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Patiently hanging back in a state of inner peace disconnected from all irritants and distractions

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Patiently hanging back in a state of inner peace disconnected from all irritants and distractions. This is the eerie calm stillness just before we rise up again out of the ground in flames more commanding than before. You have to transform and emerge, die and die again, because there is no rationality to remain as is.

Took a long hot ceremonial shower after spending days clearing and cleansing in preparation for this ensuing chapter. Extricated and cut out any and all that no longer serves purpose for this next venture of ours. It was like swatting flies and macing rioters away to subdue the unworthy.

I’ve forever had to listen to the unstable call me a colorful array of adjectives from cold, aloof, brat, a dick, a punk, distant, an ass, polite, disinterested, and on and on. When the truth has always been in plain view. The limited need a brick wall to fall on them to take the hint that I’m never accessible to anyone I don’t need to be accessible too.

This was followed by the lighting of our ritual rattle viper sperm incense and sage clearing to rid the areas of toxins and dark energies, before moving back into that centered loving space to bring Him in. It takes resilience and hard work to remain focused on what’s important and what you were called to do, but it is something we are masters at.

**Planet Mercury moves into its stationary position before it slowly, but gradually begins to move forward on the New Moon day in Aries.  The road ahead this week will still be a bit bumpy, but not as bad as it’s been over the last few weeks.  Expect clear sailing by the third week of April **


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New Moon Brings on New Beginnings

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This special New Moon happening Wednesday brings on a fresh brighter energy of change and new beginnings. The New Moon happens once a month, but what makes this one more distinct is that April has been a trying a month due to the several planetary retrograde shifts taking place. It’s made life in general feel listless and inactive. Forward movement has been near impossible, and when any advancing strides have been forged or attempted, it’s only been met with delays, challenges, or regrets.

The New Moon this week injects a healthy jolt of optimism to a month that has been lethargic. It will be short lived as the moon phases felt shift every 3 to 5 days, but still it will give a nice welcomed boost that would be much more trying without it. Mercury is still retrograde for another week, so it may be challenging getting things off the ground as it moves through its critical ending phase, but the New Moon will bring in some sliver lights of clarity into the fog bank that has enveloped the planet recently.

The positives of a Mercury Retrograde is that it brings on revelations through forced introspection. The New Moon will help crack that wide open. Its energy will add a gentle ease to things as Mercury switches direction next week. Life is typically more erratic than usual when a planet switches direction, so the New Moon will smooth out some of the rougher edges.

The New Moon is soaring through the sign of Taurus. The energy of the Taurus in general are security and stability driven. They need to feel comfortable or it’s not going to happen. When it does happen, they are capable of great success, but they still move cautiously and methodically on their own slow plodding pace. This means the New Moon energy that is present will be on the subtle end, while lending a grounding force to emotions or feelings that have been unstable lately.

Add to that Mercury Retrograde energy, and you have a double dose of slow moving progress upwards, but the key word is progress. Progress is being made pending you help it along, set new positive intentions involving the changes you plan on making in your life next month, and prepare to put them into action as we move into May, which will be a much lighter and clearer month than April.

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The New Moon is a time of new beginnings. Plant those seeds!

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We’re in the midst of the powerful manifesting New Moon on Friday. The New Moon is a time of new beginnings. In the past, I’ve always waited to start something new during the New Moon transit and watched it soar successfully. Anything that’s started on the New Moon has a greater shot at lasting. Since we’re currently in the throes of having no harsh planetary retrograde energy until the second week of February, this is an especially potent time for manifesting and planting new seeds into what you desire. Derive pleasure out of the things you love the most. Don’t allow any stress or negativity to override this pleasure. This also means avoid engaging in anything that’s going to bring you misery. Focus on the good and the uplifting. Go after what you want without reservation.


Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
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The New Moon, Archangel Ariel, Yellow Flowers – A week of hope and blessings

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The New Moon is at its peak today and coasting on through the week. The Full Moon is a time to release, but the New Moon is a positive time for being receptive to blessings. This is a great time to initiate anything new, whether it’s a new regimen, project, relationship, or you name it. It has a stronger chance of lasting and going the distance.

While Archangel Haniel is present during the Full Moon, it is Archangel Ariel who is present during the New Moon. Ariel can bring you positive new beginnings in all areas of your life. She is of great benefit where finances and career related endeavors are concerned. Envision with her what it is you want as if it is already here now. Remain upbeat, positive, and hopeful about what is to come. Do not allow any negative thoughts to take over. Ariel can bring in an increase in abundance in the various areas of your life.

Ariel is also present anywhere in nature residing over all of the Elementals the way that Archangel Michael resides over the Wise Ones. The New Moon is moving through the sign of the visionary – Sagittarius. Envision big and call on Archangel Ariel for assistance in manifesting positive circumstances.

Yellow flowers have a particularly strong benefits during the New Moon. Surrounding yourself with yellow flowers helps to awaken creative visions, intelligence, as well as swiftly bringing in positive new beginnings and an overall sense of joyful optimistic feelings and experiences.

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
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Your Higher and Lower Selves. The Differences Between Both.

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Over the last few days I’ve been receiving all sorts of similar private messages on here one after the other. They were all sharing their beautifully articulated ideas for projects that have sifted into their consciousness from above. And what was also inspiring and similar in all of their notes is that there were no traces of that dreadful ego.

Your ego is what sabotages you and tells you that you’re not qualified and have no business doing anything you really want to do. Your ego’s voice instills fear and causes your life to feel chaotic, while your higher self’s voice is filled with overflowing love and excitement. Your ego’s voice changes its mind daily and often, while your higher self’s voice is stable, faithful and frequent.

Your higher self’s voice will continue to push you to do the same thing repeatedly for years until you finally do it. That voice would never urge you to do something that would ultimately bring you or someone else down. There is a domino effect at times to your decision making process. When this happens, it is clue that your choices were made from the ego.

Your ego pushes you to take action in ways that cause pain, hurt or confusion, while your higher self’s voice gives you brilliant flashes of ideas that never leave your mind. When you implement them into action, you experience success, love and joy. The ego will make you feel as if you’re bouncing around, stagnant, heading nowhere fast, or going around in circles and never accomplishing anything.

While your higher self pushes you to make changes that benefit you and others. It might coax you for decades to finally write that book! While your ego will delay you from moving forward and will say you’re not qualified to write a book, or it’ll tell you that you don’t have the time, or wait until you’re more settled. When you listen to that voice, you can be assured that you will never accomplish anything and nor will you ever write that book.

You hear those who are of older age express regret, “I should’ve done this or that. It was always on my mind too, but I never did it.” Right there is a clue to the heavenly guidance you were receiving most of your life, but you ignored it. Those listening to their higher self’s voice are suddenly filled with glorious love and excitement, just as all of those who wrote me with their ideas were.

This is right on schedule and couldn’t happen at a better time.  We’re coming out of the Mercury Retrograde transit and into the New Moon this Tuesday.  The retrograde is when immediate intuitive flashes of insight hit you if you’re paying attention.  You don’t act on it until we move direct, which is now the case.   The New Moon is a perfect time for new beginnings.  You were all tuned in and therefore accessed crystal clear heavenly guidance.

Pay attention to what’s going on inside you in order to decipher what is your higher self and what is your lower self. Examine the repercussions, challenges or blessings that come out of that as a result of your action or inaction. The Staff in the photo represents your brilliant idea, the flowers are the blossoming abundance that comes out of this idea, the breaking sun light is a bright new beginning, and the butterfly is a symbol of you transforming positively as a result.

~  Kevin Hunter

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
are available in paperback and kindle wherever books are sold.


Planet Talk: Mercury Moves Direct, New Moon

The planet Mercury is that little pesky thing over there on the bottom left hand corner of the photo attached. It’s been moving Retrograde for the last three weeks. While in this transit, it causes immense disruption in the lives of Earthly people such as frustration, delays, misunderstandings, upset and all sorts of communication or technological mishaps. There is a positive side to this and that is what its real intention is. It forces you to move within as this is where the real answers are. It pushes you to stop trying to take action on situations for a bit and take a break. This is whether you want to or not. 

Today is the first day that Mercury is moving direct. It’s beginning it’s forward movement and you may begin taking ‘action’. Take the blindfolds off and untie your hands. Look back over the last three weeks and point out some crucial situations that arose that seemed to have stood out in a big way. What lessons did you learn from them? What insights did you gain? It’s safe to implement whatever has been on your mind lately. Although Mercury is moving direct, the next 5-7 days will still be a little glitchy here and there, but those should be minor speed bumps. Anything you begin during the next 5-7 days will have a greater shot at succeeding since we are also entering the optimistic New Moon energy on Tuesday. Don’t floor it, but gradually increase speed little by little everyday.

~  Kevin Hunter

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
are available in paperback and kindle wherever books are sold.


Ignore the noise and move within which is where the real truth lives

There is an obscene amount of cold, hostile and unpleasant energy flying around the planet right now. This is caused by masses of human souls operating from a place of disconnect from spirit while in the concrete physical world. This energy is always bouncing off the Richter scales, but since last Friday it’s been darting around aimlessly at a higher level. It’s contaminating to your aura and infused with so much uncontrollable darkness that it affects your natural positive state of well-being. You know if you’re affected if you’ve been feeling agitated, tired, bitter, or stressed out on any level for a prolonged period of time. You feel like you’re going through the motions like zombies in an apocalyptic war contributing negativity to the growing noise.

Planetary wise, Uranus Squared Pluto in a huge way on Monday prompting you to take notice of what changes need to be made in your life on a grander scale. This energy has been building since December and has come to a head now. This has placed a lot of burdens on the backs of souls unaware of the effects that this has had on every living human soul on this planet. There is good news up ahead as we build into the Solar Eclipse New Moon on Friday allowing you to start with a fresh clean slate. This is followed by one bigger final clearing with the Lunar Eclipse in three weeks.

The message for the next several days is to stay centered amidst the chaotic energy in others as much as you can. Ignore the noise and move within which is where the real truth lives. You can do this by distancing yourself from pointless distractions. Retreat to a quiet nature locale or turn a section in your home into a personal inviting sanctuary and enjoy the stillness that exists there away from toxic disturbances. This is where spirits power is strong able to punch a tear into your soul to allow some light in. This will help extricate all of the negative ions that might be latching itself onto your entire aura. Focus on this image attached that I took in the desert. Imagine being perched up there on one of the rocks in complete contentment and peace. All of the noise of the harsh world that others have created has faded off your body and soul. Now take a deep breathe in and exhale.

~  Kevin Hunter

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
are available in paperback and kindle wherever books are sold.


Mercury preps to move Retrograde Wednesday during the New Moon

The planet Mercury is slowing down to a crawl more and more everyday as we grow closer to Wednesday, January 21st, when the Sun moves into Aquarius and the New Moon is at its peak. Mercury moves Retrograde this Wednesday where it will stay for three weeks. When Mercury moves Retrograde, it will feel as if your patience is being tested into February. This planetary transit affects all levels of communication and transportation. This includes, but not limited to, car problems, accidents, communication misunderstandings, computer internet problems, emails being lost or responded to, phone calls not being returned.

Mercury Retrograde slows down ones judgment and perception. It feels as if you’re wearing fogged up glasses and yet you’re still attempting to press forward with an unclear view. The New Moon is generally a great time for new beginnings, but in this case the Mercury Retrograde will stall any beginnings for three weeks.

The next few weeks are a time to pause, retreat, take it easy and not move forward with anything. It’s a good time to go back and clean house, clear the clutter, re-examine or re-work ideas that have been sitting on a shelf. Even if you wanted to move forward, it will be met with glitches and frustration. It’s like pushing a huge boulder up a mountain. It’s a great time to go back to the drawing board. Great ideas come to mind during the Mercury retrograde. This benefits writers, artists or any other creative work. Mistakes that were unseen from the past come back to haunt you in order to be addressed. Exes, former friends or colleagues tend to pop up during a Mercury Retrograde. The transit prompts others to feel “reminiscent” all of a sudden. Sometimes the connection starts up again during the retrograde, only to dissolve when Mercury moves forward.

~  Kevin Hunter

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
are available in paperback and kindle wherever books are sold.


New Moon and Venus in Sagittarius this week enhance optimism and cheeriness

What can everyone expect this week? Big, happy changes! Isn’t it nice to hear something enthusiastic and promising in a world that sometimes feels like it’s dominated by greed, selfishness and stress? This card message is right on par with some wonderful interpersonal planetary transits building right now.

The New Moon in Sagittarius this Saturday is a brilliant time to leap forward with anything you’ve had your heart set on, but have procrastinated or put off. New Moons are a time for new beginnings. This means it’s a great time to start whatever it is you’ve been deferring. Start that new book, that new work out regimen, that new job, that new project, that new relationship.

Infusing the New Moon into the sign of Sagittarius and you have cheer all around! The Sagittarian energy is known for leaping forward and often times without looking or thinking twice about it. However, this is a positive transit so leaping forward at this time is not predicted to be challenging much if at all. Sagittarians are optimism personified, so that means if there is a set back, they simply climb back on that horse and charge in the other direction with an ever pasted smile on their face.

The planet Venus, which governs and influences relationships of all kinds, moves out of jealous, intense, secretive and moody Scorpio and right on into dynamic, blunt and bold Sagittarius. Although Scorpions are more one on one when it comes to love, the Sagittarius energy is a big, bright, bold, hug to all who enter its vicinity.

The New Moon and Venus in Sagittarius this week is a double whammy of luck, so be sure to use this boosted energy to your advantage, since it will not last long! But if you’re a Sagittarius, you likely know how to bounce right back up. Sagittarians tend to be otherworldly, philosophical, while seeing things in a confident light. That means the influences this week will light a firecracker under souls to get a move on with anything that has been tugging onto their heart strings as of late this week. The energy is brave, fiery and adventurous! It is no surprise my Spirit team had me flip over the “Big, Happy Changes” message.

~  Kevin Hunter

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
are available in paperback and kindle wherever books are sold.

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Solar Eclipse New Moon. Message is new beginnings and to take action cautiously

Within the darkness, there are tiny incisions like marks that reveal cracks of light breaking in from Heaven.   This is a message of hope surrounding the Solar Eclipse New Moon on October 23rd.

A Solar Eclipse is a triple New Moon energy. The Lunar Eclipse we had two weeks ago is a triple Full Moon energy. The New Moon is the bright side, while the Lunar Eclipse would be the darker side.

The New Moon happens usually once a month and symbolizes new beginnings. For almost two decades, I’ve recommended that others wait until a New Moon rolls around before starting anything new. It has a much bigger shot at surviving. This can be anything from a new job, to starting a work out regimen or even re-organizing your house.   Anything new that needs to be started, a New Moon is the time to do it.

Since this is a Solar Eclipse New Moon, then this is giving everyone a triple energy shot surrounding anything new. However, because there is always a ‘however’ right? Mercury is still moving Retrograde until Sunday/Monday. This means whatever is started this week may be slow to take off, but have faith and patience as the angels always say. Just because it’s not showing immediate momentum, doesn’t mean the energy is not working. It is indeed working!  Even if you don’t see the results right away.

This Solar Eclipse New Moon is in the deep penetrating water sign of Scorpio. This means that intensity and deep emotions will rise to the surface with any new beginning. There is nothing to fear, as this is not a Lunar Eclipse which gives rise to uncomfortable feelings. Any uncomfortable emotions felt this week is not a product of the Solar Eclipse New Moon, but the Mercury Retrograde energy coupled with the remains of the Lunar Eclipse energy that has dominated this month. The Solar Eclipse is the tiny ray of lights of hope breaking through the darkness.

The message and guidance my Spirit team is giving me for this Solar Eclipse is the word “Action”.   This backs up the new beginnings message, but in order for something to take place, one needs to take action. Make a move and put in some effort. Take charge, even if it’s just a little bit, since the energy of the Solar Eclipse says, “a little bit goes a long way”. It will be met with success.

Although they’re also saying to be conservative with the action taken.   That means to plan and take action “carefully”. There is a difference between diving head on into something without careful planning. Yes, action is necessary, that’s the theme, but to also proceed methodically and with caution. They’re showing me someone being impulsive and making erratic decisions and flying immediately forward without really weighing it all in.   That can backfire of course.

It’s an interesting dichotomy because ambition is supported here, but don’t charge forth blindly either. This is connected due to the Mercury Retrograde transit that’s layered on top of the Solar Eclipse.

Mercury is currently slowing down to a crawl. It’s going to make taking action slightly challenging, even though you have the go ahead to move forward, if that makes sense. Move unhurriedly, expect a slow start to the new beginning for a few days and into next week. Next Tuesday and Wednesday and beyond, then steam should pick up with whatever the ‘action’ oriented goal is made this week. So proceed with hesitance. I know it’s confusing where they’re saying move forward, but don’t either. Haha. Well, move cautiously forward. No rush. Take your time. And all will end well and be well.

~  Kevin Hunter

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
are available in paperback and kindle wherever books are sold.

The content in the books, “Warrior of Light” and “Empowering Spirit Wisdom” is
available in the Warrior of Light series of mini-books:

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