, and Living Pain Free.    

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
are available in paperback and kindle wherever books are sold.

Empowering Spirit Wisdom: A Warrior of Light’s Guide on Love, Career and the Spirit World

“Empowering Spirit Wisdom:
A Warrior of Light’s Guide on Love, Career and the Spirit World

In, Empowering Spirit Wisdom, Kevin Hunter relays heavenly guided messages for everyday life concerns. As a human soul, you require basic necessities to function and live a more prosperous life. The things that consume most people on a regular basis are relationships, health, home and career. Two of the biggest topics people ask about are about love and work. Everyone wants to be happy at their job and they want a successful partnership with a loving, soul mate. Heaven understands that it is not enough to be connected spiritually, but that you have practical needs as you function on Earth. Some of the topics covered in Empowering Spirit Wisdom are guidance and discussions surrounding your own soul, spirit and the power of the light, laws of attraction, finding meaningful work, transforming your professional and personal life, attracting in love, navigating through the various stages of dating and love relationships, as well as other practical affirmations and messages from the Archangels. Author, Kevin Hunter, passes on the sensible wisdom given to him by his own Spirit team in this light and inspirational book.

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Chapter 1 
The Soul, Spirit and Power of the Light

Chapter 2 
School for Human Souls and the Hell Dimension
Painting with God

Chapter 3 
Law of Attraction
Visualizing Your Reality
Thoughts Produce Circumstances
Money, Success, Abundance

Chapter 4 
Transform Your Work Life

Chapter 5 
Disconnecting and Eliminating
Stay Away From Noise
Full Moon Releasing
Your Light is Power

Chapter 6 
The Power of Love and Relationships
Messages on Love
Invite Love Into Your Life

Chapter 7 
The Secrets to Successful Relationships

Chapter 8 
Stages of Coupledom
Casually Dating Vs. Exclusively Dating
Boyfriend or Girlfriend
Marriage, Civil Union, Commitment

Chapter 9 
Random Messages from Spirit
Power of Prayer
The Ego’s Wrath
Cord Cutting
Take Care of Your Body
Dancing and Singing
Twin Flame Love

Chapter 10 
Messages from the Archangels
Messages from Archangel Michael
Messages from Archangel Raphael
Messages from Archangel Gabriel
Messages from Archangel Uriel
Messages from Archangel Nathaniel
Messages from Archangel Jophiel
Messages from Archangel Raziel
Messages from Archangel Ariel
Messages from Archangel Haniel
Messages from Archangel Azrael
Messages from Archangel Metatron
Messages from Archangel Sandalphon
Messages from Archangel Raguel
Messages from Archangel Chamuel
Messages from Archangel Zadkiel
Messages from Archangel Jeremiel
Jesus Christ and Mother Teresa

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
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