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Write to your Spirit Team, Letters to God: Kevin Hunter

{Excerpt from Transcending Utopia}


     One highly effective way of communicating with your Spirit team is through writing.  When you communicate with any higher being in Heaven, you are communicating with God by default since they are extensions of him.

When you sit down to write out what you’d like to say to those on the other side, there is a stronger intention and force behind it.  This force intention is energy that carries solid weight. You find your intention to be stronger with your thoughts, while someone else prefers to say it out loud.

I communicate using the various ways one can communicate, but I’ve found it efficient when I write it out.  Part of this is because I’m a writer and it’s easier for me to communicate through the written word.  I’ll sit down and open a new email message box and address it as you would with anyone. “Dear….”

I’m notorious for emailing myself hundreds of letters to God, my Spirit team, and myself.

You can write a letter to a departed loved one who you miss dearly, because they can read what you are writing when you grant them permission. The addressing of the letter is granting them permission to read it.  When you request heavenly support or guidance, you are heard the instant you call out to them.  It doesn’t matter if the request is big or small, because you are heard regardless. You cannot get away with a lie in Heaven the way you can with others on the planet.  You might write or say one thing, but what’s in your heart is what’s heard and understood to be the real truth by any spirit being in Heaven.

Sometimes when you’re in a discombobulated state, it’s easier to sit down and write it out in an email, on a notepad, or wherever you usually write. I email my letters to God and Spirit team to myself and file it away in a folder marked, “Angels”. This is where thousands of letters and private communications with my team live.

Writing instead of speaking or thinking the words can help you articulate it more efficiently. It forces you to stop for a moment and type out what you’re experiencing. This is also therapeutic giving you a sense of calm.  Any sudden feeling of serenity is the angels easing the stress you’re feeling as you write it out.  You’ve also moved into a state of stillness, which helps them to get to work on you easier when you’re less erratic or restless.  It can also help you make sense of the words you’re putting out into the Universe.

As a writer, I find writing assists with bringing on clarity and focus, but not everyone is comfortable with writing something out.  I have friends who are naturally sociable verbally and prefer to speak the words rather than write them out. These are the gifted speakers that dominate through voice, rather than the pen.

One friend has said in the past repeatedly, “I talk. You write.”

Those friends tend to leave me long voice messages that cut them off, as there is no more space.  They have to call back and continue in another voice box. There are times I call them to say, “I want to talk about this, but I’m going to write you first, then we’ll discuss it.”

Everyone has different ways of communicating from one another that dominate. This is the same way all souls have varying psychic gifts from one another that also govern.  In the end, it doesn’t matter how you communicate with Heaven, but that you do.



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The Four Psychic Clair Senses and the Tarot Card Meanings Book

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The #1 top selling book of mine in 2017 was the “Four Psychic Clair Senses.” #2 was the “Tarot Card Meanings” book. The irony is that there was no promotion on the “Four Psychic Clair Senses” book. I never talked about it or posted anything on it until now – a year later. Thank you to all of you and your unwavering support throughout the years.

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“Split” and “Mother!” – Two of my favorite films this past year. James McAvoy, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem, Anya Taylor-Joy.

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Two of my favorite films this year were, “Split” and “Mother!” I’ve always been drawn to darker material that the general public has a harder time digesting. You could never accuse me of following the herd. That would require submitting to a victimized position, which isn’t alluring to me. What these two films have in common is they don’t withhold. They’re both dark, radical, psychological, complicated, deep and intense in its ambiance and messages. All of which are the skin I’m most comfortable in.

Split” does a terrific job at focusing on someone with Dissociative Identity Disorder. It takes that to the extreme and ultimately the supernatural answering the question to, “What if?” James McAvoy, who should be nominated, brilliantly plays 9 of the 23 split personalities his character Kevin has due to massive child abuse that caused his main identity to splinter and dissociate. One of his identities that has taken over Kevin is Dennis. Dennis kidnaps three teenage girls from a party with the intention that they will be served as sacred food to one of Kevin’s more monstrous identities yet to emerge.

Anya Taylor-Joy plays Carrey, the outcast teen who had been invited to the teen party out of pity. She’s the heroine that befriends some of the identities that assumes Kevin’s body with the hopes of being let go, while the other superficial two teens cower weakly in the corner of the cellar dungeon their captive holds them in.

In a heart pounding chase scene, the monstrous identity in Kevin corners Carrey intending to sacrifice her. He notices the cut marks all over her body realizing that she is like him and was subjected to heinous child abuse herself, which we see through flashbacks. Seeing that she is not like the others, he releases her from his prison seeing her as authentic and pure. Both James and Anya just wrapped filming an exciting sequel to this called, “Glass”, which will also stars Bruce Willis and Samuel Jackson.

Mother!’ was one of the most claustrophobic films this year causing enormous backlash and praise dividing film goers from those who loved it and those that hated it. “Mother!” is an allegory intended to reveal the violent destruction that is humanity and what humankind has and is perpetually doing to its home planet.

Javier Bardem symbollically plays, “God”, Jennifer Lawrence is “Mother Earth”, and Ed Harris and Michelle Pfeiffer are “Adam and Eve”. This angry, chaotic, dark film is an assault to all the senses that it requires more than one viewing.

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Those living in nature or in the middle of nowhere have it down

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April is an extremely intense month due to the retrogrades happening, but the intensities wreaking havoc are all human driven. Anything not human made or motivated is not going to cause much of a damper. Those living in nature or in the middle of nowhere have it down. I’ve taken retreats during retrograde periods and been out in those majestic nature locales and there are no issues at all. It’s permanently calming and uplifting without all the noise of human distractions that escalate specifically during a Mercury/Venus Retrograde.

Of course, if you’re battling mental health well-being issues, then you can still carry the turbulence with you into nature even if you’re alone. However, the unsettling intensities are not as bad on you than if you were in a noisy crowd full of erratically strong feelings darting all over the place like weapons. Being in a nature atmosphere with little to no people will greatly reduce the emotional stress pending you’re not reading or watching toxic media. You should be outdoors! Also, your technical gadgets can still see issues since that is human made.

A friend of mine was at a car wash a couple days ago where he set his cell phone and keys on the car seat with the car doors open. Suddenly a huge strong gust of wind picked up and slammed his car doors shut. This was followed by a click noise that alerted him to the fact that his keys automatically locked the car doors. Don’t you love technology? It took him three hours to get back into his car, causing appointments to be re-scheduled while putting a damper on his life that took a full night to get over even though the after effects of that stress were still present days later. Happy Mercury Retrograde!!

{ Use this time to raise your vibration  – }


Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
are available in paperback and kindle wherever books are sold.

Call upon Archangel Raphael to assist you in eliminating toxic vices

Efficient ways of eliminating a toxic addiction such as bad foods, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine, coffee is by gradually reducing it over time. Call upon Archangel Raphael and your Spirit team of Guides and Angels to assist you in eliminating any of those toxic vices that you wish you could stop. I grew up a pot head, a coke head, smoked cigarettes, drank coffee and was an alcoholic. I eliminated those things by asking my Spirit team for help. Working with them, we gradually reduced my intake of those vices over a period of time until I know longer craved it. If you partake in any or more of those vices, you’re not being judged or being asked to stop. These are personal choices you make on your own when you feel this is what you want to do. In the end, moderation is always the way to go. It’s less destructive to your life and surroundings.

I’ve had others tell me stories where they had many drinks one night and know how I feel about that. I’d have to correct them that I’ve never said I was anti-alcohol. I still have the occasional drink, but I just don’t drink until I black out. That’s the big misunderstanding. I’ve explained in one of my books that Heaven knows that in the end that souls operate from their highest frequency while clear minded, and if someone smokes pot or has a glass of wine a night, they hold no judgment if this is what that souls chooses. They only become concerned when they know it is not bringing that soul the happiness it craves. Or that it is destroying their life and those around them while holding that soul back from achieving greatness. Sharing some wine with a friend once in awhile is not going to banish you to Hell.

~  Kevin Hunter

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
are available in paperback and kindle wherever books are sold.


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