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Wikileaks reveals interesting findings that include 65 media journalists in bed with a political candidate

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The  wikileaks revealed some interesting horrors to the public, but not all media sources are sharing it.  The reason is because it revealed that 65 mass media journalists had crossed the line by secretly working for a political candidate.  In this case, it was Hillary Clinton and her advisers that they have been in cahoots with the entire election season. They were being told how to ‘sell Hillary Clinton’ to the public in the media early on.

The data extends into deeper territory revealing endless non-pleasantries that have been going on behind closed doors in the form of antagonism and gossip, both of which are not allowed in my worlds on any level.    We saw this same energy in the email exchanges with former Sony executive Amy Pascal, someone I’m happy to no longer know.

Let’s be clear that if these media journalists were doing this with Donald Trump, then this would be equally low and sleazy, so do not be confused by a lack of favoritism.   I have never publicly gossiped or personally slandered either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, and nor do I have any judgement if you vote for one over the other.  It is your right because I am pro justice and pro truth no matter who it is.  This is about being equal, fair, and balanced.  All qualities that the media is not.  They fall under the bracket of force feeding gossip.  There is nothing newsworthy about it.   What they feed you is used in order to hypnotize you with great success.  There is very little that is fair and balanced when it comes to media coverage.

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It should have been clear to you at the get go that it was Hillary Clinton that the media has been in bed with.  This is because no one can deny that the majority of the news reported over the last two years has been non-objective with hostility mostly on Donald Trump.  This has caught on with the masses who joined in effortlessly without surprise.  The majority of the news reported falls in the realms of gossip.

There is no room for any kind of negative hostility and slander against anybody on the planet regardless if it is a celebrity or a political candidate.  This certainly sheds some eerie light on the truth, although those in support of this kind of behavior will turn a blind eye. You cannot change the minds of those who only see what they want to see.  Nor can you change the minds of those who go along with what they’ve been taught and fed by those in their surroundings.  Most will not know about this scary reveal of content that has been released.  This is because the majority of the media has continued to abuse their role by keeping you deceived while you gobble it up.  They don’t want you knowing that they have been up to no good, although it should be pretty obvious.

This goes back to doing the work yourself and researching the truth, because it is out there if you look for it.  The media will only tell you what they want you to know and the mass majority will continue to follow the Pied Piper that leads them further down into the hole of blindness.

Image result for dark stormy skyThis further confirms my previous messages I received five years ago about how corrupt the media is.  This has been out there in published form for years.  Now we’re hearing this phrase all over the place.  There is no objectivity when it comes to modern day journalism. Today it is about taking sides instead of relaying the news in an objective way.

Larry King excelled at remaining objective when interviewing or reporting no matter who it is or what it was about.  Oprah Winfrey for the most part has been too, but she’s slipped on occasion.  I can understand why some struggle with objectivity.  They are not objective in their day to day lives to begin with.  Most human souls are dominated and governed strongly by the darkness of their ego.  Being objective is standing in the middle like a stern judge and listening to both sides without judgement or criticism.  It is listening to all proven facts without judgement.  That’s a challenge that is difficult for most to achieve.

Spiritual guru Deepak Chopra made an interesting comment about Donald Trump to late night talk show host Conan O’Brien by pointing out that Donald is stuck in the First Chakra.  His statement was spot on and true to an extent, but what he failed to point out was that most human beings are stuck in the First Chakra.  I’m surprised that he has been blind to that considering his success, which just goes to show you that being a successful spiritual guru who has sold millions doesn’t automatically equate to clarity.   Hillary Clinton is also stuck in this First Chakra as well too.  I know Deepak Chopra wanted to jump onto the perpetual bandwagon of attacking a political candidate that many have succumbed to for sport, but if you’re going to do it, then at least distribute it equally and accurately.  All of them are stuck in the First Chakra, so I’m just correcting you Deepak. 🙂 This is not an attack on him as I do enjoy some of his work such as the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.   That was a book that I loved when I was 17.  This is an example of objectivity.

Speaking of books, anyone who has read any of my works is aware of what my Spirit team has conveyed to me over the years in terms of the endless dangers of the mass media and what that does to individuals as well as the planet as a whole.  Those who have read them have been paying attention to this truth.   They include Warrior of Light, Darkness of Ego, Divine Messages for Humanity, and Darkness of Ego among others.

Singer Sheryl Crow saw the ridiculousness of the election cycle and chose to take matters into her own hands to try and change it.  She said, “This election cycle has been different than the ones of my younger years. It has been nasty, brutal, and seemingly never-ending. Over the past two years my kids have come home from school with questions about who would be our next president. They haven’t had questions about big or small issues of the day, but about whether we were going to have the liar or the crazy person in office. My kids are six- and nine-years-old.”

What’s most disturbing is that the gossip elements of this election cycle are being discussed by children on the playground.  I’ve never heard of anything so sick.  This is what is now training the new crops of up and comers, which should give you a view that this will only continue since you’re teaching this to your children as well too.

Read and sign Sheryl Crow’s petition to shorten future election cycles.  It should never have dragged on for two years of your life.  Imagine the unhealthy toll that has taken on the planet:

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Uranus Retrograde; Author Musings; Corrupt Media

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Uranus Retrograde

Planet Uranus is stationary and about to move retrograde on Friday for six months. When Uranus is Retrograde, it gives rise to rebellion and the unexpected. The unexpected can be either a blessing or a challenge. This individual rebelliousness starts within and then erupts outwardly in a myriad of ways. Sometimes it can unleash challenges if not thought out.

The Uranus Retrograde tends to bring up individuality and a desire for freedom. If someone feels confined in their life, they will act out in rebelliousness during this transit. One is more impulsive in their decision making. Being impulsive can have its repercussions, but sometimes you also have to act quickly.

Someone is unhappy in a love relationship, but this unhappiness is quietly festering and growing internally. The person isn’t saying anything to their partner. Until one day during the Uranus Retrograde, it impulsively and recklessly ends the relationship desiring to be free and less confined.

The problem with that is impulsive recklessness can sometimes bite you back. Long after you’ve left the relationship and Uranus is direct, you begin to think you made a mistake realizing the relationship was great after all. Unfortunately, your ex has moved on and is now with someone else.

From now through the end of the year, take your time if you feel you’re about to make a drastic decision that could wreak havoc on your life. If you’re feeling antsy about something, then carefully examine it before jumping the gun. Impulsive recklessness does not always end well.

The energy of Uranus retrograde is like taking a sledgehammer to a sheet of glass. It has the power to re-direct your life down a completely different road. As mentioned, this can be either a blessing or challenge. Expect the unexpected for the rest of the year.

The keywords associated with a Uranus Retrograde are rebelliousness, freedom, recklessness, abrupt change, and impulsiveness.

Author Musings

There is this fantasy misconception that I spend my days lounging on a beach sipping rum and cokes.  While I do end up on the beach at least several times a week, I’m not lounging on it doing nothing.   Others might think I sit around writing books all day and nothing else.  That couldn’t be further from the truth either.
There is quite a bit of prep work that goes into writing a book and I don’t write one book, submit it and then move onto another either.  I’m juggling various projects at once at any given time that are in various stages of development, production, or distribution.
This week has been spent arguing with distributors where there are issues over several different projects of mine that they mutually control.  One of the projects is from way back in 2002, while another project is experiencing issues in production, and then there is a late deadline of another one.   I’m in constant communication all day long while also jumping from one project to another within the span of two hours.   When I’ve previously said it’s an assembly line, that was no joke.
“Arguing” might not necessarily be the right word, but I am firm, demanding, controlling, and I don’t back down.  It might seem as if I’m arguing to someone.  My former film industry colleagues have spent decades insisting that I become a producer since I have the personality and tough work ethic for it.  I’m not always easy to deal with, because I want things to be perfect with no mistakes.  I approach the batting plate with endless data and facts knowing that there will be mistakes.  There will be issues that pop up on any given day.   I deal with it like the swift razor sharp executive that I am.

Corrupt Media

One of the top ten humanity destroyers is the media.  The media has been particularly corrupt since the rise of technology.  I am not a fan of the media and nor have I ever been.   Sure there are always exceptions, but they fall into the 1%.  The darkness of ego runs wild in the media.  They can easily convince and influence the masses with a headline and a story.

Most people operate from the darkness of their ego as it is in today’s world.  It’s amusing at how easily swayed others are by what they read in the media.  They believe it to be gospel not realizing that all the story did was unleash the darkness of ego in humankind.    Here come the comments and the bickering energy that is inaudible noise.  This makes the corrupt media one of the world’s greatest and most successful manipulators around.

I am dark, direct, and have never followed the flock herds of humankind.   I follow God and my Spirit team.   That’s it.   I’ve never followed anyone else.   That’s not why I’m here.

“Follow” isn’t the right word either, since my team and I work together on the same level.  One of my jobs is to shine a light on things that others would rather sweep under the rug or pretend it didn’t happen.  These are people living in Fantasyland by viewing circumstances around them through a thick hazy fog that clouds their perception.  Denial is another good word to describe that.   They’ll grow angry when you point out the truth.  A couple of them did when they saw an earlier post of mine.  They’re no longer with me.   For kicks, I’m posting it again.

If past events happened today, then this is how today’s corrupt media would spin it:

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