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Psychic Prediction Come True: Donald Trump Becomes President of the United States.

Another Psychic Prediction Come True!

Donald Trump Becomes President of the United States in 2016

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I have had a long and vast history of stating events before they happen since I was a child. This is well known at this point by those who know me deeply or who have read my work. I’ve accurately predicted every single winning President in every election since the 1990’s. This is regardless if it’s my own personal pick or not.  I am able to discern the TRUTH. Not many can do that or they would have been able to accurately predict this presidential election.  When you’re absorbed in the negativity and gossip of the media and the complaints of your peers, then you will hear and pick up on nothing.

“Kevin Hunter Psychic Prediction comes to fruition November 8, 2016.” 

I was one of the few to psychically predict that Donald Trump would be the next President of the United States.   This prediction was made back in August of 2015, fourteen months before the event took place.  When the media was bombarding the public with a list of endless candidates running for President, I clearly stated that the two Presidential nominees would be Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in this blog post back in August 2015:

Understand that when this prediction was made that Bernie Sanders was the hot candidate running on the Democratic side, while Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz were the popular guys on the Republican side.

By the time June 2016 rolled around nearly a year later, 50% of this psychic prediction had come true.  Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump became the official Presidential nominees. If anyone paid attention to that one, then they would’ve seen my psychic prediction was looking to be true, but very few noticed.

The remainder of this psychic prediction has now come to light. Donald Trump has won the election and is the next President of the United States as predicted fourteen months ago.

What is interesting is that when I made the original psychic prediction, it was made during a time when I knew nothing about either candidate, and no one believed that it would be either of them.  When you are in tune and have a crystal clear communication line with what is beyond the physical distractions around you, then you would have also seen the trajectory and outcome of the Presidential election long before it took place.

Unfortunately, the masses were obsessed with the gossip and negativity that the media was feeding them.  They jumped gleefully on that bandwagon and wasted over a year obsessing over what Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump is doing or saying, instead of remaining balanced, neutral, and objective.  They are responsible for throwing gasoline on the fire.  This further shows that humanity has a long endless road ahead of them as they have been over the last number of centuries.  They should have been able to see this information too.  No one is exempt from picking up on the accurate truth.  I have had to put up with and absorb the repetitive mind numbing dark energy and negativity that the masses were putting out into the Universe regarding both candidates that it is now my time to be angry.  It is my time to stand up and speak out.

No automatic alt text available.The majority of professional psychics and working mediums who do this work for a living had psychically predicted that the next President of the United States was going to be Hillary Clinton.   Many of them also stated that Donald Trump would not be nominated.   While I was surprised that this was what they were getting, I could also pick up on the fact that they were unclear in their prediction because they had fallen into the media gossip pool, which creates a block to the Divine. They were blinded by the fog of human gossip preventing them from psychically picking up on the accurate information.  This not a criticism, as I have made error predictions in the past too when emotionally invested in a situation.  This is a reminder that in order to pick up on accurate psychic information, you need to be completely emotionally detached from the question.

I am not a working psychic medium, but I am able to get to the heart of the matter by tuning into my Spirit team and accessing highly accurate information.  Anyone in tune who remains neutral, detached from the noise, and balanced could have easily predicted this outcome just as well.   Perhaps there is a lesson in all this.  Learn to detach from the darkness of ego which continues to put blinders over the real truth.  This creates a block between yourself and Spirit team.   I have endless books available to assist you in becoming a stronger vessel conduit for the beginner or the advanced soul needing a refreshing reminder.

One doesn’t need to be a working psychic in order to see the truth.  You are as capable as anyone else.  I’ve made endless accurate psychic predictions over the course of my life because I remain balanced, detached, and neutral when in predicting mode of those accounts.

Another psychic prediction laid to rest today.

Donald Trump is now the President of the United States as I publicly predicted fourteen months ago in this blog piece on August 10, 2015:

This post is about the accuracy of my connection with my Spirit team. It is not a political post and I’m not interested over how happy or unhappy you are with the results. That’s your issue to wrestle with. I wish you only love and that you can move through this transition in peace. Understand that all is always well. Work out your issues on your own. Take some time off, get outside, take a deep breath if you’re uncontrollably upset. Distract yourself with something healthy. Avoid placing blame and getting caught up in drama, fear, and antagonistic behavior. This goes against Spirits universal love message. All of that is the ego’s distraction blocking you from the truth you missed a year ago.

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