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My relationship ended during this Venus Retrograde, is there any chance we will be back together again?

My relationship ended during this Venus Retrograde, is there any chance we will be back together again?

This is one of the big questions I’ve been receiving from so many people over the last few weeks. I’m amazed at how so many are going through similar turmoils where relationships are concerned. I’m sorry to hear so many connections dissolving. Sometimes you don’t see it coming.

The short answer is, yes, there is a possibility that you could be back together again. I don’t like to give people false hope and I’m usually pretty direct no matter what the news is that Spirit is giving me. It’s much like ripping the band-aid off quickly. Be done with it. I know easier said then done, but the Retrograde of any planet tends to rip the band-aid off unexpectedly.

Mercury is in its shadow before it moves retrograde on February 6th. This is going to cause a lot of people who did break up prematurely during this Venus Retrograde transit to start ‘thinking’ that maybe they made a mistake. There is that possibility. You will know for sure after Venus goes direct on January 31st and as we move into February and especially March. The Mercury Retrograde overlap is actually what may save many of these relationships that are indeed not over. It prompts others to re-look at their past and see what needs to be modified.

The relationships that end during a Venus Retrograde were already on shaky ground whether you were aware of it or not. Strong, healthy connections do not end during the Venus Retrograde. The relationship may slow down to the point where there is no communication, but that doesn’t mean its over. So it’s important to note the distinction.

As we move into February my posts will be peppered with love stuff until Valentine’s Day on February 14th.

This movie stills attached to this post is from one of my favorite and enjoyable movies, the dark comedy, “War of the Roses” with Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner.

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