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Write to your Spirit Team, Letters to God: Kevin Hunter

{Excerpt from Transcending Utopia}


     One highly effective way of communicating with your Spirit team is through writing.  When you communicate with any higher being in Heaven, you are communicating with God by default since they are extensions of him.

When you sit down to write out what you’d like to say to those on the other side, there is a stronger intention and force behind it.  This force intention is energy that carries solid weight. You find your intention to be stronger with your thoughts, while someone else prefers to say it out loud.

I communicate using the various ways one can communicate, but I’ve found it efficient when I write it out.  Part of this is because I’m a writer and it’s easier for me to communicate through the written word.  I’ll sit down and open a new email message box and address it as you would with anyone. “Dear….”

I’m notorious for emailing myself hundreds of letters to God, my Spirit team, and myself.

You can write a letter to a departed loved one who you miss dearly, because they can read what you are writing when you grant them permission. The addressing of the letter is granting them permission to read it.  When you request heavenly support or guidance, you are heard the instant you call out to them.  It doesn’t matter if the request is big or small, because you are heard regardless. You cannot get away with a lie in Heaven the way you can with others on the planet.  You might write or say one thing, but what’s in your heart is what’s heard and understood to be the real truth by any spirit being in Heaven.

Sometimes when you’re in a discombobulated state, it’s easier to sit down and write it out in an email, on a notepad, or wherever you usually write. I email my letters to God and Spirit team to myself and file it away in a folder marked, “Angels”. This is where thousands of letters and private communications with my team live.

Writing instead of speaking or thinking the words can help you articulate it more efficiently. It forces you to stop for a moment and type out what you’re experiencing. This is also therapeutic giving you a sense of calm.  Any sudden feeling of serenity is the angels easing the stress you’re feeling as you write it out.  You’ve also moved into a state of stillness, which helps them to get to work on you easier when you’re less erratic or restless.  It can also help you make sense of the words you’re putting out into the Universe.

As a writer, I find writing assists with bringing on clarity and focus, but not everyone is comfortable with writing something out.  I have friends who are naturally sociable verbally and prefer to speak the words rather than write them out. These are the gifted speakers that dominate through voice, rather than the pen.

One friend has said in the past repeatedly, “I talk. You write.”

Those friends tend to leave me long voice messages that cut them off, as there is no more space.  They have to call back and continue in another voice box. There are times I call them to say, “I want to talk about this, but I’m going to write you first, then we’ll discuss it.”

Everyone has different ways of communicating from one another that dominate. This is the same way all souls have varying psychic gifts from one another that also govern.  In the end, it doesn’t matter how you communicate with Heaven, but that you do.



Reopening the Pathway to Divinity

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Raise your vibration and fine tune your soul to communicate with Heaven. Kevin Hunter.

Fine Tune Your Body and Soul
to Receive Messages from Heaven

{Excerpt Sample}

     How do I receive messages from my guides and angels? This is a complex question since every soul’s methods vary. Souls connect with Heaven in a myriad of ways.   Laying it all out in a step by step manner does not always work for some.  The ways suggested could be too confusing or intermediate for those who do not consider to being in the advanced class.  Those who are brand new at diving in at expanding their consciousness and raising their vibration have poured in requests that some basics be discussed.

Raising Your Vibration is the beginner’s class on picking up some of the immediate guidance to consider implementing in order to improve your soul and state of mind in this material driven physical world.  One of the big inquiries others desire is to communicate with the other side in order to know what their future holds.   Even if you are able to connect, this does not mean your future will be relayed to you. Your spirit team of guides and angels do not live your life for you. What is relayed to you is on a need to know basis that will enrich and grow your soul.

Every soul is communicating with the other side whether they’re aware of it or not. I could be walking from my car to the elevators in a corporate building and Spirit messages are sifting through me mostly via clairaudience (clear hearing) or claircognizance (clear knowing). I’m not doing anything specific to make it happen. Nor am I attempting to conduct a psychic reading, or asking my Spirit team questions as I hurriedly walk to my appointment.   The messages naturally fall into my vicinity without me wanting it or thinking about it. It’s always been this way and it’s all I’ve ever known. I was born with one foot in this world and the other in the spirit world. All souls who do not feel they have this ability can get back to that space by making healthy life changes. You were born connecting with the other side, but somewhere along the way blocks were formed.

One of the big ways of connecting with Spirit is by raising your vibration.   Fortune telling psychic readings or someone with enhanced psychic abilities are unlike raising your vibration.   Someone who is psychically gifted could have a low vibration or operate from ego, but they are still exceptional at connecting with spirit effortlessly.   Raising your vibration is important for your soul’s growth beyond becoming more psychic.

Your vibration is an invisible energy field that exists within the DNA of your soul, aura, and physical body. It is energy that would be seen by someone with heightened clairvoyance (clear seeing) or sensed through clairsentience (clear feeling). If Archangels and Angels are God’s arms and hands, then your “vibration” is your soul’s arms and hands.   Your vibration is made up of undetectable cells to the human eye. These cells fluctuate and change colors depending on your mood, your thought processes, who you surround yourself with, as well as what you ingest into your body among many other “negative” things.

Your soul and entire aura is an everlasting breathing energy field that has an effect on your state of mind. This is whether you desire to be happy in your Earthly life or miserable. A chief executive officer of a major corporation is an angry curmudgeon who is rude to the staff and only interested in making money in any way they can.  This person might be financially successful, but they are still perpetually miserable and a spiritual failure. This angry state lowers their vibration which brings in an onslaught of negative circumstances and health issues at some point in their life.   This is due to the angry stressed state they’ve endured throughout the course of their human existence.   It builds up like mold in a damp basement, until the individual decides to eradicate it and make some healthy lifestyle changes.    The changes put into practice would be with the objective of raising your vibration. When your vibration is high, you feel euphoric feelings of joy, love, peace, and contentment. You discover that what you desire moves into your vicinity much more fluidly. If something has not been forthcoming, in a high vibrational state you are not bothered by that in the slightest. You operate from the space of being totally centered and together. The abundance that falls into your vicinity is your soul operating in its high vibrational state.

You are in a temporary physical body with an inflated ego that enjoys pushing you to experiencing negative feelings, such as anger or sadness, when a life circumstance throws you a curve ball. This can seem inevitable depending on the kind of life you live and who you surround yourself with. When you have felt and expressed negative feelings in the past, you may be able to point out that while in that state you were not thinking clearly. This might have prompted you to react harshly towards someone else, or you reacted impulsively by making a decision you later wish you could take back. The ego is your lower self which puts you in a state of removal from your higher self. It’s almost like an out of body experience. You lose all logic while in that lower self state. This affects how you communicate to others and the choices you make.

You could be a busy professional who works a job that drains your soul’s life force; therefore working a job you despise will lower your vibration. You sit in traffic to get to this job you’re unhappy at, only to leave at the end of the day and sit in traffic to get home. This stress in driving in those conditions lowers your vibration.

You are made up of energy since every living organism, plant, animal, element, and atom vibrates of energy. When you take a stroll through a garden or park alone, many sense a heavy weight being lifted off them. You suddenly feel a little elated and more relaxed. This is an example of what it might feel like as your vibration begins to rise, but then you get a phone call from a friend who is a gossip and begins to tell you about how someone did something they angrily disapprove of. Now your vibration begins to decline, and yet you didn’t do anything except answer your phone to talk to this person. You were on the receiving end absorbing this negative energy your friend was outwardly darting at your soul. Now your vibration has dropped.

Some animals will dart away when they sense a hostile energy coming towards them. They’re in tune with a high vibration that they guard their territory without second guessing it. However, some human souls will instead welcome the hostile energy and then become one with it. They will go along with whatever the person is complaining about to them. This drops their vibration. It’s understood that you might have a complicated life and you live in ways that are not conducive to raising one’s vibration. This could include living in a big city full of cold, heartless people rushing around. Know that this is all about being aware of what can and will lower your vibration, while doing your best to avoid the things you know will pull you into that state.

My spirit team says that alcohol, specifically in high amounts, lowers your vibration. This does not mean that they are pointing their finger at you demanding that you stop drinking. Your choices to do, stop, dissolve, or reduce any particular life choices that drop your vibration is for you to decide. If you enjoy drinking a bottle of wine every night and yet you regularly question why you’re not content with your life, and nothing ever goes your way, then this would be one of the possibilities as to what is blocking what you desire from entering the picture.   Since alcohol in high amounts blocks divine communication and lowers your vibration, then you miss out on the messages and guidance from your own spirit team that would give you the missing ingredient you crave to achieve happiness.

Some connect with their Spirit team as naturally as you brush your teeth. Others struggle to pick up on messages or they express that they’re receiving nothing. Your spirit team never disappears and stops communicating with you. When you feel you are receiving nothing, then there could be a block you might be unaware of. Blocks can be something trivial such as a particular food you ingest. It can be any negative feeling you’re experiencing.

You pick up on heavenly messages when your ego steps out of your higher self’s way. Meditating and being in a still environment in nature is a great way to access Spirit much easier than when you’re under stress or any other negative emotion. Meditating in nature raises your vibration and opens up your communication line with spirit.

Raising your vibration is a lifestyle change that needs to happen over time for your soul’s benefit and not for anyone else’s. There are things that need to be adopted or modified daily to reach a centered place that helps one to be more connected and at peace.   In my book, Raising Your Vibration, I look at how to identify some of the basics on what raises your vibration and what will lower it.

Raising Your Vibration
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Another Beautiful Note From One of My Readers. Reaching People From Around the World.

I always have my eye up ahead, exploring the unknown, expanding my horizons, using the gift of foresight, knowing what to expect, and showing others the way. I’m a Type A personality who is always thinking and living in a project, until I receive a note from a reader that confirms I’m continuously helping people without realizing it.

I love reading the notes that come in from my readers, both the new and loyal ones who find me and then stick around for good. Even though it’s been consistent for years now, it’s still shocking and feels as if they’re talking about someone else. These are people from all walks of life, all ages, all backgrounds, and all corners of the globe. I write something and move on only to discover that it later lands in the hands of someone in England, Australia, Turkey, Japan, or Brazil. That’s pretty fascinating

Over the past year I’ve also witnessed an unusual rise in various MTV and VH1 pop stars for different shows writing to me. These are people that come from a packaged pop music genre world that is exterior focused, and yet they stumble upon my spiritually based books and it awakens something deeper in them.

The best notes I receive are the detailed and heartfelt ones where the reader just wants to say thank you. Something propels all of these people to try and locate me so they can say those two simple words. They don’t want anything, except to explain how something they read of mine helped in a positive way such as this example of another more recent one:

“Dear Kevin

I would like to say that reading your books have changed my life. I was at rock bottom not knowing which way to turn after being ripped off by a friend for thousands of pounds leaving me virtually penniless. I thought that I was a mug and a failure at everything, feeling all alone in this world I could not see any future for myself, then somehow I stumbled across your books. THANK YOU so much Kevin you have literally saved my life your words touched me you are such a gifted man. God bless you!!

Kind regards
(Name removed to protect anonymity)
United Kingdom”

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
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Spiritual Cocktail. The one hundred page Digital Book sampler available now.


The digital book Spiritual Cocktail is now available on places like Amazon, iTunesBarnes and Nobles, and Google Play.

Spiritual Cocktail is a 100 page sampler teaser of material from several spiritually based books by author, Kevin Hunter. The chapter topics include: Spirit Guides and Angels, Communicating with Heaven, Soul Mates and Twin Flames, The Soul, Spirit and Power of the Light, What Happens To Your Spirit and Soul When You Die, The Higher Self, Law of Attraction, Karmic Debt, and Communicating with the Archangels. These are sample chapters from the books, Warrior of LightEmpowering Spirit WisdomDarkness of Ego, and Ignite Your Inner Life Force.



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Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
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Ignite Your Inner Life Force, Awaken Your Creative Spirit, and The Seven Deadly Sins

Kevin Hunter's photo.


You are a conscious, thinking, feeling, soul light born out of love and having a physical human experience. You were intended to have a strong connection and communication line with Heaven. This gift is not a gift at all as it is a part of who you are already built into the core part of your soul.

My new set of Warrior of Light books are now available in paperback and e-book wherever books are sold. “Ignite Your Inner Life Force”, “Awaken Your Creative Spirit”, and “The Seven Deadly Sins”.

Ignite Your Inner Life Force

A Spiritual Introduction Guide for Teenagers,
Young Adults, Your True Self and All Enlightened Seekers

Ignite Your Inner Life Force is an introduction guide for teens, young adults, and anyone seeking answers, messages, and guidance surrounding spiritual empowerment. This is from understanding what Heaven, the soul, and spiritual beings are to knowing when you are connecting with your Spirit team of Guides and Angels.

Some of the topics covered are communicating with Heaven, working with your Spirit team, what your higher self is, your life purpose and soul contract, what the ego is, love and relationships, your vibration energy, shifting your consciousness and thinking for yourself even when you stand alone. This is an in-depth primer manual offering you foundation as you find a higher purpose navigating through your personal journey in today’s modern day practical world.

“Ignite Your Inner Life Force” includes Spirit Guides and Angels, Communicating with Heaven, Working with your Spirit Team, The Earthly Birth, The Soul and the Spirit, The Significance of Spirituality, The Higher Self, Life Purpose and Soul Contract, Darkness of Ego, Love and Relationships, Raising Your Vibration, Cutting the Cords and Grounding, Identifying Blocks, The Shift in Consciousness, Thinking For Yourself Even If You Stand Alone, and My Near Death Experience.

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Awaken Your Creative Spirit
Capitalize On the Divine Power Within

Your creative spirit is present when you experience positive energy flowing through you. This energy is ignited when you make a direct connection with God. This vibration state is where you have access to the true you, which is your higher self. Your higher self rules when you work to strip, reduce, or dissolve any negative tampering influenced by a domination of your physical surroundings. Make a connection with something greater than yourself and allow that energy Light to permeate your soul and cleanse it of toxic debris. This will assist in the process of awakening your creative spirit from slumber.

Your creative spirit is more than being artistic and getting involved in creativity pursuits, although this is a good part of it. When your creative spirit is activated by a high vibration state of being, then this is the space you create from. You can apply this to your dealings in life, your creative and artistic endeavors, and to having a greater communication line with your Spirit team on the Other Side.

Your creative spirit brings your soul into a high vibration state of being because coming from a place of creativity raises your vibration. This is the zone where you create and manifest your visions at higher levels from, while simultaneously moving you into the joy of your life. It is thinking like a kid, unleashing your inner artist, and realizing your soul’s potential. When you claim your celestial power with the assistance of your heavenly helpers by your side on your Earthly life, then this assists in capitalizing the true divine power within you.  Awaken Your Creative Spirit is an overview of what it means to have access to Divine assistance and how that plays a part in arousing the muse within you in order to bring your state of mind into a happier space.

“Awaken Your Creative Spirit” includes Awakening the True You, Spirit Is In Your Corner, Picking Up On Heavenly Input, The Great Outdoors, Be the Chief Executive of Your Life, Connect-Visualize-Create, You Are Creative!, Fire Up Your Inner Child, Assertiveness-Aggression-Passive Aggression, Improving Your State of Mind, Battling Illnesses, The Chakras, Channeling Creatively, Unleashing the Creative Spirit, and The Creative Spirit Power Works For Me.

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The Seven Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins is a pocket book that takes a look at the traditional sins in a practical way. The Seven Deadly Sins in today’s language would be the Seven Toxic Challenges. Being aware of these toxic challenges are helpful since falling into a deadly sin creates a block from achieving greatness, finding peace, and picking up on the messages and guidance coming in from Heaven. The messages and guidance are intended to help guide you along your path.

You were born with an ego that expands as it enters the Earth’s atmosphere. This ego causes you to struggle and have conflicts as it attempts to take over you and dominate your actions, thoughts, and feelings. When your ego runs recklessly it grows and expands into darkness. The dark ego is what prompts you to wrestle with challenges in this lifetime. These challenges were called sin during ancient times. The sins committed can delay you on your path and wreak havoc on your soul’s innate system. This innate system is the higher self part of you that governs your life through a broader perspective.

The seven deadly sins were created in order to assist human souls in making sounder choices. They are challenges that all human souls wrestle with to one degree or another. When you’re deeply absorbed in these toxic challenges, then it causes an array of issues and complications on your life path. These sins or challenges prevent the positive flow of energy and abundance in your life. They also play a hand at creating a block that stops up the communication line with your team on the Other Side. The sins or toxic challenges looked at include Pride, Envy, Greed, Lust, Gluttony, Wrath, and Sloth.


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{A gift for a limited time: If you enjoy one of the three books, and leave a genuine positive review, then receive one of the other books for free! Send the link to your review to, along with the other book you would like, and your shipping address.  This offer good through the end of 2016.}

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
are available in paperback and kindle wherever books are sold.

The eight top selling paperback and kindle books by Kevin Hunter for 2014….so far!

The eight top selling paperback and kindle books by Kevin Hunter for 2014….so far!  It’s sometimes fun diving into the numbers and statistics only to understand what the favorites are chosen by the consumers themselves.   It’s also a surprise, because you think it’s one book only to discover it’s an entirely different one at the top spot.  What is interesting is that the top 8 paperback selling books are different than the top 8 kindle download books.  The reason we’re using the number 8 out of the 14 books available is because 8 is a positive number in spiritual numerology.

Top 8 best selling Paperback books in 2014 for Kevin Hunter

1) Connecting with the Archangels
2) Soul Mates and Twin Flames
3) Raising Your Vibration
4) Jagger’s Revolution
Jagger's Revolution by Kevin Hunter
5) Divine Messages for Humanity
6) Reaching for the Warrior Within
7) Spirit Guides and Angels
8) Warrior of Light

Top 8 best selling Kindle book downloads in 2014 for Kevin Hunter

1) Jagger’s Revolution
Jagger's Revolution by Kevin Hunter
2) Dude 101
Dude 101 by Kevin Hunter
3) Divine Messages for Humanity
4) Connecting with the Archangels
5) Paint the Silence
6) Warrior of Light
7) Paint the Silence: A Screenplay
Paint the Silence: A Screenplay
8) Raising Your Vibration




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