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Learning is the Prize, Knowledge and Experience is Power

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You are gaining essential tools in life through your experiences, whether it’s what seems like a mundane monotonous job you just do for the paycheck, or through your personal experiences in relationships with lovers and friendships. The soul mates that test you and push you to look at things in a different way. The ones that challenge you to change certain aspects of you that could indeed be improved or push you to go after something you long desire.

Knowledge and experience make you smarter and sharper. The one that perseveres and does the grunt work knowing they’re becoming stronger and smarter as a result of a mundane task are the ones that excel and go far. They understand that knowledge and experience is power.

In the film “Dangerous Minds”, the teacher gives the students a poem to learn. She offers that the winner will receive a prize. One student jumps the gun only interested in the rewards, “What’s the prize?” The teacher says, “Learning and understanding is the prize. Knowing how to think is the prize.”

Student says, “I know how to think right now.” Teacher says, “Yeah, well you know how to run too, but not the way you could run if you trained.”


Teacher continues, “The mind is like a muscle and if you want to be really powerful, you got to work it out. Each new fact gives you a choice. Each new idea builds another muscle. It’s those muscles that are going to make you really strong. Those are your weapons, and in this unsafe world, I want to arm you.”

Student asks, “And that’s what these poems are supposed to do?”

Teacher says, “Hey, try it. You’re just sitting here anyway. Look, okay, if at the end of the term, you’re not faster, stronger, and smarter, you will have lost nothing. But if you are, you’ll be that much tougher to knock down.”

Jumping too quickly to get to the goal, the rewards, and the blessings will result in disappointing results if you don’t have the experience and knowledge gained through good old fashioned hard work. The life experiences, the jobs, the relationships you hold are helping you gain additional tools you’ll use later in life, even if you have no idea what that is why you’re in the throes of the experience.

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Where is Kyra? Michelle Pfeiffer stars in this social commentary about those disregarded by humanity

Where is Kyra?

Society overlooks the people that move about through the streets near the brink of ultimate poverty and despair. These are the older people who have been unable to find work for years. They’re ignored on the sidewalk and invisible to the rest of the world. Michelle Pfeiffer plays such a character dominating nearly every scene as Kyra in the dark, moody, and tragic, “Where is Kyra?”, which opens this week.

“It’s just hard out there. I’m no spring chicken.” Kyra (Michelle Pfeiffer) explains to Doug (Kiefer Sutherland), the equally demoralized gentleman she meets in a bar and develops a friendship with. Kyra is a divorced older woman caring for her ailing mother Ruth. She’s been unable to find a job since she was let go from the company she worked at as an accountant a couple of years prior. Full of definitive rejection, anguish, and despondence she tells him, “Ever since I lost my job, I have been looking for work every day. I don’t even know how many resumes I’ve dropped off. I have tried everything, and am reduced to handing out flyers on parked cars and praying every day that I even have that.”

Kyra’s luck grows from bad to worse when her mother passes away. Still unable to find work, she dresses younger and hipper in an attempt to shave years off her age so that someone will hire her. This doesn’t work either and she soon ends up on the verge of being evicted from her apartment, leaving the next pit stop to include potentially panhandling and living on the streets.
One uncomfortable saving grace is that her mother’s death was never properly recorded, so the government continues to send the social security payments to Kyra’s apartment. Kyra dresses up as her mother for bank visits in order to fraudulently cash her mother’s disability checks. This isn’t about her committing a crime, but what people do when it comes down to basic survival. It’s a dilemma that the struggling aging individual hopes they’ll never be faced with, but one that so many people end up fighting through and enduring alone.

As mentioned a couple of weeks ago in my “Roseanne” post, I tend to have enormous compassion and interest for those I see fighting to survive and stay afloat. They’re the people that are in the background just trying to get their bills paid. This is the overall basic premise in one of my upcoming book releases later this year called, “Living for the Weekend”.

“Where is Kyra?” tells the unheard stories of the people that others snub on the street because they may not look like a hot young charming model. They’ve committed that Earthly crime of aging, while simultaneously dissolving into the background where they are discarded and dead to their surroundings. No one looks at them or talks to them as they evaporate from view.
This film is an essential social commentary to the sad state that currently exists among so many people. Hundreds of millions of people grow older and struggle to find any kind of work with no luck at all. I’ve listened to some of their stories, I see them on the streets and sense their pain, while everyone else turns a blind eye disinterested. The older they get, the harder it gets, and this films sheds some beautiful magnificent light on that. No one mobilizes to create marches and protests over something that affects millions of people over anything else. If they did, that’s something I’d gladly participate in.

Michelle has been receiving rave reviews, as she usually does, for her exceptional performance in this deep dark character study that pays candid homage to the people that no one notices. It may be hard for some to believe that anyone wouldn’t notice Michelle’s beauty, but in this film she painfully disappears into this character. As the development guy at her former production company, one of her favorite characters she once told me she likes to play are the ones that vanish into the background as everyday people. She’s done this in films like Frankie and Johnny, Love Field, A Thousand Acres, to New Year’s Eve.

This was always against the repetitive advice of her former agent of decades, Ed Limato, before he passed away. During the height of her box office reign in the late 90’s, I used to listen to Ed and Michelle disagree about her film choices. He always wanted her to wear a tight revealing sexy dress playing a stunning hot bombshell role that would showcase how hot she is in some box office blockbuster. Her argument is that she’s never been interested in all that. She’s always wanted to play real people with real problems that she could disappear into. This new one is no different.

Fresh off the success of, The Wizard of Lies, Mother! and Murder on the Orient Express this past year, she returns in a haunting bold performance in Where is Kyra?. The movie was technically filmed before the other three films, but was recently picked up for distribution. Honest, dark, small, real films are a harder sell for distributors to take on, because let’s face it these great little art house films may be critically raved about, but are not typically box office smashes. For every What Lies Beneath, Hairspray, Batman Returns, Dangerous Minds, or Murder on the Orient Express, she squeezes in the occasional small character film.

The Wizard of Lies (top left), Mother! (top right), Murder on the Orient Express (bottom left), Where is Kyra? (bottom right)
Where is Kyra?

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Live authentically unafraid of the dark shadow side

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This was the post that ended up causing so much controversy.   Some people get uneasy when I speak bluntly and directly, but I don’t care, which is why this is getting posted here too!

Shirley Manson (Left photo: Lead singer of one of my favorite bands, “Garbage”) once said, “I’m afraid of happy people. They’re chemically unbalanced.”

It can be infectious to me if someone always comes off jolly and happy. At the same time, I’m suspicious of that. It feels like a forced niceness that comes off inauthentic.

Mary Kohnert, the Development director at Michelle’s (Pfeiffer) former company said to me once, “When someone is always happy, then they just come off goofy.” True. I’ve received negative rap from some turned off by how dark, harsh, and moody I come off at times, but at least I’m real and will never conform.

Brendon Urie (Right photo: Lead singer of one of my other favorite bands, “Panic at the Disco”) once said, “I find myself being attracted to dudes all the time. I’m like, ‘Wow, that’s a beautiful man.’ There’s no shame in it; that’s how I feel.”

Brendon has been with the same woman for over ten years and married for five of those. I’ve forever loved people who are not afraid to shine light on parts of themselves that others would get squeamish or uncomfortable about. You do that and you risk me tailgating you until the ends of the Earth. If you get offended by something I or anyone says or does, then I will do it more because, “F*ck you.”

Live authentically unafraid of the dark shadow side, which is often the more real side.


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Bringing Closure to the Previous Chapter; Saying Hello to a Brand New Book!


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What’s been going on and where have I been lately?  Those are the big questions that people keeping throwing at me.   It seems to them I’ve been AWOL, unavailable, unresponsive, and not posting as much as usual.   I keep hearing, “Is everything okay?  It’s like you disappeared.”   I appreciate all of the outpouring messages of concern.  Was a little surprised as it never occurred to me that so many people were interested or wondering what happened.   I never think of myself on or off the radar.  I do my work and live my life without revealing all that much of the day to day happenings.  It’s been a busy season full of endings and beginnings, tons of activity brewing behind the scenes.

Over the holidays, one friend gave me a huge Archangel Michael statue, while another gave me this large professional electronic dart board. The interesting dichotomy of those gifts reveal two of the many distinct personalities within me. On the one hand you have the God preaching 🙏 soul enhancing spiritualist surrounded by the Archangel Michael, and on the other hand, I turn into a beer 🍺drinking, sailor cursing, dart 🎯 throwing, frat boy.

Weed is legal in California now, so I smell it everywhere I go.  Behind me in the beach photo above unseen are two surfers toking away no longer hiding it as their plant wafts around me in a hug.

I’m known to be somewhat difficult, displaying extreme sides within the span of ten minutes.  You never know what you’re going to get.  I’m a creative artist and with that comes the temperament expected.   On one day I’m the social butterfly and life of the party, or as some friends branded me, “the party favor”, but then on the other you have the withdrawn, distant, moody, cold, and blunt chap who prefers you don’t talk to me unless spoken to.

Someone said to me recently, “What a range of emotions.  You don’t bottle up emotions do you?”

I said, “I’m a writer, so I have a healthy outlet for pent up repression.”

Speaking of which, I have some exciting books coming out this year. It’s been a year since my last one, so that’s also added to the concern others had.   There were back to back books for years, then I dropped out of sight.   The truth is I’ve been super busy lately.   The first of the next batch of books is coming this March.   I’m excited to share the new material.  Stay tuned!

On the other front, it’s been a year of loss, changes, closure, and the ending of many chapters.  This is essential in order to open up the door to bright new circumstances being prepped on the horizon.

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This past Fall of 2017 has been bathed in loss, but loss is an ending that opens doors to new beginnings. Close ones moved away, people passed away around me, chapters wrapped themselves up.  One friend of mine passed away at age 27. He had a seizure and choked on his own vomit and ended up in a coma before the plug was pulled. Two weeks later my friend producer, Kate Guinzburg (pictured), passed away with Ovarian Cancer at age 60.

The two photos on the right I took in 2002 on a little film I associate produced called, “Carolina”, which was financed by the infamous Harvey Weinstein. On the right is producer, Kate, hanging out on set with one of our actresses, Julia Stiles on the left.

Kate was one of the top main people behind the scenes that was responsible for me in a major way all throughout my 20’s. She was actress Michelle Pfeiffer’s best friend for 32 years and her producing partner for their female driven production company Via Rosa for ten years. Six years into their private company, they took a major risk and invited one more person to join their team. Me. This 23 year old rebellious, back talking, drug taking, alcohol drinking, sailor cursing, aggressive, dark, male punk infiltrating into their three women based estrogen filled world. The company was just the four of us until Michelle decided to disband it to go into semi-retirement. Kate, Michelle, and Mary looked at me as their new little brother they took under their wing and molded into the powerhouse I would eventually become.

Kate and Michelle used to have this saying that if either of them became destitute, that they could live on the other ones living room couch. Although, Kate joked that it was unlikely to happen to Michelle. On a professional level, Pfeiffer has made the Hollywood studios more than $2 billion by starring in over 61 films since the 1980’s. Kate watched her best friend rapidly rise the ranks in the Entertainment business where she became public domain. By the time, I walked into their world Michelle was at the height of her game as one of the top 5 most bankable in-demand actress at the time.

Michelle has personally continued to process this death of her best friend, but luckily has been so absorbed with a heavy work load again that it’s helped divert the focus. The picture of Michelle featured in this post was taken the day that Kate passed away. She was forced to put on the professional face, and pretend smile for the cameras, as she attended the Emmy’s due to being nominated for her performance along with Robert DeNiro for HBO’s “The Wizard of Lies”.

Following that, she had to quickly dive into daily press for her film, “Mother!”, which had just come out, and then was immediately scheduled to doing media press for her next film, “Murder on the Orient Express”, then jumped to continue filming for Marvel’s upcoming blockbuster superhero action flick, “The Ant and the Wasp”. She’s been working non-stop in a haze since the death. We’ve all been working to make our peace with Kate’s transition into the spirit world, reminiscing about the good times we had with her, and the important contributions she made for us personally. It was Kate that set Michelle up on a blind date with her current husband of 24 years, David E. Kelley.


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“Split” and “Mother!” – Two of my favorite films this past year. James McAvoy, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem, Anya Taylor-Joy.

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Two of my favorite films this year were, “Split” and “Mother!” I’ve always been drawn to darker material that the general public has a harder time digesting. You could never accuse me of following the herd. That would require submitting to a victimized position, which isn’t alluring to me. What these two films have in common is they don’t withhold. They’re both dark, radical, psychological, complicated, deep and intense in its ambiance and messages. All of which are the skin I’m most comfortable in.

Split” does a terrific job at focusing on someone with Dissociative Identity Disorder. It takes that to the extreme and ultimately the supernatural answering the question to, “What if?” James McAvoy, who should be nominated, brilliantly plays 9 of the 23 split personalities his character Kevin has due to massive child abuse that caused his main identity to splinter and dissociate. One of his identities that has taken over Kevin is Dennis. Dennis kidnaps three teenage girls from a party with the intention that they will be served as sacred food to one of Kevin’s more monstrous identities yet to emerge.

Anya Taylor-Joy plays Carrey, the outcast teen who had been invited to the teen party out of pity. She’s the heroine that befriends some of the identities that assumes Kevin’s body with the hopes of being let go, while the other superficial two teens cower weakly in the corner of the cellar dungeon their captive holds them in.

In a heart pounding chase scene, the monstrous identity in Kevin corners Carrey intending to sacrifice her. He notices the cut marks all over her body realizing that she is like him and was subjected to heinous child abuse herself, which we see through flashbacks. Seeing that she is not like the others, he releases her from his prison seeing her as authentic and pure. Both James and Anya just wrapped filming an exciting sequel to this called, “Glass”, which will also stars Bruce Willis and Samuel Jackson.

Mother!’ was one of the most claustrophobic films this year causing enormous backlash and praise dividing film goers from those who loved it and those that hated it. “Mother!” is an allegory intended to reveal the violent destruction that is humanity and what humankind has and is perpetually doing to its home planet.

Javier Bardem symbollically plays, “God”, Jennifer Lawrence is “Mother Earth”, and Ed Harris and Michelle Pfeiffer are “Adam and Eve”. This angry, chaotic, dark film is an assault to all the senses that it requires more than one viewing.

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Michelle Pfeiffer can be seen in Mother with Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem.

Here you go! A scene where Michelle Pfeiffer subtly “wreaks havoc” on Jennifer Lawrence in the dark cult horror thriller, “Mother!”, which is in theaters now.  The clip can be viewed below.

The press uses all sorts of adjectives such as Michelle Pfeiffer…”Tantalizes”, “Terrifies”, “Pressures”, “Confronts”, “Lectures”, “Harasses”, “Taunts”….Jennifer Lawrence.  All that from a 1 minute clip.  She’s that good once she steps in front of the camera.

Having worked with Michelle on numerous films she’s always in and out super fast nailing takes on 1 or 2 tries typically, then we move on.  I’ve never had to work late on days she’s there because she doesn’t f*ck around. She’s always prepared and ready to go on the dot. Other actors opposite her have to be just as ready.

Actress, Jennifer Lawrence recently admitted that it took her a couple of days during rehearsals for “Mother” before she could gain the courage to just say, “Hi”, to Michelle, since she was that intimidated by her beauty and presence.  I can confirm this to be true. Having known Michelle for over 20 years now, it’s always like that with her in person. Whenever she’s around, people that don’t know her tend to go completely deafening silent.


It only grows more ominous from here:

Michelle Pfeiffer has been on another long hiatus absence, but has a slate of films to hit theaters in the coming year.  “Mother” being one of them, followed by “Murder on the Orient Express”, a mystery thriller with Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz, and Judy Dench in November 2017, and a blockbuster super hero film, “The Ant Man and the Wasp 2” with Paul Rudd, which opens Independence Day weekend 2018, for fanboys around the world looking to see Michelle invoke another Catwoman turn.  She was recently nominated for her first Emmy for her performance in the HBO Bernie Madoff story, “The Wizard of Lies”.


Michelle Pfeiffer mother Clip

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From Drug and Alcohol Addiction to Health Conscious Spiritual Teacher

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In my early 20’s, I used to do cocaine regularly among other things, but I would also drink carrot juice along with it too. Not only was I mixing the two, but at the house of the drug lords, the drug empress, the dealers, the convicts, the prostitutes, and hustlers, I would make them all drink it whenever I was there. You can imagine the looks on some of their faces as my arm would reach around them and tap their chest with a glass of orange stuff, “Drink it.” And they would, because I am a numerology #1 born, and those people are aggressive, strong, determined, and unwavering regardless if it’s something dangerous or promising. People naturally fall in line and do it.

Surprisingly, I’ve also never paid for drugs in my life, but I’m sure being involved romantically with a top dealer might have helped, but even long after I ended it due to the violence, the generosity of the drugs continued. I’ve been a lifelong addict responsible for getting hundreds of people to try drugs and alcohol, but spent six months quitting and detoxing when I received the [Michelle Pfeiffer] lucky break job offer at the ripe age of 23. I knew that was no accident and blowing that was not in the cards, especially since it opened the door to endless opportunities. Today, I get thousands of people to follow the path of Spirit instead of toxins.

Bestselling author Doreen Virtue had written in her Angel Detox book, “Kevin Hunter, a former addict whose coffee detox story appeared earlier in this chapter, believes that most people who are abusing drugs and alcohol are running from something. Usually it involves some kind of emotional trauma or unresolved emotional pain. They use drugs because they don’t like how they feel when they ‘aren’t’ using. When he wasn’t using drugs, he was drinking excessive amounts of alcohol until he blacked out. He adds that when you black out from alcohol, the angels say you’re more open to negative entities attaching themselves to you. Today, Kevin is extremely health conscious and fit. He exercises regularly, is strong and independent, and has a clear mind.”



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Michelle Pfeiffer and Sarah Jessica Parker interview each other. Roles for empowering women discussed.

Michelle Pfeiffer asks Sarah Jessica Parker about “Sex and the City” and was it their goal to create an empowering show with female characters.  Having worked for Michelle at her boutique company for many years until she closed it, one of the things she asked me to look at with incoming scripts for her were empowering strong women.  No victims!   It’s nice to see many calling her the ‘legendary Michelle Pfeiffer’ after this interview was released.   Michelle was one of the last batch of greats during the Movie Star era which no longer exists.  There are celebrities in movies, but the ‘movie star’ label started to dwindle when technology rose up in the 2000’s where everyone is considered a star.

Sarah Jessica Parker fan gushes all over Michelle Pfeiffer throughout while counter interviewing Michelle’s process as an actor and how to balance it with her extremely private personal life.  Sarah reveals one of her favorite Michelle movies in this candid interview for Actors on Actors for Variety, and it’s not one that would immediately come to mind for the general public below.

Watch the 30 minute episode below to find out more.

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Michelle Pfeiffer Heals me with an Eagle’s Feather.

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In the Summer of 2009, I picked up my phone and noticed a slew of missed calls, some of them from Michelle. I couldn’t talk to her. I couldn’t talk to anybody. I was so miserable. So distraught.

Another half hour passed and Michelle’s number was blinking on my screen as she relentlessly called again, so I picked it up this time. We spoke about the intimate romantic split that left me in pieces when she then convinced me to pack my bags and let her pilot fly me up to her abode for the weekend.

She had lost her father years before that due to Cancer and I remember being amazed at how strong she was and how she just took over for the family. It was the same way I would be when my father would pass away a year later.

Recently she said, “You’re the strongest most calm person I know. I’ve never seen you crumble…..except when you split from {name removed}.” I added, “Oh God, remember that?” She said, “Yeah! That was narly man.”

Michelle and David (husband) live in this massive $25 million dollar ranch estate in what is considered one of the richest areas in America in Northern California. Being around them is like being dropped into the epicenter of unwavering love and serenity that swallows you up whole.

I boarded the small private plane that entailed myself and the pilot for about an hour. It would take me longer just to drive out of L.A.! Gazing out my window of the awesome scenery below while my body bled from the inside out. It was an implacable stinging pain as if a thousand knives were lunging in and out of every part of my body, but on the outside I was composed like the Rock of Gibraltar. No one could detect that anything was wrong. Usually no one can as they periodically say, “You always seem so strong and together even when you’re not.”

The weekend in Northern Cali ended up being a bigger defining moment that snapped me out of the pain or at least alleviated the pressure. I would never allow it to get that bad again. And it never did. It’s just not allowed anymore.

It felt good leaving the city I was living in if even for a long weekend. I needed to get away, run away, hide away. I had enormous trepidation before making the trip, but once I was on my way, this feeling of relief overcame me that I hadn’t felt since the split happened.

When the plane landed, Michelle was already there waiting to pick me up in her dark jet black Land Rover, since she’s never late to anything. She climbed out and her presence at the airport created a bit of a buzz since she is pretty well known in Hollywood films.

In the car she said something that stuck, “Whoever you end up with will have to be realllly nice to you.” I said, “Yeah, but being nice to anyone in general should be a given, don’t you think?”

Later, I wandered the estate clearing my mind or not being able to get out of my mind I should say. That was until Michelle came out to find me and boldly insisted, “Come with me, there’s someone I want you to meet.”

I grumbled, “I feel like a zombie and not really in the mood to meet anybody.”

She added assurance, “Trust me, you’ll like this. This Shaman is very spiritual.”

I perked up slightly, “Shaman?” Like me, she’s always been into all sorts of spiritual type things.

She brought me into one of the rooms in the house to meet this man who was a Native American Indian there with his wife. He had the most gentlest profound eyes I’d ever seen. It gave me a glimpse into this incredible doorway that led to many lives past.

As he opened this huge bag he had with him, I asked, “What is he going to do?”

“Do a healing prayer I think.” Michelle replied. The guy smiled nodding in agreement.

He had me lay down and then proceeded to walk around me while touching me with the most beautiful Eagles feather my eyes had ever gazed upon.

“It’s very spiritual.” Michelle chimed in.

I’m being healed by a feather, I thought. This is kind of like Reiki.
At this point nothing seemed real and this was beginning to actually feel normal and calming to me. The guy and his wife started letting out Native American Indian chants when all of a sudden I felt this enormous powerful lift from inside my body as if some darker presence was being yanked out of it. It was like there was a demon stuck in there. I couldn’t help but wonder that he really did something to help. We took a break before he would work on my back next.

Out in the hall I asked Michelle, “So what just happened back there? Did you notice it?”

She leaned in and said, “Oh, well, you see, he is very powerful.”

After that weekend, I morphed into a cocoon only to emerge a year and a half later at the end of 2010 more powerful than anyone had ever imagined. I decided to come out of the spiritual closet in a big way and begin talking about the “light” and the “others” in my work regularly. I gradually realized that it was also helping others. No one would ever be able to get me to shut up about it from that point on.

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Entertainment stories to distract you from obsessing over gossip and drama

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Entertainment story snippets. Be a voyeur for a minute of one of the many versions of my life. You need a fun lighthearted distraction to pull you away from negatively obsessing over ridiculous pointless drama again. Some of you need to be slapped away from that space.

Brought a friend with me to the Troubadour nightclub because he is a big fan of the singer Tori Amos. I intended to introduce them since I know her and she said she was going to the club to support one of her indie bands she was promoting. In the VIP room near the bar, I was talking to my friend when his eyes suddenly widened at the same time I felt someone come up close behind me and gently squeeze the sides of my hips with their hands and then plant a kiss on my shoulder, “Hi sweetie.” It was Tori Amos. I turned and gave her a hug hello and then said to my friend, “Here you go.”

Director Christopher Columbus walks into his offices on the Warner Brothers lot to find no one there except me sitting on the couch alone with rock singer/composer Danny Elfman discussing our gadgets. No not that. Technical gadgets. Danny was going to be meeting with Chris again as he was set to compose the score for Harry Potter, but he popped by earlier so he and I could have lunch and hang out.

I was sitting Indian style facing him when Chris walks in as if we’re up to no good, “Well, well, well.” I smirked, “Uh-oh”, then I looked back at Danny, “Now it looks like we’re having an affair.” Just another day at the office. Chris has Directed many popular Hollywood films and Danny was the lead singer for the band Oingo Boingo in the 80’s before becoming an award nominated film composer for endless movies including many of Tim Burton’s films.

During my Michelle (Pfeiffer) working days, a realtor stopped by her production company to give me the keys to a beautiful Beverly Hills Mansion that we were renting for actress Jessica Lange while she stayed in L.A. during our film shoot for “A Thousand Acres”. I went to the mansion to do a quick walk thru with Pfeiffer’s producing partner, the location manager, two location assistants, and the transportation coordinator. I opened the door flanked by these guys with camera’s around their necks. We walked into the foyer and there stood Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley in their bathrobes like deer in headlights.

I said, “I’m sorry we didn’t think anyone would be here.” They seemed to be panicked for a second. I had forgot they are well known and thought we were paparazzi. I put them at ease, “We’re not press. If I want to get on a movie set, then I’m going to get on a movie set.” I explained who we were and they relaxed and apologized. I said, “We just need a few quick minutes. You don’t have to leave and then we’ll be out of here.” Elizabeth explained they were dragging it on getting out of there. I said they can stay the day, there’s no rush, Jessica isn’t flying into L.A. for a few more days.

It is odd that my entire life has strangely been surrounded by well known talent, even though other than that aspect there is nothing Hollywood about me at all. I don’t care for premieres, screenings, parties, or any of that even on the rare occasion I do go. I prefer to be on the beach or in nature somewhere making love, connecting, or writing.

I do however love creative offbeat types and many popular talent fit that description. Since I’m super unusual to begin with as it is, many of them gravitate to me as well, and also because I treat everyone exactly the same whether you’re the garbage man or a movie star. It shows and they all know it.

When you’ve spent 43 years constantly bumping into them, working with them, meeting them, hanging out with them, you don’t see them the way the world does, but just regular people who just happen to be well known and good at their jobs. It is true I often forget who I’m talking to when you’ve known them awhile or it’s a regular occurrence.

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