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Mercury Retrograde is in full swing already. Prepare for delays, stresses, frustration, and non-movement through mid-April

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Ready or not here it comes again. Mercury is prepping to move retrograde Friday, March 23rd where it will stay until mid-April. Expect life to come to a standstill in all areas for the next few weeks. Pushing to move forward with anything will more than likely be met with resistance and frustration. This includes pursuing a new job, friendship, or love interest.

When attempting to make plans with people, be prepared to find that those plans don’t work out as expected. If they do, they’re met with challenges, cancellations, flakiness, and delays. For example your car breaks down on the way to the appointment, or there is an accident that adds another twenty minutes to your travel time, or there is a mix up or misunderstanding on the day, time, or location – or you’re just not in the mood to do much.

There will be blockages in the areas of understanding and communication, so allow extra room, time, and patience for mistakes that can arise if you have no choice, but to press on. Mercury affects the mind, so when the planet is moving retrograde it creates a hazy fogged up perception. People tend to be more scattered and slower than usual, which results in accidents, miscommunications, and misunderstandings.


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