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Venus Retrograde’s focus is on beauty, relationships, emotions, money, and values

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Does it seem like things are getting a little exhausting, challenging, or stressful more than usual? Everything connected to beauty, relationships, emotions, money, and values will be tested and put up for evaluation through the end of November.

Some people will either grow more needy, co-dependent, and lacking in self-love, or they will disappear, detach, and isolate. One person may feel their self-esteem drop astronomically, while another person’s self-esteem will sky rocket into excessive vanity.

The Venus Retrograde induces opposing extremes surrounding your overall well-being state, all of which can be dangerous since it can lead to risky addictive behavior in those areas listed.

The intense energies have moved from a brew to a bubble before it will boil over in October. I’ve been receiving non-stop messages from people over the last few days that are stressed out or under some kind of pressure. When it’s that many people experiencing troubles at once, it’s usually related to intense planetary aspects.

Planet Venus had slowed down significantly towards the end of September as it preps to reverse its direction Friday, October 5th through Mid-November. When a planet shifts its speed and direction, then that tends to negatively affect behaviors in others. I usually sense it as it’s in motion, but my in-box with people needing help always increases during that time too.

Next couple of months take a step back and re-evaluate your perception and goals surrounding beauty, relationships, emotions, money, and values. Due to one’s clarity and perception in those areas, it’s best to avoid moving forward with anything new surrounding those matters until the end of November. Avoid starting any new financial investments, cosmetic beauty updates, and new relationships, etc.


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Venus moves direct. Opportunities with love, beauty, and money concerns open up.

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It is safe to move forward with love! Take the lessons you’ve learned and gained in the last six weeks and incorporate them into the new you as we move forward out of the Venus Retrograde transit that put a harsh spotlight on relationships, beauty, and money concerns.

After this weekend, it is safe to implement action in terms of those areas that have remained stagnant since the start of March. It will also be safe to approach that soul mate love interest you’ve had your eye on and see where it leads, as well as leave connections that no longer have a purpose.

I’ve witnessed and listened to accounts of endless relationships abruptly breaking apart over the last month and a half. My in-box tends to flood over more than usual during crucial Planetary transits, so I have an up close and personal view of how this affects so many people at once.

Circumstances may still be a little sketchy here and there over the next week or two as Venus levels out, but we are also in the depths of the Mercury Retrograde until May 1st. It is okay to end those relationships that have met their goal, fulfilled their purpose, or have been dead in the dirt for some time, but proceed with caution until May, or just wait it out a few more weeks to see how you feel.

I never advise anyone to leave someone during a Venus Retrograde no matter how anxious they are to do it, and they will be anxious as that’s a side effect of the transit. It’s best to hold off and wait until Venus moves direct as your perception clears up at that point, and you’re much calmer and focused about it.

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The Venus Retrograde Pushes You to Re-evaluate All Relationships

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Venus is about to move retrograde this Saturday March 4th. It’ll be 40 days of reverting back to the drawing board where love, relationships, beauty, and money are concerned. The energy of the Venus Retrograde prompts one to reflect on those issues in a deeper way and examining where changes needs to be made.

The negative side effects to the Venus Retrograde can be a sudden tendency to feel greatly neglected, unloved, or be unable to love. Co-dependency and neediness will rise up to the surface. Examining ones overall sense of self and appearance to an unhealthy degree will become the theme from March-April.

Many relationships tend to break apart during a Venus Retrograde. These are the connections that were already on unstable ground to begin with. A solid relationship can withstand the Venus Retrograde energy.

It is possible to easily fall in love with someone new during a Venus Retrograde transit, but it’s best to wait until after Venus has moved direct before making a move. The energy prompts one to view others through a rose colored lens that seems to drop away when Venus goes direct causing one to wonder what they were thinking.

The benefits of the Venus Retrograde is the taking a step back to evaluate all of your connections and needs. Which ones need to be boosted up, which ones need to be dissolved, or modified. Release unhealthy partnerships whether it be friendships or lovers. This is also a good time to dust off projects, business ideas, and bring anything to completion that needs to be wrapped up.

Exes and old friendships tend to pop back in during a Venus Retrograde. I’ve already had numerous past lovers and friends popping back in again over the last number of days in a big way. Nostalgic feelings rise amidst the sudden neediness energy and one tends to realize what they lost or what’s missing in a bigger way during this transit.

It’s ironic that the planet Venus in this solar system has such a huge effect on love and relationships, but the planet itself is deadly to live on.  One day on planet Venus equals to about 3 1/2 months of Earth time.  The atmosphere is extremely toxic made up of sulfuric acid and temperatures reaching almost 900 degrees, which is hot enough to melt lead. The planet has an eerie look to it and at times even appears to have a glow in the dark effect.

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New Moon and Venus in Sagittarius this week enhance optimism and cheeriness

What can everyone expect this week? Big, happy changes! Isn’t it nice to hear something enthusiastic and promising in a world that sometimes feels like it’s dominated by greed, selfishness and stress? This card message is right on par with some wonderful interpersonal planetary transits building right now.

The New Moon in Sagittarius this Saturday is a brilliant time to leap forward with anything you’ve had your heart set on, but have procrastinated or put off. New Moons are a time for new beginnings. This means it’s a great time to start whatever it is you’ve been deferring. Start that new book, that new work out regimen, that new job, that new project, that new relationship.

Infusing the New Moon into the sign of Sagittarius and you have cheer all around! The Sagittarian energy is known for leaping forward and often times without looking or thinking twice about it. However, this is a positive transit so leaping forward at this time is not predicted to be challenging much if at all. Sagittarians are optimism personified, so that means if there is a set back, they simply climb back on that horse and charge in the other direction with an ever pasted smile on their face.

The planet Venus, which governs and influences relationships of all kinds, moves out of jealous, intense, secretive and moody Scorpio and right on into dynamic, blunt and bold Sagittarius. Although Scorpions are more one on one when it comes to love, the Sagittarius energy is a big, bright, bold, hug to all who enter its vicinity.

The New Moon and Venus in Sagittarius this week is a double whammy of luck, so be sure to use this boosted energy to your advantage, since it will not last long! But if you’re a Sagittarius, you likely know how to bounce right back up. Sagittarians tend to be otherworldly, philosophical, while seeing things in a confident light. That means the influences this week will light a firecracker under souls to get a move on with anything that has been tugging onto their heart strings as of late this week. The energy is brave, fiery and adventurous! It is no surprise my Spirit team had me flip over the “Big, Happy Changes” message.

~  Kevin Hunter

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Tons of interpersonal planets transiting the next few days. Moon, Venus and Mercury.

Today is the second New Moon of the month. It’s important to keep your thoughts positive everyday, but today it is even more beneficial. Whenever there is a New Moon, you are manifesting more than usual. This energy brings in whatever your thoughts are, so make sure they stay positive otherwise you will bring in more negativity.

Because this is the second New Moon this month, it is being called a “Black Moon”. It’s doubly powerful today. We won’t have a New Moon in February which is rare. Typically the New Moon happens once a month, just like a Full Moon.

Venus has almost completed its Retrograde cycle.  Tomorrow it will be stationary before it goes direct. Relationships for so many people have been put through the ringer over the past two months.  I had a friend call “Venus” the ‘bitch’.  This is actually not far off.  When Venus is retrograde, she indeed gets very nasty, as evident in the strained or crumbling relationships and friendships happening over the last two months.  When Venus moves forward, she is all about the love. When she is retrograde she seeks to end connections.  The truth about these connections and the direction they are meant to go in will be evident over the next month or two as Venus pushes forward this weekend.  Some couples who irrationally ended their connection during the retrograde may come back together realizing they acted in haste.  Usually the weaker act out during a retrograde since planets don’t break people up.  They do however direct particular energies that can prompt someone to act out.

Mercury is also in the shadow of its retrograde and moves completely retrograde February 6th.  Because of this, the February month is going to prompt others to go back over what they did during the Venus retrograde.

The worst is just about over after Friday when Venus moves direct, although do expect delays in immediate results or actions.  They will come about, but just more slowly than usual because of the two interpersonal planets in a retrograde cycle.  By March for sure, everyone will have a pretty good idea if they’re relationship that crumbled is indeed the end.  You never can be too sure during a Venus or Mercury Retrograde since it causes others to act impulsively and sometimes prematurely.

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Venus moves Retrograde prompting neediness and feelings of being unloved

The planet Venus is in the shadow prepping to move retrograde on December 21, 2013 until January 31, 2014. This will be an interesting and potentially problematic holiday season for many couples out there.

Between now and the end of January you might notice that many people will be needier than usual. It’s going to start building everyday as we move towards the end of December. They will be feeling heavily unloved and/or rejected. Some may even have tantrums that are disguised in the form of feeling victimized or martyrdom. This will not be a time to date or get involved with new people as the odds of it lasting will be slim. It will most likely be over at some point around Valentine’s Day making that an unhappy holiday.

If you do happen to meet someone after December 21st, then take it slow, do not move forward. Wait until February and you will know if you were seeing it with rose-colored glasses or not. Most likely you were blinded. Current friendships and relationships that have been rocky WILL end during the Venus Retrograde. Others will question their current friendships and relationships. They will axe those who are no longer fulfilling in any way. This is the benefit of Venus Retrograde is that you also cleanse and release friendships and relationships that have been toxic. Many will retreat, be distant or simply disappear for a while.

One of the dangers of the Venus Retrograde is that people tend to fall in love during this cycle. They are likely feeling lonely or needy and easily fall hard for someone new during the transit by putting them on a pedestal and idealizing them. This is exactly what you shouldn’t do. The potential mates that one is attracted to are also typically not what that person would normally be attracted to. When Venus moves forward, the rose-colored fog is lifted and they’re wondering what they saw in that person. Or worse that person’s true colors come out you find they’re not as interesting in you as you are of them.

On top of that, the person doing the sudden idealizing might have left the one that was supposed to be right for them as a partner. You can see how drama can ensue during a venus Retrograde when it comes to love. Planets don’t tear people up. They do however affect the energy. If a relationship was toxic to begin with, the Venus Retrograde is doing them both a favor by separating them.

On the brighter side, others will find that people from the past, such as ex-lovers and former friends will be popping back up for unfinished business or closure. Those are the only relationships during this period that have a shot at being rekindled and reworked. You will know by February if it’s a relationship that can start as a fresh new union or not.

This energy is due heavily to planet Venus moving Retrograde. Test my hypothesis before you discredit it and notice if any of these things I’ve mentioned happen between now and end of January. Remember, Eros doesn’t always play fair…

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Ask Jagger: I Like a Guy Who Isn’t Returning Those Feelings

Dear Jagger,

I wrote you a few weeks ago.  I’m a 36 year old woman and was the one who recently split up with my boyfriend of four years about a month ago.  There is a new guy I like who lives in New Mexico.  We’ve known each other for six years and communicate every now and then.  I had met him once years ago and we remained friends as he was in a relationship and so was I.  I live in L.A., but if we hit it off on this trip then we can make it work and he can move to me or I’ll move to him.


We decided that I would take two weeks off from work as I run my own business and am able to do that.  I would stay with him at his place which he offered as he didn’t want me staying at a hotel.  He works all day and I’ll see him when he comes home.  He has an ex-girlfriend whom he still talks to.

I’m on my second week with him now here in New Mexico and it’s been a disaster.  You were kind enough to write me back and told me not to stay at his place and not to go for two weeks.  I wish I listened because I don’t know what to think now.

I’m at his place at the moment and he’s been at work since 7 am.  I can’t figure out if he likes me or not.  I’m so bummed because his ex-girlfriend’s crap is still here.  So lame.

He hasn’t kissed me.  He cuddled with me last night, but only because I asked him too.  I asked him to give me a hug goodbye and I kissed him over and over on his neck.  I read somewhere you read cards as well, can you pull some on me just this once please?  I need answers and I just don’t know what to think.  Is he interested in me romantically?  If so, why hasn’t he tried?  I get mixed signals.  Is he unsure or afraid of hurting me or me hurting him?

At night he cuddles with me it’s amazing, but no making out and no sex.  He hasn’t tried.    Does he like me?  We got in a fight yesterday.  I got mad at him.  I felt like he was texting too much and it hurt my feelings so I confronted him.  Tonight we had a beautiful night.  I cooked.  We talked for a long time.  He kisses me in the morning, but nothing else.  No making out just pecks.  I don’t know what to do I’m going crazy.  I wanted to just go back  home yesterday.  I wish he would just tell me how he feels.  Is he interested in other women?  Does he like me, but just doesn’t know how to communicate this?

He is going to Florida in October and invited me.  I told him yesterday I like him a lot.  I asked him and he said he was too tired to get into it.  What do I do?  How do I know if he is interested or not? Should I just go home?  What if he doesn’t feel how I do?  I like him a lot.  His birthday is 4-19-72.


Dear Laura,

I think you’ve already given yourself the answer.  You’ve got enough here for the movie and the sequel after that.  You’ve also broken every rule in the dating handbook.  Speaking of which, you need my book, “Dude 101”, which I’m going to send you.  It’s not just for the boys as everyone goes through the same dating issues and you can simply pull out what applies to you regardless of gender.   You need to know how to navigate in those waters successfully.

I’m stumped as to why you’re chasing after a guy who isn’t being responsive. You don’t need a brick wall to fall on you to take a hint.  It’s not his job to give you what you want, but you have certain needs that you require in a relationship.  This guy cannot and will not ever give it.  Get out now while you can.  You may not want to hear this, but what they’re showing me is that this is not going to go the way you’re hoping.  I’m only saying this to prepare you.

He’s affectionate only when you ask him to be and you’re on his case over his bad habits like texting while with you. You can’t change someone and they certainly don’t want to listen to someone nagging them about it either.  Guys especially won’t listen to that.

There are several things going on wrong here.  Thank you for his birthdate as I was able to find that he’s got his Venus in Gemini and his Mars in Gemini.  The Venus and Mars signs are the placements you want to look at first to see how a particular person is when it comes to love.  His Venus is in Gemini, which is the least passionate placement of any of them.  This guy is not going to sweep you off your feet and bend you over the balcony and bang you.  He also doesn’t want to get into heavy emotional conversations over where you both are.  He finds that draining.  What he also finds draining is someone who is clingy and over giving and nurturing.  You need someone who is more expressive and appreciative of those qualities.  This Venus in Gemini makes him want to be a friends first kind of guy.  He also wants his freedom to come and go as he pleases with no restrictions.  His Mars is in Gemini which makes him easily bored and what happens when someone is bored?  They take off in search of other things that will amuse them.  How long before that becomes an issue for you?

At this stage if you were to continue, there needs to be a relinquishment of your need to control the outcome of this relationship.  This refers to the need to let go of your expectations with this person.  Letting go of one’s sense of control and expectations often requires leaps of faith.  However, it makes room for the divine to work its magic in our relationships.  Find the willingness to give up your own self-interests for the greater good of the relationship.  The act of love that has no strings attached to them. This is what many people refer to as unconditional love. This type of love includes the need to accept this person just as they are.   This can include becoming conscious of your own behaviors, defenses, and projections.  Give up your fixed and rigid concepts about how you think this relationship should be.

There is no collaboration or connection going on and there is also the pending temporary separation between one another due to long distance living arrangements.   He will not move to your city and you should not be moving to his.  Long distance relationships rarely work to begin with.

Ultimately I see you engaging in conflict and finding yourself disagreeing with him, leading to tension and hostility.  Despite thinking you have won, you may still end up the loser because you have hurt or annoyed him and have subsequently isolated yourself.  You try to pick up the pieces and act as if the conflict is now in the past but he has now lost faith in you and does not want to be around you.  This will feel like everyone is against you.  You will need to make a decision about whether your point of view is so important to you that it is ok to put your relationship with him in jeopardy, or whether you can compromise and try to see eye-to-eye.  Overall, you are in for a struggle and there is more work or problems ahead than you are aware of now. Things will not go as well as they should, and you will have conflicts or clashes of will with him.

Right now this union has already entered a critical phase and you’re not even in a relationship with him.  To remain in denial will only cause further upheaval and conflict.  Now is the time to cut it off or to become honest.   And I’m going to be honest with you.  Find someone who is more aligned with what you expect in a relationship, because it is not with this guy.  Walk away while you still have some dignity left.  If he’s really into you, then let him show it now.  You’ve done enough.

The second thing is you just got out of a serious relationship a month ago!  You shouldn’t be flying across states to land another man.  You should be taking a break and working on yourself.  You are not ready to be dating anybody right now.  Give it a few months.  The right guy is coming to you, but won’t be appearing for at least another six months.  By that time you will be more content with being alone and comfortable with that enough to merge with someone else’s soul WITHOUT conditions. 



She writes:

He has been distant….

Yesterday he knew I was upset and crying. He took me to return rental car.

I texted him in the morning asking him

I need to know how you feel about me. I was going to wait until LA but I guess your not coming so are you even interested in me?

Yes, its just work.

I said yes you are or yes, working ?

He wrote : we have to be friends and not rush things u know this

I said ok thank you for your honesty. I started crying after and still can’t stop. I don’t know if it is his way of letting me down softly. Or him saying he likes me but wants to move slow?

I don’t get his reply do you?

So I told him I needed to return car. I asked him if he could take me. So I drove to pick him up and he got his car and he took me and brought me home. He left with no kiss on my lips.

I cried for an hour he texted an hour later saying I’m on my way home. I said oh no give me a min I have been crying I need to pull myself together.

He came in and said hi. Said my neck hurts need to lay down and rest. I was watching a movie I said will sound bother you ? He said no.

I didn’t know what to do. This entire trip I have snuggled with him. Last 2 days he has been resisting me. Like moving to edge of bed. Maybe I’m looking into it too much.

So I went to living room and texted my friends. He woke up and came to ne said he was going to return my movies so I don’t get charged.

I texted him asking him to get me wine. He didn’t…. So when he came home I said can you please take me to get wine. He did….

Then he brought me home and said he had to go to work to close some cases. I said hey give me a kiss and he walked up to me and kissed me on the lips.

He went to bed at 3 am snoozed til 6 am he sleeps around 3 hours. He woke up at 9, over slept. He said he was late he crawled in the bed kissed me on my lips goodbye.
So I’m confused….does he like me? What does that mean ?;
I met a girl when I got back to L.A. who was friends with this guy. What the girl told me about him upset me. I had been drinking and blacked out, got lost while driving & lost my cell phone. I’ve been at my ex-boyfriends’ place ever since.

Your reading to me was right on target.  Thank you.

If you have a question you’d like answered specifically around dating, relationships, love or any other pressing issue then shoot an email to “Ask Jagger” at  Be sure to leave certain information that you feel applies to your case whether you’re straight, gay, male or female.  Your name will not be used unless you approve.

Jagger is featured in the books “Jagger’s Revolution” about his journey to finding his current relationship and his dating hand guide, “Dude 101“. Jagger is the dark alter ego of writer Kevin Hunter. All advice and information is intended as a general guide and for entertainment purposes only. 

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Express Your Love; Romance Angel Oracle; Venus in Cancer


This month listen to your intuition and reach out to those you love and connect with those you’d like to get to know. Venus has moved into Cancer until September 6th.  Hopefully from April through July you questioned the kind of relationships you were in and eliminated those that were toxic or no longer jiving with your values.  The process was no doubt discombobulating, but absolutely necessary so that you can be ready for what’s coming to you.  You are now ready to forge ahead and can begin inviting in new people into your life who are of a higher vibration and more on your level.


Mercury Direct; Venus in Cancer; Venus Trines Neptune. Negative energy uplifts into magical love.

I haven’t put up many astro updates these days, but I’m always aware of the energies that are flying around.  I absorb them like a dirty dishwater sponge.  The energy has been intense in a negative, erratic and frustrating way this past week or so.

If you can get through the next few days, you’ll be happy to know that it does lighten up by the end of this week.  Not only will Mercury be finally moving forward after Wednesday, August 8th, but Venus also moves out of intellectual Gemini after several months of grueling detached non-love and into the more comfortable and homey sign of Cancer mid-week.


Venus then makes a beautiful trine with Neptune on Friday which is one of my favorite transits because it’s all about pure love.  This coming weekend around August 10th is going to be a stunning time for love or to be loved.  Communication will be flowing and poetic.  It’s going to be quite magical which we all need right now.  I wouldn’t be surprised if people connect with another in an amorous way or if a new love surfaces.  Not necessarily sexual connections though as Mars is in Libra which is not the most physically passionate placement.  However, love is in the air and that will feel better than any great sex.  You don’t even have to do anything and you’ll have an orgasm.

This coming weekend will be a good time to express your feelings to your mate or a new prospect.  Because the love will be so beautiful with all sorts of soul merging next weekend, afterwards Venus moves into an opposition with Pluto next week around the 14th.  Yikes!  All that means is that after both parties split off after a hearts and roses weekend they’ll both be having intense feelings about one another and not liking that they’ve gone back to their jobs or homes or wherever.  It will feel as if someone moved your food dish.  The magical weekend is only for a few days Fri.-Mon. and you won’t want it to end.  You just need to be aware that that intensity is coming from both you and the object of your love and will lighten up after a few days.  The negative intensity flying around the last couple weeks is luckily at the end now.  Expect the rest of August to be a much happier time of the Summer.

~Astrological whatever to the stars. 😛

James Holmes is the Joker. Sagittarius-Rabbit.

James Holmes bday is 12-13-87

He’s a Sagittarius Rabbit.

They are typically happy go lucky people who prefer calm and order.  His Venus is Capricorn and Mars in Scorpio.  He’s very loyal and trustworthy when in a relationship.  His birthdate information doesn’t point to a mass killer, but then again you can’t tell who will be a killer simply by their birthdate information.  That can be anyone.  He is sensitive and emotional and could’ve been pushed over the edge over something.  Or he simply had a screw loose.

I had an hour meeting with my CEO of six years which turned lighter towards the end.  He says, “You know I just can’t get over what happened with this shooting.”  He starts firing up his web browser.  I say, “Oh that guy in Denver.  Yeah, what motivated him to do that?  See that’s the first question I ask as a writer.”  He laughs, “Yeah.”  He starts reading an article on it, “The guy came in with smoke canisters and a gas mask and started firing.”

He continues reading, but silently as I say, “You know what I’m getting that he was trying to do?  He wanted to reenact ‘The Dark Knight’.  Remember that movie?  In the opening, there are smoke canisters that fly into the bank and the Joker appears with his guns firing away with furious anger.”

The CEO stops and looks at me, “Holy shit!  Kevin.  It says that here now in the breaking news update.  That the guy just told law enforcement that he was the Joker!”  He sits back and turns red just mesmerized staring at me quiet, “Wow.  Shit.  How did you know that?  This just came in?  Kevin you are psychic.”  I downplayed it and said, “I don’t know.  I assumed it’s what he was trying to do.  What motivated him to do that is something pushed him over the edge.  He was also let in.  There’s no way he could enter through the emergency door in the theater from the outside.”

I know he was the Joker before he said he was the Joker.  Law Enforcement really needs a mentalist or investigative researcher on hand for these cases.

Today’s violence in Colorado has created a massive grieving experience, built upon the mourning we were already feeling about the recent violence in Toronto, Oslo, and other areas. Allow yourself to feel all of the feelings, to move through them to a place of healing. 

I can feel your prayers join with mine for the souls who were killed, and their family and friends. We are praying for those who suddenly crossed over, and for those who were injured. 

I am praying also for those who are violently inclined to find a constructive outlet for their anger and frustration. May the appetite for violence be healed away! 

I am praying that these violent incidents lead us to confront and address the issues associated with them, to prevent further violence in the future. 

Thank you, God and angels for comforting, calming and healing our hearts and minds now. 

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