Six of Wands. Tarot Lesson Basics.

Image may contain: 1 person , indoorTarot Card Meaning Lesson. The Six of Wands at its core is about achieving victory. The traditional image shows a warrior soldier riding a white steed into town. The crowds in the town surround him cheering exuberantly. He rides with his head up conveying independent, cocky, confidence. This can say that some form of public recognition is imminent and on its way. This is an especially great card for entrepreneurs or artists trying to sell their work. It reveals some measure of rising popularity.

The previous Five of Wands revealed challenges and struggle, but the Six of Wands shows you conquering those challenges riding sky high victorious. The Six of Wands points to awards, recognition, or positive praising words. This can also be showing you to have a sense of pride or an inflated ego. You know you’re the bomb and are proud of it. This kind of big confidence can turn some people off who are threatened or insecure. The Six of Wands person doesn’t care, pays no mind, and keeps focused on their goals and achievements. They are proud of themselves and have high self-esteem. They know their worth and aren’t afraid to strut their stuff. Despite some seeing that as arrogance, it’s not a bad thing to love yourself. The worst that comes out of that is it can rub some the wrong way. Having confidence is better than coming off like a victim.

This is a positive optimistic card that shows high self-confidence and knowing the good that you are and are deserving of. If you’ve been struggling to make something happen such as a project, getting into a relationship, buying a home, starting a business, or whatever it is, then this card shows that everything will end in your favor in bigger ways than you expect. You might even gloat about it. This can also indicate positive progress happening surrounding your goals.

In a love reading, this is an exciting message to receive. If you’re asking about what someone thinks of you, then this might say that the person admires you. They may be putting you on a pedestal or have a high regard for you. The recognition in this sense is they may compliment you constantly through a date. If you have your eye on someone and you’re hesitant to approaching them, then this says go for it as you will conquer their attention and they will be interested.

If you’re asking about personality traits of someone, then the Six of Wands can be saying that the person has reached a high level of achieving. They might be in the public eye. You might not know who they are, but others who are fans around the world do. Perhaps they’re a speaker, an author, teacher, social media sensation, or popular in their inner circle of friends and all those they come across. This is someone who is super confident and knows how great they are. The negative side is they might be too confident that it could exhaust someone with all of that me-me-me energy. In the end, this is someone to be admired on some level. They are certainly interesting and accomplished in some area or genre of their life.

In a love relationship, this can reveal a power couple. They’re a dynamite connection that praises and admires one another. When they both join together, then there is nothing they cannot accomplish. They are winners that stop at nothing to achieve. They are popular and admired by those they come across. They might be low key, but when they go out, others see them as looking good together. They have a natural ease of comfortability and synastry that is witnessed and admired around them.

{From the book, “Tarot Card Meanings” coming this month December 2016}


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The New Moon, Archangel Ariel, Yellow Flowers – A week of hope and blessings

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The New Moon is at its peak today and coasting on through the week. The Full Moon is a time to release, but the New Moon is a positive time for being receptive to blessings. This is a great time to initiate anything new, whether it’s a new regimen, project, relationship, or you name it. It has a stronger chance of lasting and going the distance.

While Archangel Haniel is present during the Full Moon, it is Archangel Ariel who is present during the New Moon. Ariel can bring you positive new beginnings in all areas of your life. She is of great benefit where finances and career related endeavors are concerned. Envision with her what it is you want as if it is already here now. Remain upbeat, positive, and hopeful about what is to come. Do not allow any negative thoughts to take over. Ariel can bring in an increase in abundance in the various areas of your life.

Ariel is also present anywhere in nature residing over all of the Elementals the way that Archangel Michael resides over the Wise Ones. The New Moon is moving through the sign of the visionary – Sagittarius. Envision big and call on Archangel Ariel for assistance in manifesting positive circumstances.

Yellow flowers have a particularly strong benefits during the New Moon. Surrounding yourself with yellow flowers helps to awaken creative visions, intelligence, as well as swiftly bringing in positive new beginnings and an overall sense of joyful optimistic feelings and experiences.

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Love Party of One examines the current dating world for struggling singles longing for love.

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Love Party of One examines the current love and dating world and what to expect for anyone struggling with being single and longing for love. One of the ways of surviving modern day dating and relationships in a loveless world is by armoring yourself with knowledge. This includes knowledge over the way things currently are. You’ve went to psychic readers, you’ve cast spells, you put yourself out there, did the vision boards, the crystal meditations, and other love rituals presented to you, but you still find you’re desperately wishing the person of your dreams was here already. You grow cynical as if it will never happen and that you just have to accept the fact that perhaps it’s not in the cards. The truth is that dating is a battlefield, so be prepared to get dirty.

In Love Party of One, Kevin Hunter answers some of the practical issues that readers posed regarding their personal conflicts in the current dating market. This is a non-denominational book with some light spiritual slang for anyone struggling as a single person in a loveless world. The dating market is an equal opportunity killer and no soul is exempt from the challenges they face when it comes to love.



“As much as the author’s personality seems to be the work of Picasso, I read the intro and first chapter of “Love Party of One”. I was glued to it, because I really can relate. The things Kevin Hunter touches on in this book are right-on.” – A Reader

“Loved this book. This line really stood out to me: “Desiring a love partner is not co-dependent…to equate a basic human need with desperation is absurd.” – A Reader

“Quite a bit of my dating struggles in my own consciousness I found to be already written down in this book. Love Party of One really vibes with me. Loved it. Thank you.” – A Reader

“I have been reading this book and can’t put it down! It’s soooo good!!! Fantastic work Kevin Hunter! He should be a teacher in a school or college, or a counselor! This stuff he wrote in ‘Love Party of One’ is right to the point and on the mark! Damn he’s good! His Archangel team guided him to a best seller in my opinion! I’m just about to start chapter 8 and each chapter is like, “Damn, he’s so right! He is good! Great job with this! What a gifted Angel and Wise One he is. A true Warrior for sharing the right stuff! Thank you!” – A Reader

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Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
are available in paperback and kindle wherever books are sold.

I am commander and chief of my pimp ship flying high. Happy Birthday Mom.

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I am commander and chief of my pimp ship flying high.  🙌🙏

Happy Birthday mommy!  🍾 Allow that to sink in for a minute. What is it like being the Mother of an intensely dominating energy force. “Challenging” doesn’t come close. Think of the parent-child dynamic in “Dolores Claiborne”.

My mother is an extremely sensitive incarnated angel that I’ve made cry without trying, as I have with many, but with her it’s been off the charts. I’m a harsh cocky Neanderthal know it all wise one that knows he’s the shit, which is an understatement. She said I’ve always been like that and independent minded. Difficult to control. When she’d try to hold my hand as a little kid, I’d yank it away. If others came to me with open arms for a hug, I’d turn around and walk away. However, my mother taught me how to pray and influenced some of the compassion that exists buried down deep within me.

While my Mother is still alive and well on the planet at this time, my father passed away back on November 29, 2010.  Know that when a family member or loved one passes on through the veil that they are still very much alive and well, if not more so.  In fact, they are more alive than they’ve ever been.  The bond you’ve had with them during an Earthly life is stronger and more connected for them when they are back home on the other side.  They are able to be more present in your life in ways that they would have liked to while in a human body.  In the end, there is no death, only a transition into a new beginning where you will one day re-unite with them again. <3

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Belle turns away the town stud for the Beast with heart and intelligence

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Okay. Here’s some Disney shit. The live action version of, “Beauty and the Beast”. It stays true to the dark Gothic classy feel of the original. “Beauty and the Beast” was always one of my top favorites because the lead Protagonist Belle wasn’t some dimwit moron waiting for some stud Prince to love her. In fact, she turns away the hottie town stud that everyone wants because he’s an idiot without heart.

Can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard others say after watching me turn a hottie away, “Are you crazy!?” I would say, “I can’t date the ignorant no matter how good they look.” I’ve also gone out with the asshole only to be floored when I discover they have more heart than anyone I’ve ever met. Belle is highly evolved, well read, ferociously strong, and intelligent. She becomes attracted to the intelligence and heart that show up in the physical form of a monstrous Beast:

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Sending love and blessings to those in need, poverty, abuse, and the Native American Sioux tribe in North Dakota

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Sending love and blessings energy down onto those living in extreme need, poverty, and abuse, and to my Wise One and Elemental brothers and Sisters, the Native American Sioux tribe in North Dakota who are fighting to keep their home intact throughout Thanksgiving.

They have a stronger argument for having no choice but to protest. It isn’t out of spite or ungratefulness that they didn’t win a prize, but out of the desire to protect their homeland and family by ensuring they have fresh clean water to continue to thrive and survive. Water is their sole source of life that most have learned to take for granted.

These are peaceful descendants of the first real Americans who want to be left alone to live quietly in peace and harmony with their families on a land that was allotted to them centuries ago by the American government. (How generous of them)

Instead they’re being treated like garbage and assaulted with cold water, tear gas, rubber bullets, mace, and much more in freezing temperatures. This punishment is for standing in front of the door to their own home in order to prevent invaders from contaminating their means of survival.

The Native Americans are the true authentic American royalty and should be treated with respect and high esteem. They’ve been bullied enough by my European ancestors over the centuries that to continue is sacrilege. It’s amusing that this has no traction at all, but obsessing negatively over presidential candidates for two years is number one with a bullet. Those priorities are mind boggling and fascinating to me.  

I try to take a balanced view hearing all sides. If I were a government official in charge I would demand that I’m brought plans that offer an alternative. Meaning, “We can do this pipeline, but you need to show me how you’ll do it without running it through these areas here. (I’m pointing on the map). That’s not an option.” And if I was a leader of the free world, this wouldn’t have reached this far.  This was on the radar for sometime, but the mass majority were obsessing over Clinton and Trump by bickering, attacking, and calling people names.  Yeah, that was real helpful.

I also heard Obamas words about waiting to see what will happen, which are empty words and a middle finger raised.  But he’s also trying to play it safe to save face in his final couple months in office. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking and these peaceful loving people who are ready and willing to take a beating and killing to protect their home need to be helped.  Send your healing light, love, and prayers to the Native American Sioux tribe this Thanksgiving.

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Messages through the Weekend

This morning the message that came up from now into the weekend was ‘moving’. Hours later I double checked again and the message was ‘move’. This is a physical move or about travelers moving about to get to their Thanksgiving festivities, if that’s something you partake in. This is also about getting a move on with whatever it is you’ve been procrastinating with.

Ultimately, they are emphasizing this is about moving your body, whether in physical exercise, cardio, or dancing. When you dance you raise your vibration which brings on evocative empowering feelings of joy, gratitude, and optimism. Not to mention the exceptional health and well-being benefits.

Some of our greatest entertainers throughout the world’s history whose specialties have been dancing on stage or screen agreed to a human life to bring this wonder to the masses all at once. Their goal is and has been to liven up human souls who get stuck in the mundane unable to break loose. Your thoughts and feelings are uplifted when you dance.

Follow the ways of the original Americans, the Native American shamans, who incorporate dance freely into their lives on a regular basis. While at times using extremely athletic movements, the Native Americans sometimes use dance for prayer, while other times it’s used in celebration, or to give thanks. They know that dancing helps bring in a stronger heavenly spiritual connection. It is also offers self transformation, self renewal, and it awakens your creative spirit.

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Jagger’s Revolution: The 10 Year Anniversary. Trashy Beach Reads.

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It was ten years ago this week in November 2006 that my first official book came out, “Jagger’s Revolution”. Before my spiritually based books, I was writing about love, dating, sex, and relationships.

“Jagger’s Revolution” is an uncensored look at actual events that took place in my life. It is semi-autobiographical and loosely based, but for the most part about 85% of it did indeed take place. I had no reservations or fear that readers would be reading about me having sex. It’s my job to be cracked open when writing.

It has also been interesting to read the notes coming in from readers from all walks of life about it since then. Many growing wet or visibly nervous realizing they shouldn’t be reading this kind of a book out in the open as they’re having a physical reaction. Mothers part of the PTA to teenagers who are way too young to be reading this kind of trash anyway.

Every character is real and came out of composites of friends and lovers of mine. With some of them, I merged more than one into that character. The main love interest is a composite of three real people in my life. Before it came out, I explained to the core circle that they were treated like Kings in it. In the end, no one had any complaints and were excited and flattered they were used at all.

Jagger is ultimately a piece of my personal history, it’s also a love story on both a romantic and friendship level, even though it is “pornographic” in some places. I see the merging of physical expressions of love just as important as love itself.

Some of the racier content caused some problems behind the scenes with the distributor who gave me ultimatums. Basically, “change certain lines or we’re not putting it out”. “You can’t say that as it’s considered illegal. It’ll create issues.” They revisited that again a few years ago after the spiritual books started coming out where I had to spend hours on the phone negotiating or arguing with them over certain lines of dialogue. Some expressed concern that I would allow myself to associate the spiritual stuff with the sex stuff. That’s never been on my radar. I am all about both and have nothing to hide. There’s room for all facets of me, both the light and dark.

Some amusing and interesting trivia: In the Jagger book I say “cock” 80 times, but in my first spiritual book I say “God” 80 times. I once said I went from Sex to God, sometimes offending others by merging the two. Althea Flynt wouldn’t let Larry Flynt do that in Hustler magazine at one point, although he did manage to sneak both themes in anyway at times.

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Jagger’s Revolution


“I hate reading, but this was the first book I actually finished all the way through since High School. It was great.”

“Wow! I just read Jagger’s Revolution.  Hot! Yum! It’s almost like a jerk off reading.”

“This book rocked my soul truly. I loved it.”

“I just finished reading Jagger’s Revolution and wow!!!! YOU can write anything and it’s good!!! Loved the adventure to getting to Garth, and all the in betweens! It also gave me an inside look into how two guys are together, which I never knew about in this way and it was very interesting!  Same emotions and everything as a regular couple and I pretty much figured that they would be, but never really read anything like this before…. great book!”

“It is hot over here and that book of yours only inflames things more.”

“This book was making me moist. I had to put it down because I was on a plane. It was embarrassing.”

“Jagger’s Revolution was a beautiful story.”

“I finished reading Jagger’s Revolution. I almost felt guilty reading some of it. I was trying to come at it from an analytical perspective, but I couldn’t help but become secretly aroused by Jagger and his friends.”

“This book sort of gave me a ‘Rebel Without a Cause” feel, but with a lot more penetration. That wasn’t a bad feeling.”

“Got your “Jagger’s Revolution” book!  Realized I needed to read this one “alone” with no one around me. Just by flipping through some pages… Oh my!  yup, definitely alone.” 

“I love Jagger tearing around the corner. That guy is so hot. I want one.”

“If the author did a book signing do you how many people would be slipping him their phone numbers after reading this?”

“It’s the adult version of Rainbow books.”

“The part about dates being for sex is crude, but true.”

“I read your book and I would get hard, then I get flaccid, then hard again. You say something that makes you stop and think, then it switches gears and I’d get hard again.”

“Eww you have sex with girls in your book. Yuck! But the Billy sex! Mmm! Instant hard on reading.”

“I read your book and it was really good by the way.”

“Wow Jagger’s Revolution was kind of a gay book, but with a sex and the city edge. Loved it!”

“Crawling under the sheets is an expression loosely used to describe that instance where you bare all, but you took it one step further with this book.”

“Nice transition at the coffee shop into Slade. I heard the voicemail beep and it was Slade. I had to read to find out who he is!!”

“I wish I could have this author for a boyfriend.”

“Wow!!!! I recommend this book to everyone from start to finish you will enjoy the ride it is a very captivating story of Jagger looking for the love of his life, a man ready to settle down and he meets a lot of frogs along the way while silently crushing on Garth the hot Australian lifeguard, in between Jagger spends time with his friends who lift him up and writing about each disastrous moment in his column, this is quite an interesting summer for Jagger as he searches for his Prince and Happily Ever After.”

“Love your book!! Awesome erotic stuff🙂 but you prob get that a lot.”

“Was impressed by the books eloquence and passion.” 

“Had a two hour flight.  I began to read the book, and then when I got to the last few chapters of Garth and Jagger’s love story and their spiritual and sexual chemistry!  Man!  That romantic letter by Garth to Jagger.  I was so moved by it that by end of my flight I was teary and craving for love. Felt so romantic after so long.”

” When you say gay friendships missing morality and loyalty.  Kevin, you are right I agree.”

“Billy and Jagger.  Hot scene Kevin.  I had visuals”

“I really resonate with your philosophy to be a dude who loves other dudes in their whole body-mind-spirit existence.”

“I bought the Kindle edition of your book !  I F**KING LOVE IT!”

“I have read Jagger’s Revolution and man was it a ride! It had little snippets of different genres, some romance, some erotica, some drama, some spiritual, and some suspense. The trajectory of the author’s personality was evident in this novel.  I am extremely fond of the chapter with Sage, because it was so magical yet heartbreaking. Jagger and Sage were so good for each other, but now it can never be!  I was really heartbroken by that. The chapter about the borderline bipolar sufferer who Jagger broke up with over text really pissed me off, because Jagger wasted so much time and energy on that guy. But the tension between Jagger and Garth is something I can relate too. Against all odds they finally meet after so much anticipation! It took me 24 hours to finish this book and I was intrigued every second.”  

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Blocks prevent your desires from coming to fruition

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You are never abandoned by Heaven even if it feels that way at times. God doesn’t always give you what you want, but rather what you need. While it might seem as if you’re being ignored, the truth is there are blocks and deeper unseen reasons at play as to why your desire has not come to fruition.  They include, but are not limited to:

(1): You are being guided with the steps you must take action on, but are not following the guidance placed in front of you.

(2): There are lessons and experiences that your soul must endure for reasons that accelerate spiritual growth and evolvement. 

(3): There are pieces of the puzzle that need to be maneuvered by Heaven in order to make what you desire happen.

(4): There are roadblocks and delays you must overcome.

(5): You are making decisions based on free will choice rather than following the Divine guidance intended to help bring what you desire in better ways than you imagined.

(6): You are not praying or asking for daily assistance.


Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
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Pay attention to the repetitive signs and symbols around you

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Started out in the desert with crystal clear warm skies (on top) and ended up back on the beach with rainy dark moody cold weather (on bottom). As a creative artist, I find inspiration most anywhere, but all I’d rather do is get into my many cuddly positions because it’s colder than a witches tit. Remind me to also stop sitting with my legs spread apart as I keep tearing great pairs of jeans in the crotch area. I’ve got another pile accumulated for my seamstress to tackle again.

Okay, the current messages are circling around intention and signs. You can have anything you want as long as you hold that intention with positive thoughts. Allow your mind to wander into a daydream visualizing the life you want. If a thought has any doubt in it, then this can negate or delay what you want from happening. It is important to catch yourself when distrust creeps into your mind. When this happens and you are aware of it, then mentally say, “Cancel that thought and replace it with this.” Modify the negative thought with something positive in exchange.

Some of history’s immense talents, leaders, and CEO’s are in the positions they’re in because insecurity or negative self-talk is not allowed to enter their minds or prevent them from accomplishing what they intend to. They set intentions without negative interference. They know exactly what they want with unwavering excitement surrounding this desire. They go after it with enormous gusto and they get it! If you witness successful leaders in action, you will find they are precise, focused, and optimistic.

When you are fully aware and in tune to the vibrations outside of physical distractions, then you start noticing all of the little Synchronicity’s and signs that are put in your path at just the right time to help you with your intention. The way your Spirit team guides you is also through these seemingly insignificant situations. The signs might come in the guise of a song lyric or a line of dialogue in a movie. It can be that you’re walking past two people where you only hear just enough of the conversation that it triggers something you need to know. Pay attention to the repetitive signs and symbols around you, as they can be the answer you’ve been looking for to move you onward to the next step. ❤️

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
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Five of Wands. Tarot Lesson Basics.

Image may contain: textTarot Card Meaning Lesson. The Five of Wands can reveal challenges, ego domination, corruption, rivalry, disagreements, and antagonism. This can show two people or parties at odds with one another.

The energy of the Five of Wands can be draining and exhausting as it feels as if you’re going to battle every second. It shows a challenge around you or within you that you have to face. It can be self-induced or brought on by someone else.

The Five of Wands causes all sorts of anxiety, sweats, tension, or anger. This can also be a warning to watch your back and steer clear of any drama swirling around you. This can ask you to step up to the plate and do damage control.

In a love relationship, this can indicate discord, conflict, or arguments. I did a read once for someone where this card came up and the person being read for confirmed that their partner was constantly nit picking and bickering at them. It was troublesome for them to be on the receiving end of that energy.

The positive side to the Five of Wands is that it can be about healthy competition or passionate competitive energy. This can also be about friendly lively debate and communication. It can be about sports games, exercise training, or competitive fitness energy. Maybe you’re heading to the beach or a park with some friends to play volleyball. This card would indicate the day’s energy as showing friendly competition.

In career or work related areas, this can show a temporary conflict or challenge that you need to overcome. This can also point to petty arguing or bickering. You would need to find middle ground, or compromise, and compassionate understanding in order to resolve conflict. Because this also points to opposing viewpoints, it can cause tiring disagreements where no one is listening to the other. The overall energy of this card reveals someone to be absolved in unnecessary time wasting drama.

In the end, this card is not usually life threatening and eventually blows over as long as you help move it along. You have to learn to let certain things go. The Five of Wands is representative of the world’s typical energy which is usually ego based, challenging, and antagonistic to begin with. No one listens to opposing views or takes it to heart. The Five of Wands would show this as being a petty time waster that helps no one in any form whatsoever. It’s wasted energy that could best be used for something more constructive.

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
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