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A Psychic Medium’s Trip Through the Darkness and Light of the Physical and Spirit Worlds, and Other Paranormal Phenomena


In Stay Centered Psychic Warrior, metaphysical teacher, psychic, medium, and author, Kevin Hunter talks about what it’s like battling between mental health issues and the deeply potent psychic input that continuously falls into his soul’s consciousness throughout each day. He offers plenty of examples and discussions of his brushes with spirit, seeing and hearing the dead, the power of the Darkness and the Light in both the physical and spirit worlds, along with sharing his numerous personal psychic and mediumship instances, glimpses of the Other Side, near death experiences, past lives, soul contracts, traveling to and from the Spirit Worlds, spirit guides and angels, recognizing your own psychic gifts, and much more!

Kevin grew up in a volatile and toxic home full of massive ongoing traumatic child abuse that led his soul to permanently break apart. This ignited an array of anxiety disorders and addictions to overcome. On the opposite extreme end was his infinite profound psychic related visions and foresight. Having battled both since childhood, Kevin describes his psychic gifts as being both a gift and a curse.
The gift is that it helped effectively guide him through many soul transformations, life lessons, and challenges while recognizing blessings and opportunities to seize with grand confidence. The curse being due to how potently overpowering the psychic input can be at times while aggravated by the human mental health complexities placed on an exceptionally sensitive soul. Absorbing every incoming psychic nuance and vibration from both the physical and spirit worlds can be a challenging one, but through the power of the Light, he is sanctioned to know that his Divine role as a warrior soul means you are trained to withstand any storm. This unique autobiography focuses on psychic and mediumship related content coupled with the soul’s journey and purpose.

Stay Centered Psychic Warrior
is an intensely forceful and revealing read that doesn’t shy away from the uncomfortable, the Darkness, abuse, mental health issues, while uplifting it with the many blessings of the Light and intriguing day to day psychic phenomena all in one. Allow it to inspire you to recognize your own psychic gifts knowing there is much more to this Earthly life than can be seen or comprehended. Be empowered to break through the rubble and stand strong and centered under the powerful Light that shines through any Darkness.



Stay Centered Psychic Warrior

A Psychic Medium’s Trip Through the Darkness and Light of the Physical and Spirit Worlds, and Other Paranormal Phenomena



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Nailing Down Psychic Input: Transcending Utopia, Kevin Hunter

{Excerpt from Transcending Utopia}


Every soul is born with psychic capabilities, and no one is more special than anyone else since all have the gift.  Some of the human souls that reveal the most spot on psychic input are not professional readers, or may not even believe in it, but might be open to it.  This is that friend who always seems to say things that later come true.   It’s a repetitive process that many around them notice.  They’re not doing anything in particular or trying to conduct a reading.  They likely don’t even know how to read using divination tools.  Their body is the tool that brings in the input naturally.

The benefit of having this gift is to be able to make sounder choices in your life, while warning you of danger and what to stay away from.  Pay attention to all of your psychic senses and what comes in as you move about your day.  Pray for guidance when you feel stuck on an issue and ask for signs on the best choice to make that will not leave you in a challenging state, but will enhance your life.

A political friend asks me, “I know you’re not political, but Ossoff or Handel for Georgia?”

I said, “I have no idea what you’re saying to me right now.”

He clarifies, “That’s whose running for the congressional seat for Georgia. I was curious what you get for them.”

I said, “Oh no, I’m not doing that. Besides I’ve never heard of them or this.”

I paused in silence then said, “Handel. Whoever Handel is. That’s who gets it.”

Hours later he sends me a media link with the text: “Handel won. You were right. Not that it’s a surprise.”

How do you psychically nail the answer, how does it come to you, or what do I personally do?  In this scenario, I didn’t do anything.  It just rushed in with the snap of a finger like it normally does.  There’s no special ritual.  It comes in, I state it out loud, and then it’s confirmed later that it came true.  It’s the same way I’ve predicted every U.S. President elect in my adult life. It’s either said to me (clairaudience), shown to me (clairvoyance), I just know (claircognizance), or pieces come in through the various psychic channels one after the other, then a year later it ends up coming to fruition.

Any soul on the planet can do that when they’re paying attention to the Divine.  Sometimes it just pops in out of nowhere.  You don’t think much of it until later when it’s confirmed to be true.  The reason it comes in so effortlessly is because you’re also not struggling to get an answer.  You’re just minding your own business going about your day, your vibration is high, then the psychic information slams in.  Your ego isn’t trying to push for an answer.

It’s in hindsight where you go, “Oh, wait a minute, okay that was a hit, but it came in so easily that I didn’t recognize it as being guidance at the time.”

There are many light workers and warrior of lights threaded around the world working within the political arena to help shift it away from outdated rules that no longer have any benefit in modern times.  The political worlds and the people in them have enormous egos. Sometimes their hearts are in the right place, but other times they’re operating from a limited space where they are too caught up in it to see clearly.  That’s the general perception of most of humanity, with the exception being the enlightened ones who see more than the average person. All are capable of becoming enlightened if they refuse to be limited and seek to understand all aspects of human life at the time they are living it.

I had no idea what my politically based friend was talking about and he does that often, but that’s only because he’s invested in it. Whenever he starts rambling about the current political climate, I have no idea what he’s talking about. I still never knew who those two Georgia people running were. I read the headline he sent me with his text after it was confirmed to be true, but I did not read the story, as I don’t care to absorb gossip or political media specifically.  The other point is that predictions tend to be accurately foretold when you don’t have any emotion invested into the question, which obviously, I don’t or didn’t.

You experience an accurate psychic hit easily in a situation when you don’t have emotion invested into it, so your perception is crystal clear without any blocks in the way.  You aren’t trying to prove anything or find an answer.  This is generally how it sifts into your consciousness effortlessly. It’s when you are completely emotionally detached from it all.



Reopening the Pathway to Divinity

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Divine messages filter in when you’re in a high vibrational state


Image may contain: outdoor and nature

Taken in Joshua Tree National Park

The density of the Earth’s atmosphere places enormous pressure on the soul that causes communication blockages with the Divine. It messes and tampers with your emotions and thoughts preventing crystal clear guidance from coming in.
Deep down all long for that centered space of peace where everything you could ever want rushes in. You spend your entire life pursuing those pretty dreams hoping and praying for some blessing or miracle. The answer is is in the deepest part of your soul that burns like a pilot light screaming for contact with God.
When you ignite it the connection is made and you’re transcended into the space of authentic heavenly high vibrational feelings of joy, love, and peace. The messages, guidance, and answers then filter through your core psychic clair senses of vision, feeling, hearing, and knowing. Getting out into a vast open distraction free nature space can help accelerate that connection.




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Medium, Nancy Fox – Psychic Recommendation

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