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Love and Christmas, Archangel Gabriel, the Wise Men and Saint Nathaniel

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There is no philosophical or theological comprehension I can give that could articulate the power of that holiest of nights centuries ago. The Star of Bethlehem was a rare planetary alignment that took place in 6 BC when Jesus Christ was born. The sun, Jupiter, the Moon and Saturn were all laid out in this brilliant bright magical succession lighting up the night sky.

The Three Wise Men astrologers saw this alignment and psychically predicted a birth of a ruler with a special purpose that day around the cusp of Pisces and Aries. What matters most was the love and compassion that Jesus never stopped emanating.

Out of all my historical psychic related connections, Jesus is the strongest causing me to physically weaken and buckle, because the love he radiates wherever he moves is too potent for the human body to withstand. Human beings don’t have the capacity to survive that kind of love because it inflames and bursts the soul apart when it moves near it. This affects the physical body, but when the soul is freed from it, then the power the spirit experiences is unreal.

One of the wise magi has been my top writing guide for the last ten years, the stern archaic Saint Nathaniel, which my readers are aware of. The manager of my writers work has been the Archangel Gabriel who was also present that holy night. I cannot celebrate Christmas without celebrating the King’s birth. ⛪️🎄🙏💕❤️

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Feminine Mother energy is combining strength with compassion, regardless of your gender. Salma Hayek rules with an iron fist in “Savages”

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Feminine Mother energy is combining strength with compassion, regardless of your gender. Others have pointed out they’ve noticed that the only women around me tend to be extremely strong and tough. They are natural born warrior souls who’ve expressed occasional concerns that they have a challenging time injecting “Yin” feminine energy.

Actress, Salma Hayek, played such a woman as a powerful ruthless cold Mexican Drug Lord in Oliver Stone’s “Savages”. Her character ultimately stems from her doing everything and anything possible to make sure her children are taken care of, even if it means standing in a position as the head of a savage merciless drug cartel. There are no boundaries when it comes to the protectiveness that a Mother typically has by nature.

Her character never falters until someone kidnaps and ransoms her daughter to get to her, then you really witness the unraveling of this woman and her savagery. Knowing she’s doing this for her kids, she understands they don’t share their fondness for her mother being a Drug Kingpin. She says at one point, “I am very proud that my daughter says she is ashamed of me.” You see the heart and the warmth come out in between the violence.

One of my friends is Salma’s agent, and I remember about fifteen years ago they gave her a script to play another femme fatale, and Salma just went off and said, “No, no, no, I don’t want to be a whore no more! I was a whore in the “From Dusk Til Dawn”, I was a whore in the “Dogma”, a whore in the “Wild, Wild West”, I don’t want to be a whore – no more!”

~  Kevin Hunter

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Traveling back home to Heaven’s Realm Paradise where the Wise Ones and Elemental’s reside

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A massive waterfall sound gushes out like an exploded geyser filling up my clairaudience channel overtaking any other sound that exists around me in real time. It overflows my heart transporting me home again. The waterfall is not a quiet brook trickling lightly as if in a peaceful Zen Garden, but instead roars powerfully as if standing in front of Niagara Falls. It spills over a jagged rock formation with several other waterfalls near it falling freely with force into the crystal clear, pollution free, drinkable blue water below. At the bottom of each of the surrounding waterfalls, steam rises upwards right back into it enveloping it like a hug peeling away to reveal the glimpse of a glowing stone like structure protruding out of it.

Sparkling rays of colored light shoots across the brightly lit sky at boundless speed before evaporating into the warm 75 degree winds. Exotic birds of every variety fly around singing beautiful heavenly sounds bringing the flowers to life, which are astoundingly vibrant, lush, pumping of rich color, and bathed in shiny white diamond lights radiating within and around them. They are alive like the flowers that sing in the animated feature, Alice in Wonderland.

Fireflies, dragonflies, and butterfly’s travel in packs towards their homes in the nearby forest. They also have a spark of light that resembles the firework sparklers you see on the Fourth of July. You can hear and feel the electricity that surrounds them because this place is magically wide awake, conscious, and active with pulsating color. Flickers of light are painted everywhere like glitter run amass on a canvas painted by Jackson Pollock.

A darker violet ray of light soars at bullet speed above it all that you almost miss it before it lands on one of the large boulder rocks at the top of a waterfall. Fading out of its surrounding violet light, it appears to be a figure draped in a long dark cloak and hood covering its face. There’s an immediate snapping sound and the cloak flies off to the side in mid-air almost like a magician with a cape. This cape evaporates into a million little shining lights that fade into the running water.  Looking closer at the figure, it appears to be me.

Excerpt from my book
Realm of the Wise One

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
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The Christ Energy is in Full Play Easter Weekend

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I was climbing up with my phone strapped to me. The camera took this shot without me realizing it. Didn’t see it until later in the camera roll. Never saw the cross while there. Wasn’t paying attention. Not the first time the Christ energy has been revealed to me in interesting look at me ways. You can tell cause if I was taking the shot, I would’ve at least aimed it correctly and centered it. The big JC always appears during times of high anxiety, chaos, sandstorms. All of which bounce off the charts especially during a Full Moon.

I’ve always had a strong connection with Jesus Christ.  When I’ve said that some flinch uncomfortably.  This is because they automatically associate his name with something negative due to horribly some of his alleged followers have behaved with others.   I can assure you that they be his followers, but know nothing about him.  It is unfortunate they’ve naively caused others to turn away from him simply because of their poor judgmental behavior.   I know Christ.  I’ve had a long running relationship with him that has endured lifetimes.  He is nothing what some claim him to be.

{Jesus Christ is touched on in several of my books such as
Warrior of Light or the pocket book Divine Messages for Humanity}

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
are available in paperback and kindle wherever books are sold.

Time to clean house literally and metaphorically. Eliminate all forms of negativity and cut out the shady, disrespectful, and the nasty.

The current messages are to spend the rest of the month of April cleaning house metaphorically and literally.   This is a period of going back into time to right any wrongs, to dispose and eliminate or reduce toxin intake, and anything that is of not of a high vibration, as well as anything that is stalling you from continuing onward and upward. This is also a time to get re-organized and correct and re-do anything that you feel was never perfect or could be improved.   This is also a time to cut out people in your life that do nothing, but bring you down or cause negative feelings and emotions.   It’s time to say your peace with them and wrap up the connection. It’s time to let go of anything that causes negative emotions you. Begin the process of removal over the course of the coming weeks and prepare yourself for a brand new chapter.

Not all connections are intended to last a lifetime. Some are temporary in order to teach you something valuable to take with you on the next chapter of your journey. This includes the connections that brought you anxiety or upset.   They too were intended to teach you what not to accept in your life.   You gained crucial and important positive traits to add onto the many layers that make up the sole you this lifetime. This also goes for the bad apples you run into from time to time that say unkind things to you or about you.   This also goes for anyone that tries to stop you from accomplishing what you need to do. Their resistance should make you stronger. You may not immediately see what you could have possible gained from them, but you must discover that on your own time or you will continuously face another similar challenge until you’ve come to the conclusion what it was that you needed to know.

I have an endless amount of wonderful amazing fans and readers. It’s been ever growing since my first book.   Like any group, many of them are awesome and filled with unwavering loyalty and love, but there are also the not so great fans that WANT. The ones that use you or try to get close to you in order to gain access to free information. My editor has always been on my case for years warning me with his constant practical reasoning, “These are your readers. They’re not your friends!” He is coming from a place of being protective of me, for those that feel that’s harsh. He’s known me personally for fifteen years so he definitely has my best interests at heart.   He’s also realistic and perhaps not as open to strangers as I have been in the past. He knows me in ways that only my real life friends know me, and not the way strangers or my readers know me.

It is true there are great deals of people that I don’t know in person who have attempted to infiltrate into my life for the purpose of egotistical gain. Some of them genuinely want to get to know me, which is fine and harmless if there really is a connection intended to be formed, while others have ulterior motives such as gaining access to the free information I’m speaking of. It’s taken me a while, but I’ve personally had to eventually come to terms with the fact that I am a public figure, whether I’m aware of it or not, or in denial of that, and whether or not I’ve come to terms with that part of my persona. The truth is that it’s not something I think about, but the more that people contact me who I don’t know and the more that people buy my books or follow my social media, then I have to be on guard to the ones that have the intention of using me.   For some of them, it is deliberate, and for others they do it out of naivety and simply not knowing any better that it’s inappropriate to contact people for free messages and information. You have to train people how to behave. You have to create boundaries with energies that are either trying to get close, or trying to do harm.

You can always tell who is a true friend and who isn’t. For one, your real friends know the nitty-gritty you and still stand by you. They know what you battle with on a regular basis, and do not need anything from you except YOU and your presence, and who you are. They don’t need or want gifts or free information, free advice, free readings, or free anything. They don’t care about any of that.   They know what makes you tick and what you’re really like, and they still stay. Whereas say a reader who befriends me is not a real friend if they’re befriending me merely to get close to a pubic figure, or to gain access to this free information I speak of such as psychic guidance and advice, which I rarely do for anyone anymore anyway, so if that’s your intention to get close, then keep on moving. I can see right through that even as you’re asking for it.

If you truly are a real fan and reader of my work, then you’ll read my works, you’ll post a glowing review on a book of mine that changed your life positively in some way. That’s how you can give back in return for the work that helped you. I don’t care if saying that sounds shady as RNA Renee Campbell of Centennial, Colorado believes, but menopause does skew your judgment forcing you to come from a place of untruth. It’s nothing to be ashamed about as it’s part of that juncture in your human life, but you do need to be responsible for your actions and words, especially when they’re false.

This is also a business whether anyone likes it or not, and whether I like it or not.   I’d be happy just writing books in the middle of nature somewhere and never communicating with anyone through a technological device ever again.   It would certainly be more peaceful! To be able to do your work and not have to state the obvious or read negative things that people post without thinking clearly, or dealing with people period, except for the circle of chosen ones who have your back no matter what. And I am certainly lucky to have them around me as they have a mafia like fighting loyalty for me and will take a baseball bat to your face if they discovered you slighted me in anyway.   I love my realm brothers and sisters, my soul family through all the good and the rotten.

Technological devices have their positives, but they also have the negatives due to who has access to those devices. Some people shouldn’t be allowed to have access to a computer or a phone.   Those avenues are filled with an enormous amount of masses of people who operate primarily from the darkness of ego. We witnessed that in 2016 with the constant bickering and snide energy over a political presidential election that carried on long after the election was over.   That was as low as the world has dropped in centuries.   It was sickening to see people posting nasty words on a regular basis. It literally made me physically ill as does most of the planet to begin with, but I knew what I was agreeing to when I decided to come to this Hell hole you call Earth.   I don’t care anymore. I don’t. I stopped caring a long time ago. I’m here to do a job and then I’m getting the fuck out of here.

I’ve given away endless free advice, guidance, psychic messages, words from the angels, and on and on. I’ve given away endless parts of myself to people I don’t know for free. And you can’t give anything away for free, especially not to a society that is looking for the next free hand out or who rules their lives by greed. When you give stuff away, people will take advantage of that. People are basically and innately shady and bad. To deny that is living in Fantasyland. It’s awesome to have an optimistic viewpoint as there aren’t enough people on the planet that observe that, but you can’t be in denial to the fact that the planet is building up to its disintegration of humankind.

All souls are born good and have no desire to grow up to be a militant, or a terrorist, or a nasty person posting nasty comments and words online about someone. They’re not born bad, or disrespectful, or shady. They are born with the most pure high vibrational love, serenity, and joy imaginable. They are giving beyond measure.   Somewhere along the way society and that souls surroundings corrupt them in a variety of ways. This is why many such as myself are here. and that is to right the wrongs and correct bad etiquette. Some will be snapped out of it realizing they are guilty, while others will simply continue down that spiral into low vibrational energy drowning into its epicenter for good.

I’ve given away endless free advice to people on a regular bases that need guidance or help, and I’ve done it without the desire for any return, but now that has stopped. I no longer give anything away. People have taken advantage of that and they’ve also harshly and wrongly criticized me because of that. This is the world we live in today that is full of low vibrational souls functioning from the base of the darkness of ego. You’ve got a long way to go in building yourself back up to the space you were in when you were first born.

All the information to the most common questions can be found in my books. If you’re truly a fan, then you’ll do the work and study up on the information to help you move to the next plateau. Study, study, study.   Or as my editor has said, “Don’t just read the words. Learn from them. Think about it. Let it become the marrow in your bones.”  I don’t owe anyone anything except my integrity and who I am and what I set out to do.

Praying for you to find peace and that space where love resides.   Learn to be able to get back to it when you’ve wavered or you’ve stepped out of bounds. There is still some sliver of hope for humanity.    Thank you to all of the high vibrational light workers, warrior of lights, wise ones, elementals, incarnated angels, and star people who work tirelessly to correct the damage that the darkness of ego has implemented onto the planet.


Kevin Hunter Books

Kevin Hunter is the author of numerous spiritually based books attracting in loyal readers from all corners of the globe.  He is also a love expert, sage, and clairaudient, claircognizant, channeler residing along the coast of Southern California. 

Professional Bio:

Kevin Hunter is an author, love expert, and channeler.   The majority of his works are in the metaphysical genre.  His spiritually based empowerment and inspirational books include, Warrior of Light, Empowering Spirit Wisdom, Realm of the Wise One, Reaching for the Warrior Within, Darkness of Ego, Ignite Your Inner Life Force, Tarot Card Meanings, and Awaken Your Creative Spirit.

The warrior of light series of pocket books include, Spirit Guides and Angels, Soul Mates and Twin Flames, Divine Messages for Humanity, Raising Your Vibration, Connecting with the Archangels, Four Psychic Clair Sense, and The Seven Deadly Sins.

Kevin grew up in an abusive violent household, which propelled him downward into a sea of addictions to escape through alcohol, drugs, or anything else he could get his hands on. A lifelong sufferer of social anxiety and ADD, he managed to find the one positive thing that was always constant, which is a focused clear connection with his Spirit team on the other side. As a result, with their help he began writing out the many ways they’ve positively helped him throughout his life and how they can help those interested or ready for it. Kevin has been hailed to be a strong forceful wise one that is supremely direct. His divinely guided books are intended to inspire, enlighten, and empower those suffering or struggling in the physical world.

His others books include the dating handguide which is one half practical and one half spiritual, Love Party of One, the horror/drama, Paint the Silence, and the modern day trashy beach love story, Jagger’s Revolution. His books tend to have a strong male protagonist where he tackles a variety of subjects.

Kevin has been featured and discussed in three books by best selling spiritual author, Doreen Virtue called, The Miracles of Archangel Gabriel, Angel Detox, and Living Pain Free.

Pre-Author Professional Bio:

Kevin began work in the entertainment field weeks after his 23rd birthday joining one of Hollywood’s most respected actors at the height of her box office fame, Michelle Pfeiffer.   The sharp, film-literate worked as her development dude at her company, Via Rosa, where he read and provided coverage on potential projects searching for strong female driven characters-no victims.  He worked through the company’s development and film productions of One Fine DayA Thousand Acres, and The Deep End of the Ocean.

After a number of years, Pfeiffer dissolved her company, and Kevin made an immediate move into coordinating Film Productions for some of the major Hollywood studios.   With a strong work ethic, he continued to hammer his name into stone in the film industry working with some highly well known talent, producers, and directors while adding to a mounting list of production credits.

Some of his other film work credits includes Antonio Bandera’s directorial debut of, Crazy in Alabama, Via Rosa’s Original Sin with Angelina Jolie and Antonio Banderas, The Perfect Storm with George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, and Dr. Dolittle 2 with Eddie Murphy. He subsequently reunited with Pfeiffer’s ex-producing partner, Kate Guinzburg, at her short-lived company with veteran Producer, Martin Bregman (Scarface, Serpico), to assist in bringing the Julia Stiles and Shirley MacLaine film Carolina through development and production.

After  years of working on back to back films, Kevin transitioned into work as an author as he entered his 30’s and beyond.   He started out writing essays about love, dating, relationships, and sex before primarily becoming a spiritual author and teacher.

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
are available in paperback and kindle wherever books are sold.

Paying homage to my guide Saint Nathaniel on All Saints Day

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Death and rebirth took place on Halloween night giving you a clean slate on All Saints Day today November 1st. This marks the beginning of the spiritual New Year for all of us. Look upon the path ahead with a fresh perspective and embrace it in the right spirit.

It’s fitting that I pay homage to one of my top task master guides over the last decade who has been responsible for much of my spiritual work that others have read. His name is Saint Nathaniel (sometimes refers to himself as Bartholomew). He is a Wise One teacher and Saint who was also one of the disciples of Jesus. He is an exceptional astrologer, philosopher, and teacher. Many of my readers are aware of this as he has been mentioned throughout my past work.

During the initial years I was working with Nathaniel, I was unaware that he was a Saint since it wasn’t like he said, “Hi, I’m Saint Nathaniel.” At the time he would say his name, “Nathaniel” and sometimes he’d use the name “Bartholomew”. His tone and language is vastly different than my other guides. It’s more archaic, stern, and dominating than the others. It’s as if you’re also communicating with someone with an accent. It would be years until I realized who he was as a man when living an Earthly life all those centuries ago.

Nathaniel has been a crucial force in any and all words I utter that are aligned with humanity. Humanity has been in desperate need of a real awakening. That is obviously coming from Nathaniel since before that point I could careless. He played a huge part at altering my perception of human life and the reality of it all those years ago. He snaps his finger in front of me to alert me to something and his hand lifts up pointing in the direction he wants me to pay attention to. It’s like a publicist directing their client to the camera they need to look at. I started “seeing” things that I had never noticed before. Those around me noticed this enormous metamorphoses taking place with me at this same time that forever altered me. This and much more I owe to Saint Nathaniel.

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
are available in paperback and kindle wherever books are sold.

Warrior of Light: Messages from my Guides and Angels

Warrior of Light:

Messages from my Guides and Angels

There are legions of angels, spirit guides and departed loved ones in Heaven that watch and guide each of us on our journey here on Earth. They are around to make our lives easier and less stressful. How many of us pay attention to the nudges, guidance and messages? There are many who live lives full of negativity and stress trying to make ends meet. This can shake your faith as it leads you down paths of addictions, unhealthy life choices and negative relationship connections. Learn how you can recognize the guidance of your own Spirit team of Guides and Angels around you.

Author, Kevin Hunter relays Heavenly guided messages about getting humanity, the world and yourself into shape. He passes on the guidance he was given by his own Spirit team on how to fine tune your body and in raising your vibration. Doing this will help you gain hope and faith in your own life in order to start attracting in more good stuff.

In “Warrior of Light: Messages from my Guides and Angels” read about the messages and guidance that Heaven has for humanity to wake them up and improve themselves. Included are your changing friendships, soul mates and twin flames, Hell, the Devil and the Ego. What happens to our spirit and soul as well as spirit guides, guardian angels and cord cutting. Read about raising your vibration, fitness and health changes, awakening your inner child, receiving divine messages, channeling, blocks and much, much more!


Chapter 1 
Spirit Guides and Angels
What are Spirit Guides and Angels?
How Do Guides and Angels Communicate With Us?
Reaching for the Warrior Within

Chapter 2 
Hell and the Devil: The Real Monsters of Society. The Ego

Chapter 3 
What Happens to Our Spirit and Soul When We Die?

Chapter 4 
Raising Your Vibration to a Higher Level
Breathing and Stretching
Cuddling, Hugging & Touching
Emotional Eating
Harsh Energies
Exercise and Fitness
Removing Addictions and Negative Substances
Clear the Clutter
Avoid Gossip
Awaken Your Inner Child Through Joy
Remain Optimistic

Chapter 5 
Purification Keeps Your World Clear
Cord Cutting
Disengage from Anguish
Etheric Creatures Gnawing on my Light
Life Purpose
Divine Timing
The White Light

Chapter 6 
Friendships Change as you Evolve
We Are All Teachers
Dissolving Friendships

Chapter 7 
The Human Heart: Relationships, SoulMates and Twin Flames
Dysfunctional Relationships
Soul Mates
Twin Flames
Reconnecting With a Past Ex
The Human Heart
Asking For Help In Finding a Soul Mate


Chapter 8 
Prayers, Affirmations, Manifesting

Chapter 9 
Empathy and Emotional Detachment

Chapter 10 
Signs of Messages from Heaven
Trust in Divine Communication
Examples of Spirit Intervention
Receiving Messages Through Multiple Clairs
Receiving Claircognizance Messages
Hearing the Right Voices
Ignoring Heavenly Messages
Spirit in the Sky

Chapter 11
What does Heaven say about Homosexuality?

Chapter 12
Connecting with the Archangels
Archangel Michael
Archangel Raphael
Archangel Gabriel
Archangel Uriel
Archangel Nathaniel
Archangel Jophiel
Archangel Raziel
Archangel Ariel
Archangel Haniel
Archangel Azrael
Archangel Metatron
Archangel Sandalphon
Archangel Raguel
Archangel Chamuel
Archangel Zadkiel
Archangel Jeremiel
Jesus Christ

Questions From Readers About Spirit Guides & Angels

Available in paperback and e-book



What Readers Have Said:

“Great insights in this book! The words resonated with my soul. Loved it, Loved it, Loved it!” – A Reader

“A wonderful book that inspires and gives you faith in an honest and frank way. A breath of fresh air. This lovely book is a must read from such a talented soul.” – A Reader

“This is a special book that will give answers or peace to others in so many ways.” – A Reader

“I read the Warrior of Light book in separate chunks to really get the full value of it and the author’s experience. I enjoyed it! The writing style is directed towards the more masculine/male audience, and maybe one at the beginning of a spiritual path.” – A Reader

“More clarity came as I went back and re-read Warrior of Light from the beginning. I’m drawn to the author’s story and for our similarities. As I was reading it I felt like the author was reading my mind, and relaying excerpts from my life. Until, I read Warrior of Light, I felt very alone in this process of overcoming. There really are no words I can find to thank this author for being the beacon of light at the end of this transition from ‘victim’ to the person I am today.” – A Reader

“I’ve been reading “Warrior of Light”. I love how the author describes cord cutting and shielding. It is so helpful! I enjoyed the writing.” – A Reader

“I read the Warrior of light book. I loved every page! It is not the type of book that you read one time. This book has definitely become #1 in my list of favorite books.” – A Reader

“I love the way the author makes spirituality come across so realistic! Even the non-believers would be interested to follow such a practical approach.” – A Reader

“After reading Warrior of Light, I see Kevin Hunter definitely gaining access to the hearts of the men who want to read his books. The people who need to hear about angels for one from a male point of view.” – A Reader

“I read more of the Warrior Of Light book and about the Archangels. I really give Kevin Hunter a lot of credit for writing and being a messenger for others. It’s working! I just finished ordering some of his other books. Every book of Kevin’s has me so interested. So much of my own life changes are happening fast because of these great messages in them! His books are a God sent for sure!” – A Reader

Publication Date:
June 17, 2013
0615972942 / 9780615972947
Page Count:
Binding Type:
US Trade Paper
Trim Size:
6″ x 9″
Black and White
Related Categories:
Body, Mind & Spirit / Angels & Spirit Guides


Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
are available in paperback and kindle wherever books are sold.

Spiritual Cocktail. The one hundred page Digital Book sampler available now.


The digital book Spiritual Cocktail is now available on places like Amazon, iTunesBarnes and Nobles, and Google Play.

Spiritual Cocktail is a 100 page sampler teaser of material from several spiritually based books by author, Kevin Hunter. The chapter topics include: Spirit Guides and Angels, Communicating with Heaven, Soul Mates and Twin Flames, The Soul, Spirit and Power of the Light, What Happens To Your Spirit and Soul When You Die, The Higher Self, Law of Attraction, Karmic Debt, and Communicating with the Archangels. These are sample chapters from the books, Warrior of LightEmpowering Spirit WisdomDarkness of Ego, and Ignite Your Inner Life Force.



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Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
are available in paperback and kindle wherever books are sold.

Call upon Archangel Raphael to assist you in eliminating toxic vices

Efficient ways of eliminating a toxic addiction such as bad foods, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine, coffee is by gradually reducing it over time. Call upon Archangel Raphael and your Spirit team of Guides and Angels to assist you in eliminating any of those toxic vices that you wish you could stop. I grew up a pot head, a coke head, smoked cigarettes, drank coffee and was an alcoholic. I eliminated those things by asking my Spirit team for help. Working with them, we gradually reduced my intake of those vices over a period of time until I know longer craved it. If you partake in any or more of those vices, you’re not being judged or being asked to stop. These are personal choices you make on your own when you feel this is what you want to do. In the end, moderation is always the way to go. It’s less destructive to your life and surroundings.

I’ve had others tell me stories where they had many drinks one night and know how I feel about that. I’d have to correct them that I’ve never said I was anti-alcohol. I still have the occasional drink, but I just don’t drink until I black out. That’s the big misunderstanding. I’ve explained in one of my books that Heaven knows that in the end that souls operate from their highest frequency while clear minded, and if someone smokes pot or has a glass of wine a night, they hold no judgment if this is what that souls chooses. They only become concerned when they know it is not bringing that soul the happiness it craves. Or that it is destroying their life and those around them while holding that soul back from achieving greatness. Sharing some wine with a friend once in awhile is not going to banish you to Hell.

~  Kevin Hunter

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
are available in paperback and kindle wherever books are sold.


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