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Michelle Pfeiffer and Sarah Jessica Parker interview each other. Roles for empowering women discussed.

Michelle Pfeiffer asks Sarah Jessica Parker about “Sex and the City” and was it their goal to create an empowering show with female characters.  Having worked for Michelle at her boutique company for many years until she closed it, one of the things she asked me to look at with incoming scripts for her were empowering strong women.  No victims!   It’s nice to see many calling her the ‘legendary Michelle Pfeiffer’ after this interview was released.   Michelle was one of the last batch of greats during the Movie Star era which no longer exists.  There are celebrities in movies, but the ‘movie star’ label started to dwindle when technology rose up in the 2000’s where everyone is considered a star.

Sarah Jessica Parker fan gushes all over Michelle Pfeiffer throughout while counter interviewing Michelle’s process as an actor and how to balance it with her extremely private personal life.  Sarah reveals one of her favorite Michelle movies in this candid interview for Actors on Actors for Variety, and it’s not one that would immediately come to mind for the general public below.

Watch the 30 minute episode below to find out more.

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