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Shania Twain rocked the stadium in Los Angeles blowing the power out for about five minutes. It was a blast!

Shania Twain comes into the audience to say hello to her fans. (Click on the images for the full versions)

Shania Twain rocked Los Angeles on August 20, 2015.   It was a roller coaster energy power show that had her rising from underneath the stage on a pedestal taking her 50 feet in the air.   It was a big budget spectacle with enough pyrotechnics, fireworks and laser lights to blow up the city.   Shania strayed away from her signature brunette looks and sported blonde hair and skin tight rock and roll leather.  She looked hotter than ever just weeks before her 50th birthday on August 28th.  Huge screens, multiple fiddlers, air guitars, and a drummer who is only 19 years old.  It was a spectacular party and no one wanted it to end!

Shania Twain has stated that this will be her final tour of her career (which I hope is something she’ll change her mind on.)   Her show was one of the best she’s ever put on and it looked like she had no intention of slowing down.   The music vibrated and shook the stadium at a super high decibel all night long.   It was heavy on the rock with fire shooting out from under the stage.  We were so close that you could feel the heat every time it shot up.  Most of her wardrobe was of the tight leather variety and classic rock t-shirts from the Rolling Stones to AC/DC.   AC/DC was one of the bands her ex-husband produced.  There was some tongue in cheek irony in wearing that t-shirt.  She came out into the audience to circle the stadium in order to get even closer to the fans while holding up a selfie camera.  This is someone who really loves what she does and appreciates all of the people that buy her CD’s and who go to see her shows.  There was no arrogance surrounding her aura.

Towards the final section of the show, an electrical explosion in a 19 story building near the stadium caused the power to shut off in the middle of the concert. Shania had just began “That Don’t Impress Me Much”, when a strange electrical glitch flashed on and off, then shut down. Part of the house lights went on as the crowd roared. She stopped mid-lyric and looked at the audience with a shrug, then walked off the stage only to emerge minutes later and chat it up with fans for about five minutes until the amp was fired back up.  The band jammed and they started the number again as if it never happened.  She handled the stadium like a composed professional.   The show was heavy on the rock almost like an homage to the hard rock and roll days of Kiss and the AC/DC.  She still brought in some of her infamous country sound into some of the tunes and revealed a more vulnerable acoustic set about 3/4 of the way in.

Shania Twain’s “Rock This Country” tour will continue to run through the end of October 2015.  She says she’s not retiring, only stopping the touring part of her career.  A new Shania Twain CD is expected to come out soon after the tour.  It would be her first CD since 2002.

Shania Twain has quite the personal history.  She grew up in an abusive household living hand to mouth.  Her parents were killed in a car accident, and then her career shot her up to the top of the charts following that.  She is now on the list of one of the world’s top selling artists of all time.  She was the most successful female country artist all through the 1990’s.   However, in the 2000’s, she disappeared after she discovered her best friend was having an affair with her husband of fourteen years. Her husband was also Shania’s music producer and best friend, so she lost two of her best friends, her husband, and her producer all at once.   Imagine what that feels like and how you would even consider moving on.  It takes great strength to overcome personal obstacles.

She disappeared for years falling into a depression losing her voice due to the pain.  She emerged publicly for the first time in 2008 to present the entertainer of the year award at the end of the Country Music Awards. When she walked out looking like a knock out, the entire theater was stunned and gasped. They jumped to their feet with roaring cheers and applause. They had felt what she went through since heartbreak is an equal opportunity killer. They wanted her back. Just before that appearance she had found comfort in her ex best friends husband who was going through the same turmoil since his wife was cheating on him with Shania’s husband.  Are you keeping up? Long conversations trying to deal with it together turned into friendship and then turned into love.  Years later, they married and they are blessed.

This was followed by taking residence in Las Vegas for a couple of years selling out shows at the “The Colosseum at Caesars Palace”. Now she’s circling the globe on what she is claiming to be her last tour of her life, but will still record music. She wants to say goodbye properly by visiting various cities. She’s rocked a packed sold out stadium in Los Angeles where I was in the front row.  Shania Twain is back and hotter than ever!

~  Kevin Hunter

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