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Personal Connections with Spirit; August 16th a big day for entertainers, Aretha Franklin, Elvis Presley, Madonna

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I’ve been extremely spiritually connected and otherworldly since I was a child. I knew I would eventually be writing about metaphysical topics in greater depth, but it wasn’t something I initially wanted to write about or teach. In fact, I continued to put it off for about two decades. My interest was in writing about love, dating, sex, and relationships, since those personal physical and soulful unions with others were most important to me. It wasn’t writing about God or spiritual related empowering concepts, even though my connections have always been strong and evident to others around me before all that. There were earlier hints of what was to come through my earlier philosophical passages that tended to be woven into what I was writing back then.

Growing up, spirituality and religion was solely about my individual personal connection and relationship with God. I never understood the point in sharing that or turning it into a lucrative venture as a teacher, which was what I was later branded without me realizing it. However, I did foresee me doing that work as I moved out of my teens and into my twenties, but my guides circled the time frame where that would clearly kick off as being around my mid-to-late 30’s, even though one part of me scoffed, brushed it off, or denied it because I didn’t want to do that work.

What I “see” or “hear” from council, and what my ego personally feels can be two completely distinctive views, so I put up a great deal of resistance. Luckily, as the time period when the transition would take place was approaching, I was growing less me-focused and more universally focused. The dark egotistical narcissistic part of me was rapidly simmering down enough to reveal that one of my soul’s missions was as clear as it could be. I knew I could no longer hold all of this knowledge that had been living in my consciousness and not share it.

The goal, intention, and purpose they were asking of me has a larger global effect long after I’m gone, than the fun I wanted to do. I now ultimately do my work for Him with pleasure. I learned through the many people writing me over the years that their lives were positively changing as a result of something I said or wrote. Even if you completely change one person in a positive way, then you’ve done your job, but changing more than that was more than I expected.


In other news…..
August 16th seems to be an interesting day
for major entertainers…….



Aretha Franklin passed away on 8/16.  I remember my Mother playing her records when I was a toddler.  I remember Aretha working that incredible scene for the number “Respect” in the “Blues Brothers”.  It’s ironic that she passed away today on Madonna’s 60th birthday.  A major birthday milestone.  I remember when I was 10 and Madonna was 23/24 and shot to enormous fame on the level of Michael Jackson, and MTV was kicked off.  And she’s managed to maintain a career since then when most fall away.  Also ironic is that Elvis Presley also died on August 16th.  My father was a huge Elvis Presley fan always playing his records.  August 16th seems to be an important day for major entertainers.



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Patiently hanging back in a state of inner peace disconnected from all irritants and distractions

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Patiently hanging back in a state of inner peace disconnected from all irritants and distractions. This is the eerie calm stillness just before we rise up again out of the ground in flames more commanding than before. You have to transform and emerge, die and die again, because there is no rationality to remain as is.

Took a long hot ceremonial shower after spending days clearing and cleansing in preparation for this ensuing chapter. Extricated and cut out any and all that no longer serves purpose for this next venture of ours. It was like swatting flies and macing rioters away to subdue the unworthy.

I’ve forever had to listen to the unstable call me a colorful array of adjectives from cold, aloof, brat, a dick, a punk, distant, an ass, polite, disinterested, and on and on. When the truth has always been in plain view. The limited need a brick wall to fall on them to take the hint that I’m never accessible to anyone I don’t need to be accessible too.

This was followed by the lighting of our ritual rattle viper sperm incense and sage clearing to rid the areas of toxins and dark energies, before moving back into that centered loving space to bring Him in. It takes resilience and hard work to remain focused on what’s important and what you were called to do, but it is something we are masters at.

**Planet Mercury moves into its stationary position before it slowly, but gradually begins to move forward on the New Moon day in Aries.  The road ahead this week will still be a bit bumpy, but not as bad as it’s been over the last few weeks.  Expect clear sailing by the third week of April **


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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse followed by the Mercury Retrograde

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We’re coming to the end of another cycle which reaches its climax on Monday with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. This is immediately followed by the Mercury Retrograde transit that is currently building to enormous tension filled heights now. The remainder of August should be spent retreating, laying low, gathering knowledge, purging, and centering, so that you may rise in strength with clarity for the next new chapter which starts on September 6th and runs through the rest of the year. Personal changes are much like the cycles of the weather seasons that ebb and flow. You are moving through a series of chapters, peaks, and valleys every day. This is a good time to evaluate and probe deeper into what you’ve experienced this past year, how you’ve grown, what you’ve learned, and how you’ll choose to move forward in the final number of months this year. What will you leave behind and what will you take with you on the next part of your soul’s journey.

You’ve likely felt the effects recently as I have.  This is where I seem to disappear for periods of time as is witnessed with how often I post on here or on social media.  I always seem to be moving through periods of inactivity to periods of hyper activity only to disappear again and so forth.

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Gradual movement upwards will begin for the first time this year

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It’s been an extremely transformational year for so many around the globe on a personal level.  In January, we saw the end of a cycle and the end of another chapter.  Many were dancing in the noise of endless gossip in 2016, which changed absolutely nothing by the way as I had repeatedly informed that it wouldn’t.  All it did was create more division, drama, and separation.

I was non-stop busy in high octane mode in healthy positive expression wrapping up an incredibly productive creative year in 2016 with back to back projects.

January was closing the chapter of the previous cycle in preparation for the next, but there is a transition that has to take place before the next chapter starts.

In February, the world went dark with the goal of pushing you to re-evaluate your connections, your work, your souls path, where you’re at personally, where you plan to go, what changes you’d like to make in your life that will bring you more peace, more love, and more serenity now.

When we moved into March, the submarine you’re gliding on traveled down into the deepest darkest depths of consciousness. In that space, you might have faced uncomfortable fears, turmoil, and anxiety.

By April, the energies had become so reckless and erratic giving you hints at what parts of your life need to be adjusted internally and externally.  It’s been three months of stand still prompting you to be more introspective than usual surrounding all of these things. Now that we’re sitting at the bottom of the ocean floor, it’s time to prep yourself for lift off.  We’ve been in that transition since February, which started the process of moving ones consciousness within and facing the truth, the demons, the anxieties. Looking at extricating anything negative.

The erratic intense emotions that rise up during a heavy Retrograde period are either self-generated or coming from other people in your vicinity.  The biggest culprit offenders tend to come from those who don’t understand what a Retrograde is, or they might not understand the effects of the Retrograde energy in general, and how to navigate through it.  When everything is blowing up in their life and they’re reacting harshly to it, they don’t know to say, “Okay, this is obviously retrograde driven, I need to take a step back.”

Someone who doesn’t understand it, doesn’t know about it, or doesn’t believe in any of it, then they are typically the ones that are darting their misguided anger and criticisms outwardly onto others.  That has more to do with the turbulent emotions they’re battling with inside rather than external forces.  It’s like someone who is experiencing unhappiness and negative feelings during a moment in their life.  Rather than taking an overdue time out, break, quiet time, or retreat, they instead take it out on those around them.  There’s that funny saying where someone says, “When I’m in a bad mood, I can’t wait to spread it around!”

In the coming weeks and months, gradual movement upwards will begin for the first time this year. Notice the areas of your life that have needed to be examined and altered. Make a pact to take action and move forward with a new outlook and perspective. Go after the goals you’ve been thinking about this year, but have felt held back by challenges.
It’ll still be a bit bumpy in the coming days and weeks, but the worst is over.

The road ahead is clearing up and clarity will seep through wiping away any confusion energy you’ve been mired in. Stay focused and pay attention to the repeated nudges coming in from above urging you to make healthy life changes so you can have more energy and motivation to apply to your life purpose with a clear mind and renewed optimistic outlook. Receive those gifts in the right spirit.

After this week, things are gonna finally lighten up for a lot of people gradually into the Summer. The last three months have seen an enormous hit professionally and personally for so many people.  And that’s because perspectives need to change and be awakened. Things were no longer working, so forced change needs to happen. And part of that requires a clearing.  Releasing.  Looking at circumstances ahead in a brighter light as we prepare for the beautiful changes coming up.

I’ve more or less been in a cocoon again the last several months, which for me happens every so often only to re-emerge in another Phoenix form.
It’s been an introspective time on a broader level.

I do try to warn others and some take it seriously and are put on alert, while others don’t, and ignore it, and brush it off.  The ones that don’t are the ones I discover that end up getting knocked down hard by going against what I said.  They end up having to take the long way around.

It has been a huge tornado whirlwind of erratic energies lately.  I know this from the constant observation of my surroundings, the repeated messages and guidance I’m receiving, as well as the confirmation from so many people writing to me with their current issues, which all seem to be related to one another. The last three months should have spent with a lot of re-evaluating and making changes to implement now as we move forward into the a new light.


Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
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Reaching for the Warrior Within by Kevin Hunter. Drug and alcohol addictions. Getting into the Entertainment Industry.

What I remember when I look back at my childhood is virtually nothing at all. It’s a black voided out curtain that shields out the horrors of what went on. Residing there is no one I know personally.

When I peer closer I see what appears to be my soul shattering into a billion pieces. Those pieces formed into lights that gave birth to other people and selves that reside in me. They were the many who came forward to run the show that has been my life. Their job entailed protecting me even though I wasn’t introduced to some of them until later on in life. They joined in with Heaven in helping me remember how to live, how to love and how to survive.

Within those people was the dangerous, damaged self. The one that was hurt and plagued by demons reaching for addictions instead of the warrior that lives within me. The warrior that is a perfect, confidant and compassionate child of God.  After being told repeatedly that I was never good enough, I was able to escape the horrors and turn it around with all of their help.

Reaching for the Warrior Within is how I found solace and comfort in a team of beings that reside in Heaven. This is for me to remember where I came from and how I survived it. I chose not to die, but instead allowed the cruelty that was inflicted empower me into something bigger, stronger and beyond this world.

Reaching for the Warrior Within is a prequel to my book, Warrior of Light: Messages from my Guides and Angels.  This is my personal story and celebration in moving from a turbulent childhood to becoming the warrior of God’s light that I am today. This is an autobiographical story surrounding abuse and addictions while battling between my higher and lower selves. Everyone of us has had or still has an addiction to something. Some of these addictions are harsher than others and are not only time wasters, but they impede our growth and delay us from moving forward on our life purpose. I received assistance in improving and ridding myself of these addictions with the assistance of Heaven and my selves. They helped me heal, grow and persevere in this crash course of living several lifetimes in one.

This is for other abuse survivors who have suffered at the hands of those who we consider not evolved. We grew to be angry. Angry at our attackers. Angry at everyone else. And just angry in general. This emotional span ranges from feelings of anger to fearing the world. There is a light at the end of this forsaken tunnel. I found it, discovered it and followed it. It was the beauty that existed with me all along. We know what it was like to have no one understand or believe what happened to us. Others live in denial or speak about it as if its something to be ignored. No one wants to talk about it or hear it. When you are brought up in a loving environment, then you have no concept of how others live unless you are empathetic or a gifted actor able to walk in other people’s shoes. This is for you.

Reaching for the Warrior Within is available in paperback or kindle.



Reaching for the Warrior Within is the author’s personal story recounting a volatile childhood. This led him to a path of addictions, anxiety and overindulgence in alcohol, drugs, cigarettes and destructive relationships. As a survival mechanism he split into many different selves. He credits turning his life around, not by therapy, but by simultaneously paying attention to the messages he has been receiving from his Spirit team in Heaven since birth. He explains how he was able to distinctly tell the difference between when his higher self was intervening and ruling the show, and when his lower self was running his life into the gutter.

Living several lifetimes in one, he did not let anything stop him from getting his life together, going after what he wanted and achieving it. He describes how he pulled himself up by his bootstraps and obtained every job he wanted without prior experience. This is from work in the entertainment industry with some of Hollywood’s respected talent, to ridding himself of toxic addictions and living a healthier lifestyle clear-minded.

Kevin Hunter gains strength, healing and direction with the help of his own team of guides and angels. They navigate all of us through the treacherous waters in our lives. Living vicariously through this inspiring story will enable you to distinguish when you have been assisted on your own life path. Reaching for the Warrior Within attests that anyone can change if they pay attention to their own inner guidance system and take action. This can be from being a victim of child abuse, or a drug and alcohol user, to going after the jobs and relationships you want. This powerful story is for those seeking motivation to change, alter and empower their life one day at a time.”

Living Several Lifetimes
from Birth to Adulthood


Inner Child Burial

The Battle Between the Higher and Lower Self

Getting that Important Job

Entertainment Industry

Saturn Return & the One Sided Relationships


The Spiritual


The Turning Point

The Death

Transformation Into a Warrior of Light

A New Dawn

Archangel Uriel & the Majestic Tree


~  Kevin Hunter

Learn how to connect with your own Spirit team in Heaven by fine tuning your body and soul.

All books are available in paperback and kindle wherever books are sold.

Warrior of Light: Messages from my Guides and Angels” –

Empowering Spirit Wisdom: A Warrior of Light’s Guide on Love, Career and the Spirit World“ PaperbackKindle.

The content in the “Warrior of Light” and “Empowering Spirit Wisdom” is available in the Warrior of Light series of mini-books:


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