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Fear is one of the leading causes of soul and personal failure

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Fear is one of the leading causes of soul and personal failure. It brings on paralysis, chaos, and procrastination. Overcoming fear requires awareness of what you’re attempting to defeat. Your consciousness needs to be awakened enough to allow you to see profound truths. No one can awaken your consciousness except you. It is the individual soul’s job to do the work, research, study, and experience in order to strengthen your soul essence. This means not following the masses, but breaking away from clinging to the collective to find your personal soul path. Even in war, I’m not going down.




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Love is what kills energy like anger, sadness, fear, and worry.

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You come to the end of the road as you close the Earthly life chapter up realizing if you hadn’t at all before that it was always intended to be about love. Your soul was born from a source of love and you will die right back into that love. Love is the most powerful energy foundation that exists in all dimensions. The only thing that matters is love. The best way to channel energy positively is to remember all things connected to love. Love is what kills energy like anger, sadness, fear, and worry. Outstretch your arms, release any fears, and fall back into the arms of this love. Allow it to protect and guide you on your Earthly journey.

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THIRD EYE CHAKRA – INDIGO. Awaken Your Creative Spirit

The Third Eye Chakra is the seventh chakra and located between your two physical eyes, but raised just slightly above it.  It spins illuminating the color of Indigo.  The third eye chakra is your psychic and spiritual perception.  Having a strong third eye chakra equates to having a keen Clairvoyance channel, otherwise known as clear seeing.  You receive visual impressions like a mini movie playing in front of you that has significance to you or someone else.  It can be what’s happened, what’s to come, or what’s coming up.  Many equate the third eye chakra to being more psychic, but the truth is that having a balanced chakra system makes one a stronger conduit with spirit.   You can be highly psychic by having a strong heart chakra since that is connected to Clairsentience, and yet your third eye chakra is dimmer than the others.

Because the Third Eye is what is unseen, most are not aware of it or thinking about it.  This act in itself closes up the Third Eye.  Signs that your third eye chakra is opening up are seeing violet sparkles everywhere, or you’re able to see the eye sitting on its side staring back at you when you close your physical eyes.  You might start to have vivid dreams or you constantly see etheric images put in front of you of what’s to come.  You see spirits as opaque or translucent around you.  Someone who is afraid of seeing spirits will cause the third eye chakra to close up.

Like the ear chakra, when one is a non-believer of anything spiritual related then this causes the third eye chakra to become dirty and shut down.  The third eye chakra is the eye or window that sees what others cannot see.  It is the window into the other side, spirit worlds, and dimensions that exist.  When you’re able to see the Third Eye, you view it sitting on its side looking right at you from within your mind.  This is different than the physical eyes you were born with that view things happening in real time in front of them.

Viewing physical circumstances through your physical eyes can dim the Third Eye because you might be absorbing negative imagery in others behaviors around you.  The hyper focus on what’s happening around you in the physical world closes the third eye chakra.  This includes obsessing over media and gossip stories.  Everyone was born with a Third Eye, so even if it closes, you still have access to it as you do with all of the chakras and clair channel points.

When you fear the future or hold negatively to the past and what was done to you, then this dims the third eye chakra.   Looking forward fearlessly to the future and the present, while forgiving your past will assist in opening the third eye chakra.  Those with a clean third eye chakra tend to be creative beings open to all that is unseen.  They paint pictures with their mind and translate it into their art.  They are open spiritually and to God, Heaven, and all the spirit worlds that exist.

Archangel Raziel is the one to call on to assist in cleansing and awakening your Third Eye Chakra.  He stimulates spiritual sight and assists in manifesting your visions.

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SOLAR PLEXUS – YELLOW. Awaken Your Creative Spirit

The Solar Plexus Chakra is the third Chakra located below the navel and above the Sacral Chakra.  It glows a bright yellow like the Sun when it is spinning in top form.  It is linked to your power and how you express yourself.  Do you express yourself through aggressiveness, passive aggressiveness, or assertiveness?  This is all connected to the solar plexus chakra, which is your inner power and willpower.

Having a strong solar plexus chakra is when you are centered and balanced. Someone who reacts dramatically or with hyper emotions to circumstances does not have a strong solar plexus at that moment.  You have a strong solar plexus chakra when you have a clear mind about things.  You think logically, openly, and methodically.   You have great drive, persistence, and ambition.  You’re a go getter and ensure that business is taken care of.  If you want something, you get to work on figuring out how to achieve it.

You know when your solar plexus chakra is becoming dirty when you exhibit feelings of low self-esteem, or when your emotions are perpetually on the negative side and all over the place.  Loving, accepting, and appreciating all that you are gives you a clear clean running solar plexus chakra.

While someone with a strong solar plexus chakra will go after what they want and are ambitious, the flipside of that and what muddies up your solar plexus chakra is when you are controlling, domineering, and egotistical.   This is also someone who bullies others online or in person. It’s the negative commenter on any Internet story or page.

Having a weak solar plexus chakra is also if you live in denial around an issue.  You have no will power or you give your power away to others.  It’s when you have obsessions of being powerful or the opposite extreme where you allow others to dominate you.  This can also be in the work arena where you feel victim to a toxic co-worker or boss.   The toxic co-worker or boss is being egotistical or narcissistic also, which dulls the solar plexus chakra.

Igniting your inner life force gives you a robust solar plexus chakra.  It is standing strong in your power and having a durable sense of confident self.  It is having integrity and exuding assertiveness with your dealings with others.  It is being centered and focused on getting the job done without desire for a return.

Archangel Nathaniel and Archangel Ariel are the ones to call on to assist you with your solar plexus chakra.  They work to help you stand in your power, have confidence, go after what you want, and to express yourself clearly with assertive compassion.

{From the book, “Awaken Your Creative Spirit
available in paperbook or e-book wherever books are sold}


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Connecting with a Tarot Card

Tarot Card Meanings

I’ve been a Tarot enthusiast user since I was a child.  I was eight years old staring at the dynamically stimulating images of the cards, and allowing all of the elements surrounding them to hit me like a tsunami wave.   This is the same way I would sift through my parent’s record collection fixating on the album covers when vinyl was the big thing.  The images of the album covers were as vibrant and layered with detail as a Tarot card.

There are endless messages that can come through from staring at any image, let alone a Tarot card.  If you have an attraction to art or a painting, and find yourself picking up on what’s unsaid and getting lost in the caverns of it, then you’re that much closer to being able to efficiently and adequately reading a Tarot card.

I’ve met CEO’s who won’t make a decision without connecting with the Tarot.  Anyone can consult with the cards regardless of what position you hold in life.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a lawyer, doctor, surfer, receptionist, garbage man, plumber, or politician.  The Tarot is an exceptional communication device to receive messages, wisdom, and guidance from your Spirit team for any human soul on the planet.

The brilliance of the Tarot is that it’s for anyone who has a passion for the cards.  There are endless varying takes of the meanings of Tarot cards in a reading that one tried or true way doesn’t exist.  When you feel confident enough with the cards, then you’ll have your own methods that work.

I’ve always found the Tarot to be an excellent divination tool from which to confirm messages with my own Spirit team whenever I felt the incoming messages to be hazy or unclear.  Spirit would then guide me to the right Tarot card to flip over so I could see or confirm what they wanted me to know through a card.  Spirit communicates through symbols and signs as well as other means that can get your attention.  Since the Tarot is ripe with symbolism, this is a great way for them to relay particular messages to you.

Diving into the worlds of the Tarot can take a lifetime of endless study.  When you enjoy what you’re immersing yourself into, then it ends up being a gratifying experience.

The Book

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Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
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Do you know what your Life Path Number is?

Do you know what your Life Path number is? Your Life Path Number helps point you in the direction of what your basic character and personality is like. This also helps hone in on how you can utilize that to your advantage and apply the traits towards your life purpose. Your Life Path Number is one of the many factors to take into consideration that make up the totality that is you. It is calculated by adding up all of the numbers in your birth date together. You can calculate it using the link at the end of my usual novella post.

One of my long-time friends said, “I’ve been out with you and watched you. You’re very commanding when you move and the way you walk. You know exactly what you’re doing and where you’re going. There is a purpose to your movement and the way you carry yourself much like a leader. And you don’t take any shit.”

This is because my life path number is the number 1. 1’s are natural born leaders and need to be in some kind of position of leading or there will be trouble if someone attempts to dominate them. They can be aggressive and controlling on some days and even violent. We know I’ve made many bosses cry in the past when I’ve slammed into offices confronting them way too aggressively over what I perceived to be an injustice.

Ones are set apart from the crowd, which may feel isolating at times, but they’re not supposed to be part of the crowd. This is a good thing because 1’s are the visionaries of the world. They’re innovative and full of ideas. You can’t be a visionary and an independent free thinking person while following what the masses are doing. You’d have to kill me first before I ever join up with whatever everyone else is doing.

Someone suggested I should just be President. In truth, someone who will make a great President is someone with a life path number 1 because they are natural born leaders. That rules out the candidates of the last 20 years. The last exceptional President leader who had a life path number 1 was America’s first one, George Washington. He was also a member of the Independent Party as I have been my entire adult life.

Martin Luther King Jr. was also a life path number 1, who like me has had unkind things to say about both extreme sides of the political parties. He also was a member of the Independent Party. This is because #1’s are INDEPENDENT personified on all levels. They don’t follow the masses because what they know and are able to see is broader than what current society views or follows.

The #1 born leader aspect has been present in my professional life by the way I became a sought after commodity with industry talent to the way I’ve commanded film production sets with 800 crew and cast members, to the way I instruct others how to improve their lives in my books. The visionary and constant flow of ideas of the #1 life path person is evident through each of my books and the endless creative development and production line in that arena. You’re on the right track when you use the gifts of your life path number to all areas of your life.

On the positive side, the 1’s are courageous, pioneering, natural born leaders, visionaries, independent, passionate, physical, but on the challenging side, they can be aggressive, competitive, controlling, impatient, domineering, arrogant, self-centered, egotistical, and supremely intolerant.

You can calculate your Life Path Number here:



Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
are available in paperback and kindle wherever books are sold.

Three of Wands. Tarot Lesson Basics.

No automatic alt text available.Tarot Card Meaning Lesson. Three of Wands in a reading is the visionary and having clairvoyant foresight into what’s coming up ahead. It can indicate travel, movement, or exploring areas of interest that you have yet to investigate. When you take a moment to step back and see what’s coming up ahead, then you’re able to act efficiently.

Just like in this image, the Three of Wands shows someone’s ship is coming in. What you’ve been on the lookout for is on its way if it’s not yet present already. If you’ve been struggling with a work related endeavor, this card is a reminder to keep going as the rewards are on the horizon. There will be a positive pay off in the end. This is the same for a love readings with someone who is single. The Three of Wands says this person is on its way and will show up soon. You’re at a place where you’re ready and it’s about to happen.

In the Two of Wands card, the man in the image was holding a world globe in his hands and looking out into the horizon with nothing there yet, but with the Three of Wands he’s looking out into the horizon and sees ships coming in. The Three of Wands is a welcome relief card that your efforts have not gone unnoticed and positive blessings are heading towards you. It can be compensation for the idea you originally put into action.

The Three of Wands is looking ahead to the future, whether that is a psychic premonition or a business CEO taking the long view on a work related issue. This card can be attributed to all of the visionaries of the world who opened doors for others. They are the ones setting the example and leading.

The message in this card is also about going the distance whether it be career or relationships. This is taking it a step higher than where ones current position is. Perhaps a promotion, a stronger commitment to a job, or a new leadership role at work. This can also be about planning ahead. Implementing steps that lead you to the goal you desire.

This is also one of the travel cards so in love it can be that you come across a potential love partner while vacationing. Vacationing can just be a weekend getaway not too far from where you live. It can be taking additional vacation days off from work just to have some time off where you are out and about when you bump into this potential.

If you’re already in a relationship, this can show a strong passionate partnership that works together on everything. This can also reveal a connection that is about to move to a higher level. There will be a stronger bonding moment that deepens the connection.

The Ace of Wands was the idea, the Two of Wands was putting that idea into action, and the Three of Wands is witnessing the beginning of the rewards filtering in from that action. Three of Wands typically reveals success on the horizon surrounding whatever the question was. Don’t react to anything, but allow circumstances to evolve naturally.




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There’s a Bad Moon Rising, like the song, but this too shall pass.

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Saturn is making a hard Square with Neptune. A Square is like going to battle or climbing into the boxing ring. It’s basically negatively aspected confusing feelings and thoughts in someone. Saturn builds structures and puts up challenges for learning purposes. Neptune likes to remove those structures and focus on dreams and longings, but it can also be prone to illusions and deception. Put all of that together and you have an internal mess.

When you put Saturn and Neptune together in a square they do not play nice. This energy can make you feel as if you’re in an inner state of chaos while taking things more seriously than they really need to be. This placement likes to exaggerate a circumstance. And it’s also happening during that pesky Mercury Retrograde, which loves to create confusion and misunderstandings. The energy is so erratic it might prompt you to either silently exaggerate an issue to be bigger than it is, or even lash out over being unable to accept what has happened. It basically puts you in a bad mood.

Steer clear of going out this weekend to areas where you know you’ll be agitated easily. Get together with close trusted ones, especially if they’re positive lighthearted friends. Watch a comedy, get out into quiet nature to center yourself and let any negativity go.

It’s always best to avoid addictions, and a transit like this will push one into addictive behavior to cover up the nonsense that’s happening. This includes those who typically don’t get addicted. For example, someone might not be much of a drinker, but during this transit they find they’ve folded and cuddled up in bed with a couple bottles of wine. There is no judgment if you enjoy your drink. This is merely a warning that during this transit anyway it can make the stresses and confusion even worse than it is. And then you wake up feeling as if an Elephant is sitting on you. In the end, remember the true saying, “This too shall pass. It has no meaning.” Say it repeatedly to yourself if you have to.

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
are available in paperback and kindle wherever books are sold.

The FDA Food and Drug Administration Continues to Choose For You

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is indirectly responsible for the premature deaths of many human souls due to their abusive power and control on potentially lifesaving products that are considered illegal in some areas. They are deciding what they think should be approved and what you should or should not ingest in your own body. They are human beings and human beings are flawed. It is no one’s place to decide how you choose to live your life pending it isn’t harming anyone. The government regulating what others should or should not have needs to be equipped with spiritually based people who have a stronger connection outside of the physical, and therefore will be more likely to know what would be good or not.

There is also an excess of human made drugs, foods, or drinks that are considered toxic and poisonous to your body over time when taken regularly or in large quantities. These products are ironically LEGAL.

People are afraid of the word illegal, but something is only illegal, because mankind made it that way. It doesn’t mean they are always right. The FDA is made up of flawed human beings making decisions for you. And in fact, over time things that were legal were made illegal and vice versa as they later discovered they made an error in judgment (which is typical). Examine all of the atrocities and destruction created out of the choices humankind thought to be correct in the past and you get a pretty good observation into how you are controlled.

This is illustrating the way human souls perceive things around them. Most of it can be connected to the way that person was taught. If you started out on Earth alone with no one else telling you what to do, what to eat, what to drink, then it would be interesting to note how you view your surroundings.   And it’s been no surprise that I’ve NEVER been a fan of the FDA at all.  Don’t decide for me what YOU think is best.  This is also why I vote towards minimum governing in the political sphere.  You don’t have the market cornered on what is best for me.  The higher power does.

If angels are around me, then how come this catastrophe took place?

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One of the things that someone might say is, “If there was a God, then why did this happen?” or “If angels are around me, then how come this catastrophe took place?”

Understand the differences between the Earthly physical world and the other spirit dimensions that exist. You’re not a puppet on strings being controlled by an invisible force. You have free will choice to govern your life the way you see fit, even if it’s at the detriment of yourself or another. If you were being controlled, then you’d never grow, evolve, or expand your spirit’s consciousness.

You’re thrown here on Earth for the purpose of your own growth, to learn lessons, or to teach others to become more efficient, compassionate, loving, wise souls. When a catastrophe happens, this is not caused by God or any spirit being in Heaven. While all souls have at least one spirit guide and one guardian angel around them as ‘guides’, it doesn’t mean they’re telling that soul what to do. They are simply ‘guiding’ them and pointing them down a direction or path that will bring them the least amount of turmoil while benefiting your higher self and spiritual growth process.

When a murder happens or harm, hurt, or hate on another soul is exuded by the darkness of one’s ego, then there are several factors at play. One of them being is that your Spirit team is nudging those to steer clear of a situation that could bring them danger, but if that soul is not paying attention to it, then there is little that can be done.

There is no true death in the way a human soul views death. It saddens you to find the one that you love has passed on, but passing on is like moving into the next room. The next room that you will eventually be when your current life run class has completed. You’ll see the loved one again because they never really died. They simply shed the burden of the physical restrictive casing they were assigned to wear while on Earth.

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
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