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The Pacific Ocean is one of the few pieces of Heaven left in Los Angeles

Kevin Hunter's photo.

The great blue Pacific is a reminder that there are untouched spots where bits and pieces of Heaven can be found on Earth. It’s one of the few places in L.A. that I still have an attraction for. Maybe it’s because no one has access to overdevelop on top of it the way they’ve destroyed the rest of the city and other parts of the country.  I was born and raised in Los Angeles and the city was never as bad as its become today.  In the late 90’s the population started to multiply astronomically every year.  For some reason everyone wanted to move to L.A. and now that there is no more room, they want out, but are more or less stuck.

This particular photo I took is the tiny untouched beach city where I live in Southern California. I’m here regularly and often. Feeling the ocean mist hit you without a break alerts me to the reality that I am blessed. It’s also one of the very few areas in L.A. where the people are incredibly warm, friendly and inviting. How can you not be? The second you step foot onto this bit of paradise you can literally feel the stress evaporate off your body. Your true nature is exuded from the inside out. Everyone here automatically assumes a friendship the second you approach one another.

This is also surfer haven, which at times can look like a parking lot on longboards. The ocean tide has taken over the area where the sand is, but it’s not usually like that.  On super off days, I can be found somewhere over here for hours clearing, connecting, and igniting. It’s where the birth of dreams and inspiration happen.

~  Kevin Hunter

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
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Shania Twain rocked the stadium in Los Angeles blowing the power out for about five minutes. It was a blast!

Shania Twain comes into the audience to say hello to her fans. (Click on the images for the full versions)

Shania Twain rocked Los Angeles on August 20, 2015.   It was a roller coaster energy power show that had her rising from underneath the stage on a pedestal taking her 50 feet in the air.   It was a big budget spectacle with enough pyrotechnics, fireworks and laser lights to blow up the city.   Shania strayed away from her signature brunette looks and sported blonde hair and skin tight rock and roll leather.  She looked hotter than ever just weeks before her 50th birthday on August 28th.  Huge screens, multiple fiddlers, air guitars, and a drummer who is only 19 years old.  It was a spectacular party and no one wanted it to end!

Shania Twain has stated that this will be her final tour of her career (which I hope is something she’ll change her mind on.)   Her show was one of the best she’s ever put on and it looked like she had no intention of slowing down.   The music vibrated and shook the stadium at a super high decibel all night long.   It was heavy on the rock with fire shooting out from under the stage.  We were so close that you could feel the heat every time it shot up.  Most of her wardrobe was of the tight leather variety and classic rock t-shirts from the Rolling Stones to AC/DC.   AC/DC was one of the bands her ex-husband produced.  There was some tongue in cheek irony in wearing that t-shirt.  She came out into the audience to circle the stadium in order to get even closer to the fans while holding up a selfie camera.  This is someone who really loves what she does and appreciates all of the people that buy her CD’s and who go to see her shows.  There was no arrogance surrounding her aura.

Towards the final section of the show, an electrical explosion in a 19 story building near the stadium caused the power to shut off in the middle of the concert. Shania had just began “That Don’t Impress Me Much”, when a strange electrical glitch flashed on and off, then shut down. Part of the house lights went on as the crowd roared. She stopped mid-lyric and looked at the audience with a shrug, then walked off the stage only to emerge minutes later and chat it up with fans for about five minutes until the amp was fired back up.  The band jammed and they started the number again as if it never happened.  She handled the stadium like a composed professional.   The show was heavy on the rock almost like an homage to the hard rock and roll days of Kiss and the AC/DC.  She still brought in some of her infamous country sound into some of the tunes and revealed a more vulnerable acoustic set about 3/4 of the way in.

Shania Twain’s “Rock This Country” tour will continue to run through the end of October 2015.  She says she’s not retiring, only stopping the touring part of her career.  A new Shania Twain CD is expected to come out soon after the tour.  It would be her first CD since 2002.

Shania Twain has quite the personal history.  She grew up in an abusive household living hand to mouth.  Her parents were killed in a car accident, and then her career shot her up to the top of the charts following that.  She is now on the list of one of the world’s top selling artists of all time.  She was the most successful female country artist all through the 1990’s.   However, in the 2000’s, she disappeared after she discovered her best friend was having an affair with her husband of fourteen years. Her husband was also Shania’s music producer and best friend, so she lost two of her best friends, her husband, and her producer all at once.   Imagine what that feels like and how you would even consider moving on.  It takes great strength to overcome personal obstacles.

She disappeared for years falling into a depression losing her voice due to the pain.  She emerged publicly for the first time in 2008 to present the entertainer of the year award at the end of the Country Music Awards. When she walked out looking like a knock out, the entire theater was stunned and gasped. They jumped to their feet with roaring cheers and applause. They had felt what she went through since heartbreak is an equal opportunity killer. They wanted her back. Just before that appearance she had found comfort in her ex best friends husband who was going through the same turmoil since his wife was cheating on him with Shania’s husband.  Are you keeping up? Long conversations trying to deal with it together turned into friendship and then turned into love.  Years later, they married and they are blessed.

This was followed by taking residence in Las Vegas for a couple of years selling out shows at the “The Colosseum at Caesars Palace”. Now she’s circling the globe on what she is claiming to be her last tour of her life, but will still record music. She wants to say goodbye properly by visiting various cities. She’s rocked a packed sold out stadium in Los Angeles where I was in the front row.  Shania Twain is back and hotter than ever!

~  Kevin Hunter

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
are available in paperback and kindle wherever books are sold.


I’ll be at the MUSE concert tonight in Los Angeles, in the VIP party and three rows from the stage!

I’ll be at the MUSE concert tonight in Los Angeles, in the VIP party and three rows from the stage! I’m excited beyond words to see one of my favorite current rock bands around. They are the music lightworkers. Lightworkers can be anyone that brings someone else joy. For that matter, some of your favorite artists, musicians and actors may fall into that bracket. Others can be your local grocer, your neighbor and even the garbage man.

Madonna rocks the Los Angeles Staples Center on the MDNA tour – 10/11/12


-a play by play of the 2 hour MDNA show-

Madonna rocked the Staples Center on Thursday night October 11, 2012 in Los Angeles.  It was an audience that included Justin Timberlake, Sean Penn and Tom Hanks.  I had a pretty killer view of her stage.  There were two catwalk like stages that protruded out into the audience forming a triangle.  I had seen the gossip headlines that seemed to be floating around about this tour throughout the year.  Of course that’s nothing new as it was the same back in the 80’s – except then there was no internet.  She just made the headlines on the news, magazines and newspapers – all of which she doesn’t pay any attention to or read.  She doesn’t watch T.V. and she doesn’t surf the internet.  She’s anti-drugs and isn’t interested in alcohol.  This is a woman that lives on the soul and is more spiritual than the public might believe.

I saw nothing remotely negative or bad about this show the way some of the gossip sites claimed.  In fact, it seemed as if they had been to a completely different show or were simply making stuff up.  I was blown away by this presentation as was the audience so I don’t know what these people or websites were talking about.  It’s that lynch mob mentality that is prevalent and plaguing around the world – specifically America where you’ve got the uber-dumbed downed in society given a voice and a computer.  In the end, all we have out there is noise.  When people get into groups and cliques they hide behind those security nets to bully.  The stronger ones stand up in the front independently and alone.  Madonna.

I am objective as I did have some criticisms about the show, but they were minor and I was already prepared for it when I got there.  The first was I heard that she doesn’t actually take the stage until 10:30p.  There is a DJ that spins some records from 830p-900p.

I’m not sure why the late start for her as she’s never started her shows that late before from what I recall and have heard.  She’s been late, but not an hour and a half plus.   I was prepared for that and so was my party.  We had an awesome time.  I do feel bad for those that had no idea.  It wasn’t a great idea to go on so late as was evident by certain attendees.  You want the crowd pumped and if you wait too long to come out, then you zap some of them of their energy.   Some of them were hammering drinks down so by the time she comes on they’re coming down off their drink.  And then there are those that have to work early the next day.

The second criticism I had was that her setlist contained mostly tracks from her MDNA album.  I was prepared for that and knew that she prefers to do new fresh material when she goes on tour even though the public goes to her show hoping to hear some classics.

This is called the MDNA tour and most artists that go on tour do so because they are promoting their new release.  You go to a Madonna concert because you know you’re going to be entertained whatever she does.

Aside from those two criticisms you quickly get over it when she takes the stage.  Wow man!  She was awesome.  Even the bad songs you don’t mind because her performance is top notch.  True showmanship.  You remember why she’s now a legend.

At 8:15p people were slowly coming in. They most likely heard of the late start time.

By 10:00p it had filled up a lot more. By 10:30 every seat was taken and you were sitting in a sea of people chanting her name!

I had read other hostile critiques or comments that this show was a flop, but I didn’t see that when I was there.  The stadium was packed to the gills.  The MDNA tour is now the 3rd highest grossing and most successful tour of all time.  That doesn’t sound like a flop to me.  Again that’s just more noise by those who have nothing better to do than spew it.

At about 10:20p, the curtain that was draped in front of the stage all night was dropped down by rigging technicians.  The crowd went wild even though she wasn’t out yet.

At 10:30p the stadium lights shut off and the crowd went into a roar of applause and onto their feet.  There was a magnificent chapel that appeared on the stage with monks lighting a huge incense burner and flinging it above the audience.  More spiritual teachers in robes arose from the bottom of the stage and sang in a Gregorian-like chant procession.  The music slowly started to build from there.  You could feel the walls of the stadium shaking along with the roar of the crowd competing for attention.  You felt the goosebumps and knew this was going to be spectacular.

This opening went on for about 5 minutes or so and continued to build and grow louder.  There was a loud thunder clap and lightning and the flush of a mix of “Girl Gone Wild” from her MDNA album rushed in.  The crowd went even more crazy as the gates of the church slowly started to open.  The lights streamed through it and the cracks of the church out into the stadium.  It was God like.  On some kind of enclosed platform that is raised in mid-air is Madonna in a silhouette covered and draped in a sheer robe .  You couldn’t see her except the shadow silhouette as she kneeled down to pray.  When she was done, her silhouette stood up and she flipped a rifle and a loud gunfire went off jolting the audience.  The cathedral glass broke and went crumbling down as the fast music of Girl Gone Wild overpowered it.  The audience went crazy.

She didn’t waste anytime and got right into the number.  It was a fast paced high energy octane aerobic work out with the monk dancers behind her.  The sets and lights flip flopped all throughout so that by the time the number is over, it’s a completely different setting on stage.  The music goes into an updated version of “Material Girl” for a minute as she jumps backwards off a platform and lands in her dancers arms, then she’s dragged on the floor across the stage and right back into Girl Gone Wild.  I would’ve loved it if she continued on with Material Girl for at least a minute or two.  It was the biggest show I’ve ever seen in terms of look and feel.  There were 700 wardrobe pieces required for all the performers onstage on this tour.

She didn’t waste anytime catching her breath.  At the end of “Girl Gone Wild” she was armed with a pistol and shot out above her and the music for “Revolver” started.  The sets got darker as she seemed to be battling or exorcising some personal demons from her last marriage.  She took a moment and shouted, “What’s up L.A.!”  And the crowd went into a frenzy again. She moved out onto the stage walk that goes into the audience with several women branding guns as well.   This woman rocks and so does her body.  She was in top form and incredibly confident.  Actually she was way too confident, it was awe-inspiring.

374 is the weight, in tons, of Madonna’s massive stage.   Sirens and helicopters surrounded the inside of the stadium as a mini-trashy motel moved into the middle of the stage.  She went into “Gang Bang” – one of the darker and stronger tracks on the MDNA album.  It’s very Quentin Tarantino-esque and so was the performance.  It was also the most violent which I’m sure jarred the more sensitive.  For me, I was reveled by the intensity of it all.

She did not lip sync.  It was all her voice which was actually quite strong and good!  Dancers dressed as hoodlums broke into this motel and Madonna would use martial arts on their asses and then shoot each of them.  The gun fire would shake the stadium and the blood would spatter on the screen behind her.  Its one of the largest screens used on a concert stage and broken into three pieces.

She ran away from the final hoodlum out into the stage in the arena and went right into “Papa Don’t Preach” which she also sang live and did not lip sync either.  I’ve now discovered after seeing this show that the negative press has been extremely exaggerated.  Amazing.  It’s like the stone age where were led like cattle and believing everything we read.  Does no one think for themselves anymore?

2.1 million people have bought tickets to the MDNA show. At the end of Papa Don’t Preach, Madonna is surrounded by rough looking dancers dressed as executioners. They tie her up and carry her above them. They cart her away for the murders done in “Gang Bang”. The music goes right into “Hung Up” without stopping. Now they’re on the main stage for this and Madonna actually walks a tight rope!

72,000 people saw Madonna’s sold-out show in Quebec, the largest attendance of the entire tour.  When this song was done she didn’t stop and grabbed a guitar and strummed it to give us the cue for her next tune, “I Don’t Give A–“.  She worked it as she walked down the platform right into the center of the cat walk.  She stood right in the middle of a sea of 20,000 people and sang live once again.  So far the only tune she lip synched or had backing was the opening two songs.  Everything til this point was all her voice and no backing.

I’m not a fan of “I Don’t Give A–” I have to admit.  I didn’t like it on the MDNA album and was not looking forward to the live version.  I would’ve preferred that it was swapped out with a rocking version of “Borderline” like she did on the last tour or even “Dress You Up” which hasn’t been performed in over 20 years.  If she had to choose an MDNA song for this then go with “Superstar”, “Beautiful Killer”, “Love Spent” or “I Fucked Up”.  She of course looked like a fucking hot rocker so I stopped caring that it wasn’t the best song.  I love the message and words of the song, but not the tune.

She ended the song in a very theatrical, dark and intense way.  Nicki Minaj appeared on the big screen as Madonna worked her way back to the main stage.  The music was explosive as she climbed onto a platform and looked up with things blowing up on the screen in fire and in ruins behind her.  It took her down into darkness and she had successfully completed the first segment of the show.

16,630 miles of road were traveled during the U.S. leg alone.  The song “Best Friend” and “Heartbeat” were mixed together and played as images moved about on screen and dancers with masks on performed a dark choreographed number.

The stage transformed and flip flopped and the darkness was gone.  She exorcised her demons and re-emerged in a bright, fun way with an old classic done the right way.  “Express Yourself”.  The crowd went into a thunderous roar as she emerged dressed as a cheerleader and majorette from the early to mid-19oo’s in a white outfit.  Her ‘gang bang’ locks were shed to reveal a more natural look. This time her smile was wide and her eyes were twinkling.  It reassured those that were uncomfortable with the darkness of the first segment of the show that it would be a transforming night, not just for us, but for her as well.  She had said the show was a journey from darkness into light.  The violent aspects were her stuffed down emotions coming out in an assault.

90 speakers are hung onstage every night of the MDNA tour. The show was the loudest I’ve ever been too. It stripped the walls of the stadium and battled it out with the crowds screaming.  While singing, “Express Yourself” – live again I might add, still no lip synching, Madonna went right into Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way”. She then effortlessly went right back into “Express Yourself”. The crowd went wild and others laughed at how seamless the transition sounded. I never thought they sounded alike until I heard it this way. “Express Yourself” is a classic that still holds up and its a better song.  It also has a great message.  “Born This Way” has a good message, but the melody and the music isn’t that great.

Madonna did an awesome rump shaker as she shouted, “She’s not me”. The crowd roared again and we all nodded. We were sold. No one is like her or can do it like her. We were reminded that all the Britney Spears, Rihanna’s, Katy Perry’s and Lady Gaga’s all have a career because of her. When Madonna was huge in the 80’s and into the 90’s, she was bigger than they are now. And then, we didn’t have the internet so to be that big without the internet is pretty major.  There was also no other female pop artist.  Now we’ve got one hundred million of them trying to compete, but no one stands out.

The drums kept going at a hundred miles an hour and got even louder.  The stages were flip flopping for the hundredth time and opening up.  There were 9 drummers soaring in the air with another 9 on the floor as they moved over the stage.  The cheerleaders went out into the audience in a slamming routine with the drums.  Whoa!  Madonna just added more pep to the rally!  They went right into “Gimme All Your Luvin'” from MDNA.  I was never a fan of that song, but seeing and hearing it live was an entirely different story.  It was fun!  The energy was incredible and out of this world at this point.  She can make an okay song sound incredible with her performance art.

89 shows in total in 28 different countries — 18 of those stops were in cities where Madonna had never performed on this MDNA tour.  She disappeared under the stage as her old video hits played in a collage and right into “Turn Up the Radio” – one of the better songs on the MDNA album.  She re-emerged in another location and strummed the chords of the song on her guitar to which she also continued singing without lip synching again.

29 trucks carry the tour’s production (36 will be required for the South American leg).  Madonna finally calmed things down a bit as she gave us an ‘oldie but goodie’ with one of her great classics, “Open Your Heart”.  She brought out a trio called, “Kalakan” and they incorporated elements of “Sagarra Jo” into the new revamped version of “Open Your Heart”.  This one added a lot of stomp to your step.  I loved it, but would’ve preferred hearing the classic the way it was meant to be.  Since this tour was limited on classics, it would’ve been nice to hear it that way.  Nevertheless it still worked and grew even more punchier as the song progressed. The dancers hit the stage and they all got down into a Russian or European dance. It was a lot of fun and even her son Rocco joined in. You can tell he’s got his Mom’s dancing feet.

24 guitars are used by Madonna and her band each night of the MDNA tour.  “Open Your Heart” ended so explosively that I forgave the new arrangement.  Madonna then took the time to address the audience for awhile and it suddenly felt more intimate.  She had to really rally the L.A. crowd which tends to be a tougher audience only because we’ve seen it before.  She riled us up and called us “jaded” which we are.  She said, “And what’s up with this side over here, why are your arms folded like…”  Everyone got up in a roar with their hands in the air.  No more arms folded.  I was not on the side she was referring to by the way.  She was actually funny though and had the audience cheering after that.  A gossip site would’ve spun it into something negative.  We laughed.  She was right and it was a good time.  She said, “You do your job and I’ll do mine.”  She’s a creative being and that showed in this concert.  No one tells Bruce Springsteen or Neil Young to retire.  Madonna should really do a rock album next.  That would be killer.  The show started late and people were tired and this was a perfect example on why to start earlier.  You won’t get tired arms folded during the ballads.

She proceeded to give a very powerful speech about love and how its lacking in the world, which it is.  You rarely here anybody talk about love or say something nice about anything.  All we hear about is negativity, violence and anger.  She debunked that way of life in her speech and the rest of the show.

People are negative, pessimistic and critical.  It was nice to hear that despite the negative press Madonna seemed to be immune to it.  One of the reasons is she’s not reading the press.  Everyone is venting online about how much they despise her, but they’re only doing that for themselves.  She doesn’t know about it or read it and is also unaffected by it.  That’s another reason to admire her.  She focuses only on her life purpose.  On stage she was having fun.  I guess if you were not immune to it, you would be over.  There is no way someone like her would still have a career after 30 years if she let every little word get to her and this has been going on her entire career.

She said, “I’ve been busy touring and working all Summer that I haven’t had time to have a what?!”  The crowd shouted, “Holiday!”  And with that cue the music kicked in and she gave us a couple minutes of an old classic, “Holiday.”

Afterwards she calmed things down again and went into a classic love song off of her MDNA album, “Masterpiece” – another good track off the CD.  She had images of the love story from the movie, “W.E.” playing on the side screens.

15 buses were used to take the show from city to city.  Madonna disappeared under the stage and the screens showed a video of her with a mix of “Justify My Love”.

7 songs from Madonna’s latest album, “MDNA,” are on the setlist and 4 customized microphones in gold, silver, chrome and black are used by Madonna during the show.

The first beats of “Vogue” started up and the entire crowd went into the loudest roar of the night.  The stage flip flopped into a magnificent light spectacle.  You could see the entire innards restructuring itself and then the opening line of Vogue came up: “What are you looking at?”  Madonna was in the middle on a huge platform looking better than she had all night.  This was one of the most monumental moments of the show.

Vogue went right into “Candy Shop” without stopping.  The music just kept on going as the stage flipped again and a huge chandelier came out above and moved out over the stage which was turned into a classy brothel.  This was another highlight of the night.  “Candy Shop” was better than the album version and the dance numbers were top notch as they worked it into a fast tango. She works that one with her boyfriend. You know they’ve got some moves in the bedroom.

Without so much as a breather, the music just kept going right into “Human Nature” where Madonna danced to shifting mirrors on the stage.  The audience roared again.  She slowly began stripping her garb off towards the end of the song and moving out onto the catwalk stage in the center of the stadium.

This was the most stripped down part of the show – not because she stripped down which was a metaphor, although the gossip bloggers were not bright enough to figure that out, those at the show did.  Madonna brought to light a tragedy that happened recently with a young teen Pakistan girl named Malala.  Malala wrote a positive blog about education for women and the Taliban stopped the school bus she was on and shot her.  Madonna had Malala’s name written on her back.  I found it interesting that a headline said, “Madonna dedicates striptease to child activist shot by Taliban.”  Um- that’s not what happened at all.  Apparently the uninformed journalist was not there and is spreading misinformation as usual.  I love that.  It gave me a prime example at how dishonest these journalists were this past year of this show. Luckily, I was given the opportunity to see this show and can now call them out on it and debunk how they poorly misrepresented the MDNA tour simply to incite negativity and get hits.  I find that creepy that that’s the world we live in now.  No one is interested in anything positive.  They want to get riled up on negative pieces so they can feel alive again.  It’s like a drug which wears out until you see another negative piece.  Unfulfilled people eventually become resentful of everyone around them.  The toxic vapor of resentment permeates every crevice of life.

Armed with a piano around her, Madonna sang a slowed down deep version of “Like A Virgin”.  This was a sad melancholy version that sounded nothing like the hit we all know of.  The metaphor of her stripping her clothes down was mirrored with her stripping down her soul and letting her feelings out.  By the end of the song she had real tears streaming down her face.  She lowered her pants and revealed her bare butt (which was perfect in all ways) and up on the large screens around the stadium.  I thought, “Wow. That’s brave.”  The audience went into a roar as she held that position for some time.  Then she lifted the mic and said, “Why is it easy for us to bare our ass, but it’s impossible for us to bare our feelings?”  The crowd went into applause.  It’s true.  Once again, why isn’t love expressed enough?  We have no problem stripping half naked on social networking sites for superficial attention, but where is the love?

Madonna crumbled on the floor and went into a saddened version of “Love Spent”, one of the greatest songs on the MDNA album.  I loved the slowed down version, but would’ve also loved the album version as its a classic and should’ve been the first single and released.

Madonna finished this set by sitting up on the piano and being lowered underneath the stage.  During that time “Nobody Knows Me” played while a photo montage appeared on the wall to wall screens on stage.  Political figures and those that are in power and suppress others were featured including that of Marine Le Pen who was angry to be among the collage and morphed into Hitler.  More importantly featured were all the young people who committed suicide for being bullied.  The montage continued with the theme on where is the love and look at the destruction caused by hate.

After the sad, serious part of the show, Madonna re-emerged for the final set and she was completely on fire.  It was the climatic part of the show and the music seemed to be cued up at the highest decible.  It was phenomenal!   She roared on stage with one of the other great songs off of MDNA, “I’m Addicted.”  The lights were all over the stage and so was she.

She went right into “I’m a Sinner” which is one of my least favorite tracks on “MDNA”, however, the performance was an A++.  She stood above a bus and strummed the guitar like a guru peace loving spiritual warrior.  There were beautiful and gorgeous images of life and spiritual transformation moving quickly on the screens behind her.  Dancers were hopping from bus to bus.  The theatrical presentation was top notch and I quickly forgot she was singing a song I don’t care for.  However, if I had a say on this tour, I would’ve suggested that “Ray of Light” be sung for this performance.  Its more of a fitting song and its a classic!  No one will remember, “I’m a Sinner” in five years.

The stage continued its ever evolving transformation and grew to be even more spiritual and godly as the images all turned to rays of light around the stadium.  Madonna kicked into “Like a Prayer” which was the most moving part of the evening and taking the climax up another notch.  She was all over the stages and in the audience grabbing everybody’s reaching hand and clasping it.  It was incredibly poignant.  The audience was on its feet with cheers and roars.  It was after midnight at this point and the audience had more energy than they thought they would.  Madonna brings you right out of your seat.

The stadium stayed dark as the drumbeats kept going for awhile.  Madonna emerged one last time for the spectacular finale of “Celebration”.  This was phenomenal.  The stage was flipping more than ever and the lights were more than I’d seen in any show.  It pulled the audience right into the performance with her.  Her son led the pack at the final minutes of the song out front as they all took it home!  She really knows how to work the stage.  I could tell that this was a master of the entertainment craft.  I walked away knowing for sure now that no one comes close to this woman as a performer.  I’ve seen a lot of people in concert and this was by far the best show I’ve been to.

She hammered the point that she is at a place to celebrate life and love.  She’s battled out the demons and emotions from earlier in the show and is now gonna have fun and enjoy life.  She has every reason to.  No artist has maintained a successful long running career for 30 years.

I think I’ve been a gentleman long enough to finally earn a piece of that – Kevin Hunter

Kevin Hunter - Column - Dude Habits
This one dude was quietly courting me. Although he wasn’t terribly direct about it because you would never know that’s what he was up to. Every month or so I’d get a text from him seeing how I was doing. Eventually he’d work it up to, “Hey want to hang out.” I tell him I’d love to. This went on for six months.  When we didn’t talk for a couple months he came back around again asking me to dinner. I thought why not I’m still single. Going out should be fine. Well that night he has a few drinks more than usual and gets real comfortable and starts kissing me. Long story short. We have sex. He later tells me, “I think I’ve been a gentleman long enough to finally earn a piece of that.”  Oh you sweet talker you.

Although I appreciate his ability to wait it out, I realized that I was never quite all that into him as much as he was into me.  This is where you have to be careful. What do you do when you enjoy someone and you’re attracted to them, but you don’t see a ‘relationship’ with them anywhere in the equation. They’re simply just someone to have fun with until the REAL relationship comes in. The problem is he sees you as that guy. This is where you better back out and fast. You both have to be on the same level or you’ll have a blow up ahead.  So that’s what I did.

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He Saw the Bulge In My Pants – Kevin Hunter

Kevin Hunter - Column - Dude Habits
My buddy comes over to talk to me. I’m sitting down. He’s leaning over me a little bit whispering something private about something.  He looks down my body for a split second and says, “Whoa that’s a nice view.”

I look down confused. I’m wearing jeans and sitting with my legs apart, and there it is, the shape of my cock bulging under it. I abruptly close my legs and pull my chair under my desk.
“Oops” I say. I don’t blush, because I don’t get all that embarrassed, but I did laugh. “Sorry” I ad.

“Hey don’t apologize, that’s god’s gift.” He reminds me.

Kevin Hunter’s Book Jagger’s Revolution

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Kevin Hunter is the dude-lit author of the hit beach book, “Jagger’s Revolution”

Kevin Hunter is the author of the hit beach read, “Jagger’s Revolution“.

“Ever wanted to recapture that feeling you had in High School when you had the crush on that boy from the football team?  That feeling slowly fades as you get older, but its a feeling we long for.  Kevin Hunter brings that feeling back with the uncompromising protagonist Jagger.  An unlikely guy to feel any kind of crush as his strength is times ten and he couldn’t imagine putting himself into that vulnerable state.  Love isn’t something you can control.  When you get a crush there is no stopping it and he stops at nothing to land in from the eyes of the hot local lifeguard.”

Moves Like Jagger is a song that uncannily describes Jagger in Jagger’s Revolution – Kevin Hunter

Kevin HunterMoves Like Jagger is a song that uncannily describes Jagger in Jagger’s Revolution.  The last couple of weeks I’ve received an onslaught of emails and phone calls with people sending me the song “Moves Like Jagger” saying things like, “I think this one is for you!”  I gave it a listen and I thought,  “Wow there is an uncanny resemblance to my character Jagger in the book Jagger’s Revolution.”

Jagger is an unapologetic sexy and intelligent guy who rules everything around him.  The one big thing he wrestles with is love as we all do.  He struts his stuff like a peacock, but crumbles whenever he runs into his crush.

Kevin Hunter

Kevin Hunter


The song “Moves Like Jagger” is performed by Maroon 5 and Christina Aguilera.  It’s sexy, funky and screams a Summer good time.

“Moves Like Jagger” lyrics.
Performed by Maroon 5 and Christina Aguilera

Just shoot for the stars if it feels right
Then aim for my heart if you feel like
And take me away, make it okay
I swear I’ll behave
You wanted control. So we waited
I put on a show. Now we’re naked
You say I’m a kid. My ego is big
I don’t give a shit. And it goes like this.
Take me by the tongue and I’ll know you
Kiss me until you’re drunk and I’ll show you
You want the moves like Jagger
I’ve got the moves like Jagger
I don’t need to try to control you
Look into my eyes and I’ll own you
With them moves like Jagger
Maybe it’s hard
When it feels like you’re broken and scarred
Nothing feels right
But when you’re with me I make you believe
That I’ve got the key
So get in the car. We can ride it
Wherever you want. Get inside it
And you want to steer. But I’m shifting gears
I’ll take it from here. And it goes like this.
You want to know how to make me smile
Take control, own me just for the night
And if I share my secret you’re gonna have to keep it
Nobody else can see this
So watch and learn. I won’t show you twice
Head to toe. Rub me right
But if I share my secret
You’re gonna have to keep it
Nobody else can see this
And it goes like this
Take me by the tongue and I’ll know you
Kiss me until you’re drunk and I’ll show you
All the moves like Jagger
I’ve got the moves like Jagger

-Kevin Hunter

“Jagger’s Revolution” The boy book that takes a not so pretty peek into the gay dating life in Southern California – Kevin Hunter


“Jagger’s Revolution”
The boy book that takes a not so pretty peek into the gay dating life in Southern California.

Things have just begun heating up in Los Angeles.  Jagger, a strong, put together dude works out his dating frustrations through a series of sexually charged columns and vignettes.  A fun-laidback-summer book for the under twenties set who hate to read, but are looking to get off, be slightly enlightened or just plain dreaming of love.  Readers follow Jagger’s hunt for the real thing in a city that seems to be plagued of any honest human connection.  One nineteen-year-old reader described it as a rainbow book for adults, “…more emotional, but HOT!”

The protagonist is an aristocratic beach thug who rules by his scrupulous idea of how dating and relationships should be equating dating with going to battle. He’s strikingly attractive, but also a menace, with an aggressive disapproval for weakness and bad etiquette. His rough and interesting dating past prompts an editor to spear him into incorporating and transcribing his findings into a series of columns for a popular magazine. The author sets up a highly perceptive dark alter ego, Jagger, to deliver a not particularly warm interpretation of the dating and sex world, while offering a fresh alternate perspective.

He steps up to inform us all about what it’s like to be a regular guy dating in the current frustrating marketplace, offering much more serious complications in the way of hunting for romance. Jagger wrestles with assuming the stance of a guy-cockiness and all-yet searching for a balance in finding love’s peace.  He seems to have it all down, and believes he has Mr. Right in his eye line, if only he could speak to him.

The narrative is sexually explicit throughout, but also affecting in places where you’re motioned to stop and think. He finds exhaustion with going on yet another sexual or friendly excursion when he knows the guy for him is the one he can’t say more than two words to. If there is any light to all his darkness, it’s the pleasing love story, the central theme that runs throughout his disappointments in matters of the heart. He experiences the kind of crush and love one has as a teenager over Garth, the dreamboat lifeguard from Australia, with the boyish distinction and the killer smile, who he keeps running into in passing.  He feels an immediate silent connection with him and longs to get close.

kevin Hunter
Kevin Hunter

Jagger’s Revolution by Kevin Hunter
Publication Date: November 28, 2006
Paperback: (5×8) – $13.97; 330 pages


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