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Transcending Utopia: Reopening the Pathway to Divinity

Transcending Utopia is packed with both practical and spirit knowledge that focuses on enhancing your life through empowering divinely guided spiritual related teachings, inspiration, wisdom, guidance, and messages.

The way to accelerate existence on Earth towards Utopia is if every person on the planet resided in their soul’s true nature, which is in a state of all love, joy, and peace.  The ultimate Nirvana is surpassing that perfection through methods that a limited consciousness could ever dream possible.  This is the exceptional glory your soul was born into before the dense turbulence of Earthly life enveloped and suffocated you.

Transcending Utopia is to go beyond your limits and travel outside of the generic mundane materialistic achievement that human beings taught one another to thrive for.  A utopian society is where everything is perfectly blissful on all levels according to the sanctified values you were born with.  The sensations connected to how flawless everything feels in that moment reveals the authentic perfection you were made from.  Utopia is the ideal paradise as imagined in one’s dreams that seems to be inaccessible by human standards.  It is a state of mind that is possible to reach by adopting broader ways of looking at circumstances while being disciplined about how you conduct your life.

Deep down every soul longs for that heavenly excellence of unabashed joy and serenity.  It is the space where unwavering love and harmony envelop and lift you upwards into the almighty Divine.   Transcending beyond the dull insensible frustrated Earthly life and into the natural condition the soul once habited is a goal that delights reminding you of where it came from.  You search for a sign of this utopia through external means, only to be consistently left with disappointment.  This is because utopia begins and ends inside the spark that burns within your spirit like a pilot light waiting to be ignited.

Sections Included:  Opening the Pathway to Divinity, Boundaries Enhance Your Vibration, Sensitivities Are a Gift From the Divine, Communicating with the Divine Brings in a Higher Love, Blocking Divine Guidance, Psychic Abilities Are Built Into All Souls, How Much Does Your Spirit Team Know?, Stomp Out the Fear and Master Ingenious Confidence, Balancing Healthy Selfishness and Selflessness, The Core Soul Groups: Soul Contracts, Healing and Transformation, The Process of Grieving From a Soul Level, Exhibiting Fearlessness, Philosophizing Boundless Infinite Guidance.

Reopening the Pathway to Divinity

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Mistreatment is considered one of the most distasteful quality traits for Spirit to witness in humankind

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The #1 trait that Spirit doesn’t like to see is someone mistreating or disrespecting another person in any form. This means a certain amount of decorum and etiquette is something they prize. Mistreatment is considered one of the most distasteful quality traits for God to witness. Sadly that’s also the top trait that is displayed on the planet by humankind around the clock.

There are different shades of mistreatment and disrespect that exist. Someone treated you unkindly and the natural reaction is to be reactive or defensive, so you lash out in retaliation. There’s also that fine line between how far you intend to go with mistreating another person to deciding to limit your reactions to slights on your ego by choosing your battles wisely and selectively.

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
are available in paperback and kindle wherever books are sold.

The Wise Ones Death and Rebirth Shedding of the Physical Self

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It takes some people one smack to lose their faith and forget their purpose. Jesus endured more than four dozen lashes and he still hung in there through the bruising, the lacerations, the infection, the nerve damage, the excruciating pain, the emotional strain, the tearing and bleeding of the skin. I can take hundreds of lashings and I have, because warrior souls are built to withstand pain.

Even while being pulled across the dirt with my armor scraping and clinging to my body, and my sword being dragged behind me as I claw towards salvation, I clairaudiently hear them through the thud as their force takes over. My vision ahead is of the sky cracking open with Light and the words echoing, “Stand up child.”

Crawling out of the Earth plane gasping for air, strength, and energy, the soul part of me makes it to the doorway into the next dimension. I fall to my knees defeated as my physical body gives out and I can no longer be contained in its beaten vessel. We’re not allowed to falter or weaken, but my head drops touching the ground which instantly ignites a huge burst of positive strong energy that lights up and slams around me.

This light force vibrates with the magnitude of ten destructive Earthquakes overpowering my human physical body and crushing it in the process. Who I really am, and not the mask I wear, breaks through shooting upwards rapidly at the speed of sound. It looks like a ray of colored light travelling vertically into the sky like a rocket that breaks the clouds apart in an explosion.

This is how the souls move in the heavenly realms. Eyes look away and towards where you want to go next, and you’re instantly soaring into that place envisioned. The ray of light travels so quickly you don’t even realize that you were traveling. Meanwhile, my physical human body disintegrates into dust and penetrates the Earthly ground with all traces disappearing.

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
are available in paperback and kindle wherever books are sold.

Communicating with angels, spirit guides, and the other side can be done through thoughts, voice, and words.

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You’re wrestling with an issue, so you request heavenly intervention and assistance mentally or out loud in a prayer. It feels rushed or forced and your ego gets in the way convincing you that no one can understand or hear you from above. You are heard regardless of your state of being at that moment and regardless if you think your request for help sounds messed up or garbled. With intention simply saying, “Help!”, has already formed the connection.

Sometimes when you’re in a discombobulated state, it’s easier to sit down and write it out in an email, on a notepad, or wherever you usually write. I email my letters to God and council to myself and file it away in a folder marked, “Angels”. This is where thousands of letters and private communications with my team live.

Writing instead of speaking or thinking the words can help you articulate it more efficiently. It forces you to stop for a moment and type out what you’re experiencing. This is also therapeutic giving you a sense of calm. The sudden feeling of serenity is the angels easing the stress you’re feeling as you write it out. You’ve also moved into a forced stillness, which helps them to get to work on you easier. It can also help you make sense of the words you’re putting out into the Universe.

As a writer, I find writing assists with bringing on clarity and focus, but not everyone is comfortable with writing something out. I have friends who are naturally sociable and prefer to speak the words rather than write them out. These are the gifted speakers that dominate through voice, rather than the pen.

One friend has said in the past repeatedly, “I talk. You write.” Those friends tend to leave me long voice messages that cut them off and they have to call back and continue in another voice box. There are times I do call them and say, “I want to talk about this, but I’m going to write you first. Then we’ll discuss it.” Everyone has different ways of communicating from one another that dominate. This is the same way all souls have varying psychic gifts from one another that also dominate. In the end, it doesn’t matter how you communicate with Heaven, but that you do.


Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
are available in paperback and kindle wherever books are sold.

Guides and Angels reside in the dimension above the Earth’s plane

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Not all spirit beings have wings, and this includes angels, even though artists have been depicting angels with wings for eons. This is due to the light of the angel being so bright that it seems as if there are wings behind them. Angels appear how they want to for that specific person. Sometimes they appear as a human being that shows up to help you in some way, and then they vanish without a trace. Most angels typically appear as white and/or blue sparkling lights. They are androgynous and are not in a human physical form, even though they may appear that way to ease the human mind. Guides and Angels reside in the dimension above the Earth’s plane. It is easier to connect to them than if they were in one of the higher dimensions. Your Spirit team can see, hear, and feel you through this domain, but you will have a tougher time connecting with them in return due to the heavy density wall that separates these worlds.

You can learn how to recognize your own psychic gifts
with my pocket book, “Spirit Guides and Angels“,
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Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
are available in paperback and kindle wherever books are sold.

Rare planetary occurrence with no planets retrograde. Bright blessings of abundance up ahead.

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Planetary Talk: We’re moving into a period of about four to five weeks where there will be no planets moving retrograde. This is a super rare occurrence as there is usually at least one planet stalling movement. Mercury is prepping to move direct over the course of this weekend. This is bringing up all sorts of glitches and issues, but it will cease after a number of days. Things will gradually begin to lighten up except for some intense bumps around next Thursday. Then it’s smooth sailing until February 7th when Jupiter the planet that bestows blessings moves retrograde. The rest of January will be a time of exceptional clarity and bright abundance flowing in on all levels. Venus the planet of love is hanging out in the psychic sign of love filled Pisces. All things pertaining to love will rise and keen psychic intuitive perceptions will be incredibly stronger than usual. Use this time to move forward with anything and everything you’ve always wanted to do. This will be an upbeat time and you’ll want to take advantage of that before Jupiter brings all of that to halt in February.


Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
are available in paperback and kindle wherever books are sold.

New Year Forecast: Part 1 Channeling energy positively. Avoid fear and worry.

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As we move into the New Year, one of the things to remember when channeling energy in a positive direction is to avoid getting caught up in the grips of fear. Fear energy is one of the most dangerous energies ever attributed to humankind. It has been amazingly excessive for centuries that it triggers all sorts of destruction on the planet and on each other. From the perspective of an angel, you can imagine what that looks like seeing comets darted around like a tennis ball getting everyone nowhere. 

Fear and worry plague the planet to an unhealthy degree causing it to expand and shoot out into the universe only to dart right back down like a boomerang in an explosion. The fear and worry energy has been especially magnified lately and this past year due to how quickly information is transmitted through the media and online surrounding the current opposing political climate in the United States. This fear originates within all of the individual souls on Earth and multiplies creating a fire that burns and destroys everything in its wake. Fear and worry do nothing to help anyone.

None of the drama that goes on matters in the end because there is indeed a Divine plan for everything that takes place even if one cannot see that while in the moment. No one is ever truly in any kind of danger and all is always well in the end. Even a physical human death is not the end. The only thing that matters is love. The best way to channel energy positively is to remember all things connected to love. Love is what can kill fear and worry.

Bring your soul to that beautiful glorious space of centeredness, serenity, and peace. Ignore the drama swirling around you and view circumstances from an emotionally detached perspective without judgment. Increase your faith through prayer and regular conversations with the Divine, knowing and understanding that you are loved and watched over.

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
are available in paperback and kindle wherever books are sold.

Christmas time is a reminder that life is all about LOVE.

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It’s the most magical time of the year, but the lack of love continues to be prevalent making it less enchanting. Remember to love and accept others even if their values are differing from yours. This is easier said than done since many have forgotten about the basic concept of what love is. While it’s always been like that, it has been especially evident all year more than any other. Humanity still has a long way to go.

Treat everyone with kindness and compassion even if they don’t share your values. This goes for all sides as all have been guilty of it. It’s not okay to treat others badly. It’s not okay to abuse the luxuries you’ve been given as a free will thinking conscious being. It’s one thing to defend yourself from someone who has accosted or randomly disrespected you, but it’s another to take it upon yourself to harass someone because they’re not your clone. You reach no middle ground when you’re that rigid. 

The ultimate reason all are here is to love and to learn how to love. You cannot learn that unless you’re thrown onto a planet with others who are different from you. Learn to accept others and see someone’s personal truth. You’re not saying you agree with them, but a way shower illuminates the way by example.

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If you take anything away from Christmas weekend it should be that all are here to learn to love. It isn’t just during the Christmas season, but all year round. Be as Christ was and is. He is all love and forgiveness shining his light down all those void of love and in great need of healing and clarity. He loves all without judgement. 

“Worthy our Savior of all our praises”

While many enjoy the long Christmas weekend, there are still a great many people who continue to struggle and suffer making it just another day for them. Do they know it’s Christmas time?

These words should lead to an action let alone an epiphany by viewing circumstances from the angle of an angel.

“There’s a world outside your window
And it’s a world of dread and fear
Where the only water flowing is the bitter sting of tears
And the Christmas bells that ring there
Are the clanging chimes of doom
Well tonight thank God it’s them instead of you.”

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
are available in paperback and kindle wherever books are sold.

Mercury Retrograde now through January 8, 2017.

Image may contain: tree, outdoor and natureIt’s that time again. Planet Mercury is stationary and prepping to move retrograde now thru January 8th. The next three weeks will be a time to go back and re-evaluate anything and everything that needs addressing. Even if you don’t, you’ll likely be faced with that task regardless. The Mercury Retrograde cycle has a habit of putting up roadblocks and delays of all kinds preventing one from moving forward until after it goes direct in January. The theme this retrograde is focusing on anything having to do with regret. You cannot change the past. Dwelling on it helps no one, but stalls you from moving forward. It’s stuck energy that is an abundance block. This theme is applied to all aspects of your life whether personally or globally.


This letting go of the past includes those perpetually ‘stuck’ and obsessing over the U.S. election results.  I’m surprised so many are still mired in that negative energy.  What a horrid place to put yourself in for so long.   The next three weeks will force many to work on accepting it and letting it go.   As I mentioned way back in August of 2015 when I predicted what was to take place, it has all come true exactly as I laid out.  It is for a reason beyond your understanding or control.


This will be a transitional time to make your peace with anything that has happened to date that is beyond your control. Accept it and move forward fearlessly creating a new road map with a brighter outlook. The second week of January will be safe to take action on any ideas that rise during the rest of 2016.


Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
are available in paperback and kindle wherever books are sold.

Kevin Hunter Books

Kevin Hunter is the author of numerous spiritually based books attracting in loyal readers from all corners of the globe.  He is also a love expert, sage, and clairaudient, claircognizant, channeler residing along the coast of Southern California. 

Professional Bio:

Kevin Hunter is an author, love expert, and channeler.   The majority of his works are in the metaphysical genre.  His spiritually based empowerment and inspirational books include, Warrior of Light, Empowering Spirit Wisdom, Realm of the Wise One, Reaching for the Warrior Within, Darkness of Ego, Ignite Your Inner Life Force, Tarot Card Meanings, and Awaken Your Creative Spirit.

The warrior of light series of pocket books include, Spirit Guides and Angels, Soul Mates and Twin Flames, Divine Messages for Humanity, Raising Your Vibration, Connecting with the Archangels, Four Psychic Clair Sense, and The Seven Deadly Sins.

Kevin grew up in an abusive violent household, which propelled him downward into a sea of addictions to escape through alcohol, drugs, or anything else he could get his hands on. A lifelong sufferer of social anxiety and ADD, he managed to find the one positive thing that was always constant, which is a focused clear connection with his Spirit team on the other side. As a result, with their help he began writing out the many ways they’ve positively helped him throughout his life and how they can help those interested or ready for it. Kevin has been hailed to be a strong forceful wise one that is supremely direct. His divinely guided books are intended to inspire, enlighten, and empower those suffering or struggling in the physical world.

His others books include the dating handguide which is one half practical and one half spiritual, Love Party of One, the horror/drama, Paint the Silence, and the modern day trashy beach love story, Jagger’s Revolution. His books tend to have a strong male protagonist where he tackles a variety of subjects.

Kevin has been featured and discussed in three books by best selling spiritual author, Doreen Virtue called, The Miracles of Archangel Gabriel, Angel Detox, and Living Pain Free.

Pre-Author Professional Bio:

Kevin began work in the entertainment field weeks after his 23rd birthday joining one of Hollywood’s most respected actors at the height of her box office fame, Michelle Pfeiffer.   The sharp, film-literate worked as her development dude at her company, Via Rosa, where he read and provided coverage on potential projects searching for strong female driven characters-no victims.  He worked through the company’s development and film productions of One Fine DayA Thousand Acres, and The Deep End of the Ocean.

After a number of years, Pfeiffer dissolved her company, and Kevin made an immediate move into coordinating Film Productions for some of the major Hollywood studios.   With a strong work ethic, he continued to hammer his name into stone in the film industry working with some highly well known talent, producers, and directors while adding to a mounting list of production credits.

Some of his other film work credits includes Antonio Bandera’s directorial debut of, Crazy in Alabama, Via Rosa’s Original Sin with Angelina Jolie and Antonio Banderas, The Perfect Storm with George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, and Dr. Dolittle 2 with Eddie Murphy. He subsequently reunited with Pfeiffer’s ex-producing partner, Kate Guinzburg, at her short-lived company with veteran Producer, Martin Bregman (Scarface, Serpico), to assist in bringing the Julia Stiles and Shirley MacLaine film Carolina through development and production.

After  years of working on back to back films, Kevin transitioned into work as an author as he entered his 30’s and beyond.   He started out writing essays about love, dating, relationships, and sex before primarily becoming a spiritual author and teacher.

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
are available in paperback and kindle wherever books are sold.

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