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Bringing Closure to the Previous Chapter; Saying Hello to a Brand New Book!


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What’s been going on and where have I been lately?  Those are the big questions that people keeping throwing at me.   It seems to them I’ve been AWOL, unavailable, unresponsive, and not posting as much as usual.   I keep hearing, “Is everything okay?  It’s like you disappeared.”   I appreciate all of the outpouring messages of concern.  Was a little surprised as it never occurred to me that so many people were interested or wondering what happened.   I never think of myself on or off the radar.  I do my work and live my life without revealing all that much of the day to day happenings.  It’s been a busy season full of endings and beginnings, tons of activity brewing behind the scenes.

Over the holidays, one friend gave me a huge Archangel Michael statue, while another gave me this large professional electronic dart board. The interesting dichotomy of those gifts reveal two of the many distinct personalities within me. On the one hand you have the God preaching 🙏 soul enhancing spiritualist surrounded by the Archangel Michael, and on the other hand, I turn into a beer 🍺drinking, sailor cursing, dart 🎯 throwing, frat boy.

Weed is legal in California now, so I smell it everywhere I go.  Behind me in the beach photo above unseen are two surfers toking away no longer hiding it as their plant wafts around me in a hug.

I’m known to be somewhat difficult, displaying extreme sides within the span of ten minutes.  You never know what you’re going to get.  I’m a creative artist and with that comes the temperament expected.   On one day I’m the social butterfly and life of the party, or as some friends branded me, “the party favor”, but then on the other you have the withdrawn, distant, moody, cold, and blunt chap who prefers you don’t talk to me unless spoken to.

Someone said to me recently, “What a range of emotions.  You don’t bottle up emotions do you?”

I said, “I’m a writer, so I have a healthy outlet for pent up repression.”

Speaking of which, I have some exciting books coming out this year. It’s been a year since my last one, so that’s also added to the concern others had.   There were back to back books for years, then I dropped out of sight.   The truth is I’ve been super busy lately.   The first of the next batch of books is coming this March.   I’m excited to share the new material.  Stay tuned!

On the other front, it’s been a year of loss, changes, closure, and the ending of many chapters.  This is essential in order to open up the door to bright new circumstances being prepped on the horizon.

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This past Fall of 2017 has been bathed in loss, but loss is an ending that opens doors to new beginnings. Close ones moved away, people passed away around me, chapters wrapped themselves up.  One friend of mine passed away at age 27. He had a seizure and choked on his own vomit and ended up in a coma before the plug was pulled. Two weeks later my friend producer, Kate Guinzburg (pictured), passed away with Ovarian Cancer at age 60.

The two photos on the right I took in 2002 on a little film I associate produced called, “Carolina”, which was financed by the infamous Harvey Weinstein. On the right is producer, Kate, hanging out on set with one of our actresses, Julia Stiles on the left.

Kate was one of the top main people behind the scenes that was responsible for me in a major way all throughout my 20’s. She was actress Michelle Pfeiffer’s best friend for 32 years and her producing partner for their female driven production company Via Rosa for ten years. Six years into their private company, they took a major risk and invited one more person to join their team. Me. This 23 year old rebellious, back talking, drug taking, alcohol drinking, sailor cursing, aggressive, dark, male punk infiltrating into their three women based estrogen filled world. The company was just the four of us until Michelle decided to disband it to go into semi-retirement. Kate, Michelle, and Mary looked at me as their new little brother they took under their wing and molded into the powerhouse I would eventually become.

Kate and Michelle used to have this saying that if either of them became destitute, that they could live on the other ones living room couch. Although, Kate joked that it was unlikely to happen to Michelle. On a professional level, Pfeiffer has made the Hollywood studios more than $2 billion by starring in over 61 films since the 1980’s. Kate watched her best friend rapidly rise the ranks in the Entertainment business where she became public domain. By the time, I walked into their world Michelle was at the height of her game as one of the top 5 most bankable in-demand actress at the time.

Michelle has personally continued to process this death of her best friend, but luckily has been so absorbed with a heavy work load again that it’s helped divert the focus. The picture of Michelle featured in this post was taken the day that Kate passed away. She was forced to put on the professional face, and pretend smile for the cameras, as she attended the Emmy’s due to being nominated for her performance along with Robert DeNiro for HBO’s “The Wizard of Lies”.

Following that, she had to quickly dive into daily press for her film, “Mother!”, which had just come out, and then was immediately scheduled to doing media press for her next film, “Murder on the Orient Express”, then jumped to continue filming for Marvel’s upcoming blockbuster superhero action flick, “The Ant and the Wasp”. She’s been working non-stop in a haze since the death. We’ve all been working to make our peace with Kate’s transition into the spirit world, reminiscing about the good times we had with her, and the important contributions she made for us personally. It was Kate that set Michelle up on a blind date with her current husband of 24 years, David E. Kelley.


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Actor sinks to the toxic level of gossip

Speaking of ones personal truth, and this is not to beat a dead horse against a rock the way others continuously do on regular basis, but the real truth is those that fall into gossip won’t pay any attention to this unless you bring it up.  They are certainly addicted to drama!  I’ve run tests to back this concept up with others.   You have to throw a ball at someone’s face to get the ego’s attention, which isn’t hard by the way.  The ego is easy to mess with and that has been evident more than ever before in history.  This is especially the case now that we have the Internet and social media, which gives the darkness of ego license to consistently feed the universe this recycled garbage train of gossip and drama. This will only continue so don’t buy into the mantra that things are getting better, which is a delusion coming from the misinformed.   Earth is endless centuries into evolution and the basic state of humanity hasn’t changed.   It’s more blown up thanks to the easy way that information is transmitted into the consciousness of others.  Many people have a toxic addiction to drama.

If you obsessed over Meryl Streep’s Golden Globe speech praising her, but you remained quiet when it came to the 18 year old mentally disabled boy that was tortured on live social media on New Year’s Eve, then you don’t truly care about the disabled, bullying, or getting to the real truth.  You cannot pick and choose what works for you.  This method isn’t any different than those who pick and choose from the Bible on what they choose to follow if it’s aligned with their ego.  All you care about is the gossip and the drama.  You only care that it was a popular actor slandering a man that the actor disapproves of for ten minutes while others cheered and applauded.  That’s no different than joining a lynch mob with pitchforks and nails to crucify someone who rubs you the wrong way.  That has nothing to do with love.

The speech was presented to a room full of people wearing $10,000-$20,000 dresses and suits who arrived from their million dollar mansions in luxurious vehicles feeling immense self-pity and fear over who the new President of the United States is. It’s incredibly difficult to get the average hard working person to feel bad about that.   I personally haven’t seen this many people filled with this much fear on a grand scale since Biblical days.   History has shown where that got everybody.  It is ironic that the tables have been turned to an extent if you notice the imbalance that is currently taking place. Those who are typically known for compassion and love have been lacking in those qualities for a couple of years now.

I informed everyone nearly two years ago in a blog post that the angels foretold that Donald Trump would be the next President.  That psychic prediction came true when no working medium or psychic could see or believe it.   My communication with my Spirit team is crystal clear in that respect because I don’t have an emotional attachment to world events in the same way that the average person does.  I view it through the perspective of Heaven’s eyes.  Had Meryl or anybody else read that post which has been online since August 2015, then they could have taken steps to work on accepting what was to come.  It was to come.  It did come.  It was predestined and soul contracted for a larger reason, whether anyone likes it or not.

As it stands, the higher beings in Heaven don’t view Donald Trump with the kind of distaste that the darkness of ego in humankind does.  They see who he is deep inside and what he is intended to do.  He won’t be able to cause any real dangerous damage that isn’t supported or guided by Heaven, so all will always be well in the end.  Check back in 2020 to see if that is truly the case and if you had simply wasted years off your life living in fear and focusing on nonsense.

Everyone was messaging me asking what I thought of Meryl’s speech, and of course I had not seen it since as I don’t watch television or award shows.  It wasn’t challenging for anyone to send me the video of it and ask me to watch it for my feedback.  Anyone who knows me well already knows that it’s not a speech I would care for.  Listening to someone continuously beat a dead horse against a rock it’s not something I partake in.

It was a strange speech to give for a lifetime achievement acknowledgment, so of course I didn’t applaud it.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I wouldn’t.  I don’t applaud disrespect.  The irony is that in her speech she informed those listening that disrespect invites disrespect.  Yet, that’s not the case when you’re being disrespectful yourself.  It causes the ultimate message to be null and void.

If you’re guilty of disrespecting others following that through time wasting drama by applauding it, then you also missed the point of Meryl’s message, which fell into the realms of gossip regardless.  That was her personal truth that she’s been wrestling with apparently.  All the speech did was cause a rise in disrespecting others.  She couldn’t have been that naive to not know that this is what was going to happen.  Meryl has always been a level headed person, but that was chucked out the window on the night of the Golden Globes, one of the most pretentious evenings that takes place once a year.

It’s currently considered “trendy” to make fun of President’s or President elects, but it doesn’t help or change anyone’s consciousness to make fun of anyone.  You can’t claim to be against bullying and disrespect while you’re engaging that behavior yourself.  I’ve never been a fan of any President, but I’ve never made fun of them or permanently bathed in this strange toxic anger that they are the ones in the White House the way so many in the world are.  That action alone is what has halted the consciousness of humankind at this time.

Meryl has had an incredible film career full of blessings that have lasted endless decades. She had an opportunity to shed light on that as well as the positives of entertainment and film, but instead she resorted to gossip that was taken out of context.  I can see how so many were bothered by her speech, because this is a woman who is considered to be extremely respected and classy.  She usually remains neutral and would never offend anyone until that night.  It was out of character for her publicly, but no doubt gives insight into what she’s battling with behind closed doors at home.

Meryl Streep is one of the greatest actors in cinema history, but she focused completely on gossip in her speech when receiving her lifetime achievement award.   It’s a silly little award that no one remembers anyway.  Can you name every single person who received this award without looking them up?   Likely not.  She doesn’t care about it either, which is why she focused on Donald Trump the entire time instead of what the award means to her and the body of work she’s contributed to the film business.

There are reasons that situations and circumstances take place that are beyond the ego’s control.  This includes who is soul contracted to become “President of the United States”. It wouldn’t matter who Meryl was directing her concerns towards or whether it was Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, George Bush, or Donald Trump.  It would have been equally poor form to stoop to that level.  To continuously harp on negativity and past gossip does nothing to help anyone move forward.  Meryl’s speech was so controversial that it was ridiculously applauded by some and condemned by others as being out of place and out of touch.

The real truth is that her speech will help no one in any way at all ever.  It will give no one an epiphany who disagrees with her, and those that agree are focused on the gossip high they experienced by enjoying a popular actor condemn a man she and they continuously complain about and disapprove of.   The lynch mob cheered, “Yeah!  You tell him!”   No one will take any positive steps to improve matters following that pointless speech, which is another reason it falls into time wasting gossip.  The world has been listening to how the darkness of ego hates Donald Trump with incredible venom.  We get it.  You hate him.  Now work on moving past that instead of taking a bath in this bloody anger that helps you evolve in no manner at all.  It also helps no one who agrees or disagrees with you.  It is time wasting gossip that does nothing to help anyone.   It’s just gossip for people to bitch and moan about around the water cooler in the office.  It’s toxicity that benefits no one at all.

If Meryl, and those who praised and posted on about her speech, truly cared about the disabled and are extremely concerned about bullying and mocking, then she and anyone else guilty would have expressed repeated distaste over the 18 year old mentally disabled boy that was tortured with a hammer for hours while being video taped on a live Facebook feed for entertainment.  They all remained eerily mum about what happened to this poor guy physically.  I posted about it at the start of the New Year long before all of this rose up and I questioned why this wasn’t trending.  It’s because only gossip trends.  If you posted praise about Meryl Streep’s speech, or you condemned Donald Trump, but you said nothing about this horrific act that took place on this mentally disabled boy, then you are a monster.  You don’t really care about the disabled or bullying.  You only care about what’s trending, what’s trendy, what’s aligned with entertainment and Donald Trump.  You are stuck in this repeated cycle of running on a hamster wheel getting absolutely nowhere.

In the horrific video, the man’s wrists are bound and his mouth taped shut as his captors shout racial slurs and slice at his clothes with a knife.  One person taps ash from a cigarette on an open wound they made on top of the guy’s head.  Another video clip shows at least one of the attackers hovering above the young man, kneeling over a toilet. The suspect grabs the boy’s head and submerges it in the bowl.  The suspects, all of whom are black, made “terrible racist statements” against white people during the on-camera torture session, which was visibly racially motivated.  They said, “Fuck white people!  Fuck Donald Trump!”  This is the heart and soul of those who hate Donald Trump and everything affiliated with him.  This is why no one condemned what happened to this disabled boy, because Donald Trump’s name was mentioned in it.  They have no love or compassion in their hearts.   This is why it’s very difficult to take Meryl Streep’s speech seriously or anyone praising it.

I saw no one who supported and posted praise about Meryl’s words utter one breath about this other horrible vicious act that should have got much larger attention.  Perhaps it’s because it wasn’t Meryl that the violence was happening to.  The hypocrisy is in plain view in front of the masses, but the ego refuses to do the work to get to that place of ultimate truth.  They want to continue whining about a President and how much they hate him. When Donald Trump’s team talked about what happened to this man, those that hate Donald Trump used that to continue to attack Donald instead of condemning the violence that took place.

This is about the continuous lynching, whining, and complaining that goes on.  Listening to it coming from either end is incredibly counter productive, but it has to be talked about because it’s the only thing that the masses of egos are obsessed with.  It was the top trending story!  Well, anything having to do with Donald Trump always makes headlines, because it’s gossip and the ego gets a wonderful beautiful rush high in obsessing over it.  All of those souls will stay exactly where they are spiraling downward into a cesspool of toxicity that they haven’t been able to climb out of.

If Donald Trump mocked a disabled reporter, then that would be as low as you can go.  I’ve seen the video of him making frazzled hand and arm gesture, but I’ve also seem him making that same exact physical reaction with many other people, including his Republican opponent Ted Cruz.   Where is this disabled reporter?   Why has he remained mum about this incredibly controversial account?  If he truly was mocked, then he would’ve spoken out about it by now, and he most definitely would have said something in the face of critics after Meryl mentioned it in her speech.   He would have thanked her for bringing it to light or he would have stepped forward to say it never happened.  He has been eerily absent this entire time.  No one has heard of this mysterious reporter.  Let’s say, this is true and did happen, it is still nowhere near as being as vile as the torture that took place on the mentally disabled boy.  THAT should have been at the forefront in Meryl’s speech.

In the end, if anyone cares about a disabled being made of fun of or harmed, then bring to light an actual event that DID take place and IS on video.  That story is still strangely silent for some reason.  Once again the priorities of the masses continue to be misguided and twisted.  This is also because no one truly cares about who is made of, as that is what people are doing all the way around this anyway.  They’re making fun of Donald and his orange face and his hair, or they’re making fun of Meryl, and making fun of everybody.  No one cares.  They only care about the gossip and negativity surrounding it.  They only care who is doing it.   You can’t pick and choose.  You are either dignified or you’re not.

In the end, the fact that Donald Trump is President and that Meryl is unhappy about that doesn’t matter, as it’s all trivial in the larger scheme of things. Let it go and focus on higher priorities that can assist in advancing and evolving your soul forward.  This is not it.

Meryl Streep is an incredibly caring and compassionate person in general.  She is one of the greatest actors of all time.  What we’re looking at here is about someone being misguided by their ego in one particular instance and not who she is as a whole.  It makes zero sense that someone would condemn someone who allegedly mocked another person for several reasons.

One being that Meryl was upset that someone mocked a disabled person years ago, but she didn’t bother to condemn the violence that took place recently against another disabled person which lasted for days until he finally escaped.  What that man endured was far worse and upsetting than a mocking.  How you can be upset about an alleged mocking over a video that is out there on the internet showing the violence on a disabled person is unfathomable.

Second the mocking of the disabled person is still debatable since the one who was allegedly mocked has never spoken out to confirm or deny it, which is unusual considering the journalist in question makes a living by speaking out to begin with.

Thirdly, Meryl makes her living playing or in this case mocking others as she played Donald Trump in a piece herself.   This is by all means not taking the President’s side, but this is about weighing all sides.  And in fact, I’m a huge fan of Meryl Streep over any Presidential candidate.  Trust me.  Meryl is still by far my favorite over all of them.  Yet, I don’t kiss asses just because I like you.  I call out your injustices and bring it to light.  One can easily counter Meryl’s accusations and many have such as Piers Morgan.

There are good and bad qualities in every human being that exists, because they all have a higher self and an ego they continue to wrestle with.  In some cases, it’s worse than others.  That is their journey and fight to come to terms with.  The bottom line is Meryl Streep is typically a classy being and it was unfortunate that she couldn’t come up with something better to say in this instance.    I’ve said it before and I’ll continue to say it. MOVE-ON!   Focus on more important things.  Avoid the rush addiction to drama and in becoming engrossed in pointless media stories.  The big reason for this obsession is usually from those who fall into boredom.  When you’re productive, you don’t have time to become obsessed by what someone said in the news or what the President said in a tweet.  Secondary post-traumatic symptoms are a result of falling into the toxic addiction temporary high of who the President is or how Meryl Streep feels about it.

Is this what people truly think of someone being tortured?  As evident on this reporters smiling face following the video of the torture that took place on the disabled man.

CNN is having a rough week. First they were declared as a fake news…

Jodie Foster one of the greatest actors of the century to be honored with lifetime achievement in cinema

Kevin Hunter

Click for Jodie Foster interview with the Hollywood Reporter

Jodie Foster is one of Hollywood’s most sought out actresses of all time.  There isn’t an upcoming actor alive who doesn’t dream of working with her.   The only wish is that she would simply work more, but she’s been doing this for most of her life so you can’t blame her for not wanting all that much to do with it.

Jodie Foster will be honored on Sunday by the Golden Globes with the Cecil B. DeMille Award and her lifetime achievement in cinema.

She worked right during the most exciting time in American Cinema.   She started out as child actor working in commercials, then did some Disney, then moved onto some dangerous territory that got her recognized and treated more seriously.  She had already made 50 films and television shows before she went to college in the 80’s.

Kevin HunterJodie’s career began gaining serious notoriety at the ripe age of 12 when she played a preteen prostitute in the radical Martin Scorsese flick, “Taxi Driver” which she received her first Academy Award Nomination.  That same year she also starred in the popular Disney film, “Freaky Friday”.   This only showed her wide range in varied material.Kevin Hunter

It’s rare for a child actor to transition successfully to an adult career, but Jodie Foster is one of the few that has shown it can be done if you stay on the right path.  You never heard of any partying, drugs or alcohol.  You only heard of a straight-A student who kept her nose in the books and her eyes to the stars.  She studied at a French school and speaks French fluently.  In fact, she’s made a film in French as well dubs most of her own movies in French.

Kevin HunterAlthough it was not without initial difficulty, as several of the films in her early adult career were financially unsuccessful, but still well known.  These included The Hotel New HampshireFive Corners, and Stealing Home.  That would all change when she auditioned for “The Accused” and got the part.  She won the Academy Award and the Golden Globe for her role in that film where she played a rape survivor.

Kevin Hunter Her career from this point on would be consistently successful and marking her as Hollywood’s most bankable actresses who can open a film.  This started with her first blockbuster, a role turned down by Michelle Pfeiffer and Meg Ryan.  The role that would garner her a second Academy Award and Golden Globe.  The role of Clarice Starling in “The Silence of the Lambs”.  A sleeper hit that grew to gross nearly $300 million.  Every film she chose to make after that and to date has been incredibly enjoyed.

Jodie Foster in “The Silence of the Lambs”

Foster said that she did not have the ambition to produce “big mainstream popcorn” movies, and as a child, independent films made her more interested in the movie business than mainstream ones.  Kevin HunterWith that said, she created her own little production company, Egg Pictures.  She directed her first feature, “Little Man Tate” about a child prodigy.  This was followed by even more successful films.  “Sommersby” with Richard Gere. Kevin Hunter It was about a woman whose husband comes back from war and she discovers he’s not who he seems and may not really be her husband.  This was followed by the Richard Donner flick, “Maverick” a successful western spoof which also starred Mel Gibson and James Garner.Kevin Hunter

Immediately her Egg Pictures produced Nell, in which she starred as an isolated woman who speaks an invented language and must return to civilization. Kevin HunterHer performance earned her nominations for her fourth Academy Award, a Golden Globe, and an MTV Movie Award, and won her a Screen Actors Guild Award and a People’s Choice Award.

Kevin Hunter

She chose to direct her next film, a movie that should’ve been nominated for Best Picture, “Home For the Holidays”.  Kevin HunterIt was a black comedy that starred Holly Hunter and Robert Downey Jr.  In this one Jodie stayed strictly behind the camera accurately portraying the modern American family.  In his three and half star review, Roger Ebert praised Foster’s ability to direct “the film with a sure eye for the revealing little natural moment,” and Downey’s performance that “brings out all the complexities of a character who has used a quick wit to keep the world’s hurts at arm’s length.”

We hadn’t seen Jodie on the screen for a number of years since Nell, but in 1997, she starred alongside Matthew McConaughey in the science-fiction movie Contact, based on the novel by scientist Carl Sagan and directed by Robert Zemeckis.  Kevin HunterShe portrayed a scientist searching for extraterrestrial life in the SETI project.   In regards to the script, she said that “I have to have some acute personal connection with the material. And that’s pretty hard for me to find.”Contact was her first sci-fi film, and her first experience with a bluescreen.  She commented, “Blue walls, blue roof. It was just blue, blue, blue. And I was rotated on a lazy Susan with the camera moving on a computerized arm. It was really tough.” The film was another huge commercial successand earned Foster nominations for numerous awards, including a Golden Globe. In 1998, an asteroid, 17744 Jodiefoster, was named in her honor.

Kevin HunterIn 1999, she starred in the non-musical remake of The King and I titled Anna and the King, a beautiful epic picture which became an international commercial success.

Kevin HunterAlthough Foster was working less and less, the movies she was churning out were now becoming her biggest box office successes in her entire career.  This started in 2002, when she took over the lead role in the thriller Panic Room after Nicole Kidman dropped out due to a previous injury.  The film costarred Dwight YoakamForest WhitakerKristen Stewart and Jared Leto and was directed by David Fincher.

Kevin Hunter

She then performed in the French-language film Un long dimanche de fiançailles (A Very Long Engagement) (2004), speaking French fluently throughout.

Kevin HunterShe returned to English-language films with the 2005 thriller Flightplan, which opened once again in the top position at the U.S. box office and was a worldwide hit shattering all of her previous records.  She portrayed a woman whose daughter disappears on an airplane that her character, an engineer, helped to design.  The studio commented that Jodie Foster could be away for years and then come back and still open a film bigger than no other.  Thus only proving her star power.  The public knows if Jodie is in the film, that no matter what its about, it will be an entertaining one.

Kevin HunterIn 2006, Foster starred in Inside Man, a thriller directed by Spike Lee and co-starring Denzel Washington and Clive Owen, which again opened at the top of the U.S. box office and became another international hit.  Jodie asked Spike Lee to make her look good in this picture since she had to play grungy mommy in her last two action flicks.

Kevin HunterIn 2007, she starred in The Brave One directed by Neil Jordan and co-starring Terrence Howard, another urban thriller that opened at #1 at the U.S. box office.Her performance in the film earned her a sixth Golden Globe for Best Actress nomination and another People’s Choice nomination, for Favorite Female Action Star. Commenting on her latest roles, she has said she enjoys appearing in mainstream genre films that have a “real heart to them”.  This picture only proved what an intense and incredible female action heroine she is.

Kevin Hunter

Kevin HunterIn 2008, Foster starred in Nim’s Island alongside Gerard Butler and Abigail Breslin, portraying a reclusive writer who is contacted by a young girl after her father goes missing at sea. The film was the first comedy that Foster had starred in since Maverick in 1994, and was also a commercial success.  Not to mention was probably her first family friendly film in decades.
“The Beaver” became Foster’s third film to act as director which she stars in with Mel Gibson, her previous co-star from Maverick.  After the onslaught of bad press with Gibson the studio was having a hard time signing off on allowing him to be cast in the film.  Jodie decided to star in it as well as collateral and the studio then gave her the green light.  This is said to be one of Mel Gibson’s best acting work to date.

Where else can you get Jodie Foster and the incredible Kate Winslet on screen together, but Roman Polanski’s “Carnage”.   The movie is less than an hour and a half and is a thrilling ride that feels like you’re watching a play.   Two pairs of parents hold a cordial meeting after their sons are involved in a fight, though as their time together progresses, increasingly childish behavior throws the evening into chaos. The movie takes place in an apartment between four people and the actors are so great they make it interesting.

Jodie Foster will be seen next in Elysium with Matt Damon, a science fiction movie set in 2059.

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