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Venus moves direct. Opportunities with love, beauty, and money concerns open up.

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It is safe to move forward with love! Take the lessons you’ve learned and gained in the last six weeks and incorporate them into the new you as we move forward out of the Venus Retrograde transit that put a harsh spotlight on relationships, beauty, and money concerns.

After this weekend, it is safe to implement action in terms of those areas that have remained stagnant since the start of March. It will also be safe to approach that soul mate love interest you’ve had your eye on and see where it leads, as well as leave connections that no longer have a purpose.

I’ve witnessed and listened to accounts of endless relationships abruptly breaking apart over the last month and a half. My in-box tends to flood over more than usual during crucial Planetary transits, so I have an up close and personal view of how this affects so many people at once.

Circumstances may still be a little sketchy here and there over the next week or two as Venus levels out, but we are also in the depths of the Mercury Retrograde until May 1st. It is okay to end those relationships that have met their goal, fulfilled their purpose, or have been dead in the dirt for some time, but proceed with caution until May, or just wait it out a few more weeks to see how you feel.

I never advise anyone to leave someone during a Venus Retrograde no matter how anxious they are to do it, and they will be anxious as that’s a side effect of the transit. It’s best to hold off and wait until Venus moves direct as your perception clears up at that point, and you’re much calmer and focused about it.

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Mercury Retrograde May 18-June 11th. Relationships Rise to the Forefront for Evaluation.

From Left: Angel Tarot Deck, Archange Michael Deck, Healing with the Fairies Deck

The planet Mercury is slowing down to a crawl this weekend as it preps to go Retrograde on Monday for three weeks. This means the next three weeks will be a period of slowing down and taking pause in your life. If you attempt to push forward with anything important, it may more than likely be met with resistance followed by frustration, not to mention mistakes! The next three weeks are a great time to clean house metaphorically and literally. New ideas and insights tend to rise during the Retrograde, but avoid pressing on with anything until Mercury moves direct after June 11th. There is a fogged up filter during a retrograde, so wait until mid-June before moving forward.

When I asked my team what the theme of this Retrograde will be, the card spread attached using three different decks illustrates what will either trigger unhappiness or bring you clarity and bliss. You decide. My guides had me flip over the Eternal Love and Romantic Partner cards. Obviously this is about love relationships. My favorite topic! The Strength card here emphasizes what to expect in terms of all connections though.

Love relationships will be highlighted for the next few weeks, whether you’re single, dating or in a committed union. Connections may end and/or new ones may begin. This Mercury Retrograde asks that you bring yourself to a place of serenity, patience, compassion and forgiveness where relationships are concerned. Exes and those from the past have a tendency to reach out during a Mercury Retrograde. One is more nostalgic and introspective, however, when Mercury moves direct, often the connection then dissolves or forges forward as if it is a brand new union. This transit is in the sign of Gemini, so expect lots of ‘talk’ and communication. Sometimes this can be all talk and no action of course. Once again wait until Mid-June before making any serious decisions.

~  Kevin Hunter

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Is it time to move on from a toxic love connection? Eight of Cups asks you to review.

This message has to do with the abundant amount of human souls going through relationship connection turmoil at this time and have been since December.

I’m always receiving notes, and last year people were mostly concerned with Career and Work stuff over love, but this year it’s been about love relationships. So many people have found themselves in situations where they are with someone who decided to end their connection, step away temporarily or walk away. Or they are currently with someone who is not fully committed to them. Those that walked away did it in an abrupt manner. This caused confusion, hurt feelings and a longing for it go back to the way it was.

This card attached is what my Spirit team showed me in terms of all this at this time. This card is similar to the Eight of Cups in the Tarot. Yes, the simplest and immediate definition is like the card says, “Moving On”. Eights in the Tarot have to do with movement of some kind, depending on its element. Cups in the Tarot are water, relationships, feelings, emotions. So merge all of that together and what do you have here? Moving on from a relationship does create sadness. Even though it’s an aerial view of the image in this photo, you can tell the guy in the pic is ‘thinking’ about things.

Relationships go through cycles and phases; they go through ups and downs. This is a natural part of life. Does this card indicate these relationship connections are over? Not necessarily, even though it is a clear indicator that it could very well likely be the end. This is about you deciding that you cannot live with the pain, hurt and wondering anymore. It’s you who decides, “That’s it, I’m done. I’m moving on. I’m walking away. If this person comes back great, if not, I will have moved on living my life anyway.” The moving on in this image shows the guy moving on, but he moves on feeling disappointed. He felt he had no other choice.

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There is no worse feeling than waiting and hoping someone will come around a changed person, but to wait is to give your power away to someone else. Think of you first before anything else. A beautiful, love relationship will take work, but it will not be difficult for the duo to come together. It is effortless and void of any major serious issues. If the one you’re pining over and waiting for does decide to suddenly come back, this card still indicates that a change will need to happen within the connection in order for it to be rebuilt again. Perhaps you’re currently with someone who doesn’t give you what you want and this has wrecked you on a regular basis. This is also a message that you will need to re-evaluate how much more time you plan on investing into a connection that isn’t giving you any of the returns you desire in a relationship. This message also points to someone needing their space for awhile, so there is that possibility of a return. This card is also an indication that these relationships have reached a point of stagnation. There is no flow. This was caused by an imbalance in the connection or by them stopping the flow of love energy to you by pulling away emotionally and physically. This can include someone you’re currently with, or one you are hoping will come back.

The messages they convey is that this is a time for you to have a serious evaluation of your relationships that are causing you unhappiness. It is not healthy to be attached to someone who is not giving you what you desire in a relationship. It is not healthy to wait and hope for someone to come around changed. Both create an imbalance and block positive manifestation to you. This also prevents any love connection to form, let alone with the current mate.

Decide whether or not it is worth saving and continuing on with. This has been the case since December and continues until the toxic energy of the connection has been resolved or dissolved.

~  Kevin Hunter

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Knight of Water; Knight of Cups – Angel Tarot Card Deck

The card pulled for the moment is Knight of Water. What I’m getting with this is to nurture your dreams and shift them into action. You have something there and its time to do something about it and make it a reality. Start taking daily steps towards your goals even if it’s just a little bit a day. It’s one thing to have big dreams which are the Knight of Water, but now turn this card into a King and obtain them.

This week there will be another portal open for love relationships as well as a tendency to feeling overly dramatic, moody or emotional. Pay attention to some of the functions you’re invited to that you may typically turn down or scoff or make excuses that you’re too tired to go to. Get out of your routine and go. There may be a big possibility that there will be someone there that gets your heart thumping. The Knight of Water is after all the Don Juan Casanova. He is a hardcore romantic and always in love with love, but be careful as sometimes his emotions can take over him. You don’t want to drown into much watery emotion.

If you’re already in a relationship, he wants to keep the magic of love and romance alive and it’s about that time to ad some more sparks to your union if it’s been feeling stale lately. Do something that gets the feelings and emotions going in a positive way. Examples: Candlelit dinners, a road trip outing to a nature-esque locale or simply cuddle up watching old movies.

Tarot card image from Angel Tarot Deck
Interpretation of the card from Kevin Hunter

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