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The Truths and Myths about Twin Flame Soul Connections is Coming to Light.

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You picked me up in the dead of the night
and gave me a chance to move inside of your mystery.

This is for you my love for knowing that despite the jarring intensity of us recognizing one another behind our eyes, that there was no way that could be denied. I know I’ve tried to deny it, and deny it again, but I can’t deny it, I can’t, you’re undeniable.

Professing poetic proverbs from Greek Mythology pulling me in with firm conviction you reminded me that, “We shall either find a way or we’ll make one.” Our shared ongoing sentiment and quest from the moment we were a spark shooting out of God’s love that exploded into a blinding white fire that broke apart, causing one to be two, until two became one again, separate and whole, and back around. You are what God meant when He said, “I Am You.” Because I see Him in you. Our soul was born out of His love and we will fall in death right back into that love before being re-born out of that love.

One of my long running top selling books came out seven years ago called, “Soul Mates and Twin Flames”. Since then I’ve received numerous requests for a follow up. That follow up had been sitting on a shelf for a couple of years before one day I was nudged to dust it off. I flipped it open to the first page and read the first sentence with a jolt, then said, “It’s time to share this.”

Twin Flame Soul Connections and How to Recognize the Split Apart and the Truths and Myths of Twin Flames, from my Spirit team’s perspective comes to Light November 18, 2018.  111818.  I’m excited to share this fun comprehensive guide on the kind of soul love that transcends space and time and Earthly pleasures.

Empowering, inspirational, enlightening, metaphysical, self-help
available in paperback and e-book wherever books are sold.

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