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Planetary Talk: Venus Direct, Mercury Retrograde


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PLANETARY TALK. It’s been a trying time in relationships for many since the last week of September.  Connections altered or ended from love, friendships, and business. My in-box always floods over with people crying out for help during a Venus/Mercury Retrograde or Full Moon transit.   I did post numerous warnings in Aug/Sept that this was coming.

Venus comes to this weekend as it preps to reverse direction in the solar system. Connections will continue to tread on thin ice until Christmas. Unions that developed in the last six weeks will be especially vulnerable. 

Venus may be shifting direction, but it trades places and passes the torch to Mercury who begins its reverse mode.  Mercury is often more catastrophic on interpersonal relationships due to the communication breakdowns and misunderstandings that arise. There will be no way to say something right, as it’s typically taken the wrong way then. This will push some connections to break apart if it didn’t in the last six weeks.

If your relationship has ended since September or will end by December, then it was intended to. Only strong relationships tend to survive the planetary storms. It is rare that a reunion would take place after Venus moves direct. Most love related connections statistically tend to end as it is just before the holidays.


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Patiently hanging back in a state of inner peace disconnected from all irritants and distractions

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Patiently hanging back in a state of inner peace disconnected from all irritants and distractions. This is the eerie calm stillness just before we rise up again out of the ground in flames more commanding than before. You have to transform and emerge, die and die again, because there is no rationality to remain as is.

Took a long hot ceremonial shower after spending days clearing and cleansing in preparation for this ensuing chapter. Extricated and cut out any and all that no longer serves purpose for this next venture of ours. It was like swatting flies and macing rioters away to subdue the unworthy.

I’ve forever had to listen to the unstable call me a colorful array of adjectives from cold, aloof, brat, a dick, a punk, distant, an ass, polite, disinterested, and on and on. When the truth has always been in plain view. The limited need a brick wall to fall on them to take the hint that I’m never accessible to anyone I don’t need to be accessible too.

This was followed by the lighting of our ritual rattle viper sperm incense and sage clearing to rid the areas of toxins and dark energies, before moving back into that centered loving space to bring Him in. It takes resilience and hard work to remain focused on what’s important and what you were called to do, but it is something we are masters at.

**Planet Mercury moves into its stationary position before it slowly, but gradually begins to move forward on the New Moon day in Aries.  The road ahead this week will still be a bit bumpy, but not as bad as it’s been over the last few weeks.  Expect clear sailing by the third week of April **


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Mercury Retrograde is in full swing already. Prepare for delays, stresses, frustration, and non-movement through mid-April

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Ready or not here it comes again. Mercury is prepping to move retrograde Friday, March 23rd where it will stay until mid-April. Expect life to come to a standstill in all areas for the next few weeks. Pushing to move forward with anything will more than likely be met with resistance and frustration. This includes pursuing a new job, friendship, or love interest.

When attempting to make plans with people, be prepared to find that those plans don’t work out as expected. If they do, they’re met with challenges, cancellations, flakiness, and delays. For example your car breaks down on the way to the appointment, or there is an accident that adds another twenty minutes to your travel time, or there is a mix up or misunderstanding on the day, time, or location – or you’re just not in the mood to do much.

There will be blockages in the areas of understanding and communication, so allow extra room, time, and patience for mistakes that can arise if you have no choice, but to press on. Mercury affects the mind, so when the planet is moving retrograde it creates a hazy fogged up perception. People tend to be more scattered and slower than usual, which results in accidents, miscommunications, and misunderstandings.


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Still in the middle of the hurricane storm of the Mercury Retrograde

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I’ve literally been hit up back to back today by a numerous amount of people experiencing a really difficult time. It’s one after the other from extreme heartache, to anxiety, to a life force that has become void.

This is a reminder it is all Mercury Retrograde related. I’ve been preaching about the transit since I was a child and I know it well. What’s being experienced is part of the challenging side effects the transit brings on. Can’t tell you how often I’ve warned others about it only to watch them ignore that warning and do the opposite. The result is that it backfires in their face in an even worse way.

Making any serious decisions during this time or expecting a positive result about an action now more than likely will not go well or the result will be temporary. As I’ve always said, the Mercury Retrograde is a time to lay low and go back to clean house literally and metaphorically. We are still in the storm of the Mercury Retrograde and circumstances will not begin to lighten up until after the first week of September.

Sometimes events happen beyond your control during this transit, but regardless of that it doesn’t mean those events will be easy. Most of what is storming up during the transit will begin to evaporate after Mercury moves direct and suddenly everything starts to level out as the plane soars out of the storm into clearer skies.


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The consistent mantra to remember is to avoid drama and follow the path of love.

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I’ve been out of the loop that I have no idea what’s going on, but I do know that earlier in the week I sent out a pre-warning that this past weekend, “….will be an intensely testy one. It’s best to steer clear of anything that could potentially rattle you.”

Having been off the grid in serenity with my personal tribe for the last couple of days only to re-surface with being told about the world drama I gratefully missed. Literally had no idea as that’s how disconnected from it we all were choosing to reside in heavenly bliss. I have too much uplifting life living to have noticed, and prefer it that way. I can see which ones followed my team’s original prediction earlier in the week to lay low and which ones did not. 

The only thing pointed out over what transpired was a consistent flow of blame from all parties involved. It’s a common theme that plays out with the antagonists. They are in the midst of a perpetual darkness of ego merry go round cycle of mind numbing repetition unable to break away upward and onward into a balanced space of serenity. The answer is not blame or discord. The answer is always love. We’ll keep rubbing it in like a burning cigarette placed on your arm. The consistent mantra to remember is to avoid drama and follow the path of love.


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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse followed by the Mercury Retrograde

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We’re coming to the end of another cycle which reaches its climax on Monday with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. This is immediately followed by the Mercury Retrograde transit that is currently building to enormous tension filled heights now. The remainder of August should be spent retreating, laying low, gathering knowledge, purging, and centering, so that you may rise in strength with clarity for the next new chapter which starts on September 6th and runs through the rest of the year. Personal changes are much like the cycles of the weather seasons that ebb and flow. You are moving through a series of chapters, peaks, and valleys every day. This is a good time to evaluate and probe deeper into what you’ve experienced this past year, how you’ve grown, what you’ve learned, and how you’ll choose to move forward in the final number of months this year. What will you leave behind and what will you take with you on the next part of your soul’s journey.

You’ve likely felt the effects recently as I have.  This is where I seem to disappear for periods of time as is witnessed with how often I post on here or on social media.  I always seem to be moving through periods of inactivity to periods of hyper activity only to disappear again and so forth.

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New Moon Brings on New Beginnings

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This special New Moon happening Wednesday brings on a fresh brighter energy of change and new beginnings. The New Moon happens once a month, but what makes this one more distinct is that April has been a trying a month due to the several planetary retrograde shifts taking place. It’s made life in general feel listless and inactive. Forward movement has been near impossible, and when any advancing strides have been forged or attempted, it’s only been met with delays, challenges, or regrets.

The New Moon this week injects a healthy jolt of optimism to a month that has been lethargic. It will be short lived as the moon phases felt shift every 3 to 5 days, but still it will give a nice welcomed boost that would be much more trying without it. Mercury is still retrograde for another week, so it may be challenging getting things off the ground as it moves through its critical ending phase, but the New Moon will bring in some sliver lights of clarity into the fog bank that has enveloped the planet recently.

The positives of a Mercury Retrograde is that it brings on revelations through forced introspection. The New Moon will help crack that wide open. Its energy will add a gentle ease to things as Mercury switches direction next week. Life is typically more erratic than usual when a planet switches direction, so the New Moon will smooth out some of the rougher edges.

The New Moon is soaring through the sign of Taurus. The energy of the Taurus in general are security and stability driven. They need to feel comfortable or it’s not going to happen. When it does happen, they are capable of great success, but they still move cautiously and methodically on their own slow plodding pace. This means the New Moon energy that is present will be on the subtle end, while lending a grounding force to emotions or feelings that have been unstable lately.

Add to that Mercury Retrograde energy, and you have a double dose of slow moving progress upwards, but the key word is progress. Progress is being made pending you help it along, set new positive intentions involving the changes you plan on making in your life next month, and prepare to put them into action as we move into May, which will be a much lighter and clearer month than April.

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Those living in nature or in the middle of nowhere have it down

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April is an extremely intense month due to the retrogrades happening, but the intensities wreaking havoc are all human driven. Anything not human made or motivated is not going to cause much of a damper. Those living in nature or in the middle of nowhere have it down. I’ve taken retreats during retrograde periods and been out in those majestic nature locales and there are no issues at all. It’s permanently calming and uplifting without all the noise of human distractions that escalate specifically during a Mercury/Venus Retrograde.

Of course, if you’re battling mental health well-being issues, then you can still carry the turbulence with you into nature even if you’re alone. However, the unsettling intensities are not as bad on you than if you were in a noisy crowd full of erratically strong feelings darting all over the place like weapons. Being in a nature atmosphere with little to no people will greatly reduce the emotional stress pending you’re not reading or watching toxic media. You should be outdoors! Also, your technical gadgets can still see issues since that is human made.

A friend of mine was at a car wash a couple days ago where he set his cell phone and keys on the car seat with the car doors open. Suddenly a huge strong gust of wind picked up and slammed his car doors shut. This was followed by a click noise that alerted him to the fact that his keys automatically locked the car doors. Don’t you love technology? It took him three hours to get back into his car, causing appointments to be re-scheduled while putting a damper on his life that took a full night to get over even though the after effects of that stress were still present days later. Happy Mercury Retrograde!!

{ Use this time to raise your vibration  – }


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Retrograde Planetary Action Creating Choppy Waters for the Rest of the Month.

Relationships are continuing to be highlighted big time as we’re still in the midst of the Venus Retrograde. Venus will shift into forward direction mid-month, but it will not be smooth sailing. There is an overlap with the most peskiest planet of them all creating chaos in the day to day functioning of human life. Mercury has been deep in the pre-shadow phase before it moves Retrograde this Saturday. There are already technical and communication issues and annoyances rising as you read this.

The Mercury Retrograde dance with the Venus Retrograde is going to cause endless dramatic misunderstandings where relationships are concerned. Many relationships that are teetering on unstable ground will blow apart in the coming weeks. Someone is going to act out irrationally and erratically and end a connection that has been under their skin for some time.

The good news is this energy can have the opposite effect on connections that have long been dissolved. Many of those unions will come together and grow stronger as if it’s a new connection. Towards the end of the month it’ll be safer to start up something new with someone new, but it may not go according to plan until next month. Potential connections may have a rocky start up full of delays, but the strong soul connections intended to take place will move slowly and gradually upward in the coming months.

Tuesday on my Facebook post we discussed the Mercury Retrograde dance that’s currently happening with the Venus Retrograde this month, but we also have Saturn moving Retrograde on Thursday. When a planet moves retrograde it slows things down significantly and forces one to take a step back and re-evaluate the themes associated with the planet that goes retrograde. In this case, the theme is about practical responsibilities.

The Saturn Retrograde will prompt you to take a good hard look at where you’re currently at in your life from now thru August. This will help you make necessary changes that need to be implemented. Saturn causes delays and it also places roadblocks in front of you in order to help you learn from them so your soul can expand and grow.
Jupiter is the planet of luck bestowing blessings and good things in your life. However, Jupiter has been retrograde since February, so circumstances are going to grow especially dark until Jupiter moves forward in June. A Saturn Retrograde makes one nervous, anxious, and edgy more than usual. Fears and anxieties rise up inside, but those emotions are messages intended to let you know that you need to make changes in those areas. You can no longer put it off or avoid it.

Venus and Jupiter are a couple of positive planets in general when they’re moving forward, but since they’re both currently retrograde it may make one feel more helpless than usual. Luckily, Venus will gradually move forward towards the end of April lightening the load a bit.

Mercury Retrogrades are thankfully shorter than usual, even though they feel like they’re lasting forever. Take it easy through April especially while using the coming months to re-evaluate where you’re at in your life. Note what positive action steps you need to take in order to propel you forward into a new chapter with a new outlook.

Don’t over extend yourself or take on more than you can handle through August. There is more room for exhaustion, burn out, errors, roadblocks, and agendas not going as planned now. This will however be a good time to go back to whatever it is you’ve previously neglected and get to work on it in order to perfect it. Whether it’s a project, a relationship, or anything at all. Expect things to really slow down over the coming months. This will give you an opportunity to focus on your next steps and the healthy changes you can adopt into your life.

When you believe that great things will happen for you, then great things will happen! The ingredients include having a positive attitude, strong faith, prayer, asking for help, and taking action.

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Archangel Gabriel Message through Martin Luther King’s Day

Image may contain: 2 peopleThe card that came up through the weekend into Martin Luther King day on Monday is “Speeches and Speaking”. We’re continuing with Archangel Gabriel who has been present personally and globally in a big way. This is about speaking your truth in all venues that apply from communicating with your Spirit team about your intentions and desires, as well as to give thanks for the blessings bestowed upon you from Heaven.

We’re coming out of the Full Moon energy, which prompted you to move within and take notice of the issues that have been on your mind lately. Mercury has also pushed forward this week and is growing stronger each day through the end of the month. The coast is clear to move full speed ahead with plans that have brewing on your mind over the last month. Implement and put ideas, desires, or plans into action now.

Communicating here can include approaching people that can assist or offer guidance in areas of interest. It is also to have those serious talks, whether it be to hit up a romantic potential or current one. This means polishing up your resume and credentials to look for new promising work if you’ve been consistently unhappy with your current job.

This is not a time to stay quiet, but to stand up and speak out in ways that can benefit others positively. This isn’t to be confused with vocally complaining or gossiping about something, which is lower vibrational negative energy that does nothing to benefit anyone at all ever. If something is bothersome and you feel the need to vent or complain, then turn the words into action statements that can actually improve matters. If one is truly interested in rising up above an issue, then they will communicate in ways that will resolve it so that you can continue moving forward fearlessly instead of remaining stuck in the quick sand of toxicity.

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
are available in paperback and kindle wherever books are sold.

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