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Entertainment stories to distract you from obsessing over gossip and drama

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Entertainment story snippets. Be a voyeur for a minute of one of the many versions of my life. You need a fun lighthearted distraction to pull you away from negatively obsessing over ridiculous pointless drama again. Some of you need to be slapped away from that space.

Brought a friend with me to the Troubadour nightclub because he is a big fan of the singer Tori Amos. I intended to introduce them since I know her and she said she was going to the club to support one of her indie bands she was promoting. In the VIP room near the bar, I was talking to my friend when his eyes suddenly widened at the same time I felt someone come up close behind me and gently squeeze the sides of my hips with their hands and then plant a kiss on my shoulder, “Hi sweetie.” It was Tori Amos. I turned and gave her a hug hello and then said to my friend, “Here you go.”

Director Christopher Columbus walks into his offices on the Warner Brothers lot to find no one there except me sitting on the couch alone with rock singer/composer Danny Elfman discussing our gadgets. No not that. Technical gadgets. Danny was going to be meeting with Chris again as he was set to compose the score for Harry Potter, but he popped by earlier so he and I could have lunch and hang out.

I was sitting Indian style facing him when Chris walks in as if we’re up to no good, “Well, well, well.” I smirked, “Uh-oh”, then I looked back at Danny, “Now it looks like we’re having an affair.” Just another day at the office. Chris has Directed many popular Hollywood films and Danny was the lead singer for the band Oingo Boingo in the 80’s before becoming an award nominated film composer for endless movies including many of Tim Burton’s films.

During my Michelle (Pfeiffer) working days, a realtor stopped by her production company to give me the keys to a beautiful Beverly Hills Mansion that we were renting for actress Jessica Lange while she stayed in L.A. during our film shoot for “A Thousand Acres”. I went to the mansion to do a quick walk thru with Pfeiffer’s producing partner, the location manager, two location assistants, and the transportation coordinator. I opened the door flanked by these guys with camera’s around their necks. We walked into the foyer and there stood Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley in their bathrobes like deer in headlights.

I said, “I’m sorry we didn’t think anyone would be here.” They seemed to be panicked for a second. I had forgot they are well known and thought we were paparazzi. I put them at ease, “We’re not press. If I want to get on a movie set, then I’m going to get on a movie set.” I explained who we were and they relaxed and apologized. I said, “We just need a few quick minutes. You don’t have to leave and then we’ll be out of here.” Elizabeth explained they were dragging it on getting out of there. I said they can stay the day, there’s no rush, Jessica isn’t flying into L.A. for a few more days.

It is odd that my entire life has strangely been surrounded by well known talent, even though other than that aspect there is nothing Hollywood about me at all. I don’t care for premieres, screenings, parties, or any of that even on the rare occasion I do go. I prefer to be on the beach or in nature somewhere making love, connecting, or writing.

I do however love creative offbeat types and many popular talent fit that description. Since I’m super unusual to begin with as it is, many of them gravitate to me as well, and also because I treat everyone exactly the same whether you’re the garbage man or a movie star. It shows and they all know it.

When you’ve spent 43 years constantly bumping into them, working with them, meeting them, hanging out with them, you don’t see them the way the world does, but just regular people who just happen to be well known and good at their jobs. It is true I often forget who I’m talking to when you’ve known them awhile or it’s a regular occurrence.

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My 20 year anniversary in the Entertainment Business

My life changed drastically 20 years ago this week when I had what some call the big break in the film business. This was a huge turning point in my life and a big deal in many ways. It was the beginning of endless doors being karate kicked open instead of me knocking lightly with no answer.

It was six weeks after my 23rd birthday and I was sitting in an unmarked office five blocks from the beach on my first day at work facing actress, Michelle Pfeiffer. All great things came down from that point and have ever since.

There is a chapter or two in my book, “Reaching for the Warrior Within”, that discusses how I got into the business and stayed in. I later realized the impact those chapters had when I found out that up and comers struggling to get into the entertainment business were trying to get their hands on my book……for free!

I didn’t understand it since the book isn’t about that, but it does reveal some key strokes I made that had an impact and got me noticed and the trajectory it took me down. Getting in was probably pure luck, but staying in was drive, determination, knowledge, persistence and charisma. The Producer that obtained the rights to all Harry Potter films and books had said, “No one can do what you can do. You’re tough and razor sharp, but you mix that with this great compassion.”

Cut to today, I’ve written 15 books in the last 5 years, and I’m being generous here since there are four additional books that were written before that which I don’t count. I’ve never heard anyone say, “You never do anything.” On the contrary, instead I hear, “You need to take a break.”

By the time I reached the highest of heights where every major studio or talent was contacting me to offer me a job, I wanted out and was turning huge gigs down that others would kill for. Soon the recommendations I was hearing were, “You’d be lucky if you can get him. He’s the best.” Years after that, I’d have some of them ask me, “Do you think you will ever come back?”

As I moved into semi-retirement from that in order to focus on my work as an author, Hollywood producers and agents were contacting me trying to get their hands on my phone book which had everyone’s personal number from Angelina Jolie to Steven Spielberg. I locked that book up in a box and have NEVER given up the information. You’ll have to pry it from my dead fingers.

When well known people give you their personal contact number and address, it’s because they trust you. When you’re well known, you don’t have much trust in those you come across, but with me they feel instant trust. This is also part of the reason I remained close with some of them and developed long running connections. The other part was that I am great at my job.

More to come…

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
are available in paperback and kindle wherever books are sold.

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