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Soul Mates and Twin Flames, Twin Flame Soul Connections, Love Party of One, Jagger’s Revolution. Love Book Collection.

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Add some additional Valentine’s Day color into your life! 💫 Having accomplished quite a bit of jam-packed list of credits over the last two decades, one of the high things on my list is my unlimited interest in all things pertaining to love. 💞❣️💕 I’m a lifelong incurable romantic and love is the reason all are here in the end. Whether that’s to give love, teach love, or live in love. 💓 With my love collection of books there’s something for the whimsical lover, the spiritual lover, the practical dating lover, and the adult lover that can handle something that’s been banned and re-issued more times than I can count by distributors for its strong adult content.

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”Soul Mates and Twin Flames”, “Twin Flame Soul Connections”,
“Love Party of One”, “Jagger’s Revolution”


Available in paperback and e-book wherever books are sold or at the link below.




Soul Mates and Twin FlamesSoul Mates and Twin Flames
Attracting in Love, Friendships and the Human Heart

Everyone is interested in love and relationships whether they like to admit it or not. Even the most hardened human soul has fantasized about having a love interest or a partner in crime. One of the main reasons we are all here is to love and to learn how to love. This is not just in intimate relationships, but with everyone we come into contact with.
In, Soul Mates and Twin Flames, author Kevin Hunter touches on the topic of love and relationships by passing on some of the messages and guidance he has received from his own Guides and Angels on the topic. Included in this informational book are some of the basics on Soul Mates, Twin Flames, Dysfunctional Relationships, Reconnecting with an Ex, Karmic Relationships, Friendships, Loneliness, working with the Romance Angels, Dating, Relationships, and more!

Twin Flame Soul Connections
Recognizing the Split Apart, the Truths and Myths of Twin Flames, ​Soul Love Connections, Soul Mates, and Karmic Relationships

Twin Flames have a shared ongoing sentiment and quest from the moment they’re a spark shooting out of God’s love that explodes into a blinding white fire that breaks apart causing one to be two, until two become one again, separate and whole, and back around again. Looking into the eyes of your Twin Flame is like looking into the eyes of God, because to know love is to know God.

When one thinks of a Soul Mate or Twin Flame, they might equate it to a passionate romantic relationship where you’re making love on a white sandy palm tree lined beach in paradise for the rest of your lives. This beautiful mythological notion has caused great turmoil in others who long for this person that fits the description of a lothario character in a romance novel. It is also an unrealistic and misguided interpretation of the Soul Mate or Twin Flame dynamic.

Twin Flame Soul Connections discusses and lists some of the various myths and truths surrounding the Twin Flames, and how to identify if you’ve come into contact with your Twin Flame, or if you know someone who has. The ultimate goal is not to find ones Twin Flame, but to awaken ones heart to love, and to work on becoming complete and whole as an individual soul through spiritual self-mastery, life lessons, growth, and raising your consciousness. Your soul’s life was born out of love and will die right back into that love.



Love Party of OneLove Party of One
Surviving the Pitfalls of Dating and Relationships in a Loveless World

Love Party of One examines the current love and dating world and what to expect for anyone struggling with being single and longing for love.   Author, Kevin Hunter, is a love expert in love with all things surrounding the word love since he arrived on this planet. He has been out in the field studying the human condition since he was a teenager.  This has included conducting social experiments as well as diving head first into the areas of love and dating in his own personal life.

One of the ways of surviving modern day dating and relationships in a loveless world is by armoring yourself with knowledge. This includes knowledge over the way things currently are. You’ve went to psychic readers, you’ve cast spells, you put yourself out there, did the vision boards, the crystal meditations, and other love rituals presented to you, but you still find you’re desperately wishing the person of your dreams was here already. You grow cynical as if it will never happen and that you just have to accept the fact that perhaps it’s not in the cards. Dating is a battlefield, be prepared to get dirty.

Kevin Hunter is best known for his endless array of spiritually based books.  In Love Party of One, he answers some of the practical issues that readers posed regarding their personal conflicts in the current dating market. This is a non-denominational book with some light spiritual slang for anyone struggling as a single person in a loveless world. This is regardless of age, background, or whether you are straight, bi, gay, male, or female. The dating market is an equal opportunity killer and no soul is exempt from the challenges they face when it comes to love.

Some of the topics discussed surround technological dating, falling in love with someone you’ve never met, codependency, exes, communicating, compromise, sex, marriage, monogamy vs. adultery, ageism, and more!

Jagger's RevolutionJagger’s Revolution

Jagger’s Revolution is a trashy beach read love story about a strong, bohemian, beach thug with hard coded rules of etiquette on how love and relationships should be.  Jagger’s fight is one where he endures one bad date after another, while wondering if he’ll ever meet the right soul mate.  Throughout his dating dalliances and crushing love frustrations, he wrestles with the kind of gushing love crush one has as a teenager over Garth, the new lifeguard from Australia. He wrestles with his tormented feelings over this immediate silent connection with him and longs to get close.  Jagger is surrounded and lifted up by his trustworthy brother in arms. They’re also known as his buddies for life who temper his unruly ego and aggression while giving him undying loyalty. There’s the preppy book smart Troy, the high-powered executive Russell, and the sex loving and relationship hating Slade.  Jagger’s Revolution contains hard biting dating wisdom and philosophical ideals threaded throughout the essays. This is surrounded by true accounts of being slighted by love while craving that perfect soul mate partnership.


Empowering, inspirational, enlightening, metaphysical, self-help
available in paperback and e-book wherever books are sold.

Live authentically unafraid of the dark shadow side

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This was the post that ended up causing so much controversy.   Some people get uneasy when I speak bluntly and directly, but I don’t care, which is why this is getting posted here too!

Shirley Manson (Left photo: Lead singer of one of my favorite bands, “Garbage”) once said, “I’m afraid of happy people. They’re chemically unbalanced.”

It can be infectious to me if someone always comes off jolly and happy. At the same time, I’m suspicious of that. It feels like a forced niceness that comes off inauthentic.

Mary Kohnert, the Development director at Michelle’s (Pfeiffer) former company said to me once, “When someone is always happy, then they just come off goofy.” True. I’ve received negative rap from some turned off by how dark, harsh, and moody I come off at times, but at least I’m real and will never conform.

Brendon Urie (Right photo: Lead singer of one of my other favorite bands, “Panic at the Disco”) once said, “I find myself being attracted to dudes all the time. I’m like, ‘Wow, that’s a beautiful man.’ There’s no shame in it; that’s how I feel.”

Brendon has been with the same woman for over ten years and married for five of those. I’ve forever loved people who are not afraid to shine light on parts of themselves that others would get squeamish or uncomfortable about. You do that and you risk me tailgating you until the ends of the Earth. If you get offended by something I or anyone says or does, then I will do it more because, “F*ck you.”

Live authentically unafraid of the dark shadow side, which is often the more real side.


Empowering, inspirational, enlightening, metaphysical, self-help
Kevin Hunter books 
available in paperback and e-book
wherever books are sold.

How do you define sexuality? What are your sexual fantasies? I’d love to hear your stories for possible publication.

How do you define sexuality? What are your sexual fantasies? I’d love to hear your stories for possible publication. My research on the interaction between men and women, men and men, women and women continues. I am looking for stories about your sexual fantasies. This includes, but not limited to how you feel your physical appearance has affected your life in general, your real sexual experiences, and your sexual fantasies. How you relate to the opposite sex and/or the same sex. Whether you are straight, gay or bi and if you’ve had fantasies with someone who is not of the gender you are typically attracted to.   If you would like to have your story considered for publication in a new future book, please send the story to with a note giving Kevin Hunter and Dude Literature permission to edit and publish your story. Please put the word “Sexuality” in the subject line.  You will retain all copyright and you can have your story published anonymously if you prefer.

I’m a writer and like an actor who often stays in character, I am that actor and that artist who stays in the zone long when I’m creating.

“There are a lot of people approaching me this past week asking what’s wrong and that I seem depressed etc.  I’m doing just fine.  I’m a writer and like an actor who often stays in character, I am that actor and that artist who stays in the zone long when I’m creating.  I don’t abruptly pull out just like in sex.  I’ve been in heavy creation mode on my next book since the beginning of September.  This is a huge spiritual project that’s jam-packed with an immeasurable amount of revealing information that will help a lot of people.  Because it’s channeled through spirit it leaves me intellectually drained even though there is a rush or high during the process.   I’ve been in the middle of an emotionally painful section the last couple weeks that is excruciating to go through, but necessary, and that’s the aftermath that many are witnessing when they see me.  If I ask you to fuck off, please know that I mean that with love and don’t take it personally.  I do appreciate you.”

-Kevin Hunter

Exploring Sexuality: Heterosexual Male Fantasies

One of my straight male friends and I were hanging out one night talking.   We will call this friend James.   James was in his late twenties at the time when he confessed something to me I had never heard him say before.   He said that he has had periodic fantasies of what it would be like to sexually explore with another guy and had always wanted to try it at least once.   He knew that I was open sexually as I never attempted to hide it.   He said that if he were to try it that it would need to be with someone he trusted and felt comfortable with.   It turns out that I was that guy.

The proposal was on the table that when his girlfriend was to head out of town that I would consider his proposition.  We discussed it here and there over the course of time.  I allowed him to be confessional and open as I am with anybody.   I’m typically the one that others come to with their deepest darkest secrets.  At some point as they’re revealing hidden feelings to me they would say, “I don’t know what it is about you, but I feel like I can tell you anything and you don’t judge it.”

A couple of months had passed and James hit me up asking if I would come over to his place since his girlfriend was out of town for the weekend.   When I arrived he was slightly nervous.   He was rarely like that with me before, but this time knowing what he was intending to do was making him feel anxious, yet eager.  It was as if he were a teenage male virgin about to experience sex for the first time.  He had a football game on the big screen and was wearing his football jersey with cutout standees of a couple of his favorite players in the living room just to give you a little more detail about this guy.

This isn’t to emphasize the stereotype that if a guy is straight he’s into sports and if he’s gay, then he’s not.  I’ve seen the reverse be true more times than I can count.  Meaning the straight guy is uninterested in sports and the gay guy is racing home so that he doesn’t miss the big game.

James and I talked on the couch for a bit and he then said, “Well you know why I wanted you to come over today?   My {girlfriend’s} away and wanted to see if you wanted to experiment what we’ve been talking about, if you’re cool with that.”  I said, “Sure if this is what you want and you’re ready, then I’ll let you lead.”

He didn’t waste any time sitting up, grabbing the back of my neck with his hand and leaning in to kiss me.  He pulled away blushing a little with a slight smile surprised liking it, “Hmmm.  Interesting.”   He leaned back in getting more comfortable in kissing me again.  Only this time his other hand went down my shorts to feel me up and play with my dick a little.

Not to go into too much graphic detail on here, but in making a long story short we explored one another, yet I allowed him to have the majority of the leading and to go as far as he was comfortable with, then we could stop.

After we both climaxed he said, “Well I will say that it was better than I thought it would be.”   Guilt and panic suddenly set in him where he frantically started cleaning the living room like a mad man.   He said, “You don’t understand when she comes home she’ll smell it on me and will be able to tell.”  This might be true considering that the female senses are keener than the males.

Freud said everyone was born bisexual, and then we had the Kinsey effect that introduced to the naive world that sexuality isn’t all black and white.  There is a whole grey area existing that is rarely talked about.  It’s assumed you’re either gay or straight, and not both.  Yet this couldn’t be further from the truth.  Since I was a teen, I’ve had so many people share their private sexual fantasies and stories with me.  This is from those who are male, female, straight, gay and bi.  Add to this the research I’ve personally conducted in the sex world, I’ve discovered that sexuality is greyer than it is on one side or another.  The media and culture has ingrained it in people’s minds that it’s one or the other.  Not true.  The media doesn’t have a clue.

If you would like to share your personal sexual fantasies with me for a future book, please feel free to message me granting me permission.  I can assure you that your anonymity will be kept private.  If you just want to share your story, but do not want it to be used in any form except for my eyes only, then let me know that too.   Include details that you feel are relevant such as your gender, orientation, age.   Email:

I think I’ve been a gentleman long enough to finally earn a piece of that – Kevin Hunter

Kevin Hunter - Column - Dude Habits
This one dude was quietly courting me. Although he wasn’t terribly direct about it because you would never know that’s what he was up to. Every month or so I’d get a text from him seeing how I was doing. Eventually he’d work it up to, “Hey want to hang out.” I tell him I’d love to. This went on for six months.  When we didn’t talk for a couple months he came back around again asking me to dinner. I thought why not I’m still single. Going out should be fine. Well that night he has a few drinks more than usual and gets real comfortable and starts kissing me. Long story short. We have sex. He later tells me, “I think I’ve been a gentleman long enough to finally earn a piece of that.”  Oh you sweet talker you.

Although I appreciate his ability to wait it out, I realized that I was never quite all that into him as much as he was into me.  This is where you have to be careful. What do you do when you enjoy someone and you’re attracted to them, but you don’t see a ‘relationship’ with them anywhere in the equation. They’re simply just someone to have fun with until the REAL relationship comes in. The problem is he sees you as that guy. This is where you better back out and fast. You both have to be on the same level or you’ll have a blow up ahead.  So that’s what I did.

© 2011 Kevin Hunter’s Sex Column

He Saw the Bulge In My Pants – Kevin Hunter

Kevin Hunter - Column - Dude Habits
My buddy comes over to talk to me. I’m sitting down. He’s leaning over me a little bit whispering something private about something.  He looks down my body for a split second and says, “Whoa that’s a nice view.”

I look down confused. I’m wearing jeans and sitting with my legs apart, and there it is, the shape of my cock bulging under it. I abruptly close my legs and pull my chair under my desk.
“Oops” I say. I don’t blush, because I don’t get all that embarrassed, but I did laugh. “Sorry” I ad.

“Hey don’t apologize, that’s god’s gift.” He reminds me.

Kevin Hunter’s Book Jagger’s Revolution

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Kevin Hunter is the dude-lit author of the hit beach book, “Jagger’s Revolution”

Kevin Hunter is the author of the hit beach read, “Jagger’s Revolution“.

“Ever wanted to recapture that feeling you had in High School when you had the crush on that boy from the football team?  That feeling slowly fades as you get older, but its a feeling we long for.  Kevin Hunter brings that feeling back with the uncompromising protagonist Jagger.  An unlikely guy to feel any kind of crush as his strength is times ten and he couldn’t imagine putting himself into that vulnerable state.  Love isn’t something you can control.  When you get a crush there is no stopping it and he stops at nothing to land in from the eyes of the hot local lifeguard.”

Moves Like Jagger is a song that uncannily describes Jagger in Jagger’s Revolution – Kevin Hunter

Kevin HunterMoves Like Jagger is a song that uncannily describes Jagger in Jagger’s Revolution.  The last couple of weeks I’ve received an onslaught of emails and phone calls with people sending me the song “Moves Like Jagger” saying things like, “I think this one is for you!”  I gave it a listen and I thought,  “Wow there is an uncanny resemblance to my character Jagger in the book Jagger’s Revolution.”

Jagger is an unapologetic sexy and intelligent guy who rules everything around him.  The one big thing he wrestles with is love as we all do.  He struts his stuff like a peacock, but crumbles whenever he runs into his crush.

Kevin Hunter

Kevin Hunter


The song “Moves Like Jagger” is performed by Maroon 5 and Christina Aguilera.  It’s sexy, funky and screams a Summer good time.

“Moves Like Jagger” lyrics.
Performed by Maroon 5 and Christina Aguilera

Just shoot for the stars if it feels right
Then aim for my heart if you feel like
And take me away, make it okay
I swear I’ll behave
You wanted control. So we waited
I put on a show. Now we’re naked
You say I’m a kid. My ego is big
I don’t give a shit. And it goes like this.
Take me by the tongue and I’ll know you
Kiss me until you’re drunk and I’ll show you
You want the moves like Jagger
I’ve got the moves like Jagger
I don’t need to try to control you
Look into my eyes and I’ll own you
With them moves like Jagger
Maybe it’s hard
When it feels like you’re broken and scarred
Nothing feels right
But when you’re with me I make you believe
That I’ve got the key
So get in the car. We can ride it
Wherever you want. Get inside it
And you want to steer. But I’m shifting gears
I’ll take it from here. And it goes like this.
You want to know how to make me smile
Take control, own me just for the night
And if I share my secret you’re gonna have to keep it
Nobody else can see this
So watch and learn. I won’t show you twice
Head to toe. Rub me right
But if I share my secret
You’re gonna have to keep it
Nobody else can see this
And it goes like this
Take me by the tongue and I’ll know you
Kiss me until you’re drunk and I’ll show you
All the moves like Jagger
I’ve got the moves like Jagger

-Kevin Hunter

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