My writing method

My writing method

-Kevin Hunter-

I’m often asked how do I write all of my books or what my process is. That’s a complicated question that cannot be explained in ten words or less. How do I know what my next book is going to be? The hardest part in writing a book for me is the beginning stage before it’s a book. It’s moving the concept to the page. I need to understand what the theme of the book is intended to be as well as what my Spirit team is guiding me to do or feeding me. If they’re guiding me, then I usually don’t have much say as there is a point where they literally slam a chapter into my claircognizance channel with such force that I’m paralyzed until I type it out immediately. Then the next chapter comes in succession without breaking.

Otherwise, I’ll stare at a blank page for days, weeks and even months not knowing how to fill it. I’ll type up a bunch of incoherent gibberish words and then file the document away. I have to wait for the right channel frequency where the messages sift in effortlessly. If I miss or ignore a window of opportunity when the pregnancy is up due to practical or people distractions in day to day life, then I’m fucked. When that happens I’m beyond furious because the content is locked inside me like a heavy weight that festers like Cancer. I spend the next number of weeks lashing out angrily at others.

More time will pass again until the right opportunity comes, and sometimes it doesn’t, so the project gets shelved in development for weeks, months or years. This is why I tend to have a strict protocol where I have to shut all outsiders down without a word. Those who are super close to me already understand and have never questioned it, which is why they are my circle. Most are unable to withstand these swings. Questioning it on any level is a hindrance in the process, so I run a tight ship without explanation when it’s time to work.

The gist of a book is formed in my mind months beforehand and sometimes years, which was the case of, “Warrior of Light” and “Paint the Silence”. Although, when it was time to write, “Paint the Silence” years later, that first draft was written in a month. It was a record until I wrote the first draft of “Realm of the Wise One” in three weeks. “Warrior of Light” and “Reaching for the Warrior Within” took four months to write the first drafts. They were combined and written simultaneously. “Soul Mates and Twin Flames” was written in the dark with a few candles for light, and the “Jagger’s Revolution” draft was handwritten while sitting on the beach one Summer. In the end, when I go back to read my body of work to date, I’m stunned as I have no idea how I wrote any of it. I’m so far removed from it and onto other things by the time it’s released.

I am often asked what program do I use to write in. I don’t use any special program to write.  Just a blank tablet is all I need.  My books form in chunks.  I write pieces in an email that I send to myself. I also write in a note text program on my iPhone and then email it to myself as well. This is because I’m not always sitting in front of a computer! I also write in a regular college ruled note pad where I later jot it all down in an email and email it to myself. Then that stuff gets transferred to a blank Microsoft Word Program on my Mac. I have many folders on file that are labeled with the different projects I have in development for potential books. I’m just guided as needed on which one needs the most attention.

I repeatedly comb through a document of notes and re-write, edit and add to it. This process can take forever, sometimes months, sometimes years and sometimes it never sees the light of day. I have stuff sitting in development for years. Other stuff gets pushed to the forefront. When it builds into something worth something, then I pitch it to my editor and that’s added to the possible future book list.

When it looks like there is a book manuscript ready, that word document of the book is transferred to another Microsoft word program where the size of the potential book is formatted and set with the headers and footers, chapters, etc. It receives many edits and re-writes before it’s prepared to be Editor ready.

I send it to the Editor to find out if I wasted my time! haha.  He comes back with notes, corrections and suggestions to get it cleaned it up even more, etc.  That’s really all it is.  All of my books start out this way using a Microsoft word program. Back in the day, I tried various templates and I realized I didn’t need it.  Just give me a blank page.  Plus the Word Document can be emailed to whomever I choose, such as my Editor.

I hear my Spirit team “clairaudiently” giving me messages and guidance throughout the day.   Sometimes I receive important stuff at an inopportune time and I may forget it later.   I will have to shout, “Tell me this again later when I get home!”  Other times it happens when I’m in a channel connection while I’m on the phone with someone such as my Editor.  He will realize at some point within the conversation that he’s no longer talking to the ‘egotistical Kevin’ and that I’m now in a channel that has taken over.  This is often times without effort.  He can tell by how my tone suddenly changes and what I’m saying is no longer egoic and is of value.  He will request that I write what I’ve said down as this “needs to be in a book”.   I break out of the trance, “I can’t!  I’m not in front of a computer.   What did I just say?”   He will try to recount it, but it was too wordy and profound.   This is common where I have no clue what I was saying while in it.  This is not unusual as I have had others point things out later that I said and I have no recollection of it.

Jotting down what I need for a project in a mini-notepad and or phone note pad doesn’t always help me much.  This is because the messages are flowing through my body and hands where they take over.  I need to type it at a 1,000 miles a minute to get it all in there.  Sometimes my fingers are bouncing off the keyboard without stopping and without punctuation as they sit inside my soul releasing the messages.

With the mini-notepad and phone notepad, I can at least jot it down shorthand and get the basics down if possible.   Other times it’s while I’m already writing.  When I’m deep in the writing process I’m already in the channel so it just keeps coming through me as I’m typing words on top of one another.  It’s a mess, so I have to go back over the gibberish and re-word it so the average person gets the point of what’s being said.

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Writing and Books have always been important to me. By the time I was five I knew without a doubt that I would be an author. There was no guessing, or maybe, or I wish, or I hope. It was a firm set in stone deal from back during my childhood days that I WILL be writing books. The psychic sight and the film business work were completely separate deals from that. They were ones where valuable tools were given to me to apply towards my life purpose.

From the moment I could pick up a pencil, I’d take my children’s books and cross words out that didn’t work while writing in sentences that could work. I’d go crazy over fancy libraries and reading rooms where I’d camp out for hours never desiring to leave. Dates would surprise me with trips to grand libraries the way the Beast did in Beauty and the Beast. I’ve always carried a pen and pad nearby wherever I go. I’m never not writing even if I’m not working on a book. I’m still conducting writing activities from journaling to writing lengthy novella emails. One side of me is highly sociable with a grand social life, but the writing part of me needs isolation to create. It’s a balance I perfected early on.

As a teenager, I’d lay on the sidewalk on streets and people watch while writing about their lives in a notepad during downtime. I’ve conducted unusual methods of research from sitting in airport terminals to bars to churches to drug houses to making people climb into bed so I can interview them. I have endless written manuscripts that were never turned into books for various reasons, kind of like a singer that has demo cuts of their work that didn’t make one of their albums. Writing has given me the ability to find a creative expressive outlet for any repressed oppression as well being able to empower others through the Divine wisdom teachings I receive through my psychic vessel.

This isn’t for the sake of impressing, but to motivate one person enough to choose to get off the couch and put some fight into their life. Many will give up or make excuses that they don’t have what it takes to dive into their passions. Every single person on the planet has a story and that story is their life experiences to date. Everyone’s journey is different whether they headed down a less than desirable path or not, it’s still their personal story. They have something to share that’s their own. Some of history’s most positive changes were enacted due to someone having Divine inspiration or inspiration through another person’s journey.

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