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Archangel Gabriel Message through Martin Luther King’s Day

Image may contain: 2 peopleThe card that came up through the weekend into Martin Luther King day on Monday is “Speeches and Speaking”. We’re continuing with Archangel Gabriel who has been present personally and globally in a big way. This is about speaking your truth in all venues that apply from communicating with your Spirit team about your intentions and desires, as well as to give thanks for the blessings bestowed upon you from Heaven.

We’re coming out of the Full Moon energy, which prompted you to move within and take notice of the issues that have been on your mind lately. Mercury has also pushed forward this week and is growing stronger each day through the end of the month. The coast is clear to move full speed ahead with plans that have brewing on your mind over the last month. Implement and put ideas, desires, or plans into action now.

Communicating here can include approaching people that can assist or offer guidance in areas of interest. It is also to have those serious talks, whether it be to hit up a romantic potential or current one. This means polishing up your resume and credentials to look for new promising work if you’ve been consistently unhappy with your current job.

This is not a time to stay quiet, but to stand up and speak out in ways that can benefit others positively. This isn’t to be confused with vocally complaining or gossiping about something, which is lower vibrational negative energy that does nothing to benefit anyone at all ever. If something is bothersome and you feel the need to vent or complain, then turn the words into action statements that can actually improve matters. If one is truly interested in rising up above an issue, then they will communicate in ways that will resolve it so that you can continue moving forward fearlessly instead of remaining stuck in the quick sand of toxicity.

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