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Hurricanes, Earthquakes, the Presidential Election. The drama surrounding all is able to give someone a nose bleed.

I don’t watch TV, the news, or read gossip pages so I’m generally pretty out of touch to what’s going on. There is an added benefit since most of it is garbage anyway and prevents me from focusing on my life purpose. Then there are the cases where I’ve been in the dark on more important earthly crises situations such as hurricanes slamming places like Hawaii and along the east coast. I rely on those around me to mention it which is how I found out about that today.

It’s natural to have human emotions and reactions in the face of drama that seems to threaten your surroundings. It’s instinctive to feel afraid over the earth changes and the human drama that’s played out daily. Threatening Tsunami warnings in Hawaii, Hurricanes hitting the eastern coast, massive earthquakes in Canada and the pending doom of the U.S. Presidential Election next week that threatens to divide the country even further no matter who is elected! All of this followed by the allegedly claimed 2012 apocalyptic ending that is being prophesied. It’s easy for everyone to fall into the high and the rush of the end is near drama mentality. Is it the end? Not anytime soon. Detach from drama and stand strong in faith and optimism knowing that everything is taken care of and that all of your needs are met in all ways.

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March 5th Birthdays – Pisces Ox – The Day of Heaven and Hell

My birthday is on March 5th. No one truly knows the partial components of my internal engines.

You think you know me, but you have no idea.

Not only was I born in the year of the raging, militant Ox…

…I was also born on the day of heaven and hell

Yes, that day actually exists, and no one knows it better than me…..

“The Day of Heaven and Hell – March 5th”

Those born on March 5th usually have two distinct sides to their personality. To the world, they may appear debonair and charming, sophisticated, as well as compassionate, while inside their grappling with personal demons. They are often prone to expressing dark feelings and emotions.

Productive and creative people, they’re able to express both sides of their nature without contradiction or fear of censure. Deep individuals, they are in touch with the entire whole spectrum of human emotions. They also have an unspoken way of bringing out the best and the worst in others, through piercing insight; they can expose the weaknesses, deficiencies, and insecurities of others with incredible impact. This is largely because the March 5th born are a rare species where their mental and their emotional sensitivities are equally developed. Highly intuitive with a strong sixth sense, they can easily access the feelings of others and are naturally psychic.

They can harness their powerful imaginations through creative and productive endeavors. They have an impulsive streak and can act spontaneously in a moment of enthusiasm. It’s not surprising that these people live life more intensely than others. They also remain open to a wider variety of experiences than most people can handle. It is as if the colors on their palette are a little brighter, the highlights and shadows on their canvas more contrasted.

At times March 5th people can be logical and emotionally objective, at others passionate, perhaps irrational overwhelming people with their intensity-and all this can happen in the short space of a few minutes or seconds! Others may wonder how one person can be so mutable, and adaptable to circumstances.

Keeping on an even keel, and integrating the diverse aspects of their personality is a daunting, but greatly rewarding task for these people. It may be true that the friction generated by their internal struggle, fires their creative engine. Therefore, many born on this day may fear that by becoming regular or normal they will dull their cutting edge. Perhaps it is a question of what value they place on happiness.

March 5th born mostly tend to have quickness of thought and change, are sensitive to colors, sounds and smells, and expressive of what they feel. It can sometimes be an unstable emotional world in which they flip flop from the angelic to the demonic, most children think that they are devils who play at being angels, when very often it’s the reverse that’s true. Self-assured yes, dramatic mood swings, emotional fluctuations, they must grapple with negative feelings in particular and learn not to inflict them on those they love. They are hard to advise or convince. They have less to fear from the world than their own defenses. The true danger for them, the one that needs tending to, is often internal. Be nicer to yourself.

Dynamic, idealistic, ambitious, and restless artist. Armed with powerful emotions suggest that they can achieve success through the power of love. They are dramatic, visionaries, and dynamic with creative talents, especially acting, performing, or writing, there is a very theatrical side to their personalities. They can make lofty dreams a reality. A talent with words indicates they need to learn to utilize the abundance of their creative power. They have an optimistic outlook, a love of justice and high aspirations. They have a flair for dealing with the general public, and a talent for writing. If they gain fame, it’s usually long lasting.

Romantic about relationships, they sometimes choose platonic relationships, as it’s hard to find a partner who measures up to their high ideals. They admire individuals who are creative, humanitarian, and idealistic. When they fall in love, they love deeply and usually remain loyal through periods of difficulty. They avoid martyring themselves by staying realistic and detached.

From the “Secret Language of Birthdays” book.

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