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The consistent mantra to remember is to avoid drama and follow the path of love.

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I’ve been out of the loop that I have no idea what’s going on, but I do know that earlier in the week I sent out a pre-warning that this past weekend, “….will be an intensely testy one. It’s best to steer clear of anything that could potentially rattle you.”

Having been off the grid in serenity with my personal tribe for the last couple of days only to re-surface with being told about the world drama I gratefully missed. Literally had no idea as that’s how disconnected from it we all were choosing to reside in heavenly bliss. I have too much uplifting life living to have noticed, and prefer it that way. I can see which ones followed my team’s original prediction earlier in the week to lay low and which ones did not. 

The only thing pointed out over what transpired was a consistent flow of blame from all parties involved. It’s a common theme that plays out with the antagonists. They are in the midst of a perpetual darkness of ego merry go round cycle of mind numbing repetition unable to break away upward and onward into a balanced space of serenity. The answer is not blame or discord. The answer is always love. We’ll keep rubbing it in like a burning cigarette placed on your arm. The consistent mantra to remember is to avoid drama and follow the path of love.


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You should have a zero tolerance policy for any meanness, negativity or drama from someone.

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Another question from a reader: “How can you keep showing love to someone when they are unkind to you?” You should have a zero tolerance policy for any meanness, negativity or drama from someone. There is a difference between loving someone from afar without getting caught up in their drama or toxic energy, to choosing to keep them at arm’s length if you don’t want them to go away. It might be a family member, parent, sibling, friend or colleague. It can be someone where it’s seemingly not easy to cut them out of your life permanently. Because you do love the goodness in them, but no one should put themselves in a position where they’re a punching bag. They might not even be mean towards you, but will be harshly complaining about someone where you just feel down after communicating with them.

Having your energy drained by others is real. Those who are doing the energy draining are not necessarily aware of this fact or even aware that they’re doing that. You can be an exceptionally good compassionate person yourself and not realize when you’re in the midst of behaving in a negative way. We’re human and it’s going to happen from time to time. You just want to be aware of that when it does happen. What we’re talking about here is someone who is always negative or toxic every time you connect with them.

When negative energy from someone else is around you, then you want to steer clear of it and not become consumed by it or drown in it. If you stay around it, then this will bring you down, darken your aura, and lower your vibration. All of these phrases mean the same thing. If you are a sensitive, or in tune to energies beyond the physical world, then you cannot deny how it makes you feel when you’re around someone who is toxic. You can have love for them and still choose not to engage with them full time. Connect with them in small doses and then wrap it up by being assertive and point blank saying that you need to go. They might react in a tantrum, but don’t fall into guilt. You have to think of you first.

Everyone is living their own path and no one can live it for them. If someone chooses to head down a self destructive path, no one can stop them. They have to want to change on their own. You can be polite when they reach out to you, but blow in and out quickly. This way they’re not around long enough to infiltrate your area with their toxins. So the key is to say, “I have love for them and wish them well, but we don’t engage much. When we do, I stand in a place of emotional detachment.”

~  Kevin Hunter

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
are available in paperback and kindle wherever books are sold.


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Available in paperback and Kindle by Kevin Hunter

Ruston Bock is a gifted, telepathic sleuth with a drinking problem. Trinity Foyer is a confident detective in New Orleans who has a penchant for dating the wrong men. She requests Ruston’s insight into catching a masked serial killer who beheads his victims with an axe made out of car parts. Ruston heads to the city of New Orleans in the middle of a hurricane with his troublesome girlfriend Donna. They come into contact with the eccentric Granger family and the mysteriously cool Logan Granger. Ruston discovers the Granger Mansion holds a wealth of disturbing secrets that can bring the city’s real killer to justice.  Paint the Silence is an easy read mini-book in the horror, drama, mystery and action genres.

Paint the Silence now available



~  Kevin Hunter

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
are available in paperback and kindle wherever books are sold.

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Paint the Silence – The new book by Kevin Hunter released July 4, 2012 at the height of the Full Moon

Paint the Silence – The new book by Kevin Hunter released July 4, 2012 at the height of the Full Moon in Capricorn.

Ruston Bock is a telepathic sleuth who is called in by a detective friend, Trinity Foyer, to ad some insight into catching a masked killer in the city of New Orleans. When he arrives he becomes stranded at the Granger Mansion, a place that houses an eccentric family. It’s there he comes into contact with Logan Granger, an icy member that does as he’s told and stays out of the way. He befriends Ruston in hopes of assisting him in cracking the secrets he’s lived with at the Granger ranch while simultaneously bringing the cities real killer to justice.

“Paint the Silence” is a horror, drama screenplay with graphic violent content.”




I totally just read “Paint the Silence” from cover to cover in one sitting
and absolutely LOVE IT!!! I can’t even begin to wrap my mind around how
you wrote something like that, but it does remind me of some other
movies you might enjoy watching such as “Red State” and some new
clips that CNN covered recently of polygamy in New Mexico. BRAVO
my dear friend, I am so proud of you!!! You did it with class and style!”

Dude 101 (a dating guide) and Jagger’s Revolution (a love story) by Kevin Hunter

Jagger’s Revolution is a highly erotic love story about an aristocratic beach thug who rules by his scrupulous idea of how life should be. Jagger is a cool beauty who loses it when his ego isn’t fed by the dudes he claims to disdain. He equates dating with going to battle while on his hunt for the real thing in a city that is plagued of any honest human connection. He’s a hardening menace, with an uncompromising disapproval for weakness and bad etiquette. His engaging and flirtatious friends compliment his aggressive nature by tempering his inflexible fight on mankind to gain insight into their intolerable behavior. The book takes you on a journey with Jagger through his dalliances and crushing love frustrations that appeal to young adults. He finds exhaustion with going on yet another dating excursion when he knows the guy for him is the one he can’t say more than two words to. If there is any light to all his darkness, it’s the pleasing love story, the central theme that runs throughout his disappointments in matters of the heart. He experiences the kind of crush and love one has as a teenager over Garth, the dreamboat lifeguard from Australia, with the boyish distinction and the killer smile, who he keeps running into in passing. He wrestles with his immediate unexplainable silent connection with him and longs to get close.  Explicit Material.


Dude 101 features Jagger, a dating columnist who takes young adults into a series of practical essays devoted to finding love in a universe that defies this notion.

He covers the similarities and differences between straight and gay men, to loyalty and adultery, while putting guys into the categories of Knights, Princes and Kings. Dude 101 demonstrates the rise and fall of love, what to stay away from, what to go after, how eligible bachelors are not always so eligible, the bad boy and the dating rules that should be memorized as mantra.

Author, Kevin Hunter, takes a backseat allowing his alter ego Jagger guide us through the journey. His terrain involves random musings and ultimately a peek at his real love romance with Garth through scene vignettes.

Jagger is the main protagonist in the book Jagger’s Revolution, a tale that surfaces around a heated erotic crush between a writer and an Australian lifeguard. Through the cynicism in both, he ultimately finds and ends…in love.


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