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My paranormal spiritual connections surrounding the Darkness

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Happy Halloween!  This is a good column to post that is fitting for Halloween week, although this one is true and not a Hollywood make believe film.  I receive endless regular notes from readers.  Some of them talk about how a book of mine was enjoyed by them or how it helped them positively in some way.  Other times it’s with suggestions of what they’d love to hear more about.

One of the things they love that I talk about are the more spiritual paranormal stuff.  When you’ve been living it as long as I have, it’s second nature that I don’t think much of it, but I’m aware of it.  I sometimes forget to talk about it as I don’t think anyone would care, until I receive requests on it.  Here is some little reveals for this Halloween holiday.  As some of you already know how I operate, it is part of a much larger piece for a book on the topic coming at a later date….

One morning as a toddler, I walked into my room and gasped at the vile insects crawling all over my bed and toy chest. I frantically tossed the toys out of the box to get rid of them. My mother insisted there wasn’t anything there.

The visions I see penetrating into this plane are not always filled with Light. What is disconcerting is when it first appears it looks real as if it’s right in front of me. It’s only as the spiritual sight starts to merge into my physical eyes do I see it dissolve into something translucent and less threatening, then I calmly take a step back, “Oh.”

When the Darkness punctures into areas of the Earth plane, it can first show up to me as thousands of creepy crawlies spilling into it and moving about on top of one another in a disgusting display that is unfathomable to want to be in. It starts to ooze out of walls, on the sides of buildings, and on people that have been infected by the Darkness.

Today I walk into spaces and see thousands of insects flooding out into this plane like the blood in “The Shining.” I know that someone close by is infected. Others have recalled witnessing me jump, panic, and knock things over. I’ve seen gigantic furry spiders soaring down rapidly on webs towards me causing me to duck and try and smack it away. Imagine what this looks like to an outsider.

One of the places that the creepy crawlies are horrifyingly massive was when I was temporarily living in Hollywood. Everywhere I walked it was flooding out of corners, down the sides of buildings, on the sidewalks, and crawling around people.

Medically everything checked out aside from partial hearing loss and sight. Half of my physical senses are fainter than the other half of my body. The physical part of me that is fainter, the volume of spirit is louder on that side through hearing, consciousness, and vision. It’s an interesting phenomena to make note of.

🎃 Halloween Harvest. 🎃



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You have to give up something you have to get something you want.
Reap what you sow.
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Clairvoyantly seeing both the Light, as well as the Darkness that no one likes to talk about

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There have been occasions when the Light around me is torn in places by elements of the Darkness. The tears that happen around this Light are like little incision cuts that slice into me in different areas. Getting a sharp cut on your body that bleeds can give you an idea of how painfully unpleasant this feels. This is one of many reasons I can be difficult about who I’m around and where I go.

Sometimes these cuts slice into me just by walking past someone contaminated by Darkness. Other times the cuts begin to form if my vibration has dropped, or a darker entity being is trying to get close. This weakens my Light allowing the Darkness to make its move. I’m just as susceptible to it as anyone else, but I’m aware of it through seeing, feeling, hearing, and knowing when it’s happening.

I clairvoyantly see both the Light, as well as the Darkness that no one likes to talk about or prefers to pretend it doesn’t exist, but it is absolutely real. It seeps into places around me from the darker part of the spirit world. It is no place anyone should want to be in. While I’ve personally never used a name for it, some have labeled it Hell, Limbo, Purgatory, etc.

Since it’s Halloween month 🎃 and I’m known for being long-winded, I’m left with no choice, but to keep the posts broken up and spread out through the month. Stay on high alert for when I reveal some of the horrors I’ve been seeing penetrate into this world since I was four years old. It’s enough to make you sleep with the lights on. 🍂 🧙‍♂️ 👻



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Sow abundance seeds this week with Halloween, All Saints Day, and the Full Moon

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It’s All Hallow’s Eve, Halloween, and All Saints Day this week. We will be feeling the energy build up each day to the Full Moon this weekend. This particular energy is especially influential for manifesting, so be sure to stay positively focused, otherwise any negative energy will multiply in that direction.

The Full Moon will be soaring through the security conscious sign of Taurus. This will push ones focus and longing towards material and physical desires. This includes finances and career, to love relationships and sensuality, and to all things connected to the home base. The Halloween energy isn’t necessarily as frightening as one might assume. The doorway has opened its widest to manifesting abundance more than anytime of the year. It’s the true Autumn Harvest making it the perfect week to start something new. Plant the seeds of your dreams this week by making progress through action steps and implementing movement, so that what you sow may gradually blossom and grow over the next six months into fruitful abundance.


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Halloween is the beginning of the Spiritual New Year

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This is a powerful week as we are in the throes of the New Moon, Halloween Samhain today, and All Saint’s Day tomorrow. While Halloween is celebrated by many on October 31st, the energy extends for several days and nights. The repetitive messages I’ve received for this week from Heaven surround giving and receiving. Every single soul has been blessed with gifts. You’re intended to share those gifts with those you encounter. The giving of gifts includes a friendly smile to someone in passing, it’s giving of your time to another, or parting with wise words that can help those who need it. Instead of complaining about someone, pray for them and silently wish them well. Receiving is accepting the good that another bestows on you in the right spirit. This is the beginning of the spiritual new year, so have fun, stay safe, and remain centered and optimistic during this blessed week.

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Working with Debra Hill of famed “Halloween” series

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Another entertainment story. One of my all time favorite films of the season is “Halloween”! It was directed, produced, and co-written by John Carpenter and Debra Hill spawning a huge franchise that kicked off the slasher flick after “Psycho”. I knew Debra up until she passed away with Cancer suddenly in 2005.

I worked with Debra on a film for Antonio Banderas called, “Crazy in Alabama” in 1998. And you know I peppered her with endless Halloween questions. When I wrapped, “Crazy in Alabama”, I went back to work with Michelle (pfeiffer) again on a re-shoot she wanted for “The Deep End of the Ocean”. It was while doing the re-shoot that people were approaching me to say, “Debra Hill has been talking about you. She wants to hire you.” That’s usually how it went in those days. I hear it through the rumor-ville first, then the source contacts me.

Debra Hill called and said she’d like me to join her company. I turned her down which she was bummed out about and it showed everytime I saw her. I didn’t have a choice because at that time I was being offered everything under the sun and turning it all down. After Michelle’s gig, I was contracted out another year for Warner Bros. to coordinate “The Perfect Storm”.

Sadly, Debra passed away five years after that. She was diagnosed with Cancer a year before and kept it a big secret. She was a Scorpio known for holding a secret tightly. The day she passed away my phone was blowing up. I was asked to turn on the news where it was the top story. Seeing a photo of someone you know personally splattered all over the news about their death is a devastating feeling.

In person, Debra was super short in height and always upbeat and outgoing to talk to about anything let alone questions you had about her work. Some may have found her to be a pushy personality, selfish, narcissistic, and arrogant at times. This never bothered me because it takes one to know one. 😀 Those types of personalities never rub me the wrong way as I usually dominate them anyway as evident with my successful history with having become close with so many in ‘show biz’.

I first saw “Halloween” when I was about eight years old and it became a lifelong yearly classic ever since. I was already watching inappropriate material long before this. My mother took me to see the highly sexed Porky’s when I was eight. :/


Image may contain: candlesWhen challenges arise, blessings are born. This is the case even if it’s not witnessed or understood as the challenges are taking place. There is always a light at the end of a dark tunnel. Believe that anything is possible and that what you desire is on its way.



~  Kevin Hunter

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The first official party I threw was a Halloween party.

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The first official party I threw was a Halloween party. This was only because my friends kept insisting on it. I designated five friends of my choice to take on specific leadership roles for this bash which they agreed. I said, “Look, if I’m gonna do it, then I’m really gonna do it.” I thought no one would show up. The opposite happened.

This Halloween party was so massive that nearly 1500 people showed up over the course of the night. There was a club DJ there shaking the walls, endless kegs, and it was also dark because it was a Halloween party with scary shit everywhere.

There was wall to wall people to the point where you couldn’t move. The crowds kept getting progressively worse into the night that by 3 am it was double capacity. That’s when a couple of my friends had approached me smiling with concern, so I called the police to break up my own party. I didn’t know what else to do at that point.

It took over an hour after the cops arrived to get everyone going. Later into the early morning I found my friends busy cleaning everything including out on the street. There were people lying all over the place passed out. I remember moving through them as if they were dead bodies and mumbled, “Who the fuck is this?”

This also started a trend where others were making a point to say the same thing, “Whenever Kevin throws a party….you NEVER see him. At some point he emerges with this politician energy working every single person, hugging them, kissing them, shaking their hands, talking to them. He makes it over to you, makes you feel welcome, talks for a few minutes, then moves on, and you never see him again that night.”

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Paint the Silence. The Halloween book.

Paint the Silence

Ruston is a gifted psychic sleuth with a drinking problem. Trinity is a sexy confident detective with a penchant for dating the wrong men. She requests Ruston’s insight into catching a masked serial killer who attacks his victims with an axe made out of car parts.

Ruston lands on the doorstep of the eccentric Granger family mansion only to discover a wealth of disturbing secrets that can bring the city’s real killer to justice.  Drama, action, horror, mystery, and thrills abound in the city of New Orleans on Halloween.

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Chapter | 3 | The Dinner
Chapter | 4 | Logan Granger
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Chapter | 6 | Where’s Donna?
Chapter | 7 | Serving Up Revenge
Chapter | 8 | Arresting Development
Chapter | 9 | The Bayou Swamp
Chapter | 10 | The Persecuted and the Damned
Chapter | 11 | Face Off
Chapter | 12 | Ruston’s Rebirth
Chapter | 13 | Halloween
Chapter | 14 | Breaking and Entering
Chapter | 15 | The Brush with Evil

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“WOW!!! I totally just read the book from cover to cover in one sitting and absolutely LOVED IT!!! I can’t even begin to wrap my mind around how a spiritual writer wrote something like this, but it reminds me of the movie, “Red State”, and some clips covered on polygamy in New Mexico. Anyway bravo! This was written with class and style!” – A Reader

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Halloween, All Hallows Eve and Samhain; Paint the Silence in Paperback and Kindle.

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Halloween is derived from “All Hallows Eve”, which also means Holy Evening. Centuries ago it was called Samhain (pronounced Saa-ween), which marks the spiritual New Year. Halloween (10/31) and All Saints Day (11/1) is when the veil between the spirit world and physical world are the thinnest. Premonitions, psychic phenomena, and intuitions run higher during this time since the veil is so thin it’s easily permeable and accessible. No goblins or ghosts are going to try and nab anyone despite what popular entertainment portrays in scary movies. It can however invite in spirits that have still retained some measure of their human ego.

This is the true harvest coming to a completion where abundance is ripe for the picking. It’s a transitional period where you accept any misgivings or mistakes you feel you made and release them in order to be reborn anew. Leave the old behind and enter the New Year in the right spirit. Use this weekend to focus and paint the visuals in your mind of what you desire.

Some rituals others partake in result in bonfires or the burning of straws. Each straw represents something you wish to burn away from your life. You ask your Spirit team and departed loved ones around you to bless the straws beforehand in a prayer. When the ritual is complete, aim to transform and heal your soul in order to experience a rebirth with a clean slate and a fresh open mind.

From a fun perspective, this is a popular holiday filled with tricks and treats. Dressing up in costume, visiting haunted locations, watching scary movies, decorating your home with Halloween and Autumn décor and visiting haunted mazes at theme parks are all part of the entertainment the masses partake in.

There is nothing wrong with participating in Halloween festivities. Enjoy yourself and have a good time pending it’s not hurting anyone. Let loose and unleash your inner child by breaking away from the monotony of daily life. Choosing to dress up in a costume awakens your creative artistic side. Some enjoy the adrenaline rush of a scary movie. It doesn’t mean they’re going to enact that harm on someone. For the male gene specifically, it’s a temporary escape that tests their strength and to be able to say they got through something tough.  Doctors have described the season as a way to release pent up anxieties and emotions. Those who engage in the holiday understand that it’s all make believe and part of the fun.

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Ruston Bock is a gifted telepathic sleuth with a drinking problem.   Trinity Foyer is a sexy confident detective in New Orleans with a penchant for dating the wrong men.  She requests Ruston’s insight into catching a masked serial killer who beheads his victims with an axe made out of car parts.  Ruston heads to the city of New Orleans around the October and Halloween time in the middle of a hurricane with his troublesome girlfriend Donna.  They come into contact with the eccentric Granger family and the mysteriously aloof Logan Granger.  Ruston discovers the Granger Mansion holds a wealth of disturbing secrets that can bring the city’s real killer to justice.   Paint the Silence is a mixture of drama, thriller, horror, and action.

~  Kevin Hunter

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
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The period around Halloween is a time of “transition” and “abundance”

Halloween is one of the more popular holidays celebrated on October 31st. In fact, it’s one of my favorites next to Christmas! Wise Ones tend to be comfortable with both the dark and light. Nowadays Halloween is mostly a time where people have fun with it by dressing up in costume, watching scary movies or visiting haunted houses and theme parks. There are myths and legends associated with the holiday, but most of it is not true according to my Spirit team. It is a day to remember the deceased. It ended up taking on an entirely new meaning over time. People started to associate the dead with ghosts and goblins. You can see how the holiday can easily take on a life of its own.

When I asked my Spirit team if the veil is thin between our world and their world, I received a surprising, ‘yes’. The reason is mostly due to there being so much energy focused on the dead by human souls around Halloween time. Because this energy is so potent on the day of Halloween itself, this invites and attracts more of that energy in from the other side. Even though people are doing it just for play, it is having an effect. The effects are harmless to an extent, although you should shield your soul on Halloween or October 31st.

Take precautions that you do not invite unwanted negative spirits into your vicinity who drain your energy. Those on the other side are pure, but there are spirits who are what some might describe as being in limbo. These souls refused to enter the light sometimes due to fear of what might exist such as judgment, etc. Instead, they attach themselves to human souls. They are usually attracted to darker lights and people bathed in addictions or in negativity in some manner. They coax that soul to continue on with the addiction or negativity.

The period around Halloween is actually a time of “transition” and “abundance”. This is right on par with being about mid-way through the Fall or Autumn harvest in the Northern Hemisphere. My Spirit team did not get into the whole Halloween thing, but focused on using the Halloween energy to manifest abundance. Sow the seeds of what you want in your mind. It is a very powerful time including on All Saints’ Day which falls right after Halloween on November 1st, as well as the Day of the Dead, which runs from October 31st through November 2nd typically.

~  Kevin Hunter

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
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Movies to watch for the Halloween and Day of the Dead Seasons

Happy Halloween

Here are some classics to watch this Halloween season. Some of it is not for tame of heart, while others are for all ages.  As a Wise One, it’s no surprise that Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  It’s all in good fun, but Wise Ones don’t shy away from the dark the way a more sensitive Earth Angel might.

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