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Don’t forget those that residing in desperation, poverty, abuse, and loneliness

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The year is almost up, but before the ball drops and the celebrations begin, I encourage you not to forget those that don’t have anything to celebrate for. This is said as you put the tequila shot down disappointed now that I’ve dampened your party for a minute.

Millions of people reside in a state of struggle and daily desperation and will not be celebrating. The poorest, the neediest, the abused, the lonely, and the most vulnerable in society live amidst a world that often looks down on them. But the Light of Spirit says to them, “I Am with you.”

And we are invited to stand with them as well too by re-framing our view that they are our brothers and sisters, as we all descended from the same source. The things I regularly think about are the same things consuming the consciousness of Jesus the Prince of Peace.

Walking in Another’s Shoes

When Angelina Jolie first dove into her humanitarian efforts in Third World regions back in 2001, she came across Children with hands and arms amputated for stealing food. I remember when she admitted to the massive sadness and guilt that was eating up her soul as she took a shower in her pristine hotel that night on the day of discovery. The next day she checked out of the hotel and moved in with the refugees choosing to live amongst them and live the way they live during her long stay. Fully understanding another requires you to walk in their shoes.

Entertainment History

I’ve known Angie since January 2000 when I first met her on the set of “Original Sin”, the final film that Michelle Pfeiffer’s company I was with was producing.   That film was the end of one version of Angelina because later that Summer she flew to Third World countries to film Tomb Raider, another film I was offered, but turned down as I had re-joined Pfeiffer’s partner Kate Guinzburg at her newly formed company.

The shooting locations of Tomb Raider transformed Angelina completely from one version of herself to this incredible humanitarian, which is her soul’s top life purpose.  The movie star work was to prepare her with hard work while giving her a certain celebrity status where she could use her name to bring more awareness to what was going on outside of the glitter of people’s materialistically driven lives.   If her name was lesser known, then she wouldn’t reach as many people.

There were periods in those years where we didn’t hear from her.  When I’d speak to her manager, the one person she’d at least check in with, even he didn’t know where she was.  I’d get, “We haven’t heard from her in three months.  She hasn’t returned our calls.”  There was worry at times with those around her, including her father which prompted him to go public with a plea.  I specifically remember a couple years there where she was missing in action a great deal.  We knew she was in these dangerous areas doing her humanitarian work, but because they were dangerous there was concern if she was okay, but obviously we know she’s been fine.

The Point of Awareness

Many get turned off when I instill those reality checks. I’m not advising that no one have a good time and ring in the New Year the way they choose, but just don’t forget the forgotten and ignored as we move forward into the New Year. If this inspires or motivates one person to investigate how they can help in the way my Angelina story example illustrated, then it did its job if only to plant this seed into the consciousness of those that read and absorb it.

There are a great many organizations threaded around the world that are geared towards helping those that can’t help themselves, such as food banks, shelters, etc. You choose the fights that are closest to your heart or at the top of the charts for you. My monthly contributions go to the Prevent Child Abuse organization, which serves child victims of abuse, which is important to me.



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Michelle Pfeiffer is back in four films in 2017

Michelle Pfeiffer, who I’ve known for over 20 years and worked with at her production company in the late mid to late 1990’s, has been busy all year filming four back to back projects.  All of that stuff will be coming out in 2017 and it could garner her some award attention.   First up is a little independent film called “Where is Kyra?”, premiering at the Sundance Film Festival on January 23, 2017.

Sundance who chose the picture for the festival says, “Michelle Pfeiffer plays a very different character with her, gritty, down and dirty, something you never seen her doing before, and it’s beautifully cinematic.”

The movie surrounds, “Mild-mannered, sheltered Kyra, played with intensity by Michelle Pfeiffer, begins to spiral after the death of her mother. Long out of work, the deep-in-debt Kyra struggles to support herself.  As she becomes increasingly desperate and isolated, longing for her mother, she launches a cryptic, last-ditch scheme to keep from being evicted. She also finds solace in another lonely soul, Doug (Kiefer Sutherland), from whom she initially tries to hide her plight, but Kyra slowly ropes him into her deception.” 


Robert DeNiro with Michelle Pfeiffer


Michelle transforms physically in a piece she filmed with Robert DeNiro for HBO called, “Wizard of Lies”.  It’s based on the true story of Bernard and Ruth Madoff.  Bernie Madoff is considered the largest financial fraud in U.S. history.   Alessandro Nivola, who I worked with on the Julia Stiles picture “Carolina”, plays their son Mark Madoff.   This is the fourth time Michelle has worked with Robert DeNiro, as they both starred in “Stardust”, “New Year’s Eve”, and “The Family”.  It will likely be aired around May 2017, just as we kick off the Summer.

“Wizard of Lies” for HBO

She has also wrapped up a bigger film called, “Mother”, for Paramount Studios with Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem for Director Darren Aronofsky who gave us “Requiem for a Dream”, “The Wrestler”, “Black Swan”, “Noah”, and “The Fighter.”  The film is a thriller surrounding a couple who seems to have the perfect relationship until unexpected guests arrive shifting everything.  The release date is looking to be December 29, 2017.

And that’s not all!

Michelle is currently filming, “Murder on the Orient Express”, with Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz, and Judi Dench.   She stepped in as the understudy for Angelina Jolie who dropped out of the Murder film during pre-production due to the rough personal time she’s going through with the dissolve of her marriage.   Ironically, Angelina had stepped in for Michelle for “Original Sin” a film I worked on back in 2000, which was produced by Michelle Pfeiffer’s company and originally called, “Dancing in the Dark”, based on the novel of the same name, “Waltz Into Darkness”.

“Dark Shadows”

This is the second time Michelle has worked with Johnny Depp.  They both starred in Tim Burton’s, “Dark Shadows” in 2012.   Although “Murder on the Orient Express” is currently filming, the release date is aimed for November 22, 2017.


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Entertainment Industry Story: Tim Burton

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Director Tim Burton was one of the guys I wanted to work with as I’m a huge lifelong fan. The opportunity presented itself twice during my Film Production days. Actor, Mark Wahlberg had recommended me to the Tim Burton people for “Planet of the Apes”. I had spent the previous year working 12 hour days with Mark on “The Perfect Storm” for Warner Bros.

I received a call from the Tim Burton people about the glowing recommendation and that they wanted to hire me. It was a Saturday and I was in Las Vegas and not in work mode. I said I would let them know Monday.

Come to find out they hired someone else before then. I more or less said, “Your loss.” I didn’t mean it unkindly. It’s your movie, but who you hired is a mistake. Cocky? Maybe. I don’t care.

Two weeks later I get another call from the Tim Burton people saying the person they hired was fired. Film Productions move way too fast and many can’t pull through. The producers more or less begged me this time and offered more money and whatever it would take to get me.

At this point I was prepping for “Original Sin” with Angelina Jolie and Antonio Banderas, a film that Michelle Pfeiffer produced and had originally been attached to star in, but opted out of starring in at the time as she was in temporary semi-retirement due to wanting to spend more time with her family.

The other movie the Tim Burton people offered me was “Big Fish” with Ewan McGregor and Jessica Lange, who I had also worked with years before on “A Thousand Acres”. The shoot was going to be six day weeks in Alabama, which means an obscene amount of money.

I never did movies for the money and would get offered quite a bit whenever I’d turn something down. They’d keep coming back and giving me a figure, “How’s this?” I’d explain, “Well it’s not about the money.” Of course I am aware of having the luxury of not having to take a job just for the money.

During that time one of my love relationships had ended tragically and I wasn’t in a position to do anything. I declined the offer to do “Big Fish” as I wasn’t in the right frame of mind. I need to be 110% present or I’m not doing it.

Over the course of several weeks, the Tim Burton people came back around two additional times asking me repeatedly if I would please consider. They offered me even more money to say yes. My answer was the same each time. “No, I’m sorry.”

Just goes to show you that no matter how much of a fan I might be, I know what I’m getting myself into. If I’m not mentally or emotionally prepared to give something my all, then I’m not going to do it. I need to feel whatever I’m doing in my life passionately, or it’s not going to happen.

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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: The Twin Flame Connection

I’m not going to get into the gossip of the split between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.   Having worked with Angelina in the past, I know that she’s a compassionate, giving, and incredible human being.  She’s also a phenomenal humanitarian who has done more for those in need than many well known people, while also using her celebrity status to bring light to these concerns.  Not to mention she’s made more physical and financial contributions for those in need than those who sit behind computers commenting or gossiping about others while contributing nothing positive towards the betterment of humanity.  Her humanitarian work has always been at the top of her list.  She knows her life purpose and reason for being at this time.

Brad Pitt is one of the nicest people on the planet.  Strangers can sit around and speculate or gossip about their divorce, but the bottom line is that what goes on between two people behind closed doors in a relationship is no ones business but the couples.  She has her personal reasons that are between she and Brad.  She doesn’t owe the public any reasoning for her decision especially since she doesn’t know them.  Her relationship and her family life is personal.

Nor is Jennifer Aniston jumping up and down over their split so I don’t even want to engage in that bullshit.  If she’s been holding onto anger for over a decade, then she’s got some serious issues that could be helped with some professional counseling, but the reality behind closed doors is that she’s been long over her split with Brad.  This is not the case with some of the public continuing to ‘dwell’.  This says more about those people, than the Brad, Angelina, Jennifer dynamic.

Brad and Angelina came together as friends when Brad’s relationship with Jennifer was disintegrating.  There are details that the public is unaware of and will likely never know, but I can assure you that Jennifer was already out the door by the time Brad and Angelina emerged.  Once again, not going to feed into the gossip machine as to what those details are.  I’ve mentioned it in the past once publicly and that was it, either you were privy to it or you weren’t paying attention.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt lasted in a love relationship for a super longtime by Hollywood’s ego driven standards.  They’ve been together for thirteen years, two of which were as a legal married couple.  Just because she’s chosen to file for divorce does not make them any less of a Twin Flame couple.  Many Twin Flames are unable to go the distance.  There will be obstacles that pry them apart.  Some of which are based on ego reasoning or Earthly practical concerns.

From a spiritual perspective, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are Twin Flames.  This is regardless of whether or not they remain together this lifetime or choose to break their bond.   Even if they choose to break their bond, they will never stop thinking of the other one, and since they have children together they will remain in one another’s life indefinitely.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are twelve years apart in age and from different states. They incarnated relatively at the same time for the humanitarian purposes and fights they do together outside of making movies. Although they have an age difference common amongst Twin Flames, they fall into the roles of Teacher-Teacher as well as Teacher-Student.

The connection between yourself and your twin flame is so powerful that often one of the two of you finds it difficult to pursue a relationship with the other. The passion for that person is so great that it can make one or the both of you uncomfortable. Instead one of you chooses to date and get involved with other people that are ultimately meaningless to them, while always thinking about the one that is your Twin Flame, not realizing that is who they are.  This is reciprocated and not unrequited as both flames are constantly thinking of the are regardless if they have split or remained together.

While one of you is in these mini-relationships with these other people you cannot stop thinking about the one that is your twin flame.  Your thoughts always lead right back to the person you are consistently drawn to over the years. It does not matter how much you hide it or convince yourself that you are happy with this other random partner you’re not serious about. Your thoughts always wander back to your twin flame

When you finally do come around, you find that your twin flame has put up a wall and is inaccessible for the same reasons. You are both seldom on the same wavelength of ‘let’s do this’. When you both do decide to merge, you experience the kind of fireworks that last lifetime after lifetime. It may take several tries over the course of many years before you ultimately surrender to the connection. You accept it and become fearless by doing it, while other flames are never able to rekindle what they once had due to practical ego reasoning.

When twin flames connect in the beginning it is not easy. The energy is generally too strong for one of the partners who may continuously sabotage it.  Twin flames rarely incarnate at the same time, even though there appears to be a trend that many are searching for their other half twin flame soul. It is not the goal to find one’s twin flame since they cannot be found. When it is time for a soul to connect with their twin flame while on its soul’s journey, then it will happen naturally with no effort.

Remember it is not one sided as both of the twin flames feel this attraction and intensity for each other indefinitely. This is the case even if they temporarily separate or one of the partners flees out of a need for independence. Fleeing is common among a twin flame. Their ego will want to focus on more practical matters rather than succumbing to the depths of an intense love connection with someone.

Sadly some twin flames connections come together, break apart, come together and break apart and repeat. This is due to one or the both of their egos denying they’re meant to be. One or the both of them may sabotage or pull away from the connection due to its intensity. Yet they manage to end up right back together months or even years later again. There’s a cycle where they are two peas in a pod, then a period where they have little to no contact with another, only to be back in one another’s arms years later.

Soul mates experience friction as well, but twin flames are more intense and feeling oriented. This contributes to the additional difficulties. The friction with twin flames is in coming together. They have trouble connecting and sealing the deal. This friction is due to ego.

The more insecure partner of the twin flame connection may end the relationship more than once. Sometimes this is to pursue selfish ego gratifying needs, yet their twin flame partner will always be on their mind, or will continue to surface in their mind indefinitely throughout their life.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have resorted to running, but this split will not be easy for either of them.  Nor will the feelings about one another truly dissolve.   Whether they choose to spend the rest of their lives apart or one day choose to re-emerge, the heightened intense feelings they have for one another will always be present.  You can’t run or hide from that when it’s your Twin Flame.



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My 20 year anniversary in the Entertainment Business

My life changed drastically 20 years ago this week when I had what some call the big break in the film business. This was a huge turning point in my life and a big deal in many ways. It was the beginning of endless doors being karate kicked open instead of me knocking lightly with no answer.

It was six weeks after my 23rd birthday and I was sitting in an unmarked office five blocks from the beach on my first day at work facing actress, Michelle Pfeiffer. All great things came down from that point and have ever since.

There is a chapter or two in my book, “Reaching for the Warrior Within”, that discusses how I got into the business and stayed in. I later realized the impact those chapters had when I found out that up and comers struggling to get into the entertainment business were trying to get their hands on my book……for free!

I didn’t understand it since the book isn’t about that, but it does reveal some key strokes I made that had an impact and got me noticed and the trajectory it took me down. Getting in was probably pure luck, but staying in was drive, determination, knowledge, persistence and charisma. The Producer that obtained the rights to all Harry Potter films and books had said, “No one can do what you can do. You’re tough and razor sharp, but you mix that with this great compassion.”

Cut to today, I’ve written 15 books in the last 5 years, and I’m being generous here since there are four additional books that were written before that which I don’t count. I’ve never heard anyone say, “You never do anything.” On the contrary, instead I hear, “You need to take a break.”

By the time I reached the highest of heights where every major studio or talent was contacting me to offer me a job, I wanted out and was turning huge gigs down that others would kill for. Soon the recommendations I was hearing were, “You’d be lucky if you can get him. He’s the best.” Years after that, I’d have some of them ask me, “Do you think you will ever come back?”

As I moved into semi-retirement from that in order to focus on my work as an author, Hollywood producers and agents were contacting me trying to get their hands on my phone book which had everyone’s personal number from Angelina Jolie to Steven Spielberg. I locked that book up in a box and have NEVER given up the information. You’ll have to pry it from my dead fingers.

When well known people give you their personal contact number and address, it’s because they trust you. When you’re well known, you don’t have much trust in those you come across, but with me they feel instant trust. This is also part of the reason I remained close with some of them and developed long running connections. The other part was that I am great at my job.

More to come…

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If Sleeping Beauty’s Maleficent were a real person, she would hail from the realm of the wise one

If Maleficent were a real life person, then she would be from the Realm of the Wise One.  The Maleficent character has the Wise One love of magic, strength and darkness.  This is intertwined with the fairy tale like world of the Elementals in the Wise One Realm.  Although in the movie, she is a powerful Faerie, it’s important to note that her characteristics are aligned with the Wise One rather than the Elementals.

When Maleficent is rejected and betrayed by her lover Stefan, she moves into the Wise One rage, which she hangs on for eons.   Stefan betrays her in order to become a King through ego greed and power which the Wise One dislikes.  Maleficent’s rage is so dark and intense, that after having a quick cry, she flies off the handle and moves into anger, just like the Wise One.  Stefan and his new Queen have a child and name her Aurora.  Maleficent has been spying on Stefan for years still holding onto revenge.  She casts a spell on Aurora when she’s born.  She throws out a magic spell so powerful that curses the child to fall to her death on her sixteenth birthday.

Maleficent develops a loving relationship with the child as she’s growing up.  This brings her to have a change of heart about the spell she cast.  The problem is that she made the spell unbreakable even by her.  This is what Wise Ones must be careful of.  When they get angry, even if they’re not practicing spell casters, they still have these manifestation capabilities.  Some of this forms in their mind and is so powerful that they can cause harm just by thinking it.

Realm of the Wise One

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~  Kevin Hunter

Empowerment, inspirational and self-help books by Kevin Hunter
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What it’s like working with Antonio Banderas. Crazy in Alabama. Original Sin.

I’ve worked with Antonio Banderas twice. The first time was for his directorial debut, “Crazy in Alabama” in 1998. The second time I worked with him was on “Original Sin” where he was the star along with Angelina Jolie in the year 2000. Antonio is warm, loving and giving. Half the crew on “Crazy in Alabama” was Spanish brought in by Antonio, and they were equally warm and full of love.

My first day to start prepping for “Crazy in Alabama” was Antonio’s first day. My main office was four doors down from his. His assistant and people who I had been talking to before we started to prep notified me that they were on their way. When they arrived, I went out to greet them and they formed a gracious circle around me. I made them comfortable, told them jokes and relaxed them. They were chiming in and asking questions feeling right at home. We became instant friends! It wasn’t difficult as they were all so warm loving and charming. Much different than the distance of jaded L.A. folks.

I was aware of a guy standing on my right laughing at my silly jokes. This guy then asked if I was Kevin. I looked over and realized Antonio Banderas had been standing next to me the whole time with a huge smile graciously listening to my rants. I said, “I am. I saw you perform the Phantom of the Opera the other night on something.” He exclaims, “Ohhh I was sooo nervous.” I said, “No, it didn’t show, you were fantastic and composed.”

It was my birthday about four days into starting this gig. On the day of my birthday, Antonio and the crew came around me with a couple musicians, a cake and flowers and sang Happy Birthday to me. First they sang it in English and then went right into singing it in Spanish while handing me one flower at a time. I was blown away by this warm, loving exuberance. I had just finished working on three Michelle Pfeiffer films back to back and her sets are typically dark, moody and withdrawn (uh kinda like me. ha). So this was the counter opposite. I was awestruck by the outpouring of love. I hadn’t even been there a week yet! They took an instant liking and made me feel like I was home.

This would set the precedence of how the shoot was going to be. Antonio and his crew were constantly leaving gifts for me at my door. Antonio himself kept having flowers delivered to me throughout the film shoot. This is not unusual for a man to give another man flowers. Where he comes from they don’t have the hang up issues that others do. The flowers are a term of love and gratitude.

The only complaint I would say was his smoking. Man does the boy smoke everywhere. I got him one of those ashtray’s that suck in the smoke. I went into his office one day and said, “Look no offense I know you love your cigarettes, but can you at least use this.” He laughed and complied and used it for the duration of the shoot.

“I receive tons of questions on how I got a job in the Entertainment business and stayed there.  There are a couple of chapters in my book, “Reaching for the Warrior Within” that touches on my trek in the Entertainment Industry and how I got in at that early age of 23.”

~  Kevin Hunter

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