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Hurricanes, Earthquakes, the Presidential Election. The drama surrounding all is able to give someone a nose bleed.

I don’t watch TV, the news, or read gossip pages so I’m generally pretty out of touch to what’s going on. There is an added benefit since most of it is garbage anyway and prevents me from focusing on my life purpose. Then there are the cases where I’ve been in the dark on more important earthly crises situations such as hurricanes slamming places like Hawaii and along the east coast. I rely on those around me to mention it which is how I found out about that today.

It’s natural to have human emotions and reactions in the face of drama that seems to threaten your surroundings. It’s instinctive to feel afraid over the earth changes and the human drama that’s played out daily. Threatening Tsunami warnings in Hawaii, Hurricanes hitting the eastern coast, massive earthquakes in Canada and the pending doom of the U.S. Presidential Election next week that threatens to divide the country even further no matter who is elected! All of this followed by the allegedly claimed 2012 apocalyptic ending that is being prophesied. It’s easy for everyone to fall into the high and the rush of the end is near drama mentality. Is it the end? Not anytime soon. Detach from drama and stand strong in faith and optimism knowing that everything is taken care of and that all of your needs are met in all ways.

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