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Endings and New Beginnings on your spiritual journey

{Excerpt from Transcending Utopia}


     Your Spirit team guides you down the best path for your highest self.  They’ll send signals of warning when you’re in danger or if you’re insisting on going down a road that’s less desirable.   If something doesn’t work out, then look at that as a blessing where it didn’t happen for a reason.  There could’ve been hidden dangers that you were not noticing or paying attention to.

Let’s say you or someone you know is going to meet a potential date with someone new you haven’t met before.  You find you have to push yourself to meet up with this person, or you feel unexcited with challenging feelings around that, then this is a clue not to go.  I know that might sound like common sense, but when you’re in the throes of a decision like that you’d be surprised to find the ego isn’t paying attention to the best course of action.  You’re wrestling with indecisiveness about it.  Unless you’re filled with excitement, then don’t waste your time or the other persons.   Some have found they would ignore that guidance, go on the meeting only to realize immediately that it’s going to be disastrous or a waste of time.  As you’re driving back home you’re thinking, “Why did I go?  I knew it was a mistake beforehand.”

If an ex-lover is moving out of the country, the state, or far away from you, then look at that in a positive way.  If you’re single, the angels could be moving this person away from you so that you are open to a new person who is more aligned with who you are today.  You may think you’ve been ready and had moved on, but Spirit can see the residual ex energy still lingering in your aura.  They have to get rid of this ex physically so that this new person they want to bring you can come in.

This same concept applies to anyone intended to come in, including friendships, acquaintances, or new business connections.  At the time it’s happening you might be filled with sadness or grief not wanting this ex to leave, but as time goes on and new brighter circumstances come into your life, you realize why this person had to be sent away.  You had outgrown them, but didn’t know it because they were still hanging around. It was only after they left that you discover your time with them had long come to a close.  That person’s essence in your life was holding you back from these other brighter experiences screaming to get in, even if you disagree with that notion at the time.  Only in hindsight after time has passed do you start to realize the changes that took place after they left.  Sometimes this person is drawn away because they have personal soul lessons they need to learn. Other times it’s Heaven’s way of helping you become less dependent on someone else and start relying on you. You can’t do that when this other person is still hanging around.

Life is full of beginnings and endings, doors closing and windows opening.  This kind of drastic change can bring on all sorts of emotions from excitement to fear depending on whether or not the change is purposely done at your own hands or if it was the Universe that was shutting the door on things you weren’t ready to part with.  Understand that when that happens it is happening for a reason, even if that reason is not yet evident.  One of the many ways to change and grow is to change.  This gets you out of any stuck energy like a rut or stagnancy.  This way you can move onto brighter pastures and circumstances.



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March 5th Born Motivational Speakers

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Traveling through serene Wine Country on my birthday 🎂 🎁 🎇, the day the Sun assumes the exact position it did when I was born. Other mutual March 5th born worldly motivators are Joel Osteen and Esther Hicks. Perhaps there is something about the day that seems to breed motivational teachers. Joel preaches of God, while Esther talks of vibrational energy, and I speak about both, all of it, and much more.

March 5th is at times called the Day of Heaven and Hell. This is because those born on that day tend to be irrationally overwhelming intense people, split right down the middle between an angel and a demon, effortlessly flowing into the dark and the light, bringing out both the best and worst in others. They reside in an emotionally unstable world, with a strong sixth sense, able to immerse themselves into the entire spectrum of emotions, while remaining open to a wider variety of experiences than most can handle.

Being a motivational communicator was never an intention I had. Before age ten, my goal was to be a writer, but the motivational empowerment aspect was a byproduct of my work, general personality, and the philosophy teachings I put out into the Universe. Live your life freely and go after what you desire with passion, enjoyment, and enthusiasm.

There was always evidence of the empowering work from an early age. By the time I was a senior at Santa Monica High School, I had been branded the go to person for tangible wisdom assistance. No matter where I went on the grounds, my fellow students from every clique, and some of the teachers would find me to reveal their darkest issues they could tell no one else. They craved some kind of no nonsense, street smart, spirit ridden counseling. Within minutes of spewing something at them that was matter of fact, they would cry out, “God! You always know just what to say that makes everything great again. It’s like you’re hundreds of years old, but you’re only sixteen.”

The Wise One’s can readily access Divine knowledge and wisdom. ✌️🙌🙏💫

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Mistreatment is considered one of the most distasteful quality traits for Spirit to witness in humankind

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The #1 trait that Spirit doesn’t like to see is someone mistreating or disrespecting another person in any form. This means a certain amount of decorum and etiquette is something they prize. Mistreatment is considered one of the most distasteful quality traits for God to witness. Sadly that’s also the top trait that is displayed on the planet by humankind around the clock.

There are different shades of mistreatment and disrespect that exist. Someone treated you unkindly and the natural reaction is to be reactive or defensive, so you lash out in retaliation. There’s also that fine line between how far you intend to go with mistreating another person to deciding to limit your reactions to slights on your ego by choosing your battles wisely and selectively.

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Walking into a bright new year. Make everyday count regardless if it’s a new year or not. Wishing you love and blessings.

Walking away from 2017 and into a bright new year.  As always, make everyday count regardless if it’s a new year or not.  Wishing you love and blessings.


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I’ve always felt at home and been comfortable being around Jesus. It feels like being f*cked to death by a thousand pillows.  Don’t worry he doesn’t care about my filthy mouth, especially when I’m lost in prayer. 🙏  Because what matters is what is in your heart.

Message?  What did God say?
“Fear not, because I am with you. ❤️”.

There’s nothing you can’t do when you’ve got Jesus in your house.

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Glory to the newborn King. 🙏

One of the messages Jesus said was that even just a tiny bit of faith that you can spare will move mountains.

“Nothing would be impossible.”

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“Split” and “Mother!” – Two of my favorite films this past year. James McAvoy, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem, Anya Taylor-Joy.

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Two of my favorite films this year were, “Split” and “Mother!” I’ve always been drawn to darker material that the general public has a harder time digesting. You could never accuse me of following the herd. That would require submitting to a victimized position, which isn’t alluring to me. What these two films have in common is they don’t withhold. They’re both dark, radical, psychological, complicated, deep and intense in its ambiance and messages. All of which are the skin I’m most comfortable in.

Split” does a terrific job at focusing on someone with Dissociative Identity Disorder. It takes that to the extreme and ultimately the supernatural answering the question to, “What if?” James McAvoy, who should be nominated, brilliantly plays 9 of the 23 split personalities his character Kevin has due to massive child abuse that caused his main identity to splinter and dissociate. One of his identities that has taken over Kevin is Dennis. Dennis kidnaps three teenage girls from a party with the intention that they will be served as sacred food to one of Kevin’s more monstrous identities yet to emerge.

Anya Taylor-Joy plays Carrey, the outcast teen who had been invited to the teen party out of pity. She’s the heroine that befriends some of the identities that assumes Kevin’s body with the hopes of being let go, while the other superficial two teens cower weakly in the corner of the cellar dungeon their captive holds them in.

In a heart pounding chase scene, the monstrous identity in Kevin corners Carrey intending to sacrifice her. He notices the cut marks all over her body realizing that she is like him and was subjected to heinous child abuse herself, which we see through flashbacks. Seeing that she is not like the others, he releases her from his prison seeing her as authentic and pure. Both James and Anya just wrapped filming an exciting sequel to this called, “Glass”, which will also stars Bruce Willis and Samuel Jackson.

Mother!’ was one of the most claustrophobic films this year causing enormous backlash and praise dividing film goers from those who loved it and those that hated it. “Mother!” is an allegory intended to reveal the violent destruction that is humanity and what humankind has and is perpetually doing to its home planet.

Javier Bardem symbollically plays, “God”, Jennifer Lawrence is “Mother Earth”, and Ed Harris and Michelle Pfeiffer are “Adam and Eve”. This angry, chaotic, dark film is an assault to all the senses that it requires more than one viewing.

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Archangel Michael is louder than God. Connecting with the Archangels.

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Archangel Michael is the loudest being in all of the Heavens, and the only being in all of creation and all of existence that is louder than God. His arrival sounds like a strong drum echoing through the Universe shaking your soul to its core, blasting away all traces of darkness, and sending out a ripple effect of high vibrational fearless love to all in His presence, which raises your vibration and consciousness into the higher realms. Michael is the defender of the Light kneeling down for no one, but the Creator. Through this act, he teaches you the good you are deserving and capable of. Reach up for what you desire within your heart without settling or compromise. Fear not of the immense power you have within to create a higher reality when you stand strong in faith never wavering no matter how many times you get knocked down. You whose soul is beautiful beyond comprehension and made to mirror His image is capable of immense greatness. When you respect what is in your heart, then prosperity comes to you more swiftly. You are deserving of good, love, and peace today. 

“Do not be afraid, just believe.” Mark 5:36

AND here you are…

“Connecting with the Archangels”

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His love for you is bountiful and endless. He is the light that over takes every cell.

Kevin Hunter's photo.Your soul light is born out of what some call God. God is not a man with a beard sitting up on a throne looking down at everyone waiting to cross you off His list or throw you into a brimstone and fire like setting if you’ve made mistakes. God is a force that is within every soul light including the faithless and non-believers. How unconditional of Him to still love someone who makes mistakes. His love for you is bountiful and endless. He is the light that over takes every cell that exists in all dimensions and in all paths. When you feel and display traits aligned with love, joy and peace, then the closer you are to God. The more negative traits you experience or show, then the further away from God you are and the less light that occupies your space.

~  Kevin Hunter

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The official Facebook page for author Kevin Hunter hits 20,000 likes in 2015

My professional Facebook page has reached 20,000 followers and continues to climb in 2015.  This is a new landmark and milestone. The page was originally set up for those with an interest in the spiritual genre, seeking spiritual advancement, empowerment, or wanting to gain additional tools and knowledge surrounding improving ones soul and this world. This is important, because I’m not an easy person for others to like, let alone an easy author for agents and the book business to like.  I’m strong minded, independent and I go it alone.  This causes a bit of shun and controversy.

I wanted the page to be for the readers and not necessarily about me as an author.  I tend to keep that information at a minimum unless it applies to a particular post.  This page was intended to be for a community who was interested in the spiritual genre to feel safe and comfortable in with other like minded souls.  There have been some readers and fans that have been with me since the beginning of the page.  Thank you for your loyalty, love, support and for standing by me all these years!  Believe me, I take that seriously and do notice that I have a loyal fan base.   I run the page like a strict general and remove anyone who is antagonistic on any level over the content, with me, or anyone else on the page, so only “like” the page with discretion, or you can hide some of the posts.  I have no qualms or guilt over removing someone I know from the page if they are consistently opposing to my posts in any form.

I had originally created this page with less than 200 people on it.  It was a place for me to post guidance and information surrounding spiritual practices and concepts among other things.  Something happened in my personal life in January 2014.  I was involved with someone in a relationship who left me abruptly.  I picked up on that something wasn’t right weeks before I discovered a letter on my door that it was over, but I chose to ignore that and hoped the ‘sense’ would go away, but it never did.  I was stunned, shattered and disappointed, mostly because there wasn’t anything that happened to have brought that on.   It was just an eerie and aloof energy shift that began to feel like a thousand knives slicing through my body.

The reason I reveal that is because that crushed me personally, yet at the same time my work on the other hand suddenly started to climb in that same week.  My 5 mini-pocket books were released while I was in the midst of this personal turmoil.  I was incredibly busy on the career front.  Not only was I seeing those books through to release, I had another book that was in galley’s before it was to become a book and released that Spring called, “Empowering Spirit Wisdom”.

I was consumed by both parts of my life – the one that was working and the one that wasn’t.  I hadn’t noticed that my professional page was suddenly climbing in the midst of all this.  Readers were finding me and my books and wanting to connect.  Letters from people around the world in different countries were coming in like mad praising how much one of my books had helped them.  I’ve had close ones around me who were aware of my disintegrating personal life and the pain that it caused coupled with the bright success and rise of my professional life that was taking place at the exact same time.  They described it as, “Bittersweet!”

I had planned to shut everything down after the release of the “Empowering Spirit Wisdom” book.  I was going to move away and tear down all aspects of my life.  I threatened to quit with my Spirit team.  My editor stepped in to have a serious conversation that he was 100% against that.   I said, “I can’t inspire others if I can’t even inspire myself.”  Luckily, I do have a natural optimism bug that seems to overtake me regularly and I bounce back.   Naturally, I wasn’t throwing in the towel since I later sat down and wrote two books back to back called, “Realm of the Wise One” and “Darkness of Ego”.   Because I do have a job to do and the show must go on!

If you’re interested in following the page, click on this link:

~  Kevin Hunter

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
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Ask your spirit team of guides and angels for help in lighting your path

Ask for help! When circumstances in your life get to be too overwhelming, take a second to call out for help. When you are upset or stressed out, not only do you not receive heavenly wisdom, but you forget to ask for help. All you have to do is ask, whether that be mentally, out loud or even in writing. I have even sent some of them an email. I send it to myself and then I file it away. You can write to them in a journal, notebook or on a piece of paper. It does not matter how you ask for help, how you word it or say it since no special invocation is needed. They will typically come in to your vicinity before you have finished your sentence. It is having the intention to do so is what is important.

For example, you can think something like this,” Okay angels, I need your help with this.” The right Guide or Angel has already rushed in before you have finished your sentence. Sometimes they respond immediately, but if it is a complicated issue it may take a bit longer. It is important to have faith and trust that they are and have indeed stepped in and are working with you on your concern. Sometimes they may respond in ways that you may not be noticing. After it has hit you a few times you may get that moment where you say, “Okay, I thought something was going on with that.” You must be open and receptive knowing that sometimes they may not answer you in the way you are expecting. It doesn’t matter what your beliefs in life are. Whether you are an atheist or religious, gay or straight, republican or democrat, angry or sweet….all are heard. Once you grant permission to God, your higher self, angels and guides, then the door of light has opened to your heart.

~  Kevin Hunter

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
are available in paperback and kindle wherever books are sold.

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Why in the World are they Spraying? Spiritually Healing Our Skies

Spiritually Healing Our Skies

While I was completely surrounded by water on the Angel Intuitive cruise last week, I received many messages that I want to convey to you. The first has to do with our skies.

Many of us are deeply concerned with the chemicals being sprayed in the air. Scientists say that it’s a combination of aluminum and barium. Some are claiming this is to reflect the sunshine away from earth to combat global warming. Others are saying that it’s a form of genocide and depopulation, and that the spraying contains flu viruses. And some people say that it’s to contaminate the soil with aluminum so that only GMO seeds will grow. 

Regardless of the “reasons” behind the spraying, we can all agree that it’s a concern. If you look up in the sky and see large white stripes that stay for hours (as opposed to contrails or condensation trails which are thin and dissipate quickly), you understand. Please also visit the linked page to learn more about this issue.

The message that I received is that we can call upon Archangel Michael to vacuum away ANY toxins, including those in the air, water, and land! I was so excited to hear this. We’ve been working with Archangel Michael for nearly 20 years, vacuuming physical and energetic toxins out of people, animals, and buildings with great success and amazing healings.

Now he is saying that we can do the same thing with our environment!!! 

Anyone can do this, and you don’t need any special skills or training, nor do you need to be a “saintly” person. The angels are unlimited, omni-present, non-denominational, non-judgemental, and unconditionally loving. 

To spiritually detoxify, you say, “Archangel Michael, please vacuum away all toxins out of (and then name or look at the person, pet, building, cloud, etc.).” 

Because of the Law of Free Will, the angels can only help when a human requests help. 

So while I was at sea, I tried vacuuming clouds to practice this message. I had previous experience with shamanic training to do “cloud busting,” but this was different. The clouds at sea were perfectly fluffy clouds, the kind I remember from childhood. Seems they only spray white stripes where there are people and land. Hmmm . . . 

So when I asked Archangel Michael to vacuum the fluffy clouds over the sea, nothing happened at all. And the message was: “There are no toxins in these clouds to vacuum away.”

The moment we docked in Sydney, I saw the large white stripes in the sky line. So I asked Archangel Michael to vacuum the toxins out of them, and immediately, the stripes shifted to fluffy clouds!

So yesterday, at my Sydney all-day workshop, I taught this message and method to the participants and asked them to please participate in asking Archangel Michael to vacuum the clouds of toxins.

And now I’m requesting the same with you. PLEASE help us! If you see large white stripes in the sky, please say, 

“Archangel Michael, please vacuum away all of the toxins out of these clouds.”

Thank you for your Divine Light and healing energy.

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