Alanis Morissette shows spiritual side

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Are you uncomfortable revealing your spiritual side? The side of you that is most connected to God. Many have expressed shame about that, which is unusual since there is nothing more cool than being connected to God. Rock singer Alanis Morissette wasn’t always so comfortable showing her spiritual side. Although she devoured spiritual and self-improvement books, she kept them a secret. “I just had so much shame about wanting to learn, but I needed to read them, so I would just rip off the covers, or I would hide them.”

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Give all worries, fears, and cares to God and your team in Heaven. Ask for help and then get out of the way so that help can be forthcoming. Don’t try to control how something will come about.

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Two of Wands. Tarot Lesson Basics.

Image may contain: 1 personTarot Card Meaning Lesson. The Two of Wands can indicate being at a crossroads where the road splits. You have a choice to make as to which road you’re going to go down. One of the roads may be more challenging than the other, but you won’t know until you head down it.

Any effort or action you apply to something will bring about results. It’s taking that effort even further than just the idea. It’s extending and expanding that spark of passion you had for something or someone. You have the world in your hands and anything is possible.

You’ve been making excellent progress, but a courageous choice needs to be made about something that will take you to the next plateau. Be bold, be brave, be creative!

The Two of Wands can show someone who is in a great place in their life, but there may be some discontentment. This is about taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture to decide what move should be made next. This person is a visionary and can feel restless if they’re not moving forward.

This is a reminder that you’re on the right track and to keep moving forward. It can also indicate partnerships of all types moving to the forefront. You may be teaming up with someone in a business pursuit or a love relationship. The partnership will be an exciting passionate and enthusiastic one regardless if it’s business, love, friendship, or family.

If you’re asking about a potential love interest, then this is saying take action and ask them out. Don’t wait for them to make a move if they’re not doing or saying anything. This indicates strong partnerships formed that doubles the confidence while in one another’s presence. This may also point to an opposites attract union. They go the distance because they use their strengths to contribute to an even bigger dynamic duo.

Two of Wands is an excellent business partnership as they both have something to offer that the other lacks. This might also be a pairing where one partner is extroverted and the other is introverted, but that match up is just right pending they go for it. Two of Wands is about making a choice and going for it. It tells the person being read for that the potential is there, but you’re not using it and need to use it. Whether this is resources, ideas, another person, or input. You already have what you need to make it happen, but you’re not doing anything about it.

In the image of the Two of Wands he stands strong and together with his head up in confidence looking out into the distance. It’s the visionary looking ahead as to what’s next, but he hasn’t quite made the move yet. This card shows that he’s about to or it’s telling him that he needs to.

Since Two of Wands is also the partnership card, it can be indicating that there is someone who shows up that is of benefit to your question. They may be someone who passes on words of wisdom that helps you in bringing the question to conclusion. This is someone who is sitting on a great idea, but they need to take action on it and bring it to fruition.

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What is a Walk-in? Or an Over Soul?

Image may contain: tree, sky, outdoor and natureThere are the cases where a soul will take over another soul’s body at some point in their life. It is noticeable to others around them after this happens. The rare soul switching happens during a traumatic event such as a car accident or near death experience. This is where the soul switching takes place. Both souls agreed to have the switching prior to their Earthly life.

Once the soul switching takes place, others begin to notice the individual is not quite the same person they once knew. A pivotal event prompts the person to do a turnaround. They have suddenly changed their views; career, lovers,friendships, lifestyle choices and you name it! They almost seem like a stranger to those they are close to.

There are elements that are the same since the memory banks of the previous soul have been transferred to the new soul. It’s not like the new soul has amnesia. They’re able to subconsciously reach into the memory banks of the previous soul’s upbringing, but will not recall much. They will feel a detachment to it as if they weren’t personally around for it. Some also call this person a Walk-In.

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Full Moon Thursday and Mercury Retrograde Pre-Shadow

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Stay centered in peace and tranquility as we move into some choppy currents with the Full Moon this Thursday. This can bring up intensity, insomnia, and anxiety. We’re also in the middle of the pre-shadow phase of the next Mercury Retrograde happening on the 31st. I know it probably feels like we just had one. The Universe never gives anyone a break. The reality is that the Mercury Retrogrades are necessary even if they tend to wreak some havoc. They are necessary because it forces you to stop and take pause to reflect whether you like it or not. It puts everything on hold for three weeks as you take the time to be introspective and allow new insights to penetrate your consciousness. You take what you’ve learned during the Mercury Retrograde and apply it to the next section in your life that starts when Mercury moves direct.

The Native Americans and the Wise Ones have governed their lives based on the movement of the planets. Some of them are in the corporate business worlds. I know many of these CEO’s and executives who throw the level headed business partners off by consulting in the Tarot and the movements of the planets before making major decisions.

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The ego creates roadblocks and barriers in all aspects of your life

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When you were born your soul was 100% psychic, but you were also given the dreadful ego in order to test you. The ego creates roadblocks and barriers in all aspects of your life. You also learned negative behavior patterns from those around you. Those learned traits connect you to the material and superficial world. This is only some of a handful of things that can prevent someone from being in tune to spirit.

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Clairsentience is feeling the answers from above coming in

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Clairsentience means, “clear feeling”, (or “clear sensation”). This is when you feel the messages, guidance and impressions coming in from Heaven. Those who have high clairsentience might walk into a building and feel as if all eyes are on them. Or they will pick up on a sense of foreboding that tells them to get out of a particular place. They perceive danger is about to happen and then it soon does. They also intuit good stuff that is coming into their vicinity as well, which ends up happening. You might have a strong upbeat joyful feeling that the job you want is going to come about, and then this later proves true. Having clairsentience is when your Spirit team communicates messages and guidance through your feelings.

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Cuddling, hugging, and touching have immense therapeutic properties

Cuddling, hugging, and touching have immense therapeutic properties. These acts assist to bring down your cortisol levels more rapidly than anything else. When you engage in these activities with someone, or your romantic partner, it assists in lightening the load or dissolving traces of unhappiness, stress, or upset. It raises your vibration and boosts oxytocin levels, which is the love drug hormone that calms your entire body and expands the soul’s light. Even if you don’t have a love partner, hugging a friend, or a pet can offer the same benefits.

Being physically touched and kissed repeatedly is like oxygen to me. It has the same endorphin release one gets through exercise. I am a walking love bug Casanova after all, which in the past has been a handful or detrimental when I placed it in the hands of the passion-less, the unromantic, or the non-committal.

Partaking in love activities such as regular touch can open up your clair channels to receive clearer guidance and messages from above in this state. Being in love releases the dopamine and oxytocin hormones. What’s erupted are upbeat feelings that create an overall sense of positive well-being. You’re basically high on life! You’re suddenly more focused and energetic able to accomplish things that you had previously put aside before you experienced Earth’s saving miracle called love. Love is like a drug, but a healthy one that gives you a natural high that no vice, cigarette, drink, drug, or bad food can offer or reach.

Like the song remember to just let your love flow like a mountain stream…

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Acting, Writing, and Creative Self-Expression.

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Sometimes I reenact acting scenes for friends, but I always sometimes pick the most dramatic scenes possible to do. Whenever I’d do a scene, I’d take a minute to fall into the character as if it’s happening real time. A few friends are sitting there next to one another all eyes on me for fifteen minutes of raw intensity.

When I’m done and come to I’m standing up in front of them gliding my eyes across them like a camera from left to right. They are all visibly shaken some with tears streaming down their cheeks looking from side to side at one another, then one would say, “I need a cigarette.” And another upset with head shaking, “I need a drink.” It would take a half hour for them to gain composure. All throughout my life, others around me would say, “You should be an actor.” or “You should be a comedian.”

It’s writing that has always interested me since I need to control what is on the page and what others see, but I love all forms of self expression.

Sometime during the first year I was working with Michelle (actress Pfeiffer), I was still a young ingenue at twenty-three, we were hanging out in her office just being friendly during some down time. We hadn’t officially become close or friends yet as both of us are not easy to penetrate so it was a gradual process. She sat back in her chair looking extremely cold, dark, serious, and matter of fact, “You can do what I do.” I shook my head from side to side with a thin smile and a strong NO. She emphasized even firmer with that stoic conceited Southern Californian chilliness, “You could.” I took a deep breath and said, “You have to really want this. You have to be willing to eat dog food and I don’t want it that bad. I’m a writer. I need to write.”

The world needs more creativity, sensitivity, and understanding what it’s like to walk in another’s shoes. I wrote about the creative gene in my book, “Awaken Your Creative Spirit“.

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
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Ace of Wands. Tarot Lesson Basics.

Kevin Hunter's photo.Tarot Card Meaning Lesson. The Ace of Wands in a reading can indicate the start of something full of energy and amazement. This can be a brilliant creative idea or the potential for an intensely passionate relationship. The image in the Ace of Wands typically shows a hand and an arm coming out of the clouds pushing a huge wand into the air. This symbolizes the birth of an idea that could be divinely guided. The leaves and flowers attached to the wand or falling off it symbolize abundance and fruitfulness coming out of this idea as a result of your action.

The Ace of Wands tells someone that an idea is a good one and you should go for it to make it happen by taking action. “Action” is the key word with the Wands suit. Taking action to make something happen.


While all of the Aces represent new beginnings surrounding the element of the suit, the Ace of Wands represents putting that new beginning into action. This action can bring about positive blessings or challenges depending on the surrounding cards in a reading.

Ace of Wands gives someone that light bulb moment showcasing a breakthrough. It’s a light shining down on what you need to do next. When an entertainer suddenly gets that brilliant idea to go on a world tour or receives a creative idea for an album, then the Ace of Wands would likely show up in a reading for them. This can be the case for any artist or executive.

The Ace of Wands is present when there is a great idea for a business venture, a book, a project or anything that is brought upon by the imagination or divine guidance. If you’re a writer or artist facing drought or a block, then this card shows up. It’s an exciting indicator that the block is over and awesome innovative ideas are immersing out of you or will be.

The Ace of Wands is a rare hyper exciting energy that you have to nab and take action immediately because it comes just as quickly as it evaporates like all of the Wands/Fire cards. Utilize the immediate enthusiastic energy to your advantage.

Ace of Wands are new beginnings, a seed, or idea that is present, but action will be needed to make it grow and prosper. This is an exceptional card to get surrounding creative projects or career work related endeavors. The Ace of Wands points to a huge influx in energy much like a caffeine jolt of excitement.

Ace of Wands in a relationship love reading can indicate a strong magnetic and passionate attraction between you and the person being asked about. This is also the card of a deep sexual draw and attraction. If it’s with someone from the past, then it can be a rekindling of that passion, a re-igniting of the union, or it’s just telling you that the attraction has never dissolved even if you had broken up or are separated.

Even though the Ace of Wands typically has a positive meaning where love relationships are concerned, it doesn’t necessarily determine whether or not a relationship will go the distance. It’s not saying that a connection will happen. It is simply saying there is an interest on both ends, but one or the both of you will need to put in an effort to propel it forward.

If you’re single and wanting to know the personality traits of an incoming potential, then the Ace of Wands can show someone who is naturally enthusiastic, courageous, exciting, creative, passionate, confident, fiery, and innovative. This is someone with tons of creative ideas and drive.

In love and relationships, this points to an exciting passionate and fiery extroverted combo when in one another’s presence. The Ace of Wands shows that there is great potential because there is a strong physical and magnetic attraction already there.

If you’ve been in a relationship that has been stale for some time, then the Ace of Wands can show a spike of excitement or passion coming into the both of you. It can also be advising you to take the bull by the horns and work with your mate to re-ignite the passion.

Because this is a Minor Arcana, it doesn’t necessarily show a long term connection that sustains passion. This can be an exciting date with someone on a Saturday night, then fizzles out by Sunday and it’s back to the grind.

You can ask about attraction with someone and receivethe Ace of Wands, which is an excellent card to get to show attraction and chemistry. The surrounding cards can determine whether or not it’s a passionate connection that develops into a long term love relationship or if it will dissolve. This would also apply to other areas of your life.

The Ace of Wands is an excellent yes card to questions pertaining to a new career, project, or relationship. There is tons of extroverted fire expression energy with the Ace of Wands, but you need to take action on it.

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Another Beautiful Note From One of My Readers. Reaching People From Around the World.

I always have my eye up ahead, exploring the unknown, expanding my horizons, using the gift of foresight, knowing what to expect, and showing others the way. I’m a Type A personality who is always thinking and living in a project, until I receive a note from a reader that confirms I’m continuously helping people without realizing it.

I love reading the notes that come in from my readers, both the new and loyal ones who find me and then stick around for good. Even though it’s been consistent for years now, it’s still shocking and feels as if they’re talking about someone else. These are people from all walks of life, all ages, all backgrounds, and all corners of the globe. I write something and move on only to discover that it later lands in the hands of someone in England, Australia, Turkey, Japan, or Brazil. That’s pretty fascinating

Over the past year I’ve also witnessed an unusual rise in various MTV and VH1 pop stars for different shows writing to me. These are people that come from a packaged pop music genre world that is exterior focused, and yet they stumble upon my spiritually based books and it awakens something deeper in them.

The best notes I receive are the detailed and heartfelt ones where the reader just wants to say thank you. Something propels all of these people to try and locate me so they can say those two simple words. They don’t want anything, except to explain how something they read of mine helped in a positive way such as this example of another more recent one:

“Dear Kevin

I would like to say that reading your books have changed my life. I was at rock bottom not knowing which way to turn after being ripped off by a friend for thousands of pounds leaving me virtually penniless. I thought that I was a mug and a failure at everything, feeling all alone in this world I could not see any future for myself, then somehow I stumbled across your books. THANK YOU so much Kevin you have literally saved my life your words touched me you are such a gifted man. God bless you!!

Kind regards
(Name removed to protect anonymity)
United Kingdom”

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
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