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Uranus Retrograde; Author Musings; Corrupt Media

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Uranus Retrograde

Planet Uranus is stationary and about to move retrograde on Friday for six months. When Uranus is Retrograde, it gives rise to rebellion and the unexpected. The unexpected can be either a blessing or a challenge. This individual rebelliousness starts within and then erupts outwardly in a myriad of ways. Sometimes it can unleash challenges if not thought out.

The Uranus Retrograde tends to bring up individuality and a desire for freedom. If someone feels confined in their life, they will act out in rebelliousness during this transit. One is more impulsive in their decision making. Being impulsive can have its repercussions, but sometimes you also have to act quickly.

Someone is unhappy in a love relationship, but this unhappiness is quietly festering and growing internally. The person isn’t saying anything to their partner. Until one day during the Uranus Retrograde, it impulsively and recklessly ends the relationship desiring to be free and less confined.

The problem with that is impulsive recklessness can sometimes bite you back. Long after you’ve left the relationship and Uranus is direct, you begin to think you made a mistake realizing the relationship was great after all. Unfortunately, your ex has moved on and is now with someone else.

From now through the end of the year, take your time if you feel you’re about to make a drastic decision that could wreak havoc on your life. If you’re feeling antsy about something, then carefully examine it before jumping the gun. Impulsive recklessness does not always end well.

The energy of Uranus retrograde is like taking a sledgehammer to a sheet of glass. It has the power to re-direct your life down a completely different road. As mentioned, this can be either a blessing or challenge. Expect the unexpected for the rest of the year.

The keywords associated with a Uranus Retrograde are rebelliousness, freedom, recklessness, abrupt change, and impulsiveness.

Author Musings

There is this fantasy misconception that I spend my days lounging on a beach sipping rum and cokes.  While I do end up on the beach at least several times a week, I’m not lounging on it doing nothing.   Others might think I sit around writing books all day and nothing else.  That couldn’t be further from the truth either.
There is quite a bit of prep work that goes into writing a book and I don’t write one book, submit it and then move onto another either.  I’m juggling various projects at once at any given time that are in various stages of development, production, or distribution.
This week has been spent arguing with distributors where there are issues over several different projects of mine that they mutually control.  One of the projects is from way back in 2002, while another project is experiencing issues in production, and then there is a late deadline of another one.   I’m in constant communication all day long while also jumping from one project to another within the span of two hours.   When I’ve previously said it’s an assembly line, that was no joke.
“Arguing” might not necessarily be the right word, but I am firm, demanding, controlling, and I don’t back down.  It might seem as if I’m arguing to someone.  My former film industry colleagues have spent decades insisting that I become a producer since I have the personality and tough work ethic for it.  I’m not always easy to deal with, because I want things to be perfect with no mistakes.  I approach the batting plate with endless data and facts knowing that there will be mistakes.  There will be issues that pop up on any given day.   I deal with it like the swift razor sharp executive that I am.

Corrupt Media

One of the top ten humanity destroyers is the media.  The media has been particularly corrupt since the rise of technology.  I am not a fan of the media and nor have I ever been.   Sure there are always exceptions, but they fall into the 1%.  The darkness of ego runs wild in the media.  They can easily convince and influence the masses with a headline and a story.

Most people operate from the darkness of their ego as it is in today’s world.  It’s amusing at how easily swayed others are by what they read in the media.  They believe it to be gospel not realizing that all the story did was unleash the darkness of ego in humankind.    Here come the comments and the bickering energy that is inaudible noise.  This makes the corrupt media one of the world’s greatest and most successful manipulators around.

I am dark, direct, and have never followed the flock herds of humankind.   I follow God and my Spirit team.   That’s it.   I’ve never followed anyone else.   That’s not why I’m here.

“Follow” isn’t the right word either, since my team and I work together on the same level.  One of my jobs is to shine a light on things that others would rather sweep under the rug or pretend it didn’t happen.  These are people living in Fantasyland by viewing circumstances around them through a thick hazy fog that clouds their perception.  Denial is another good word to describe that.   They’ll grow angry when you point out the truth.  A couple of them did when they saw an earlier post of mine.  They’re no longer with me.   For kicks, I’m posting it again.

If past events happened today, then this is how today’s corrupt media would spin it:

Cut Cords to what no longer serves you and your higher self

There are etheric cords which grow and form between yourself and any object you place your focus on, whether positive or negative. This object can be people, material items, or even your thoughts and feelings. Clairvoyantly this cord looks like a gasoline hose that is dark, dirty and wrapped in grey cobwebs. It drains your life force and lowers your vibration, especially if it’s negative.

This week is the perfect time to begin releasing and cutting cords to anyone or anything that is toxic, not of love, or of benefit to your higher self’s path. If you’re wondering what cords you need to release, then examine the negative emotions you’re feeling around anyone or anything. Are you feeling sad, depressed, argumentative, stressed or angry? Then whatever your upset is targeted to is what you need to release. Let it all go, release it or let them go. When you cut the cords and release it, then you open the door that brings in new good stuff! You also feel an uplifting surge of positive energy that raises your vibration. All you have to say is, “Archangel Michael please cut the cords between myself and (name of person, feeling, material object here)”

[ I delve deeper into Cord Cutting in my pocket book, “Raising Your Vibration”. ]

~  Kevin Hunter

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
are available in paperback and kindle wherever books are sold.


Venus Retrograde, Uranus Retrograde, Full Moon. Lots of intensity surrounding love relationships.

PLANETARY TALK: The love planet Venus is now moving Retrograde, where it will continue on it’s backwards journey in the Heavens through the first week of September. The Venus Retrogrades energy tends to make others more intensely introspective when it comes to ones relationships, beauty and appearance. I can tell you that every long-term love relationship I’ve had in the past all ended during a Venus Retrograde transit. Coincidence? Or is the energy of this transit contributing to some form of ultimate betrayal?

I’ve always said that the planets don’t make things happen or break people apart. We break each other apart due to ego and free will choice. The planets seem to have a consistent tendency to influence the energy in all life forces depending on its movement in the galaxy whether positive or negative. The Venus Retrograde transit pushes others into feeling more insecure where love is concerned. You might be feeling more needy, co-dependent, doubting, lonely and possessive, or you might be screaming to break free from a connection you’re already in. If you’ve been in a happy relationship for some time, then there is no need to be concerned. The connections that end during a Venus Retrograde are ones where the relationship was already on faulty ground. The Venus retrograde just cracks it wide open.

Take note of how you feel about all things relationships and beauty for the next six weeks. If you’re single, you should cruise right through it with no problem. If you meet someone new as we move into August, take it easy, go with the flow, don’t make any decisions and wait until about mid-September before you really know if it’s someone you’re interested in. When Venus moves forward in September, the feelings you had for this new person may evaporate. This is because the Venus Retrograde tends to cause illusions, deception and viewing circumstances through a fog of rose colored glasses.

The Full Moon is on Friday and is beginning to build with intensity, which will only heighten any negative feelings. It’s best not to take anything too seriously and remain emotionally detached. Exes and old friendships manage to make an appearance during a Venus Retrograde in hopes of a rekindling or some final closure and amends. The planet Uranus has also moved Retrograde, so expect the unexpected. Understand that an abrupt change in circumstances happen for a reason. God does indeed have a plan and sometimes you need to be shaken out of your comfort zone.

~  Kevin Hunter

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
are available in paperback and kindle wherever books are sold.


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