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Invite Laughter by Opening Your Heart and Awakening Your Inner Child

Inviting laughter into your life opens up your heart and awakens and unleashes your inner child.  This is one of the biggest most recurring messages I’ve been receiving lately.  The messages they give me are sometimes repetitive if they’re not being followed.  The message sounds easy enough, but why is it so hard for us to live in that space 24/7?   Many of our lives are full of stresses, toxins and disappointment.  We seem to have no problem living in those conditions.

Why are we choosing pain instead of peace?  This way of living is thrust upon us through osmosis and is learned behavior.  You come into contact with someone who is negative or toxic and you absorb that energy.  Those that can see auras witness your aura darkening.  Now you’re behaving like that too and you pass it around to one another like Contagion.  It’s unfortunate that that is what gets passed around to one another instead of lightheartedness, optimism and laughter.  I can feel the energy in the air.  It’s typically stressed globally.

There are lightworkers out there spreading humor and joy, but it’s not enough to get the tides moving fast enough.  It can be challenging when you’re around others who are always mired in negativity and you can’t get away from them.  They may be a partner, family member, roommates and the worst offenders which are colleagues.  The reason they are the worst offenders is because many people spend most of their days with those you work with.  You can’t escape them.  If everyone is surrounded by that one bad apple it has the power to shift the entire mood within the work environment.  Productivity and morale declines and it’s an effort to get it raised again.  This is carried over into our daily personal lives when we head outside and brave the streets and eventually home.  You pass that energy to your friends and loved ones or you simply suppress it with addictions.
Everyday carve out some time to see the humor in life and make light of situations that would otherwise be distressing.  Even if you’re not typically in a stressed position, but you are stuck in a rut where nothing is truly wrong, but nothing is right either.  It’s important to remember to simply have fun and awaken your inner child.  You remember that kid.  He saw the wonder and joy in the smallest things.  When you laugh and have fun it also opens up your heart chakra which not only invites romantic and loving situations into your life, but enables you to manifest your biggest dreams.

Relax, have fun and don’t take everything so seriously. Let go. – Archangel Michael


Another similar message that keeps popping up over the last couple weeks is our inner child. This card came up for everyone as a whole which is another reminder to have some fun and let go. Angels and guides tend to give repetitive messages if its really important or if were not following it. In this case they’re telling me that its both. They understand that many of us are under a lot of daily stress, but that it’s necessary that we incorporate in some time to simply have fun. This has great benefits to our health, well being and also allows us to see the good side of life. This can be anything from getting together with friends, going to the movies, or on a mini-trip or to a theme park. Do what made you happy when you were a child. Relax, have fun and don’t take everything so seriously. Let go.


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