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Halloween, All Hallows Eve and Samhain; Paint the Silence in Paperback and Kindle.

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Halloween is derived from “All Hallows Eve”, which also means Holy Evening. Centuries ago it was called Samhain (pronounced Saa-ween), which marks the spiritual New Year. Halloween (10/31) and All Saints Day (11/1) is when the veil between the spirit world and physical world are the thinnest. Premonitions, psychic phenomena, and intuitions run higher during this time since the veil is so thin it’s easily permeable and accessible. No goblins or ghosts are going to try and nab anyone despite what popular entertainment portrays in scary movies. It can however invite in spirits that have still retained some measure of their human ego.

This is the true harvest coming to a completion where abundance is ripe for the picking. It’s a transitional period where you accept any misgivings or mistakes you feel you made and release them in order to be reborn anew. Leave the old behind and enter the New Year in the right spirit. Use this weekend to focus and paint the visuals in your mind of what you desire.

Some rituals others partake in result in bonfires or the burning of straws. Each straw represents something you wish to burn away from your life. You ask your Spirit team and departed loved ones around you to bless the straws beforehand in a prayer. When the ritual is complete, aim to transform and heal your soul in order to experience a rebirth with a clean slate and a fresh open mind.

From a fun perspective, this is a popular holiday filled with tricks and treats. Dressing up in costume, visiting haunted locations, watching scary movies, decorating your home with Halloween and Autumn décor and visiting haunted mazes at theme parks are all part of the entertainment the masses partake in.

There is nothing wrong with participating in Halloween festivities. Enjoy yourself and have a good time pending it’s not hurting anyone. Let loose and unleash your inner child by breaking away from the monotony of daily life. Choosing to dress up in a costume awakens your creative artistic side. Some enjoy the adrenaline rush of a scary movie. It doesn’t mean they’re going to enact that harm on someone. For the male gene specifically, it’s a temporary escape that tests their strength and to be able to say they got through something tough.  Doctors have described the season as a way to release pent up anxieties and emotions. Those who engage in the holiday understand that it’s all make believe and part of the fun.

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Ruston Bock is a gifted telepathic sleuth with a drinking problem.   Trinity Foyer is a sexy confident detective in New Orleans with a penchant for dating the wrong men.  She requests Ruston’s insight into catching a masked serial killer who beheads his victims with an axe made out of car parts.  Ruston heads to the city of New Orleans around the October and Halloween time in the middle of a hurricane with his troublesome girlfriend Donna.  They come into contact with the eccentric Granger family and the mysteriously aloof Logan Granger.  Ruston discovers the Granger Mansion holds a wealth of disturbing secrets that can bring the city’s real killer to justice.   Paint the Silence is a mixture of drama, thriller, horror, and action.

~  Kevin Hunter

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
are available in paperback and kindle wherever books are sold.


I’m hearing voices telling me they’re going to kill me.

Some of the inquiries I receive from others around the world revolve around the same questions.  One of the recurring questions is others describing that they hear voices saying negative things to them, or telling them that they’re going to kill them.   The inquiry comes to me wondering if it’s a spirit on the other side.  When one is hearing harmful voices, then this is typically the voice of ego.   Evolved spirits only communicate with love, while the ego communicates in hate and negativity.  If it’s a demon possession, they would take over your entire soul and body, but those cases are extremely rare.

The harmful spirits in limbo mode that feed off a human soul’s addictions merely prompt that human soul to dive harder into a particular addiction.  They don’t have the kind of power to whisper they’re going to kill that soul.  It would defeat their purpose as well, since their goal is simple.  It is to get high through the human soul’s addiction or vice.

It’s important to first rule out if you’ve had a traumatic experience in your life.   Sometimes traumatic events in one’s life trigger negative self talk where it feels as if an “entity” or “spirit” is saying harmful, negative things.  Some key post traumatic stress side effects cause one’s mind to splinter into different selves where it feels as if it’s not you saying particular harmful things.  It can happen months or even years after the traumatic event.  And most people have had at least one traumatic event or circumstance they can recall through the duration of their life.  It can be something seemingly insignificant to someone else such as a love relationship break up that left you wounded and depressed.

If the harmful voices are something that continues indefinitely, then it’s best to seek out a mental health practitioner to adequately treat and/or diagnose the underlying cause.  This can also rule out any deeper issues that might reside within you that need addressing and healing.   The next step I’d recommend is to go to a highly evolved healer, counselor or therapist as you continue down your individual spiritual path.

Questions such as this one can be uncomfortable to answer, but the response is always the same.  This type of question is best suited for a mental health professional.  It’s not my or anyone else’s jurisdiction to diagnose a mental health issue, but left for someone medically qualified.  It would be poor etiquette and bad practice on my part.  I can only offer what my Spirit team relays to me, which is the same response for most common questions.

~  Kevin Hunter

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
are available in paperback and kindle wherever books are sold.

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Kevin Hunter Quote on NOM

“The National Organization of Marriage wastes money and energy on ridiculous beliefs when there is real suffering going on in this country.  They’re an embarrassment to humanity and society.  I wish nothing more than for them to be shown their higher selves and begin operating from that place so that their own spirits can grow.”

-Kevin Hunter

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