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Page of Wands. Tarot Lesson Basics.

Image may contain: 1 personTarot Card Meanings. The Page of Wands.


The Page of Wands can reveal a young person under or around the age of 25 who has a Fire sign in the top tier of their chart. This is Aries, Leo, Sagittarius. (Top tier can be Sun sign, Rising, Moon, Venus, Mars.)
If they do not have those stats, then this is someone regardless of age or sign who is restless, impulsive, extroverted, excited, and always on the go. When this young passionate person comes racing in, they just as quickly race out. They are the most impulsive and reckless of all the Pages. Bursting with energy they grow bored if a relationship or endeavor is not exciting and interesting around the clock. This Page doesn’t need to be told they’re great. They have natural confidence and already know it.

The flipside is the Page of Wands person can be too confident and a know it all who speaks out of turn. They’re the ones in the classroom who call out without raising their hand. Their passionate forthright energy can be infectious and therefore they are naturally popular. This is a charming being who enjoys attention, but can be prone to moodiness on occasion. This person also may have tons of pride, so it could take them awhile to apologize for something, or they’ll apologize right away just to keep things moving along. The Page of Wands character is a free spirit running from place to place. They can be impatient and out the door without apology. Where the Page of Pentacles prefers to be around one or two close friends at a time, the Page of Wands loves to be surrounded by a big social circle.


The answer to a question with this card can be a resounding yes. Will the person contact me? Yes, but it may be a superficial message of attraction, desire, and passion. This person might send a hot racy text, email, or phone call. They require your immediate attention and will keep persisting frantically until they give up and move onto something or someone else just as quickly. The Page of Wands blows in and out fast. What they desire today can change tomorrow. This is why this can be a superficial message. On a more serious work related note, the message of the Page of Wands can be an answered prayer or good news related to a job offer, promotion, or work related project. It’ll come through via any means possible such as post office mail, email, text, phone call, or social media message.


The Page of Wands as a situation in a reading can read much like the Ace of Wands where this is the start or a spark of a new creative endeavor. It can be that you need to be impulsive about a situation and act quickly. This is someone filled with ideas and excitement. This is not a planner, but someone who dives head on into things. Caution should be adhered to when you’re in an impulsive mood. Weigh the consequences and pros and cons before jumping in blindly. At the same time the Page of Wands can be telling you to take that risk. Be passionate and fearless and go after what you want with gusto. Be a natural born confident leader.

This is about taking action on something. Coming up with an idea and getting to work on it. This card can bring inspiration whether divinely guided or inspiration from another person. If you have reservations about something, then this says to remove those doubts and fears and do it. The Page of Wands doesn’t think about or entertain the word fear. If this Page wants something, it goes out and gets it without reservation.

The Page of Wands can also indicate travel, taking a vacation, or movement with something including your body in physical exercise. The Page of Wands can be the start of a passionate relationship that may be fiery and intense, but could fizzle out quickly.

{ Excerpt from my book, “Tarot Card Meanings”
available in paperback and e-book. }

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Ten of Wands. Tarot Lesson Basics.

Image may contain: outdoorTAROT CARD MEANING: The Ten of Wands shows you carrying too much weight on your shoulders. You may have overextended yourself in all areas of your life and you need to make some healthy changes. This might be the person who is juggling too much work and not incorporating enough rest and relaxation. It will catch up with you if you don’t do something about it.

The image in the traditional Ten of Wands shows someone carrying all ten wands on their hunched over back struggling to carry them on their journey. The goal they want to achieve is in sight if they can just get up that hill. They’re already exhausted and still pushing themselves beyond what is considered healthy. Therefore, they may not be able to make it if they continue. This is the card telling someone to take some time off! You are taking on way too much. The previous Nine of Wands showed you exhausted and primed for battle, but the Ten of Wands says you are no longer primed for battle, you’re just plain worn out and cannot make it, but are insisting on pushing.

The message in the Ten of Wands can be asking you to lighten the load or delegate to others. While it is possible one can make it up to their destination in this state, it won’t be met without exhaustion. There are repercussions involved with the Ten of Wands at times. This is also the physical exhaustion card. You’re using up too much physical energy that it will catch up with you. This can be someone who comes home from work and always says, “I’m so tired.”

Those who are in the full time work force or corporate worlds working for someone else may see this card appear for them. The current five days a week break your back work is no longer conducive to the positive well-being of one’s self. There isn’t enough time off and this is causing health risks, permanent unhappiness, stress, and physical detriment for employees. Many don’t take enough time off or they feel guilty about using their vacation days. The Ten of Wands is saying, “You’ve pushed yourself too hard and it’s time to take a little break.” You need to start thinking of you when this card comes up.

This message can also be saying that you’re not saying no to someone when you really want to. You’re taking on what others are giving or telling you while carrying the weight of that burden. This can be a card that illustrates you have to do damage control surrounding an issue. This is someone who makes things harder than it has to be. There is no method to their madness. They do things in ways that don’t make much sense and seem to be the unnecessary hard way.

This can also be about someone who is working so hard on something, but isn’t witnessing that much return. It can be a blessing in disguise if there is a Ten of Pentacles card in the spread. Then this might suggest that you have been working so hard for so long, but the Ten of Pentacles shows that you will reap the rewards. It’s not much further now even though you will be exhausted over the efforts. However, if it’s next to the Five of Pentacles, then it might indicate a loss after all this hard work for nothing.

In a love relationship, this might say that you’re working way too hard leaving you exhausted to the point where you’re neglecting your partner or personal life. This card could also indicate that you or your partner feels burdened by the relationship. It’s no longer loving or fun. It might be that you or your partner is constantly doing things to keep the relationship going positively or that you’re always the one taking care of things. This soon starts to feel as if you’re being taking advantage of and that you have to carry all the weight. This same concept can be applied in other areas such as with career and work life too. The message with these challenging cards or meanings is to take action steps to correct this behavior so that you’re happier and less burdensome.

If you’re single and looking, then this card might suggest that you’re too busy in your day to day life that there is no room to invite in a partner in a relationship. When would you see them? Modifications would need to be made to your personal life too. The Ten of Wands says that you’re pushing so hard to find a romantic partner that it’s wearing you out leaving you in constant frustration ready to throw in the towel.

{ From my book, “Tarot Card Meanings” available in paperback and e-book wherever books are sold. }

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Six of Wands. Tarot Lesson Basics.

Image may contain: 1 person , indoorTarot Card Meaning Lesson. The Six of Wands at its core is about achieving victory. The traditional image shows a warrior soldier riding a white steed into town. The crowds in the town surround him cheering exuberantly. He rides with his head up conveying independent, cocky, confidence. This can say that some form of public recognition is imminent and on its way. This is an especially great card for entrepreneurs or artists trying to sell their work. It reveals some measure of rising popularity.

The previous Five of Wands revealed challenges and struggle, but the Six of Wands shows you conquering those challenges riding sky high victorious. The Six of Wands points to awards, recognition, or positive praising words. This can also be showing you to have a sense of pride or an inflated ego. You know you’re the bomb and are proud of it. This kind of big confidence can turn some people off who are threatened or insecure. The Six of Wands person doesn’t care, pays no mind, and keeps focused on their goals and achievements. They are proud of themselves and have high self-esteem. They know their worth and aren’t afraid to strut their stuff. Despite some seeing that as arrogance, it’s not a bad thing to love yourself. The worst that comes out of that is it can rub some the wrong way. Having confidence is better than coming off like a victim.

This is a positive optimistic card that shows high self-confidence and knowing the good that you are and are deserving of. If you’ve been struggling to make something happen such as a project, getting into a relationship, buying a home, starting a business, or whatever it is, then this card shows that everything will end in your favor in bigger ways than you expect. You might even gloat about it. This can also indicate positive progress happening surrounding your goals.

In a love reading, this is an exciting message to receive. If you’re asking about what someone thinks of you, then this might say that the person admires you. They may be putting you on a pedestal or have a high regard for you. The recognition in this sense is they may compliment you constantly through a date. If you have your eye on someone and you’re hesitant to approaching them, then this says go for it as you will conquer their attention and they will be interested.

If you’re asking about personality traits of someone, then the Six of Wands can be saying that the person has reached a high level of achieving. They might be in the public eye. You might not know who they are, but others who are fans around the world do. Perhaps they’re a speaker, an author, teacher, social media sensation, or popular in their inner circle of friends and all those they come across. This is someone who is super confident and knows how great they are. The negative side is they might be too confident that it could exhaust someone with all of that me-me-me energy. In the end, this is someone to be admired on some level. They are certainly interesting and accomplished in some area or genre of their life.

In a love relationship, this can reveal a power couple. They’re a dynamite connection that praises and admires one another. When they both join together, then there is nothing they cannot accomplish. They are winners that stop at nothing to achieve. They are popular and admired by those they come across. They might be low key, but when they go out, others see them as looking good together. They have a natural ease of comfortability and synastry that is witnessed and admired around them.

{From the book, “Tarot Card Meanings” coming this month December 2016}


Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
are available in paperback and kindle wherever books are sold.

Five of Wands. Tarot Lesson Basics.

Image may contain: textTarot Card Meaning Lesson. The Five of Wands can reveal challenges, ego domination, corruption, rivalry, disagreements, and antagonism. This can show two people or parties at odds with one another.

The energy of the Five of Wands can be draining and exhausting as it feels as if you’re going to battle every second. It shows a challenge around you or within you that you have to face. It can be self-induced or brought on by someone else.

The Five of Wands causes all sorts of anxiety, sweats, tension, or anger. This can also be a warning to watch your back and steer clear of any drama swirling around you. This can ask you to step up to the plate and do damage control.

In a love relationship, this can indicate discord, conflict, or arguments. I did a read once for someone where this card came up and the person being read for confirmed that their partner was constantly nit picking and bickering at them. It was troublesome for them to be on the receiving end of that energy.

The positive side to the Five of Wands is that it can be about healthy competition or passionate competitive energy. This can also be about friendly lively debate and communication. It can be about sports games, exercise training, or competitive fitness energy. Maybe you’re heading to the beach or a park with some friends to play volleyball. This card would indicate the day’s energy as showing friendly competition.

In career or work related areas, this can show a temporary conflict or challenge that you need to overcome. This can also point to petty arguing or bickering. You would need to find middle ground, or compromise, and compassionate understanding in order to resolve conflict. Because this also points to opposing viewpoints, it can cause tiring disagreements where no one is listening to the other. The overall energy of this card reveals someone to be absolved in unnecessary time wasting drama.

In the end, this card is not usually life threatening and eventually blows over as long as you help move it along. You have to learn to let certain things go. The Five of Wands is representative of the world’s typical energy which is usually ego based, challenging, and antagonistic to begin with. No one listens to opposing views or takes it to heart. The Five of Wands would show this as being a petty time waster that helps no one in any form whatsoever. It’s wasted energy that could best be used for something more constructive.

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Four of Wands. Tarot Lesson Basics.

Image may contain: outdoor and one or more peopleTarot Card Meaning Lesson. The Four of Wands is a fantastic card to get on all levels. It is implying that the solid security and foundation you desire is here now or is on its way. It’s the completion of a creative project or work endeavor where abundance is inbound. It can be purchasing a new home or celebrating the success of something, whether it’s a job offer or new love relationship.

This is also about celebrating how far you’ve come on any level including spiritually. It can be asking you to take time for yourself to do something fun, go out with a friend, or throw a party. The Four of Wands asks you to bask in your current blessings and enjoy what you have. Perhaps you entered into a new relationship or started a new job. This is about being in a place where you can relax as all is taken care of for you. This is one of the dreams come true messages associated with luxury.

In a love relationship, this can indicate a stronger commitment such as marriage, a wedding, proposals, or two people acknowledging they are in a long term relationship by having the talk. When wondering about a potential love partner, the Four of Wands can indicate the person is strong, secure, and stable. They are marriage material and seeking a long term love relationship.

The traditional image of this card shows two people hanging with each other outdoors with four wands forming a square around them. This symbolizes strong stability. This is a couple that is serious about each other and have plans to continue to grow and expand.

The Four of Wands can forecast that the love relationship coming in is the marriage or long term relationship partner. It would also show you two living together and creating a life with one another.

If you’ve been in an unhappy situation, the Four of Wands shows you breaking out of that and finding freedom where you’re the one in control of you. In the end, the message with this card shows a period of uplifting joyful energy where everything feels wonderfully secure.


Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
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Three of Wands. Tarot Lesson Basics.

No automatic alt text available.Tarot Card Meaning Lesson. Three of Wands in a reading is the visionary and having clairvoyant foresight into what’s coming up ahead. It can indicate travel, movement, or exploring areas of interest that you have yet to investigate. When you take a moment to step back and see what’s coming up ahead, then you’re able to act efficiently.

Just like in this image, the Three of Wands shows someone’s ship is coming in. What you’ve been on the lookout for is on its way if it’s not yet present already. If you’ve been struggling with a work related endeavor, this card is a reminder to keep going as the rewards are on the horizon. There will be a positive pay off in the end. This is the same for a love readings with someone who is single. The Three of Wands says this person is on its way and will show up soon. You’re at a place where you’re ready and it’s about to happen.

In the Two of Wands card, the man in the image was holding a world globe in his hands and looking out into the horizon with nothing there yet, but with the Three of Wands he’s looking out into the horizon and sees ships coming in. The Three of Wands is a welcome relief card that your efforts have not gone unnoticed and positive blessings are heading towards you. It can be compensation for the idea you originally put into action.

The Three of Wands is looking ahead to the future, whether that is a psychic premonition or a business CEO taking the long view on a work related issue. This card can be attributed to all of the visionaries of the world who opened doors for others. They are the ones setting the example and leading.

The message in this card is also about going the distance whether it be career or relationships. This is taking it a step higher than where ones current position is. Perhaps a promotion, a stronger commitment to a job, or a new leadership role at work. This can also be about planning ahead. Implementing steps that lead you to the goal you desire.

This is also one of the travel cards so in love it can be that you come across a potential love partner while vacationing. Vacationing can just be a weekend getaway not too far from where you live. It can be taking additional vacation days off from work just to have some time off where you are out and about when you bump into this potential.

If you’re already in a relationship, this can show a strong passionate partnership that works together on everything. This can also reveal a connection that is about to move to a higher level. There will be a stronger bonding moment that deepens the connection.

The Ace of Wands was the idea, the Two of Wands was putting that idea into action, and the Three of Wands is witnessing the beginning of the rewards filtering in from that action. Three of Wands typically reveals success on the horizon surrounding whatever the question was. Don’t react to anything, but allow circumstances to evolve naturally.




Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
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Two of Wands. Tarot Lesson Basics.

Image may contain: 1 personTarot Card Meaning Lesson. The Two of Wands can indicate being at a crossroads where the road splits. You have a choice to make as to which road you’re going to go down. One of the roads may be more challenging than the other, but you won’t know until you head down it.

Any effort or action you apply to something will bring about results. It’s taking that effort even further than just the idea. It’s extending and expanding that spark of passion you had for something or someone. You have the world in your hands and anything is possible.

You’ve been making excellent progress, but a courageous choice needs to be made about something that will take you to the next plateau. Be bold, be brave, be creative!

The Two of Wands can show someone who is in a great place in their life, but there may be some discontentment. This is about taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture to decide what move should be made next. This person is a visionary and can feel restless if they’re not moving forward.

This is a reminder that you’re on the right track and to keep moving forward. It can also indicate partnerships of all types moving to the forefront. You may be teaming up with someone in a business pursuit or a love relationship. The partnership will be an exciting passionate and enthusiastic one regardless if it’s business, love, friendship, or family.

If you’re asking about a potential love interest, then this is saying take action and ask them out. Don’t wait for them to make a move if they’re not doing or saying anything. This indicates strong partnerships formed that doubles the confidence while in one another’s presence. This may also point to an opposites attract union. They go the distance because they use their strengths to contribute to an even bigger dynamic duo.

Two of Wands is an excellent business partnership as they both have something to offer that the other lacks. This might also be a pairing where one partner is extroverted and the other is introverted, but that match up is just right pending they go for it. Two of Wands is about making a choice and going for it. It tells the person being read for that the potential is there, but you’re not using it and need to use it. Whether this is resources, ideas, another person, or input. You already have what you need to make it happen, but you’re not doing anything about it.

In the image of the Two of Wands he stands strong and together with his head up in confidence looking out into the distance. It’s the visionary looking ahead as to what’s next, but he hasn’t quite made the move yet. This card shows that he’s about to or it’s telling him that he needs to.

Since Two of Wands is also the partnership card, it can be indicating that there is someone who shows up that is of benefit to your question. They may be someone who passes on words of wisdom that helps you in bringing the question to conclusion. This is someone who is sitting on a great idea, but they need to take action on it and bring it to fruition.

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Ace of Wands. Tarot Lesson Basics.

Kevin Hunter's photo.Tarot Card Meaning Lesson. The Ace of Wands in a reading can indicate the start of something full of energy and amazement. This can be a brilliant creative idea or the potential for an intensely passionate relationship. The image in the Ace of Wands typically shows a hand and an arm coming out of the clouds pushing a huge wand into the air. This symbolizes the birth of an idea that could be divinely guided. The leaves and flowers attached to the wand or falling off it symbolize abundance and fruitfulness coming out of this idea as a result of your action.

The Ace of Wands tells someone that an idea is a good one and you should go for it to make it happen by taking action. “Action” is the key word with the Wands suit. Taking action to make something happen.


While all of the Aces represent new beginnings surrounding the element of the suit, the Ace of Wands represents putting that new beginning into action. This action can bring about positive blessings or challenges depending on the surrounding cards in a reading.

Ace of Wands gives someone that light bulb moment showcasing a breakthrough. It’s a light shining down on what you need to do next. When an entertainer suddenly gets that brilliant idea to go on a world tour or receives a creative idea for an album, then the Ace of Wands would likely show up in a reading for them. This can be the case for any artist or executive.

The Ace of Wands is present when there is a great idea for a business venture, a book, a project or anything that is brought upon by the imagination or divine guidance. If you’re a writer or artist facing drought or a block, then this card shows up. It’s an exciting indicator that the block is over and awesome innovative ideas are immersing out of you or will be.

The Ace of Wands is a rare hyper exciting energy that you have to nab and take action immediately because it comes just as quickly as it evaporates like all of the Wands/Fire cards. Utilize the immediate enthusiastic energy to your advantage.

Ace of Wands are new beginnings, a seed, or idea that is present, but action will be needed to make it grow and prosper. This is an exceptional card to get surrounding creative projects or career work related endeavors. The Ace of Wands points to a huge influx in energy much like a caffeine jolt of excitement.

Ace of Wands in a relationship love reading can indicate a strong magnetic and passionate attraction between you and the person being asked about. This is also the card of a deep sexual draw and attraction. If it’s with someone from the past, then it can be a rekindling of that passion, a re-igniting of the union, or it’s just telling you that the attraction has never dissolved even if you had broken up or are separated.

Even though the Ace of Wands typically has a positive meaning where love relationships are concerned, it doesn’t necessarily determine whether or not a relationship will go the distance. It’s not saying that a connection will happen. It is simply saying there is an interest on both ends, but one or the both of you will need to put in an effort to propel it forward.

If you’re single and wanting to know the personality traits of an incoming potential, then the Ace of Wands can show someone who is naturally enthusiastic, courageous, exciting, creative, passionate, confident, fiery, and innovative. This is someone with tons of creative ideas and drive.

In love and relationships, this points to an exciting passionate and fiery extroverted combo when in one another’s presence. The Ace of Wands shows that there is great potential because there is a strong physical and magnetic attraction already there.

If you’ve been in a relationship that has been stale for some time, then the Ace of Wands can show a spike of excitement or passion coming into the both of you. It can also be advising you to take the bull by the horns and work with your mate to re-ignite the passion.

Because this is a Minor Arcana, it doesn’t necessarily show a long term connection that sustains passion. This can be an exciting date with someone on a Saturday night, then fizzles out by Sunday and it’s back to the grind.

You can ask about attraction with someone and receivethe Ace of Wands, which is an excellent card to get to show attraction and chemistry. The surrounding cards can determine whether or not it’s a passionate connection that develops into a long term love relationship or if it will dissolve. This would also apply to other areas of your life.

The Ace of Wands is an excellent yes card to questions pertaining to a new career, project, or relationship. There is tons of extroverted fire expression energy with the Ace of Wands, but you need to take action on it.

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The World. Tarot Lesson Basics.

Kevin Hunter's photo.Tarot Card Meaning Lesson. The World showing up in a reading indicates that an accomplishment has been achieved. One life cycle within a human life has been completed surrounding that area. This can be a book has been finished, you’re graduating some level of school, you’ve just sold your house, or bought a house, you’re up for an award, you’ve successfully completed a tour. The World is saying that everything has come full circle and successful completion has been achieved. Pat yourself on the back and celebrate. There is a sense of closure, completion, or mutual ending of something pertaining to the question asked.

The World can also be personal spiritual growth that’s been achieved. This card is not always practical material success. It can be that you’ve just moved to the next level on your journey and are ready to embark on a new one.

The Fool card is the first card in the Major Arcana that signifies the beginning of a journey, but the World card is the last card in the Major Arcana showing that journey coming to an end. Rewards are indicated when anything is accomplished. Rewards are not necessarily monetary or plaques and awards, but it’s the knowledge gained that is its own reward.

The World in a love relationship reading is a positive card to get especially if it’s in the future position or one of the last cards in the spread of a reading. It shows the relationship coming full circle, growing deeper, or more committed and closer. If you’re single, then the World can indicate that you are coming out of that cycle and are ready for a new love. If you’re asking about someone you have your eye on, then this card can be saying that this person is someone who is fully together, independent, successful and long term relationship oriented.

The World is also the card that indicates travel, so it can be you meet someone significant while travelling or that taking a mini-getaway will help clear your mind of any residual toxins in order to put the chapter you’re currently in to rest. The World is equated to travelling the world, so this is where travel comes in.




Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
are available in paperback and kindle wherever books are sold.

Judgement. Tarot Lesson Basics.

Kevin Hunter's photo.

Tarot Card Meaning Lesson. The Judgement card in a reading indicates periods of self-reflection and transformation. It’s about metaphorically dying only to be re-born again stronger. It can be about making sudden decisions to change one’s life and head off in an entirely different, yet positive direction.

The typical image artwork of Judgement shows a large angelic presence presiding over many graves with human beings leaping from it in rejoice. They are usually naked which symbolizes being whole and complete. It’s being open and exposed and unafraid of vulnerability.

The Judgement card usually shows up when someone is at the end of one particular journey or chapter and ready to embark on a new one. For that matter, Judgement can also indicate new beginnings once you let the past go. If it’s the end of a relationship and this card is pulled, then it can be telling you to let the relationship go. It’s time to move onto the next chapter. If the relationship is intended to start up again, it will be looked up as a brand new relationship as if you were with one another for the first time.

The Death card can show an unwanted change or ending in one’s life, but the Judgement card is an ending to something that you decided upon. It is making your peace with it and looking forward to a new chapter with optimism.

Judgement can be an optimistic card where you have put in tons of effort into something, and now blessings will be bestowed in return. The traditional Judgement meaning was intended to depict the Archangel Gabriel firing a trumpet which set off the day of judgement for souls crossing over back home to the other side. The only judging that takes place is the one that the soul places upon themselves during this time of judgment. Your perspective is much clearer when you exit the Earth plane and your mistakes are clear. This prompts you to wish you could do certain things over again. In that sense, the Judgement card can be plain and simple where it’s saying that there is some judging going on. Either you’re judging someone too harshly or they’re judging you.

As for love readings, I’ve received this card repeatedly following the breakup of a relationship for others. While it might indicate a break up, generally it shows up after the break up or while the break up is taking place. It’s a reminder that break ups happen in relationships. It’s just the process of life. You can’t control why someone chooses to leave.

Judgement is an indication that a relationship has ended. It is the closing of one chapter and it is time to pull yourself up and move forward fearlessly into your next chapter. This next chapter is a clean slate that can bring a new love to you. A new love can also be a renewed love with the former flame. It would be as if it is a brand new relationship even if you had previously been together before.

If you’ve been having problems in a current relationship and you feel distance with your partner, then this card can be showing that distance. The partner is at a crossroads evaluating certain things connected to the relationship. This doesn’t mean the relationship is over. It can be something minor where they come back to say they were bothered by something you did or said. It can be an isolated issue that is strong enough to transform the person to some extent or make them judge the relationship.

This is nothing abnormal as all couples have struggles, issues, and disagreements from time to time. Unless there is one part of the couple who is always agreeable to keep the peace. This card can also show a renewal or revival of a past connection. It can be a renewal in oneself. It can be self-reflection and transcendence.

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
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