This week time to move forward and put plans into action

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The message into the coming week is to pull back onto the highway that is your life and continue on. We’ve moved out of the Mercury Retrograde and into a new season, which means it’s an entirely fresh chapter. The last few weeks have put you in a holding pattern much like the caterpillar in its cocoon, but now it’s time to break out of that cocoon and soar. Start putting new plans into action. These new plans can also be a new outlook on how you view circumstances around you. Pay attention to the nudges your Spirit team gives you to take action steps that positively change your life. These nudges are ultimately answered prayers if only you take notice and follow the guidance relayed to you. This is also an example of how you can tell when it is your Spirit Guide or Guardian Angel communicating with you, and that is when things turn out better than you anticipated or expected.

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Three of Wands. Tarot Lesson Basics.

No automatic alt text available.Tarot Card Meaning Lesson. Three of Wands in a reading is the visionary and having clairvoyant foresight into what’s coming up ahead. It can indicate travel, movement, or exploring areas of interest that you have yet to investigate. When you take a moment to step back and see what’s coming up ahead, then you’re able to act efficiently.

Just like in this image, the Three of Wands shows someone’s ship is coming in. What you’ve been on the lookout for is on its way if it’s not yet present already. If you’ve been struggling with a work related endeavor, this card is a reminder to keep going as the rewards are on the horizon. There will be a positive pay off in the end. This is the same for a love readings with someone who is single. The Three of Wands says this person is on its way and will show up soon. You’re at a place where you’re ready and it’s about to happen.

In the Two of Wands card, the man in the image was holding a world globe in his hands and looking out into the horizon with nothing there yet, but with the Three of Wands he’s looking out into the horizon and sees ships coming in. The Three of Wands is a welcome relief card that your efforts have not gone unnoticed and positive blessings are heading towards you. It can be compensation for the idea you originally put into action.

The Three of Wands is looking ahead to the future, whether that is a psychic premonition or a business CEO taking the long view on a work related issue. This card can be attributed to all of the visionaries of the world who opened doors for others. They are the ones setting the example and leading.

The message in this card is also about going the distance whether it be career or relationships. This is taking it a step higher than where ones current position is. Perhaps a promotion, a stronger commitment to a job, or a new leadership role at work. This can also be about planning ahead. Implementing steps that lead you to the goal you desire.

This is also one of the travel cards so in love it can be that you come across a potential love partner while vacationing. Vacationing can just be a weekend getaway not too far from where you live. It can be taking additional vacation days off from work just to have some time off where you are out and about when you bump into this potential.

If you’re already in a relationship, this can show a strong passionate partnership that works together on everything. This can also reveal a connection that is about to move to a higher level. There will be a stronger bonding moment that deepens the connection.

The Ace of Wands was the idea, the Two of Wands was putting that idea into action, and the Three of Wands is witnessing the beginning of the rewards filtering in from that action. Three of Wands typically reveals success on the horizon surrounding whatever the question was. Don’t react to anything, but allow circumstances to evolve naturally.




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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: The Twin Flame Connection

I’m not going to get into the gossip of the split between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.   Having worked with Angelina in the past, I know that she’s a compassionate, giving, and incredible human being.  She’s also a phenomenal humanitarian who has done more for those in need than many well known people, while also using her celebrity status to bring light to these concerns.  Not to mention she’s made more physical and financial contributions for those in need than those who sit behind computers commenting or gossiping about others while contributing nothing positive towards the betterment of humanity.  Her humanitarian work has always been at the top of her list.  She knows her life purpose and reason for being at this time.

Brad Pitt is one of the nicest people on the planet.  Strangers can sit around and speculate or gossip about their divorce, but the bottom line is that what goes on between two people behind closed doors in a relationship is no ones business but the couples.  She has her personal reasons that are between she and Brad.  She doesn’t owe the public any reasoning for her decision especially since she doesn’t know them.  Her relationship and her family life is personal.

Nor is Jennifer Aniston jumping up and down over their split so I don’t even want to engage in that bullshit.  If she’s been holding onto anger for over a decade, then she’s got some serious issues that could be helped with some professional counseling, but the reality behind closed doors is that she’s been long over her split with Brad.  This is not the case with some of the public continuing to ‘dwell’.  This says more about those people, than the Brad, Angelina, Jennifer dynamic.

Brad and Angelina came together as friends when Brad’s relationship with Jennifer was disintegrating.  There are details that the public is unaware of and will likely never know, but I can assure you that Jennifer was already out the door by the time Brad and Angelina emerged.  Once again, not going to feed into the gossip machine as to what those details are.  I’ve mentioned it in the past once publicly and that was it, either you were privy to it or you weren’t paying attention.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt lasted in a love relationship for a super longtime by Hollywood’s ego driven standards.  They’ve been together for thirteen years, two of which were as a legal married couple.  Just because she’s chosen to file for divorce does not make them any less of a Twin Flame couple.  Many Twin Flames are unable to go the distance.  There will be obstacles that pry them apart.  Some of which are based on ego reasoning or Earthly practical concerns.

From a spiritual perspective, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are Twin Flames.  This is regardless of whether or not they remain together this lifetime or choose to break their bond.   Even if they choose to break their bond, they will never stop thinking of the other one, and since they have children together they will remain in one another’s life indefinitely.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are twelve years apart in age and from different states. They incarnated relatively at the same time for the humanitarian purposes and fights they do together outside of making movies. Although they have an age difference common amongst Twin Flames, they fall into the roles of Teacher-Teacher as well as Teacher-Student.

The connection between yourself and your twin flame is so powerful that often one of the two of you finds it difficult to pursue a relationship with the other. The passion for that person is so great that it can make one or the both of you uncomfortable. Instead one of you chooses to date and get involved with other people that are ultimately meaningless to them, while always thinking about the one that is your Twin Flame, not realizing that is who they are.  This is reciprocated and not unrequited as both flames are constantly thinking of the are regardless if they have split or remained together.

While one of you is in these mini-relationships with these other people you cannot stop thinking about the one that is your twin flame.  Your thoughts always lead right back to the person you are consistently drawn to over the years. It does not matter how much you hide it or convince yourself that you are happy with this other random partner you’re not serious about. Your thoughts always wander back to your twin flame

When you finally do come around, you find that your twin flame has put up a wall and is inaccessible for the same reasons. You are both seldom on the same wavelength of ‘let’s do this’. When you both do decide to merge, you experience the kind of fireworks that last lifetime after lifetime. It may take several tries over the course of many years before you ultimately surrender to the connection. You accept it and become fearless by doing it, while other flames are never able to rekindle what they once had due to practical ego reasoning.

When twin flames connect in the beginning it is not easy. The energy is generally too strong for one of the partners who may continuously sabotage it.  Twin flames rarely incarnate at the same time, even though there appears to be a trend that many are searching for their other half twin flame soul. It is not the goal to find one’s twin flame since they cannot be found. When it is time for a soul to connect with their twin flame while on its soul’s journey, then it will happen naturally with no effort.

Remember it is not one sided as both of the twin flames feel this attraction and intensity for each other indefinitely. This is the case even if they temporarily separate or one of the partners flees out of a need for independence. Fleeing is common among a twin flame. Their ego will want to focus on more practical matters rather than succumbing to the depths of an intense love connection with someone.

Sadly some twin flames connections come together, break apart, come together and break apart and repeat. This is due to one or the both of their egos denying they’re meant to be. One or the both of them may sabotage or pull away from the connection due to its intensity. Yet they manage to end up right back together months or even years later again. There’s a cycle where they are two peas in a pod, then a period where they have little to no contact with another, only to be back in one another’s arms years later.

Soul mates experience friction as well, but twin flames are more intense and feeling oriented. This contributes to the additional difficulties. The friction with twin flames is in coming together. They have trouble connecting and sealing the deal. This friction is due to ego.

The more insecure partner of the twin flame connection may end the relationship more than once. Sometimes this is to pursue selfish ego gratifying needs, yet their twin flame partner will always be on their mind, or will continue to surface in their mind indefinitely throughout their life.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have resorted to running, but this split will not be easy for either of them.  Nor will the feelings about one another truly dissolve.   Whether they choose to spend the rest of their lives apart or one day choose to re-emerge, the heightened intense feelings they have for one another will always be present.  You can’t run or hide from that when it’s your Twin Flame.



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Mercury Retrograde moves Direct on the First Day of Autumn.

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The Mercury Retrograde is prepping to move direct now after a challenging month for so many. While it’ll still be a little testy for three to five days, it’s still safe to begin moving forward on plans that have accumulated in your mind since the start of the month. The Mercury Retrograde was a time of releasing and removing what no longer benefits your higher self. It was a period of going back to mend, review, and revise projects or circumstances that needed tending to. This is also the first day of Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere and Spring for those in the Southern Hemisphere. The seasons on the planet changing also signify internal changes as all are a part of the cycle of Earthly life.  This is the time of planting seeds of new beginnings.


Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
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And then there was LIGHT. The only thing that kills the demon is LOVE.

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And then there was LIGHT. It blasts away every tear from your eyes, disintegrates any traces of hate, reveals the truth, awakens your spirit, expands your consciousness, lifts you upwards, gives you crystal clear perception, raises your vibration, and opens your heart. The only thing that kills the demon is LOVE. The answer is always more love. ♥

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
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There’s a Bad Moon Rising, like the song, but this too shall pass.

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Saturn is making a hard Square with Neptune. A Square is like going to battle or climbing into the boxing ring. It’s basically negatively aspected confusing feelings and thoughts in someone. Saturn builds structures and puts up challenges for learning purposes. Neptune likes to remove those structures and focus on dreams and longings, but it can also be prone to illusions and deception. Put all of that together and you have an internal mess.

When you put Saturn and Neptune together in a square they do not play nice. This energy can make you feel as if you’re in an inner state of chaos while taking things more seriously than they really need to be. This placement likes to exaggerate a circumstance. And it’s also happening during that pesky Mercury Retrograde, which loves to create confusion and misunderstandings. The energy is so erratic it might prompt you to either silently exaggerate an issue to be bigger than it is, or even lash out over being unable to accept what has happened. It basically puts you in a bad mood.

Steer clear of going out this weekend to areas where you know you’ll be agitated easily. Get together with close trusted ones, especially if they’re positive lighthearted friends. Watch a comedy, get out into quiet nature to center yourself and let any negativity go.

It’s always best to avoid addictions, and a transit like this will push one into addictive behavior to cover up the nonsense that’s happening. This includes those who typically don’t get addicted. For example, someone might not be much of a drinker, but during this transit they find they’ve folded and cuddled up in bed with a couple bottles of wine. There is no judgment if you enjoy your drink. This is merely a warning that during this transit anyway it can make the stresses and confusion even worse than it is. And then you wake up feeling as if an Elephant is sitting on you. In the end, remember the true saying, “This too shall pass. It has no meaning.” Say it repeatedly to yourself if you have to.

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Body Mind Spirit tips to raising your vibration

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Tips to raising your vibration: Get out into nature, exercise, drink plenty of water, keep the faith, be happy-joyful-optimistic, absorb the sunshine (with sunscreen of course if you’re going out at high noon), rest and relax, maintain a healthy diet (keeping those indulgences in moderation if you’re unable to quit), play music, dance!, and above all show and express love, compassion, and kindness to others. These are simple steps that can assist in making circumstances easier and less stressful.

Your vibration is made up of undetectable cells to the human eye. These cells fluctuate and change colors depending on your mood, your thought processes, who you surround yourself with, as well as what you ingest into your body among many other “negative” things.

When you grow and evolve you raise your vibration.  Raising your vibration to a higher level takes work and discipline.  It is adopting an entirely new way of living.  It is viewing the planet, your life, your surroundings, and your soul in ways that you would not have noticed in a lower vibration state.

In my book, “Raising Your Vibration“, I talk about the methods that assist in cracking open the connection line to having crystal clear communication with your spirit team.

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
are available in paperback and kindle wherever books are sold.

The FDA Food and Drug Administration Continues to Choose For You

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is indirectly responsible for the premature deaths of many human souls due to their abusive power and control on potentially lifesaving products that are considered illegal in some areas. They are deciding what they think should be approved and what you should or should not ingest in your own body. They are human beings and human beings are flawed. It is no one’s place to decide how you choose to live your life pending it isn’t harming anyone. The government regulating what others should or should not have needs to be equipped with spiritually based people who have a stronger connection outside of the physical, and therefore will be more likely to know what would be good or not.

There is also an excess of human made drugs, foods, or drinks that are considered toxic and poisonous to your body over time when taken regularly or in large quantities. These products are ironically LEGAL.

People are afraid of the word illegal, but something is only illegal, because mankind made it that way. It doesn’t mean they are always right. The FDA is made up of flawed human beings making decisions for you. And in fact, over time things that were legal were made illegal and vice versa as they later discovered they made an error in judgment (which is typical). Examine all of the atrocities and destruction created out of the choices humankind thought to be correct in the past and you get a pretty good observation into how you are controlled.

This is illustrating the way human souls perceive things around them. Most of it can be connected to the way that person was taught. If you started out on Earth alone with no one else telling you what to do, what to eat, what to drink, then it would be interesting to note how you view your surroundings.   And it’s been no surprise that I’ve NEVER been a fan of the FDA at all.  Don’t decide for me what YOU think is best.  This is also why I vote towards minimum governing in the political sphere.  You don’t have the market cornered on what is best for me.  The higher power does.

If angels are around me, then how come this catastrophe took place?

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One of the things that someone might say is, “If there was a God, then why did this happen?” or “If angels are around me, then how come this catastrophe took place?”

Understand the differences between the Earthly physical world and the other spirit dimensions that exist. You’re not a puppet on strings being controlled by an invisible force. You have free will choice to govern your life the way you see fit, even if it’s at the detriment of yourself or another. If you were being controlled, then you’d never grow, evolve, or expand your spirit’s consciousness.

You’re thrown here on Earth for the purpose of your own growth, to learn lessons, or to teach others to become more efficient, compassionate, loving, wise souls. When a catastrophe happens, this is not caused by God or any spirit being in Heaven. While all souls have at least one spirit guide and one guardian angel around them as ‘guides’, it doesn’t mean they’re telling that soul what to do. They are simply ‘guiding’ them and pointing them down a direction or path that will bring them the least amount of turmoil while benefiting your higher self and spiritual growth process.

When a murder happens or harm, hurt, or hate on another soul is exuded by the darkness of one’s ego, then there are several factors at play. One of them being is that your Spirit team is nudging those to steer clear of a situation that could bring them danger, but if that soul is not paying attention to it, then there is little that can be done.

There is no true death in the way a human soul views death. It saddens you to find the one that you love has passed on, but passing on is like moving into the next room. The next room that you will eventually be when your current life run class has completed. You’ll see the loved one again because they never really died. They simply shed the burden of the physical restrictive casing they were assigned to wear while on Earth.

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Archangels are Gifts; Clairsentience Feel Everything; Mercury Retrograde and Relationships

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The Archangels are gifts from God to help you experience love, joy, and peace in your life. In order for one to hear and communicate with God you must be completely at peace. You must be feeling and exuding joy, love, and compassion. You have to be living in your higher self. You need to be in this state and stripped of your ego. God wants to communicate with you, but you do not hear God unless you are in that state of higher consciousness. This also means that those who condemn and harm others in the name of God are not communicating with God. They are instead operating from their lower self and ego. You cannot communicate with God in a state full of blocks.

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Those with Clairsentience feel every little nuance around them. At times this becomes uncomfortable and draining prompting them to take frequent breaks of alone time throughout the day. They sense everything around them from people’s emotions to what’s to come for someone. Their internal feelings are all over the place like a roller coaster ride. They may give the illusion they are extremely put together on the outside, but on the inside they’re wrestling with all sorts of uneasy emotions that constantly ebb and flow like the ocean. They are prone to being a bit jumpy as if someone moved quickly behind them. They turn around to find no one there. Clairsentient people are ridden with anxiety, nervousness, and have a fight or flight response to any and all around them. Imagine absorbing everyone else’s feelings being poured into you and how that might make you feel.
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The Mercury Retrograde is pushing relationship connections to the top of the list for observation. The one plus about this retrograde is that Mercury seems to be sandwiched between Venus and Jupiter, which are two of the more blessing oriented planets out of all of them. This will soften any potential blows that should come about.

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
are available in paperback and kindle wherever books are sold.

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