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It’s poor form to surrender to the superficiality of the human gossip machine

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It’s poor form to surrender to the superficiality of the human gossip machine. In the vastness of political and religious arenas, I’ve been trained to embrace all points of view in order to stay centered.

This also includes viewing physical circumstances from the perspective of an angel or a fair judge that possesses stern detachment and objectivity. It also helps that I can see further into the true motives of one beyond what the average person can see.

I’ve always hung out dangerously close to the middle far away from the extremism that perpetuates both sides. Extremism is excess with the goal of congregating in order to further drag humanity into the sewer with its noise that contributes nothing except to poison the planet.

Positive change happens when gaps are bridged, hearts are open, and by listening. This can be accomplished when one takes a higher perspective. Raw tolerance is listening to all sides without judgement. Walking that fine ledge where the cliff descends prevents you from discerning the truth. The ego is a dangerous unruly beast that loves to drag one into the dark trenches of gossip. Steer clear of the toxins that continue to be darted in front of you with the goal of luring you into its trap.

I don’t care if someone is voting for Donald Trump and I don’t care if someone is voting for Hillary Clinton. This is your life and under the eyes of the law you have every right to vote for who you personally choose to vote for… peace. This means without interference, without conflict, attacks, bullying, or judgement. Both extreme sides are guilty of it too. The irony being that this also comes from those who preach about tolerance in general, which is even more comical.

There are greater problems happening on the planet that extend beyond a presidential election. And in the end, it doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. You can’t become lost in the waters of fear over what could happen should one or the other be the next President. No matter who is in office humanity will still continue on its nose dive. This has been evident over the last fifteen months and the way others have behaved over it. One has to remain detached from it all in order to not drown it its toxicity and be able to see clearly, even though it’s a little too late for that.

How I view the ranting nonsense of those in their lower evolved state is depicted in the image with this post. Me spearheading those savage creatures that consistently whine and complain over how they despise a political candidate and any that support that person all over their social media. I see the savage creatures as those guilty of that crime. It’s one thing to offer praise over your favorite choice, since positive compliments is seeing the good in someone, but it’s another to be repeatedly disrespectful which is gossip and negative energy that no self-respecting person would want to be around.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were the Presidential nominees in my psychic prediction blog post 14 months ago when no one thought it would be either of them, and no working psychic medium had announced it.  I knew who the nominees would be and who the President will be, but I also knew that I would have to listen to the garbage toxins being emitted into the universe for the next year or so by those who are unable to see clearly.   In the end, it doesn’t matter because this was all predestined and no one is truly going to suffer as a result.

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Psychic Predictions Presidential Political Race 2016 – Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton nominee forecasted

Who will be the Presidential nominees, and who will be elected the President of the United States in November 2016? 

It’s the Summer of 2015 and the announcements are coming in for who will be running for President of the United States.

You know what that means?  The noise of the media and the masses will be loud, abrasive, and irritating for the next fourteen months or so. This happens during every election cycle and I cannot comprehend how humankind is not sick of that energy by now.  This one will be louder than ever so hold onto your horses!

I steer clear of all that drama and instead go right to source and ask my Spirit team in Heaven who they see as becoming the next Presidential nominee and then President.  This way I don’t have to listen to all of the arguing nonsense flying around by those who cannot see what I can.  My team was right about the last number of elections, so there is a 90% chance they are right about this upcoming 2016 election process.  What are they?

Psychic Political Predictions for 2016

The Presidential Nominees will be:
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.


The President of the United States in 2016 will be:
Donald Trump.


There you have it.   These nominees and the ultimate winner will be difficult for anyone to believe or fathom at this time, but this is indeed what I see.  Anyone can strip away the physical distractions around them and be able to foresee the same outcome when they tune in to beyond.   The majority are under the impression that it’s going to be Jeb Bush and Bernie Sanders.  NOT TRUE.  I’m sorry I’m not seeing that at all.   My Spirit team shows me Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on a stage in front of me with Trump taking it to the finish line.

Clairvoyantly, I can see the U.S. map on Election day in front me.  It’s mostly red with some blues on both ends of the coast, but it doesn’t look like enough blues in favor of Hillary Clinton.   I see Trump being sworn into office in repeated flashes and visions.  I cannot get this vision out of my third eye.  The angels surrounding me are pointing to crowds cheering the announcement with my soul standing in the center of this like a voyeur.   It will be a super close tight race in the end.    For those unhappy with this prediction, my history has shown over the course of my life that I am rarely ever off, but once in awhile it can happen.

Politics are not something I’ve ever been interested in or cared about.   In the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter who the President is as long as hearts continue to remain closed.   This election cycle will reveal those closed hearts in a big way.   Anyone who slanders either candidate in a negative hostile way is guilty of that.   You cannot be in that state and be a crystal clear conduit.   You have to be completely removed emotionally from all of it in order to see the truth.  The world and the United States will continue to be chaotic regardless of who is in the White House.

Future upcoming nominees Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will cause a lot of upset from all sides.  Those that despise either will be making unnecessary noise that will do nothing to help anyone.  It will only perpetuate the cycle of toxicity that continues to be thrown out into the universe.

There are tons of fear energy being darted into the ethers surrounding these two future nominees.  Fear comes from the darkness of ego, which convinces you that circumstances will be worse than they actually are.  When you’re centered, then you are detached from the noise.

There will be violence, uproars, lashing out, and the typical lynch mob mentality coming out to play during this election cycle.   It is the same behavior that has continued to be the basis of the human condition for centuries…sadly.  Humankind still has yet to get its act together.  They will continue to showcase this behavior after Trump is announced as winner.  This will only perpetuate the fear energy the angels speak of.

The reality is that all potential candidates have both good and bad qualities about them just as the most atrocious of human beings have.  Human souls are flawed due to the domination of their ego also known as the darkness of ego.   The ego in human kind pays attention to what the media feeds it.  The media points you in the direction it wants you to head down and others blindly follow it right over a cliff.  They will succeed at doing that with this election by unfairly showing more compassion towards one candidate over another.   They will feed you false information in order to deceive the ego.  And you will believe this as if it is fact.  The truth will come out on Election day when this prediction comes to pass.

Until then, the energy will be worse than grade school bickering on the playground.   If you like a candidate that someone else does not, then you will be attacked, bullied, intimidated and called names among other things.  Differences of opinions or choices are not allowed by the ego.  This is strange for me to view from a higher perspective.  Human kind is fucking nuts on all sides.

Speaking of sides, the two extreme sided political parties haven’t been working for years.  It’s an immense amount of arguing, disagreeing, name calling, and noise.  What about getting to work, meeting half way, and joining together to improve the quality of human life?   More have been waking up to that concept in recent years, but I see this election cycle will prove me wrong.  Humankind is nowhere close to understanding the concept of love.

In November 2011, a year out before the last election, I asked my Spirit team to show me who would be President.  My team then showed me the trajectory of the campaign coming up in the year 2012.   They said that Michele Bachmann would be dropping out soon; this would be followed eventually by Rick Santorum.  They proceeded to tell me that Mitt Romney would be the Republican nominee to take it to the finish line against Barack Obama.  They then announced that Barack Obama would end up being President for a second term.

As history has shown from that time period, this prediction they gave me ended up coming true.  Bachmann dropped out in January 2012 and Santorum dropped out in April 2012.   Obama was elected for a second term.  This was mentioned in my book, Warrior of Light, along with my prediction of the Same Sex Marriage ban being lifted.  All of this ended up coming true.

This all means that this new psychic prediction has a great chance of being true.  Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will go toe to toe in an interesting debate that feels more comical than anything else, but not far off as being a mirror held up against the masses in the U.S.  The future nominees Clinton and Trump are what the country attracted in, but they are what is predestined to take place.  My team says that it is Donald Trump who will be sworn into office.  While my own ego mind may find that hard to believe, I trust in my Spirit team over anyone else.

With bigger psychic predictions, I typically like to double and triple check.  I will pull a card on Donald Trump to make sure I am hearing my team clearly.  (pulling now)  

Okay:  They’re showing me through Clairvoyance a visual of Donald Trump taking an oath into office.   First it’s him standing next to Hillary Clinton on a stage, then there is a bright flash and he’s got one hand on a Bible and one hand raised.  I’m taking that to mean being sworn into office.

Knight of Wands

Donald Trump’s card is the Knight of Wands that was pulled out.  The Knight of Wands person is passionate, impulsive, a leader, and aggressive. This is the kind of person who would be elected school President let alone the President of the United States, so yes, this is looking to be true as the card has confirmed.

The flip side of the Knight of Wands is this is also someone who can be a bully at times and insensitive to the feelings of others.  This is eerily the mark of a Wise One as they can be somewhat narcissistic, and tend to focus solely on getting the job done without paying much mind to the noise or trampled on feelings of those around them.  I will not say whether Trump falls into that, but will allow you to do your best to tune in.  This mean you will have to strip away your ego and his in order to reach this truth.

I’m seeing tantrums throughout the country, but they’ll just have to get over it.  It’s literally not the end of the world and not as horrible as they may try to make it.  Stop paying attention to the drama and the fear!  How many times do I need to hammer this in?

Changing the hearts of humanity is a long process that involves honing in on what the darkness of ego focuses and obsesses on.  A Presidential Election is a great start.  Millions of people hyper focused on a political election.   Many people will waste a year or more of their lives focused on the superficiality.  This is time wasted on nonsense instead of working on yourself.

Continuing on, my team adds that the Knight of Wands people are ferociously loyal until someone betrays that loyalty, then you’re discarded.  This all ironically sounds like Trump’s personality.  If someone attacks him, then he will attack back.  It’ll all be played on the stage of the media.

I will relax and enjoy the coming year avoiding the press.  I will not say a word about it on publicly until this prediction comes true and the next President of the United States is elected.

Astrologically?  Interestingly, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have a Leo rising. They are both people who love and crave attention.  They also know how to get attention with their words and actions.  Leo Rising people also seem to attract in drama.  This is going to be a long annoying election process as they will both be igniting drama even without intending to.  It’s their nature to be brash, to exaggerate, and have temper tantrums in their own way.  However, they both won’t do any great or worse than the other if they end up in office.

If you are eligible to vote in the United States, then you have the legal right to vote for who you choose to in peace.

If Donald Trump is indeed the next President as my team is saying, then how will he be?

The planet Mars is heavy and intense with Donald Trump.  When it’s positively aspected that can push someone to be a strong leader and boss.  There is great enthusiasm along with someone who is determined, courageous, and not afraid of risks.   He will favor those who are hard working.  It looks like he prefers order, efficiency, and discipline when focusing on the task at hand.   The flip side is he’ll need to take care with not coming off too aggressive or bullish.    The irony is that clairvoyantly he appears to be quieter behind closed doors working away.  This is the opposite of how he may be viewed by the public.  He may not be as bad as some might believe him to be.

Final Words:  Bernie Sanders will run a close race with Hillary Clinton, but Clinton gets the nomination.  Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio will battle it out together and trail Trump while never quite catching up.   Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States come election time November 2016.

Both party systems need to be dismantled and bring on the Independents!  We need middle ground!  The two extremist sided political party no longer works.  It’s too opposing and there is no happy medium.  This will be proven at how vile people will be with one another in the coming year.

Donald Trump will not drop out or change parties even though the media will attempt to sell that story to death.  If they were in tune they would know this information first hand. Hatred is an enormous block that prevents heavenly guidance from filtering into ones consciousness.  There is no light that exists in hatred.

My Spirit team says that Trump will be the dark horse who makes it to the finish line.  They say it is to bridge the gap between parties creating more solidarity.  He will also improve the economy and the structure of America where all can be pointed in the right direction of accepting each others way of life.  He is like that balanced CEO who hears all sides.  His words will offend and be all over the place, but his heart is in the right place.

There will be civil disobedience, tantrums, and the darkness of ego will rise like it never has, but those with an open receptive consciousness will dive straight into the heart of the truth within that soul, rather than listening to the mind numbing attack filled words that the media loves to put out there.

Both nominees will be attacked around the clock by the darkness of ego in humankind and yet Clinton and Trump will pay no mind to the noise and stay focused on trying to win. They will not be swayed, so kudos to them in wanting the thankless job of President of the United States.

America has been in a constant state of chaotic, argumentative, aggressive, dogmatic, abusive energy, and it will need a fearless soul to take that on and clean it up by pointing it in a brighter direction no matter what the costs are.  Remember, in the end it doesn’t matter who is President, because everything that is taking place was previously contracted for reasons that you may not understand at this time.

 ~  Kevin Hunter
Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
are available in paperback and kindle wherever books are sold.

Hurricanes, Earthquakes, the Presidential Election. The drama surrounding all is able to give someone a nose bleed.

I don’t watch TV, the news, or read gossip pages so I’m generally pretty out of touch to what’s going on. There is an added benefit since most of it is garbage anyway and prevents me from focusing on my life purpose. Then there are the cases where I’ve been in the dark on more important earthly crises situations such as hurricanes slamming places like Hawaii and along the east coast. I rely on those around me to mention it which is how I found out about that today.

It’s natural to have human emotions and reactions in the face of drama that seems to threaten your surroundings. It’s instinctive to feel afraid over the earth changes and the human drama that’s played out daily. Threatening Tsunami warnings in Hawaii, Hurricanes hitting the eastern coast, massive earthquakes in Canada and the pending doom of the U.S. Presidential Election next week that threatens to divide the country even further no matter who is elected! All of this followed by the allegedly claimed 2012 apocalyptic ending that is being prophesied. It’s easy for everyone to fall into the high and the rush of the end is near drama mentality. Is it the end? Not anytime soon. Detach from drama and stand strong in faith and optimism knowing that everything is taken care of and that all of your needs are met in all ways.

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Everyone is so self-consumed, self-interested with their bodies, consumed with their egos.

“I’ve watched this world blow up and become infatuated over trivia and bullshit in other people’s lives.  Who is fucking who over and who is doing porn?  While we’ve got people living in Ethiopia and Uganda who…they don’t give a damn about what they look like or if they feel validated.  They’re trying to feed their kids!  I’m sorry I hate to see that.  People in other cultures don’t have the opportunity to act like us.  People don’t have the opportunity to do that in fucking New Orleans right now.  Who cares what you look like!  We live in this bubble of a world and frankly I’m sick of it.  All we give a shit about is our ripped abs and our Botox and who is hot and who has had work done.  We are so fucking shallow.  We look at the rest of the world in such a limited point of view, but the biggest fucking drag is the self focus.  The focus of ‘it’s all about me’ and ‘how do I feel?’, and ‘am I validated?’, ‘am I okay in the world?’  Give me a break.  You know go build a house for homeless people in Zimbabwe or volunteer and then I’ll be impressed.  People are selfish, spoiled, obnoxious and uncaring human beings.  I’m fucking over it.  I’m done.

We did start as the greatest country ever.  We came here.  We struggled.  We suffered.  We made colonies. We made it to be a certain way.  We fought just like everybody else.  We fought to the death for our freedom.  We had a revolution, became a free society, broke the chains that bound us and wrote the declaration of independence.  We were all considered equal although I don’t know what happened with that.  We had honor.  We were good people.  Are we not supposed to look at the homeless guy down the street?  We’re like animals.  We’re not human anymore.  Actually I don’t think we’re any different than animals.  Oh wait, except we have intelligence and tend to choose free will.  Everyone is so self-consumed, self-interested with their bodies, consumed with their egos.”

From the Script Adaptation of the book Jagger’s Revolution….


The full length Jagger’s Revolution book:


The economy and job market took a nose dive after September 11th

The economy and job market took a nose dive after September 11th (2001) and then the war and it’s barely picked back up. The President and everyone can say were on fire. We’re not. I know a lot of people out of work, both old and young. The country is more obsessed with stopping gay same sex marriage than fixing the economy or ourselves. I mean come on really?  How they can’t see this bemuses me at what a wacky country this is.  This cycle will continue until they change. Doesn’t matter whose in the White House at this point.

Kevin Hunter Political Psychic Predictions come true 2012

I’m not a professional psychic, but we are all psychic and I do tune in and communicate with guides and angels on the other side.  Last Fall 2011 the only political predictions I made were that Michele Bachmann would drop out of the race first followed by Michele Bachmann.

Original Election prediction post here

In January 2012 – Michele Bachmann dropped out. Today Rick Santorum drops out.  I also said that Mitt Romney would keep going until the end, but Obama would be re-elected as President in 2012 for a second term.

Original Election prediction post here

Election Day Psychic Predictions for 2012 ~ Kevin Hunter

Although I will refrain from offering my personal choices when it comes to anything political because I am far from political.  I’m a clairaudient and claircognizant and connect to the Divine often.  I don’t particularly like to use the word psychic, because for one we are all psychic and can all connect when we raise our vibrations.

The information I was given regarding the Election 2012 was as follows.  I know some people are upset that Michele Bachmann is the most popular item since Sarah Palin, however they are telling me that she is going to drop out of the race first.  Rick Santorum will drop out afterwards.  Mitt Romney is actually going to be the guy that goes toe to toe with Obama in the end.  It will be Obama who is re-elected for a second presidential term.

There you have it.  Now file it away and report back later!

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