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Witches, Warlocks and Wizards are a breed who have incarnated from the realm of the wise one

Did you know that Witches, Warlocks and Wizards are a breed who have incarnated from the realm of the wise one (or the wise one realm and tribe)?    When one thinks of the image of the witch, they imagine the green faced woman who is 200 years old.  This is of course a myth since witches look just like you and I in reality.

Wise Ones can be Wiccans, Witches, Wizards and Sorcerers.  The Wise Ones are associated with magic on the other side so it’s no surprise that as human souls they have some degree of knowledge with it, even if they are not practicing Wicca.  The Wise One can be part of a Catholic Parish and still be versed or open minded to the ways of how magic and manifestation works.  Even if they are not partaking in magic, it’s likely a subject that attracts and fascinates them.  This applies to all Wise Ones.  They might be a teacher or professor who doesn’t believe in an afterlife, yet others may note the many principles they enforce that are aligned with magic and manifestation.

Unicorns, Dolphins and Animals are not from the Realm of the Wise One.
They are from the Realm of the Incarnated Elementals.

“In the Spirit Worlds and the dimensions that exist, reside numerous kingdoms that house a plethora of Spirits that inhabit various forms. One of these tribes is called the Wise Ones, a darker breed in the spirit realm who often chooses to incarnate into a human body one lifetime after another for important purposes.

The Realm of the Wise One takes you on a magical journey to the spirit world where the Wise Ones dwell. This is followed with in-depth and detailed information on how to recognize a human soul who has incarnated from the Wise One Realm.

Author, Kevin Hunter, is a Wise One who uses the knowledge passed onto him by his Spirit team of Guides and Angels to relay the wisdom surrounding all things Wise One. He discusses the traits, purposes, gifts, roles, and personalities among other things that make up someone who is a Wise One.

Wise Ones have come in the guises of teachers, shaman, leaders, hunters, mediums, entertainers and others. Realm of the Wise One is an informational guide devoted to the tribe of the Wise Ones, both in human form and on the other side.”

Now available in paperback and kindle wherever books are sold.

Realm of the Wise One – Purchase paperback here

~  Kevin Hunter

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
are available in paperback and kindle wherever books are sold.

The content in the books, “Warrior of Light” and “Empowering Spirit Wisdom” is
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Seven of Air; Seven of Swords – Angel Tarot Card Deck

The card pulled for everyone for this moment is Seven of Air.  This is also fitting for the Mercury Retrograde cycle that’s happening until the end of this month that prompts us to re-do, review or anything with ‘re’ in the name. When you look at this card there is a lot going on immediately.  It feels like there is energy all over the place.  You’ll notice 5 Unicorns running in a circle behind one another. They’re not getting anywhere by doing that are they?

This is a time to be re-evaluating or reviewing whatever it is you’re working on this month. This can be a project you’re having issues with and you might be prompted to look more closely at it again. You may find something that makes it better.

If this is a dating relationship you’ve been concerned about, this is where you need to use your introspection to your advantage and trust what’s hidden from you. Follow your gut, but don’t take any forward action until the end of this month with anything if you can help it. Notice that also on this card there are 2 Unicorns in the background who are running off in another direction. They broke away from the herd and found another path that works better than the one they were on.

Take the time to stop moving forward this month and re-examine whatever it is your concerned about because there is a missing piece that you’re not seeing that is actually better.  Otherwise you’ll continue running in a circle getting nowhere and not seeing that other pathway that will lead you to the answer you’ve been looking for.

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