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Jesus is all love and healing present for those who need him regardless of who you are or your personal belief systems.

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Who is this being of Light so great it has conjured up centuries of endless controversy and hatred in the darkness of human ego. The irony is that he is nothing that comes close to that limited view. His light has the opposite effect when you are truly standing in his presence.

Despite the toxic noise that pervades Earth by human kind, this most holy child of salvation’s eminence never stops illuminating love and healing energy light off his radiance. His power and Light are so magnificent and so intense that I’ve had to stop whatever I was doing when he’s entered my vicinity because his presence is so overwhelming that it’s paralyzing. Words to describe what’s taking place never do it justice. It’s a sense feeling of the highest most impossible love that I’ve never seen another human being give, but he did and he does. 

If you’re down and out or experiencing any negative thought or feeling, his love can wipe that away just by walking into your room and standing next to you. Find that space where his love resides and bathe in its vitality. The planet could learn a little something about this unconditional healing love he continuously gives without censure in a world devoid of respect.

Out of the deepest dark shines the purest light that blasts away all traces of negativity, anger, sadness, confusion, and stress from your being. If there’s anything good that happens in life it’s from Jesus. He is present for all who call on him regardless of who you are, what you believe in, or your souls choices this lifetime. All are welcome to his love without judgment, but instead you have his uncompromising permanent compassion and friendship. You are loved in ways your ego is incapable of understanding or comprehending. Those without love, those who are troubled, those wrestling with demons, you are forever loved by this being of Light free of charge.

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The Christ Energy is in Full Play Easter Weekend

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I was climbing up with my phone strapped to me. The camera took this shot without me realizing it. Didn’t see it until later in the camera roll. Never saw the cross while there. Wasn’t paying attention. Not the first time the Christ energy has been revealed to me in interesting look at me ways. You can tell cause if I was taking the shot, I would’ve at least aimed it correctly and centered it. The big JC always appears during times of high anxiety, chaos, sandstorms. All of which bounce off the charts especially during a Full Moon.

I’ve always had a strong connection with Jesus Christ.  When I’ve said that some flinch uncomfortably.  This is because they automatically associate his name with something negative due to horribly some of his alleged followers have behaved with others.   I can assure you that they be his followers, but know nothing about him.  It is unfortunate they’ve naively caused others to turn away from him simply because of their poor judgmental behavior.   I know Christ.  I’ve had a long running relationship with him that has endured lifetimes.  He is nothing what some claim him to be.

{Jesus Christ is touched on in several of my books such as
Warrior of Light or the pocket book Divine Messages for Humanity}

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
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Christmas time is a reminder that life is all about LOVE.

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It’s the most magical time of the year, but the lack of love continues to be prevalent making it less enchanting. Remember to love and accept others even if their values are differing from yours. This is easier said than done since many have forgotten about the basic concept of what love is. While it’s always been like that, it has been especially evident all year more than any other. Humanity still has a long way to go.

Treat everyone with kindness and compassion even if they don’t share your values. This goes for all sides as all have been guilty of it. It’s not okay to treat others badly. It’s not okay to abuse the luxuries you’ve been given as a free will thinking conscious being. It’s one thing to defend yourself from someone who has accosted or randomly disrespected you, but it’s another to take it upon yourself to harass someone because they’re not your clone. You reach no middle ground when you’re that rigid. 

The ultimate reason all are here is to love and to learn how to love. You cannot learn that unless you’re thrown onto a planet with others who are different from you. Learn to accept others and see someone’s personal truth. You’re not saying you agree with them, but a way shower illuminates the way by example.

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If you take anything away from Christmas weekend it should be that all are here to learn to love. It isn’t just during the Christmas season, but all year round. Be as Christ was and is. He is all love and forgiveness shining his light down all those void of love and in great need of healing and clarity. He loves all without judgement. 

“Worthy our Savior of all our praises”

While many enjoy the long Christmas weekend, there are still a great many people who continue to struggle and suffer making it just another day for them. Do they know it’s Christmas time?

These words should lead to an action let alone an epiphany by viewing circumstances from the angle of an angel.

“There’s a world outside your window
And it’s a world of dread and fear
Where the only water flowing is the bitter sting of tears
And the Christmas bells that ring there
Are the clanging chimes of doom
Well tonight thank God it’s them instead of you.”

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The Holy Spirit uses love to combat anger and fear unrest around the planet

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I happened to catch this image in the sky today that looks like a cross. It was much bigger in person. The symbols and signs you stumble upon in your daily life are no accident. They are a part of the many ways that Heaven attempts to get your attention, relay a message, or give you a reminder that they are indeed present even if it doesn’t feel like it. This is especially the case when one is experiencing a tumultuous or confusing time.

In this instance, the cross formation that appeared in the sky is continuing with the theme I’ve been talking about over the last number of days. The Holy Spirit Christ energy has been using love to sweep the planet to combat the heightened anger and fear unrest that has been taking place this past week. This negative energy has exploded causing some of the particles to touch against the etheric shadow gauntlet that separates the first realm world from the Earthly material plane. Luckily, it’s unable to penetrate the plane as that kind of dark energy burns up and dies before it hits the first atoms of Light that surround it. Yet, this is still a serious concern that humankind is in this constant state of disturbance that has no basis in real reality.

Take a step back from the drama swirling around in order to see the bigger picture. This also helps you see the real truth. Those that missed some of the key Christ and Holy Spirit reminder posts are below.



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are available in paperback and kindle wherever books are sold.

Holy Spirit working tirelessly to awaken the hearts of those stuck in anger and fear following U.S. Election.

No automatic alt text available.We have to get back to our regular scheduled programming now that this absurdly lengthy U.S. election process is over. Now it’s time to prepare yourself for the next juncture of human history. We bring all of this to a close on the Full Moon Monday. Begin releasing any toxicity you’ve absorbed connected to the darkness that the ego has placed upon humankind.

I’ve been receiving the strong Christ presence this week, which has not happened in awhile on such a large scale. The Holy Spirit has been working tirelessly to awaken the hearts of those stuck in perpetual anger and fear.

When Christ usually comes in around me, this is because a massive love healing wave is desperately needed. It is not present at all anymore. It’s always been low, but the last number of years it’s been exceptionally diminished that it’s now undetectable. I cannot believe the human race has allowed it to get that far. A soul cannot thrive without love!

The ego throws a tantrum when circumstances don’t go its way. You have one set of egos unable to accept the recent U.S. election results and let it go and move on. They are mired and weighed down in this toxic yucky dark space of hostile anger and negativity. Then you have others who are using this recent election event as a reason to perpetuate hatred on someone else because they appear different in their eyes or live differently, which is also unacceptable.

Both sides are pointing the finger, but both sides are equally guilty. It may not seem like it, but all of those souls are in the minority. They’re just screaming the loudest so it seems like it’s everybody, but it’s really not. I’ve said it for years, ignore the egos tricks! It lures you into it’s pit like a magnet.

How you get to that serene space is by moving into a neutral central balanced position viewing everything through an emotionally detached lens. It is by accepting the fact that events take place in human history for reasons that you might not be able to understand or comprehend today. When you are that far gone into the depths of the ego you won’t see it. It’s impossible. It’s like looking at a permanent black screen of nothingness.

From a personal point of view, I’ve been indifferent to all presidential candidates throughout history. This is because I am the president of me. I don’t know how to give my power away like that to someone else, let alone a President. A President will not change your life. I also place my trust in the hands of God and my Spirit team over anything or anyone else.

I have no judgement of this new President or the candidate he was running against. My team has always shown him as being elected, so I’ve kept a close eye on him with emotional detachment. I don’t view events through the same filter that the human ego views things. It’s a removed balanced approached like a mediator or judge listening to all sides and reviewing the facts.

There are good and bad people in every group, and every demographic imaginable. It is not resorted to one clique. When you point the finger at one group alone, then you’re not having the understanding of the concept that all souls are equal.

It is time to put this to rest and leave it in God’s hands. Find the space of compassion and forgiveness for all around you, including the candidate you’re not happy with, or the candidate you love. This is in order to be freed from the self imposed prison that is of your own design. You’ve allowed the media, social media, and your peers to influence your perspective, and throw you into this whirlwind of nonsense that is not based in reality at all in the end.

Christ and his disciples along with many angels will be working to ease the minds and hearts of those stuck in negativity on any level, especially those stuck in anger mode over human current events. None of it is as real as the ego is making it out to be, and no one is really in any true danger, so there is no reason to be in anxiety ridden panic mode. All is always well in the end. 


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Jesus Christ is a great man and a symbol of all love for those who feel unloved

Happy Easter! Jesus Christ is a great man and a symbol of all love for those who feel unloved. Whether you are a believer or an atheist, liberal or conservative, gay or straight, affiliate with any other denomination – know that you are all loved equally by Christ. These labels are simply labels you use while in human form to identify one another with. It has no bearing on who you really are at your soul’s core.

Jesus Christ was a great man while on Earth, an awesome and beautiful friend and healer to others. He was a symbol of all love. He had no judgment towards anyone who was different and in fact loved them. He had love for those the lower evolved turned their backs on. He has love for those his own followers condemn out of false guidance. He was ahead of his time on Earth and was considered odd and weird at that time.

Jesus Christ gave people hope. He empowered them. He was incredibly gifted, prophetic and psychic. This caused him ridicule by society. We still see this happening today with those who profess anything unseen.

He was not born on December 25th in the sign of Capricorn, but he was born during the compassionate time of Pisces. He was and is a Wise One. Having seen him, he is shorter than the way churches and media portray. He’s about 5’5”and his skin is tan, not white. (Having seen Mother Mary as well, she is about 4’9” – extremely short.)

The irony is that the judgmental fundamentalist Jesus followers of today are the ones that crucified him and cheered on the crucifixion back during that time of his death. They still continue with that same attitude, but towards those who are different today. Jesus considers them, “shameful”.

The love he exudes when in your vicinity is magnificent you can barely stand. His followers who judge and condemn others to Hell would know this love if they were truly connected to Him.

I love Christ! ♥

~  Kevin Hunter

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
are available in paperback and kindle wherever books are sold.


Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Easter Weekend. Message is About Forgiveness.

Ah, and here we are. Another Full Moon Saturday. This is no ordinary Full Moon, but a Lunar Eclipse. If a regular Full Moon causes you to release all sorts of emotions and baggage, then imagine the energy of the Lunar Eclipse, which is three times that. This is also the Easter Weekend. There is massive power in the energy of the resurrection combined with this Lunar Eclipse. Resurrecting here is allowing your soul to feel re-born so we can bring the real you back to life!

This weekend’s message they’re telling me is about “forgiveness”, which is something I’m never good at, yet I’m periodically preached to do and instruct to others by my own Spirit team. You don’t think I listen to everything they say do you? 😉 Yet, I understand the concept and importance of forgiveness! Imagine how difficult that is to forgive someone who committed a crime on your psyche. That’s a very difficult thing for many to do, but do you think Jesus holds a grudge with those responsible for nailing him to the cross?

It’s vital to understand the appropriate way to forgive so that your ego doesn’t feel like it’s being tricked. Forgiving means removing any and all traces of negative thoughts and feelings you have when someone’s name is mentioned. Removing all of that lifts your vibration and expands your soul. It’s one of the more challenging lessons your soul gains. Forgiving is making your peace over anything someone might have done to you in all directions of time. Releasing that and their memory from your vicinity! When their name is brought up, you only offer positive things to say about them. Forgiveness benefits YOU.

~  Kevin Hunter

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
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Remembering the death of Jesus Christ on Good Friday

Remembering the death of Jesus Christ on Good Friday. Was Jesus really crucified? In the past he has told and shown me that he was, but he didn’t rise from the dead the way biblical accounts portray. His light expanded beyond human understanding as he crossed over.

Good Friday through Easter is a time of pausing from the insanity of physical life and remembering Christ. It is a time of personal redemption and forgiveness. It’s a time for evaluation and remembering your true divine heritage, which is always LOVE.

~  Kevin Hunter

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
are available in paperback and kindle wherever books are sold.


Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. He who is all love and all healing beyond measure.

Merry Christmas beautiful souls! Don’t forget who you are children. You are sparks of His light which is perfection personified at its core. Words are not needed when it comes to Christ. The rare moments he enters into my vicinity while in a channel are the most profound and the most indescribable. How can you describe feelings of overwhelming love that comes at you from all angles you can barely stand? No earthly words can come close to the insurmountable presence he conveys. You’re reminded of who you are, which is a spirit in a temporary body, and everything is else, the trivial noise assaulting you from all angles has no real validity. Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. He who is all love and all healing beyond measure. 

~  Kevin Hunter

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
are available in paperback and kindle wherever books are sold.


Jesus messages revolve around love, compassion and healing. Easter Weekend.

You have likely had a love crush on someone at one time or another. You know the feeling of that crush where it’s a roller coaster ride of excitement and immeasurable happiness. Now magnify that feeling by a million and this will give you a good idea of the feeling Jesus Christ conveys when he is with you. He is a magnificent love light and you experience it all over and around you. You feel a vast greatness of love that prompts you to be moved to tears. The tears you form are tears of joy, as he has the power to blast away any negative emotion or block just by sitting next to you. You are overcome with emotion as if all pain has been dissolved from your soul and body. The weight of your entire life is lifted off of you.

I learned two things about Jesus during my connections with him that I was previously unaware of. He is all about love and healing in a grand way that I never knew or understood. No one ever talks about that aspect of him and it bemuses me. What I have heard or noticed were statements condemning and disapproving of other people. I have never received that impression when I have connected with him. In fact, the Jesus that I know is someone other than how others have described him to be. I wonder if they know him at all.

Jesus is a powerful healer and can work with you to have trust and faith in the miracles working for you in your life. His healing is done with an overflowing feeling of love that you may become dizzy or lightheaded. It is as if you are soaring above the clouds with joy. His presence is intense and massive that it is impossible to forget. He leaves an indelible impression on your soul.

Jesus said that his messages have been mistranslated over the centuries. It reached a point where they have now been so poorly interpreted that it is no longer his message. His message of course is simple and on par with all of Heaven and that is love. His main goals are always revolving around love, compassion and healing. My Guides and Angels continue to tell me that this Earthly run is all about learning to love and express love. Jesus only emphasized this with me, as he is the King leading the pack.

Jesus Christ is profoundly psychic and was as a man on Earth. He was one of the biggest healers and prophetic teachers we have had in history when he was living as a human soul. Jesus was and is giving, compassionate, otherworldly and full of love. You are all loved regardless of your beliefs, interests, choices. None of that matters. Your souls are loved more than you will ever understand.

This is a weekend of rebirth as many around the world honor Good Friday today and throughout the Easter weekend. Sending you blessings and above all, lots of love. 

~  Kevin Hunter

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