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Avid Classic Rocker spiritualist and the healing vibrational power of music, Twenty One Pilots featured. A Trench is Born.

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As an avid lifelong classic rocker, I’ve also devoted years of loyalty to specific rock bands of today from Muse, Panic at the Disco, Bleachers, to Twenty One Pilots. The latter are featured here poking fun at a popular movie I never saw that was released earlier this month at the same time their new album dropped. Naturally, it’s been vibrating my windows on heavy rotation at my house, because their music is always like sipping on straight chlorine as their vibes slide over me.

Twenty One Pilots music is always brave and unique, with dark and deep melancholic truth wrapped in extraordinary metaphorical and symbolical poetry line by line that would need a wizard to dissect. Only those who face the same kind of daily anxiety ridden torment and mental anguish like myself could pick it apart, sympathize, relate, and understand when Tyler moves from rebellious intelligent abandon and into soaring confessions of his mental imprisonment in the song Chlorine, “I’m so sorry I forgot you, let me catch you up to speed. I’ve been tested like the end of a weathered flag that’s by the sea. Can you build my house with pieces? I’m just a chemical.”

Facing this on a frequent basis, I’m known for disappearing for days, sometimes weeks or months, not to be heard from, and without apology. Like Tyler’s weathered flag by the sea, metaphorically it’s a torn soul with more complicated emotional unbalanced layers than the average society can handle, conceive, comprehend, or ever understand. His request to build his house is his soul, his whole being, but warns that it’s broken in pieces. It’s an impossible job that only a higher power can achieve through the healing vibrational power of music.

“Chlorine” by Twenty One Pilots:


Your love holy is inside me and all around in the air to set me free.
Peel away the intricate layers to reveal the real you – a positive force of love. ❤️ 🍂

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“Split” and “Mother!” – Two of my favorite films this past year. James McAvoy, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem, Anya Taylor-Joy.

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Two of my favorite films this year were, “Split” and “Mother!” I’ve always been drawn to darker material that the general public has a harder time digesting. You could never accuse me of following the herd. That would require submitting to a victimized position, which isn’t alluring to me. What these two films have in common is they don’t withhold. They’re both dark, radical, psychological, complicated, deep and intense in its ambiance and messages. All of which are the skin I’m most comfortable in.

Split” does a terrific job at focusing on someone with Dissociative Identity Disorder. It takes that to the extreme and ultimately the supernatural answering the question to, “What if?” James McAvoy, who should be nominated, brilliantly plays 9 of the 23 split personalities his character Kevin has due to massive child abuse that caused his main identity to splinter and dissociate. One of his identities that has taken over Kevin is Dennis. Dennis kidnaps three teenage girls from a party with the intention that they will be served as sacred food to one of Kevin’s more monstrous identities yet to emerge.

Anya Taylor-Joy plays Carrey, the outcast teen who had been invited to the teen party out of pity. She’s the heroine that befriends some of the identities that assumes Kevin’s body with the hopes of being let go, while the other superficial two teens cower weakly in the corner of the cellar dungeon their captive holds them in.

In a heart pounding chase scene, the monstrous identity in Kevin corners Carrey intending to sacrifice her. He notices the cut marks all over her body realizing that she is like him and was subjected to heinous child abuse herself, which we see through flashbacks. Seeing that she is not like the others, he releases her from his prison seeing her as authentic and pure. Both James and Anya just wrapped filming an exciting sequel to this called, “Glass”, which will also stars Bruce Willis and Samuel Jackson.

Mother!’ was one of the most claustrophobic films this year causing enormous backlash and praise dividing film goers from those who loved it and those that hated it. “Mother!” is an allegory intended to reveal the violent destruction that is humanity and what humankind has and is perpetually doing to its home planet.

Javier Bardem symbollically plays, “God”, Jennifer Lawrence is “Mother Earth”, and Ed Harris and Michelle Pfeiffer are “Adam and Eve”. This angry, chaotic, dark film is an assault to all the senses that it requires more than one viewing.

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Michelle Pfeiffer can be seen in Mother with Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem.

Here you go! A scene where Michelle Pfeiffer subtly “wreaks havoc” on Jennifer Lawrence in the dark cult horror thriller, “Mother!”, which is in theaters now.  The clip can be viewed below.

The press uses all sorts of adjectives such as Michelle Pfeiffer…”Tantalizes”, “Terrifies”, “Pressures”, “Confronts”, “Lectures”, “Harasses”, “Taunts”….Jennifer Lawrence.  All that from a 1 minute clip.  She’s that good once she steps in front of the camera.

Having worked with Michelle on numerous films she’s always in and out super fast nailing takes on 1 or 2 tries typically, then we move on.  I’ve never had to work late on days she’s there because she doesn’t f*ck around. She’s always prepared and ready to go on the dot. Other actors opposite her have to be just as ready.

Actress, Jennifer Lawrence recently admitted that it took her a couple of days during rehearsals for “Mother” before she could gain the courage to just say, “Hi”, to Michelle, since she was that intimidated by her beauty and presence.  I can confirm this to be true. Having known Michelle for over 20 years now, it’s always like that with her in person. Whenever she’s around, people that don’t know her tend to go completely deafening silent.


It only grows more ominous from here:

Michelle Pfeiffer has been on another long hiatus absence, but has a slate of films to hit theaters in the coming year.  “Mother” being one of them, followed by “Murder on the Orient Express”, a mystery thriller with Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz, and Judy Dench in November 2017, and a blockbuster super hero film, “The Ant Man and the Wasp 2” with Paul Rudd, which opens Independence Day weekend 2018, for fanboys around the world looking to see Michelle invoke another Catwoman turn.  She was recently nominated for her first Emmy for her performance in the HBO Bernie Madoff story, “The Wizard of Lies”.


Michelle Pfeiffer mother Clip

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Bono of U2 and wife Alison Hewson celebrating 35 years of marriage. A love that lasts a lifetim.

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Love that lasts a lifetime is something you don’t hear much today. You mostly hear about the relationships that break up and how the couple had a good run of a couple years like it’s a TV series that got cancelled. That isn’t anything to brag about. You rarely hear much about the couples that have stood the test of time and continue to endure a love that lasts a lifetime.

Bono, the rocker of one of my all time favorite bands U2, will be celebrating his 35 year anniversary with his wife Alison Hewson this August 2017. The cherry on top is that they’re just as romantic and in love with one another today as they were all those decades ago. One of the proofs of that is they recently went on another date to celebrate the first day they had their first date….40 years ago!

Recently, someone asked what kind of relationship two Chinese Oxen born would be together, as I’m a Chinese Ox. They wondered if it would be challenging, but on the contrary. The Chinese Ox born are strong minded, strong willed people, but they’re also the most loyal people of all the animals, and you never want to cross that loyalty as they NEVER forget. Their occasional rage never lets you forget. If it’s a sure thing, they stay.

Bono and Alison are both Chinese Oxen born too, so they’re a beautiful picture image of an Oxen duo that stick with each other until the end through good times and bad. Like any couple, they had their challenges a few years into their marriage where Bono and his band U2 were getting crazy out of control with their success and touring. They released one of the most iconic rock albums in music history named after one my favorite desert destinations they visited, “The Joshua Tree.”

One of the big hits off that album was the classic, “With or Without You”, which Bono wrote for his wife. At the time, it documented the push and pull confusion he was having between the love for his music and being on the road, but also tormented by having this strong domesticated interest and draw to his wife that he wanted to be close too as well. He soon realized that he could put the demons to rest and have both his love and art, as well as his marriage.

In a recent acceptance speech for an award he said, “I asked my wife, Ali, tonight on receiving this award what I should say. And she just repeated what she’s been telling me since we were teenagers, which is, ‘Don’t look down at me, but don’t look up at me either. Look across to me. I’m here.'”

Meaning they are EQUAL. No one is better or less than the other and they’re on this magic carpet ride together. He said that it wasn’t love at first sight for her, she had to work up to that. That’s because while the Ox will more than likely last a lifetime with you, getting to that is almost impossible. It takes a lot of work to get their attention, and then get them to come around is even harder, but once they do start coming around, they never leave.

I’ve met many couples over the years who tell me they’ve been together 10 years, 17 years, 22 years, 31 years, 44 years, and my reaction is always the same. A slight half smile forms and a hazy mist creates a blurry shield over my eyes. It’s the similar pleased reaction Heaven has when they see two souls who have not forgotten to love. ❤️💞🙏

One of the best live performances of the song, With or Without You:


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Michelle Pfeiffer Heals me with an Eagle’s Feather.

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In the Summer of 2009, I picked up my phone and noticed a slew of missed calls, some of them from Michelle. I couldn’t talk to her. I couldn’t talk to anybody. I was so miserable. So distraught.

Another half hour passed and Michelle’s number was blinking on my screen as she relentlessly called again, so I picked it up this time. We spoke about the intimate romantic split that left me in pieces when she then convinced me to pack my bags and let her pilot fly me up to her abode for the weekend.

She had lost her father years before that due to Cancer and I remember being amazed at how strong she was and how she just took over for the family. It was the same way I would be when my father would pass away a year later.

Recently she said, “You’re the strongest most calm person I know. I’ve never seen you crumble…..except when you split from {name removed}.” I added, “Oh God, remember that?” She said, “Yeah! That was narly man.”

Michelle and David (husband) live in this massive $25 million dollar ranch estate in what is considered one of the richest areas in America in Northern California. Being around them is like being dropped into the epicenter of unwavering love and serenity that swallows you up whole.

I boarded the small private plane that entailed myself and the pilot for about an hour. It would take me longer just to drive out of L.A.! Gazing out my window of the awesome scenery below while my body bled from the inside out. It was an implacable stinging pain as if a thousand knives were lunging in and out of every part of my body, but on the outside I was composed like the Rock of Gibraltar. No one could detect that anything was wrong. Usually no one can as they periodically say, “You always seem so strong and together even when you’re not.”

The weekend in Northern Cali ended up being a bigger defining moment that snapped me out of the pain or at least alleviated the pressure. I would never allow it to get that bad again. And it never did. It’s just not allowed anymore.

It felt good leaving the city I was living in if even for a long weekend. I needed to get away, run away, hide away. I had enormous trepidation before making the trip, but once I was on my way, this feeling of relief overcame me that I hadn’t felt since the split happened.

When the plane landed, Michelle was already there waiting to pick me up in her dark jet black Land Rover, since she’s never late to anything. She climbed out and her presence at the airport created a bit of a buzz since she is pretty well known in Hollywood films.

In the car she said something that stuck, “Whoever you end up with will have to be realllly nice to you.” I said, “Yeah, but being nice to anyone in general should be a given, don’t you think?”

Later, I wandered the estate clearing my mind or not being able to get out of my mind I should say. That was until Michelle came out to find me and boldly insisted, “Come with me, there’s someone I want you to meet.”

I grumbled, “I feel like a zombie and not really in the mood to meet anybody.”

She added assurance, “Trust me, you’ll like this. This Shaman is very spiritual.”

I perked up slightly, “Shaman?” Like me, she’s always been into all sorts of spiritual type things.

She brought me into one of the rooms in the house to meet this man who was a Native American Indian there with his wife. He had the most gentlest profound eyes I’d ever seen. It gave me a glimpse into this incredible doorway that led to many lives past.

As he opened this huge bag he had with him, I asked, “What is he going to do?”

“Do a healing prayer I think.” Michelle replied. The guy smiled nodding in agreement.

He had me lay down and then proceeded to walk around me while touching me with the most beautiful Eagles feather my eyes had ever gazed upon.

“It’s very spiritual.” Michelle chimed in.

I’m being healed by a feather, I thought. This is kind of like Reiki.
At this point nothing seemed real and this was beginning to actually feel normal and calming to me. The guy and his wife started letting out Native American Indian chants when all of a sudden I felt this enormous powerful lift from inside my body as if some darker presence was being yanked out of it. It was like there was a demon stuck in there. I couldn’t help but wonder that he really did something to help. We took a break before he would work on my back next.

Out in the hall I asked Michelle, “So what just happened back there? Did you notice it?”

She leaned in and said, “Oh, well, you see, he is very powerful.”

After that weekend, I morphed into a cocoon only to emerge a year and a half later at the end of 2010 more powerful than anyone had ever imagined. I decided to come out of the spiritual closet in a big way and begin talking about the “light” and the “others” in my work regularly. I gradually realized that it was also helping others. No one would ever be able to get me to shut up about it from that point on.

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Archangel Gabriel is present to assist in bringing the masses forward globally

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Archangel Gabriel has been present in a big way over the last number of days and continues to be throughout the week. We have the Full Moon on Thursday, which typically has Archangel Haniel working on overtime. In this case, Archangel Gabriel is with us. The hierachy angel of communication who also works to nurture ones creative spirit. She assists with self expression and transforming that into positive blessings. This is also about honoring your higher self’s truth and wishes, which includes speaking your truth with assertiveness and compassion.

While Archangel Haniel governs the Moon, it is Archangel Gabriel who governs Mercury, the planet of Communication. Mercury reversed positions on Saturday and began its trek forward after a month of spiraling downward with communication break downs and misunderstandings rising up all over the place. Gabriel is present to assist in bringing the masses forward globally during a rare few weeks of crystal clear skies in the Universe through the first week of February.

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Michelle Pfeiffer is back in four films in 2017

Michelle Pfeiffer, who I’ve known for over 20 years and worked with at her production company in the late mid to late 1990’s, has been busy all year filming four back to back projects.  All of that stuff will be coming out in 2017 and it could garner her some award attention.   First up is a little independent film called “Where is Kyra?”, premiering at the Sundance Film Festival on January 23, 2017.

Sundance who chose the picture for the festival says, “Michelle Pfeiffer plays a very different character with her, gritty, down and dirty, something you never seen her doing before, and it’s beautifully cinematic.”

The movie surrounds, “Mild-mannered, sheltered Kyra, played with intensity by Michelle Pfeiffer, begins to spiral after the death of her mother. Long out of work, the deep-in-debt Kyra struggles to support herself.  As she becomes increasingly desperate and isolated, longing for her mother, she launches a cryptic, last-ditch scheme to keep from being evicted. She also finds solace in another lonely soul, Doug (Kiefer Sutherland), from whom she initially tries to hide her plight, but Kyra slowly ropes him into her deception.” 


Robert DeNiro with Michelle Pfeiffer


Michelle transforms physically in a piece she filmed with Robert DeNiro for HBO called, “Wizard of Lies”.  It’s based on the true story of Bernard and Ruth Madoff.  Bernie Madoff is considered the largest financial fraud in U.S. history.   Alessandro Nivola, who I worked with on the Julia Stiles picture “Carolina”, plays their son Mark Madoff.   This is the fourth time Michelle has worked with Robert DeNiro, as they both starred in “Stardust”, “New Year’s Eve”, and “The Family”.  It will likely be aired around May 2017, just as we kick off the Summer.

“Wizard of Lies” for HBO

She has also wrapped up a bigger film called, “Mother”, for Paramount Studios with Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem for Director Darren Aronofsky who gave us “Requiem for a Dream”, “The Wrestler”, “Black Swan”, “Noah”, and “The Fighter.”  The film is a thriller surrounding a couple who seems to have the perfect relationship until unexpected guests arrive shifting everything.  The release date is looking to be December 29, 2017.

And that’s not all!

Michelle is currently filming, “Murder on the Orient Express”, with Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz, and Judi Dench.   She stepped in as the understudy for Angelina Jolie who dropped out of the Murder film during pre-production due to the rough personal time she’s going through with the dissolve of her marriage.   Ironically, Angelina had stepped in for Michelle for “Original Sin” a film I worked on back in 2000, which was produced by Michelle Pfeiffer’s company and originally called, “Dancing in the Dark”, based on the novel of the same name, “Waltz Into Darkness”.

“Dark Shadows”

This is the second time Michelle has worked with Johnny Depp.  They both starred in Tim Burton’s, “Dark Shadows” in 2012.   Although “Murder on the Orient Express” is currently filming, the release date is aimed for November 22, 2017.


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Love Party of One: Surviving the Pitfalls of Dating and Relationships in a Loveless World

Love Party of One

Surviving the Pitfalls of Dating and Relationships in a Loveless World

Love Party of One
 examines the current love and dating world and what to expect for anyone struggling with being single and longing for love. Author, Kevin Hunter, is a love expert in love with all things surrounding the word love since he arrived on this planet. He has been out in the field studying the human condition since he was a teenager. This has included conducting social experiments as well as diving head first into the areas of love and dating in his own personal life.

One of the ways of surviving modern day dating and relationships in a loveless world is by armoring yourself with knowledge. This includes knowledge over the way things currently are. You’ve went to psychic readers, you’ve cast spells, you put yourself out there, did the vision boards, the crystal meditations, and other love rituals presented to you, but you still find you’re desperately wishing the person of your dreams was here already. You grow cynical as if it will never happen and that you just have to accept the fact that perhaps it’s not in the cards. Dating is a battlefield, be prepared to get dirty.

Kevin Hunter is best known for his endless array of spiritually based books.  In Love Party of One, he answers some of the practical issues that readers posed regarding their personal conflicts in the current dating market.  This is a non-denominational book with some light spiritual slang for anyone struggling as a single person in a loveless world.  This is regardless of age, background, or whether you are straight, bi, gay, male, or female. The dating market is an equal opportunity killer and no soul is exempt from the challenges they face when it comes to love.

Some of the topics discussed surround technological dating, falling in love with someone you’ve never met, codependency, exes, communicating, compromise, sex, marriage, monogamy vs. adultery, ageism, and more!


Available in paperback and e-book
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Note from the Author

The majority of my published works to date are spiritually based empowerment books called the Warrior of Light series of books.  They are infused with practical messages and guidance that my Spirit team has taught and shared with me revolving around many different topics.  The main goal of those books is to fine tune your body, mind, and soul.  This improves humanity one person at a time.  You are a Divine communicator and perfectly adjusted and capable of receiving messages from spirit as anyone else in the world.

One of the top two questions I receive from readers surrounds the topics of love and relationships, while the other revolves around career.  Love and relationships are a major concern and theme for so many people.  The struggles one wades through in attempting to navigate through a loveless world has made love challenging to obtain or keep.

Although the bulk of material I’ve written are spiritually based empowerment works, I have nevertheless been out in the relationship and dating field my entire life.  Not only was I born having a basic understanding of the human condition, but I also came here as a love guide.  I’ve taken this knowledge out into the dating field studying, researching, and interviewing countless people about their ordeals in the love department.  I love all things love.

I, along with my Spirit team, enjoy seeing people investing in happy committed love bonds because this world doesn’t have enough love in it as it is.  I’ve also been out in the field dating and having relationships of various levels from short term, to long term, to committed, to non-committed.  I’ve had sexual encounters and one night stands.  I’ve had the kind of love that others dream about, but never obtain.  I’ve experienced what it’s like to be a natural Don Juan Casanova type.  I’ve sat down, discussed, and counseled people from all walks of life about their tribulations of being single, dating, and in love relationships.

My entire life has been devoted to all circumstances revolving around the word love.  Others have commented how comfortable they feel around me enough to reveal their deepest and darkest issues that include all things connected to love relationships.  When others are with me they have protested they are divulging information they wouldn’t normally say to anyone else.  Through this process, I’ve gained extensive knowledge of the difficulties that many are faced with in the current modern day dating world.  I understand the practical realities that exist, but I also have spiritual knowledge, guidance, and wisdom to share as to how that applies to the souls of today on Earth.

Heartbreak is an equal opportunity killer regardless if you’re male, female, gay, straight, bi, or whatever you identify to be in this lifetime.  In the end, it is irrelevant since all human souls experience the same heartbreak and rejection issues as any other.   There hasn’t been one person who has never been slighted by love.  If there is I would love to meet that person.

One of my first published pieces was a story loosely based on true accounts on having a crush on someone in my book, Jagger’s Revolution.  It was partially autobiographical and partially thrown in drama at the beginning of my career as an author.  This is where the lines are blurred to the extent that it would be difficult to detect which is real and what is fiction.  I’ve also written a spiritually based book on love and relationships that is the opposite end of that spectrum called, Soul Mates and Twin Flames.

I’ve been studying, researching, experimenting, and counseling people on love and relationships since my teenage years.  I’ve also assisted countless numbers of people through the treacherous waters of romance.  This is regardless of my own personal love life trajectory.  I have definitely walked into challenging personal love relationship situations knowing what I’m getting myself into.

As a lifelong incurable romantic and love addict, I love all things connected to LOVE.  It far supersedes the opposite extreme, which is lonely, isolating, addicting, and disconnected.  I’ve always admired couples that have been together for decades and yet continue to remain loving and supportive with one another.

I wanted to write a book that centered around the realities of dating in today’s challenging technologically based world and what it’s like without sugar coating it.  I’m not one who glosses over the darkness no matter what the content is.   What sometimes comes out of me as a strong opinion is divinely guided from my Wise One spiritual team, but put into my own words.  The information I convey with almost an assault like quality at times is from above to help others navigate through the distressing waters they might find themselves in.

Love Party of One is not necessarily a spiritually based book, even though there may be some hints of it sprinkled throughout, but much of the practical input is divinely guided through a sense of clear knowing, otherwise known as Claircognizance and clear hearing through my Clairaudience channel. The content includes the practical hardships others have faced in the love and relationship world and what to expect if you’re embarking into your teenage years, young adulthood, or new to the current dating relationship world.

There are many people who have faced the ending of a long term relationship. These are connections that have lasted years and some even decades.  They head back out there into the dating world only to discover it’s vastly changed.  This may shed some light on the way things have become.

~Kevin Hunter

Other love relationship oriented books available:

Jagger's Revolution by Kevin Hunter

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter are available in paperback and kindle wherever books are sold.

My life on the set of Eddie Murphy’s Dr. Dolittle 2

During my Film Production days, I was contracted to work on back to back films to the point that I didn’t have any time off. I’d finish one film and then immediately start another one. I agreed to do an Eddie Murphy film called, Dr. Dolittle 2, for 20th Century Fox. That particular studio was close to home and I wanted a short commute.
Many of the crew started a week before I got there because I was backed up on another film. I wrapped The Perfect Storm for Warner Bros. and quickly started Harry Potter for the same studio immediately afterwards. I was detained a week longer than expected, so I couldn’t transfer to Fox for the Dr. Dolittle 2 production.
When I started Dr. Dolittle 2, without delay I carried out endless changes and orders the minute I marched in. By the second half of the first day I had a construction crew already hammering and erecting barriers all over the studio spaces because I was not happy with the layout. One of my P.A.’s who was becoming comfortable around me said, “When we first got here the Producers said, “Don’t bother starting anything because once Kevin gets here he’s going to change everything and you’re not going to get away with anything.” I made a snarling face when I heard that, “Who said that? Where are they?” I’m also a notorious germophobe. One of the Producers arrived to set and noticed crew de-sanitizing everything. The Producer said curiously with a smile, “What’s going on?” A crew member answered, “Kevin is having us wipe everything down because people keep getting the flu.” The Producer said, “Oh, that’s a good idea, do my area too.” I’m a pill and that wasn’t all I did.
When everyone kept getting the flu during the winter season, I ordered a Doctor to the set and had the Doctor give every single cast and crew member a Vitamin B shot in the ass. There was no way out of that. Everyone had to do it. That week they were flying on energy and worked so hard since Vitamin B shots have that effect.
Whenever I took a film gig, I refused to work more than 12 hours during filming days. This was made known before I was hired, so it’s not like it was a surprise. I give 110% and my all during that time, but once the clock strikes a certain hour, I go on strike and refuse to do anything. I remember one day during Pre-Production, the clock struck that final hour and I put my sunglasses on and held my keys facing forward like a rock not impressed. The Producer slightly afraid of me calmly said, “Okay, let’s go home.” I hopped up, “Bye.”
Before I started work on Dr. Dolittle 2, I was warned that the Producers were notorious screamers, and that they filter through crew like water, and that the lead actor Eddie Murphy was extremely difficult and not terribly nice. I said, “If it’s that bad I’ll just quit.” I tend to get along with those that other people hate or are afraid of. It’s always been like that, but I’m also known to be supremely difficult and I don’t tolerate any form of disrespect. I’m invited to parties by people saying, “I really want you there. You have to come.” Then there is a pause, “But don’t bring…” Don’t bring one of the worst people on the planet that I have no problem hanging around?
Incidentally, the Producers and Eddie were nothing like the horrible depiction I was previously given. I found the Producers to be incredibly warm, fun, and wonderful with me. I never heard them scream or do or say anything that I found personally out of line. They did seem to filter through a few assistants though, so I came to the conclusion that it must be the personal assistants that have a difficult time with them. The Producers ended up forever recommending me on numerous gigs, and offering me films to work with them on, and other gigs after that. They were amazing and respectful, and we are still in touch today.
As for Eddie Murphy, he couldn’t be more awesome, pleasant, and giving. He’s very shy, guarded, and keeps to himself, yet very friendly when you communicate with him. Eddie had the largest entourage of all of the stars I’ve worked with. He employs his family and close friends. For example, his cousin is his costumer, another cousin is his driver who is married to Eddie’s assistant. On the last week of the shoot, I was walking onto set to find one gift a day being handed to me from Eddie. He was as giving as Antonio Banderas was a few years before that.
Antonio had flowers sent to me on the last day of wrap on Crazy in Alabama. He also gave me all of his flowers in his office. These aren’t just any flowers, these are massive arrangements that cost hundreds to thousands of dollars for each of them. With both Eddie and Antonio, it’s not so much that they can easily charge this stuff on their gold card, but that it would even occur to them to do so to begin with was what struck me.
Eddie Murphy doesn’t work with animals. One would immediately say, “Why agree to a $20 million dollar pay or play deal in a film where many of your co-stars are animals then?” Animals are not always predictable including the trained ones. Eddie has to worry about his own performance and being on the mark and can’t get concerned that the raccoon is not in the mood to film.
All of the animals in the film were real. They were shot separately from Eddie. Eddie’s scenes were on one sound stage, while an animal was shot on another. Then the filmmakers would merge the two so that it would look like Eddie was in the same room with them.
There were two extremely huge bears on set. One of them is called Tank. On those days, crew couldn’t be wearing strong perfume or cologne scents. Deodorant couldn’t have a scent either. And if a woman was menstruating, she wouldn’t be able to be on that particular sound stage if Tank was being filmed. He was the largest animal I had seen that close. There was a gate on the sound stage where I walked in. The trainer just happened to be walking Tank in front of me with a gate between us. He was about four times the size of me. Lynn, one of the trainers, came to hang with me one day and said, “Tanky sick. He’s been throwing up all day. He got into the ice cream.”
We primarily shot Dr. Dolittle 2 on the sound stages at 20th Century Fox, but we also spent a week up at Big Bear, California which was the best time. Gorgeous mountain-esque scenery.
Big Bear had an awesome brewery up there that I would hit up with a few of my colleague friends after filming. It was the best beer I’ve ever tasted in my life. You have one sip and fall over.
Neil Machlis was one of the Producers who also Produced, Grease. I remember he was going to the MTV studios to be one of the many guests for some anniversary thing for Grease. I was hanging in his office as he was all dolled up and camera ready. I asked, “So did you know at the time that what you were making was going to be one of the most remembered film classics of all time?” He exclaimed he had no idea. They knew they were making a good film, but didn’t know it would be so widely loved. He remembered when they were shooting a scene at Venice High School where Olivia Newton-John was walking around set in the leather costume for the climatic scene. He said she was hanging around in the crowd waiting for camera roll and no one recognized that it was her.

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
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My 20 year anniversary in the Entertainment Business

My life changed drastically 20 years ago this week when I had what some call the big break in the film business. This was a huge turning point in my life and a big deal in many ways. It was the beginning of endless doors being karate kicked open instead of me knocking lightly with no answer.

It was six weeks after my 23rd birthday and I was sitting in an unmarked office five blocks from the beach on my first day at work facing actress, Michelle Pfeiffer. All great things came down from that point and have ever since.

There is a chapter or two in my book, “Reaching for the Warrior Within”, that discusses how I got into the business and stayed in. I later realized the impact those chapters had when I found out that up and comers struggling to get into the entertainment business were trying to get their hands on my book……for free!

I didn’t understand it since the book isn’t about that, but it does reveal some key strokes I made that had an impact and got me noticed and the trajectory it took me down. Getting in was probably pure luck, but staying in was drive, determination, knowledge, persistence and charisma. The Producer that obtained the rights to all Harry Potter films and books had said, “No one can do what you can do. You’re tough and razor sharp, but you mix that with this great compassion.”

Cut to today, I’ve written 15 books in the last 5 years, and I’m being generous here since there are four additional books that were written before that which I don’t count. I’ve never heard anyone say, “You never do anything.” On the contrary, instead I hear, “You need to take a break.”

By the time I reached the highest of heights where every major studio or talent was contacting me to offer me a job, I wanted out and was turning huge gigs down that others would kill for. Soon the recommendations I was hearing were, “You’d be lucky if you can get him. He’s the best.” Years after that, I’d have some of them ask me, “Do you think you will ever come back?”

As I moved into semi-retirement from that in order to focus on my work as an author, Hollywood producers and agents were contacting me trying to get their hands on my phone book which had everyone’s personal number from Angelina Jolie to Steven Spielberg. I locked that book up in a box and have NEVER given up the information. You’ll have to pry it from my dead fingers.

When well known people give you their personal contact number and address, it’s because they trust you. When you’re well known, you don’t have much trust in those you come across, but with me they feel instant trust. This is also part of the reason I remained close with some of them and developed long running connections. The other part was that I am great at my job.

More to come…

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
are available in paperback and kindle wherever books are sold.

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